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I am sad to say my daughter Elizabeth is back in hospital- a locked acute ward which is far from therapeutic.  She had previously been in Cygnet in Stevenage and came out completely unstable barely able to walk as they had doubled the amount of drugs given to 20mg just prior to release.  She was not very well and could not go out and she suffered a severe adverse reaction to the drug Aripiprazole.  I was not impressed as Cygnet Stevenage did not do an assessment of other diagnoses she is documented as having.  She is said to have Schizophrenia PTSD and  Aspergers and MH professionals she has been staying with over the past four months identified her as having a learning/developmental disability. According to Cygnet’s Code of Practice no decisions should be taken in the absence of the RC but this is what was happening and took place at Cygnet Stevenage as the RC was on long term leave.  It is shocking to see a young man has died in this hospital.

Right now Elizabeth is at Cygnet Beckton (the Flagship of all Cygnets) visited not so long ago by Princess Anne.  It is a distance from where we live and awkward to get to.  I am not happy she is there.  She is on Section 2 and I want everyone to know where she is, because I do not want her to get “lost” in the system and be drugged to the hilt as I know what goes on in these institutions.   I do appreciate in such an environment there is the need to sedate at times but hospitals such as these go overboard.  They ignore evidence that someone like Elizabeth cannot metabolise the drugs as per the P45O liver enzyme tests.  Physical health is not considered in comparison to introducing all these different drugs which do nothing to solve the real issues.   Anti-psychotics such as Abilify can actually cause aggression and anxiety.  Elizabeth has not got on with this drug at all but Cygnet have ignored my emails when I requested she be taken off Abilify and tried with a mood stabiliser which I am told has less side effects.  She has been on Haloperidal before and I have heard this is a dreadful drug.  She has also been put on Clonazepam – that is three drugs so far being given in less than a week.



Responsible Clinician has overall responsibility for care and treatment for service users .  being assessed and treated under the Mental Health Act.  These responsibilities include:

  • Making decisions about treatment
  • Reviewing detentions
  • Assessing whether the criteria for renewing detention are met
  • Granting leave of absence for detained patients
  • Barring the Nearest Relative from discharging patient in specific situations
  • The Power of discharge from detention:   Although the Responsible Clinician has overall responsibility decisions about the service users care and treatment are made in discussion with the multi-disciplinary team.  (In Guardianship cases the Responsible Clinician has overall responsibility decisions about the service users care and treatment are made in discussion with the multi-disciplinary team.  In Guardianship cases the Responsible Clinician provides the medical recommendation for someone to be received into Guardianship by the Local Authority (rather than the hospital managers for other detentions)  They are responsible for reviewing the Guardianship with the MDT and can discharge it if it is no longer required.)

So the RC (Dr Ochata) is away for three weeks.  (I was told two weeks originally).  There is supposed to be a replacement RC but no one seems to know who this is.   The Consultant Psychiatrist is called Dr William.  I just spoke to a Senior Nurse who could not give any further details and the Ward Service Manager is called Emmanuel Nwanonyiri.

So doctors have quite a position of power .    I am so concerned for my daughter’s wellbeing right now.

I am so pleased that I gave my daughter the chance of freedom to get away from everything and all the painful memories she has from the local area of Enfield.  The most terrible things have happened to her and under their “care” too.    I have accumulated good records of everything going right back.  However when you dare to challenge you get the backlash and there is much bullying going on I can assure you.   I have already documented what happened in the 2014 Court of Protection case.  I have nothing but respect for the Court of Protection who helped me with my father who had Alzheimers.  All that happened was because professionals in a position of power wished to get rid of me as mother/NR to force return Elizabeth back to a care home “Phoenix House” Stepping Stones in  Northampton commissioned by my local area of ENFIELD costing £70000 per year.  Not on a section or CTO I welcomed Elizabeth back to the family home and was allowed to keep her for two glorious years.  Prior to this was a case I had to take out “Deprival of Medication Community Care”  –  has anyone else been deprived drugs to force return her to care where she was not treated well –  she had no food at the weekend and it is documented in the files I have.  Expected to manage on £30 per week.  Who says there is only one Winterbourne.  Take a look at the treatment of vulnerable people throughout the country – how many more cases like this.

I wanted to give my daughter Elizabeth the opportunity of a lifetime:

She was invited to stay with MH professionals in a beautiful location in Scotland.  She was taken on holiday to Spain – Santander, Bilbao, Carcasonne, Marseille, Lyon, Aix en Provence, Caen and Paris World Hearing Voices Congress.  From there back to Glasgow and onto Dubai and Australia.    I tried to set her free from the abuse going on to MH patients in the UK – long term incarceration, drugging to the hilt – total lack of care in the community and where is the money going but to institutions run by Cygnet, Cambion and other private healthcare providers instead of to NHS who need to improve their services.  Vast sums of money are being spent in this way in the UK and patients are being overdrugged as I am documenting.

