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  1. A. Brown said:

    Would the British Institute of Human Rights and the Care Quality Commision, as well as Healthwatch be helpful links? Just a thought from another mum whose family and self has had to suffer the steep and unwelcome learning curve that there are real psychopaths working as professionals as well as general ward staff. A quite comment nasty trick is to stop patients raising legitimate concerns or justifiably complaining, to falsely diagnose paranoia when the patients are not so and to up or change their meds so they suffer intolerable serious and dangerous side effects. Psychiatrists can be very spiteful and they have far too much unchallenged power and much too much automatic respect to the point they are treated as infallible by others in their systen and who run their system from central governments, then local councils and the NHS. They are a devious cult like mafia who automatically collude to protect themselves, each other and their often very cruel practices that often amount to mental and physical torture.

    • sbev2013 said:

      Thank you for your response. I thoroughly agree with what you say about Psychiatrists being spiteful. No-one is checking on them and they have far too much power. They get away with murder and protect one another. Yes you are right they collude to protect themselves and each other and then patients like Elizabeth come out of the system damaged as a result. It is pure evil what is going on in the UK and these organisations you mention above do nothing. I have the care quality commission’s comments within the files on a care home rated good them where my daughter had no food at the weekend. How on earth CQC can you rate such as abusive place as Phoenix House Stepping Stones Northampton as good! I am sorry to read you and your family have suffered as well. It is not just the patient but the entire family and then they coerce and use gaslighting techniques to bully a vulnerable patient to turn against their families. I have seen the worst and the best of NHS care – the worst is most definitely Psychiatry. Have you looked at the blog of Finola Moss? Total truth in that blog and I am currently writing a book myself based on my blog and hopefully wish to write a play too to raise money for the right kind of care which Elizabeth received as documented in her story “My Wonderful Care” @Rightfullives.

      • Angie said:

        Thank you for your reply.
        I shall have a look. Please let me know when your book is out. I will post it on my fb page.
        I cannot really go into our situation, due to legal reasons. So far I have found Sussex by far the worst out of three health authorities in the home counties.
        I hope your daughter and self are managing and receiving better health care now
        Best wishes,


      • How kind of you to do so. I will most certainly let you know when the book is out. So I am most interested Sussex is one of the worst and I am more than happy to feature anything on this area to show how widespread the abuse is. Elizabeth has been injured by her care of massive dosage of mind altering chemicals. Care in the community desperately needs more money and if only there was open dialogue available widespread.

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