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I am posting this link to advertise a forthcoming event at the Institute of Psychiatry on the 04 July between 09:00 and 18:00
Email contact

Speakers Frank Bruno MBE
Norman Lamb MP
Lord Dennis Stevenson
Charles Walker MP
Dr Diana Rose – Service User Research Enterprise
Clarke Carlisle – Chairman of the Professional Footballers’ Association & Ambassador for the ‘Kick it Out Campaign’
Eleanor Longden – Doctoral Researcher and Intervoice Activiist
Bill McKnight – Poet, Author of ‘Loud Silence’

I hope I will be able to attend this myself.

Today I met with members of the group Speak Out Against Psychiatry and would like to point out that I am proud to attend regular meetings with the former patients who are an inspiration to me and I commend their bravery in speaking out despite suffering through shocking “care”. I think the group could play an important role in educating but also in much needed peer support.

In terms of “Stigma”, as a mother of 2 daughters, I am not ashamed to tell the world my experience – the more openness the better as this can override any stigma. I believe many are being wrongly labelled without any proof especially those who have suffered abuse, bullying and trauma – professionals are quick to push drug after drug without proper assessments and the drugs can have a devasting effect on some people.

Anyway, I would like to attend this event myself if I can. I believe it is they – the professionals who are responsible for causing stigma through labelling someone and I would be delighted to tell them all to their faces how I as a mother feel. I know for a fact my elder daughter gave up and lost hope altogether after being labelled with Schizophrenia – where is the proof of this when she did not have a proper assessment at the Bethlem.

A professional social worker who came out with the words “she would be more comfortable with her own kind” – is guilty of causing stigma in the most patronising manner.

I believe the press/media can cause stigma as they portray mental health patients in far from a decent manner which causes ignorance amongst the public.

Then you get some of the charities themselves constantly going on about stigma when they should be looking at alternative care instead in my opinion.
I think they make matters worse and should instead be focussing on campaigning for choice in care, an end to forced drugging and inclusion rather than exclusion. By doing nothing apart from going on and on about stigma they are making matters worse and should be doing something more constructive.

Some carers feel afraid to speak out because they feel affected by stigma however I as a mother feel differently as I believe that mental illness can affect anyone and I can see where all the care is wrong and where it needs to be improved.

Anyway I spoke to Elizabeth yesterday. She sounded OK but spoke of feeling confused and mixed up but then that is no wonder on the volume of drugs sheis currently on. Elizabeth is awaiting a visit from the rest of the family this week and I am hoping to have a meeting to discuss the way forward myself.It is crucial that Elizabeth gets the right placement this time and especially being a long way from home. I believe therapeutic communities are the way forward for some and may benefit Elizabeth so she can regain her confidence. This will never happen in hospital – it is the wrong environment for Elizabeth. I think it is harmful of a team to influence the person they care for against a family member in such a personal way like they have done with me. Elizabeth has always wanted family mediation but now it looks as though I may have to get a mediator myself just to communicate with the team, especially in light of what happened with the Tribunal and to think, the entire team knew about the date set for the tribunal except for myself, my solicitor and Elizabeth’s independent doctor. It was a good job I found out! – some of the staff could not conceal their shock when I confronted them on this. Now this has thankfully been cancelled by my solicitors as I as Nearest Relative will need to attend and also the sister of Elizabeth wishes to give her statements. Even if the team do not like me they have no right to deny her sister the opportunity to give her statement.

Anyway turning to the missing supplements which should have been used by the Bethlem to help in the reduction of the drugs (which Professor Murray himself promised in his letter) it is only right that these should be replaced and the Bethlem have not refused as they cannot find a trace of these to their credit.

However I have yet to hear such a satisfactory outcome from Cambian about the missing oils -(a young nurse who I remember as being very nice from the Bethlem remembers them being packed) so now I want to know where they are as they were very beneficial to Elizabeth and they should be replaced “the only thing that helps me Mum are the oils” – that says it all! I must get on to the Head office next week that is if I do not have any satisfactory response from Wales.

I must also phone and speak to Dr Walsh himself as I am keen to get the correct treatment in place having had the test results done.

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