My daughter for once had the chance to work with professionals who truly cared.  These professionals did not drug to the hilt but worked on the underlying issues.

Yes they identified the problem and this is not mental illness.   Suddenly Elizabeth on a low dosage of drugs started to open up and speak about what happened to her back in 2010.   According to my records the investigation was not done properly and now I want it looked at again.

Elizabeth is prone to adverse reactions to psychiatric drugs.  She has only been in Cygnet Beckton since last week and already they have introduced Clonazepam, despite a severe adverse reaction they have continued to give the drug Aripiprazole which I have complained about to Otsuka and the Regulators.  Mind you, this drug is only licensed for Schizophrenia and Bi Polar and I have pointed out to Cygnet Beckton plenty of times that my daughter suffered abuse at Moti Villa Scheme in the Community situated along The Ridgeway, Enfield EN2   back in 2010.  There are many witnesses to this fact and what Cygnet are doing seem to be doing is drug my daughter but I informed them that she should NOT be drugged as should be re-investigated.  There are plenty of witnesses to this fact.  I wonder how much it cost per week to send someone to Cygnet.  I thought Enfield were struggling financially but it appears I am wrong if they can afford to pay for this.

All that is needed is to take Elizabeth off the Abilify and try her on say, a mood stabiliser – get her stabilised and released as soon as possible but it is very profitable to keep someone a long time in such hospitals especially if ENFIELD are willing to pay.  What they should be paying for is an improvement in community care and encouraging peop0le like Elizabeth to manage their own budget to provide their own carers in the community. It should not all be about control.

Elizabeth was doing so well with the private MH professionals and they had no problems with her – environment did the trick not drugs.   A beautiful and peaceful environment with animals, fresh food, fresh air, healthy relaxing lifestyle.  Unfortunately coming back to the local without support has resulted in deterioration and has brought back the most painful memories and flashbacks to 2010.   Elizabeth has PTSD – not schizophrenia.

What I would like to see is for her to be released from this prison-environment and settled elsewhere where she can start life afresh but with some support .  Things like Care Farms, Camphill Community Trust, supported living in a with just one or two people with daily activities or near to somewhere like care farms or Camphill Community Trust rather than somewhere full of drink/drug addicts.  When she returned from Australia Elizabeth wanted a job, was doing so well – it was astonishing what the right care could achieve but this needs to be ongoing.

II have seen a shocking case where someone has died in CYGNET recently.  I would like my daughter out of there as soon as possible because all I see is one drug after another that has already been tried before and has not worked.  What she needs is therapy -not drugs.   You cannot deal with trauma in this way.  They are not helping my daughter by drugging her up like they are doing.

I am going to contact  the Court tomorrow with my concerns.

Elizabeth has been through enough and should be treated in a more humane manner, not excessively drugged.

The environment where she currently is I do not feel is therapeutic as it is not peaceful and she is not allowed out to get fresh air.

If there was a support network in the local area then Elizabeth would not have deteriorated and she should have had psychotherapy.  She had art therapy.  She had the chance to do many things and conquer her fears.  All the drugs do is suppress memory and are no cure whatsoever but now we are all witness to what happened back in 2010.  Elizabeth is a victim.

I have seen a really nice hospital situated in York called The Retreat set in beautiful grounds.  This is the kind of place where Elizabeth could get the right kind of support for her trauma and then move on to say the Amitola Community .  Id really like to see her move on to something like Camphill Community Trust where she could develop skills and have some level of support but most of all I would like her to be referred to The Retreat to get the underlying trauma dealt with in a proper way and not just by drugs.

MESSAGE TO CYGNET BECKTON HOOPERS WARD –  My daughter cannot metabolise the drugs.  She has test results stating this fact by way of P450 liver enzyme tests.  Unless you intend to reassess her as she is multiply diagnosed then I do not think she is in the right place.  I would like to know who the acting RC is in the absence of Dr Okatcha.


You have made countless attempts to displace me as NR but I am more than happy for other family members to take over this role if only Elizabeth can move away from this area that contains very unhappy memories that only recently Elizabeth has revealed to us all.

All I want is for Elizabeth to move on with her life and judging by the files and what I have read maybe she could make a fresh start as environment counts.







I went to see a fabulous show last night connected to my younger daughter’s school and afterwards went to the fabulous restaurant called Jamie’s Italian. I have been thinking back to when Elizabeth wanted to be a chef and to when she visited the Restaurant 15 which I booked for her and her sister when it first opened and also

I remember back when Elizabeth was young and her only ambition was to be a chef. As a mother I thought this was great and she chose catering at school and college as subjects. She then went on to study catering – at the local college the tutor chose to send her to Finland and to this day she speaks of the most happy memories of this country where she said she would like to re-visit. It was not evident at this time that there was a problem with Elizabeth and I remember taking her out shopping to buy suitable clothes as she would be going out to a country that would be freezing in climate compared to here in the UK or so I thought. I have never visited Finland before but would like to as I have heard all about the fabulous care on offer in a place called Tornio. Anyway, Elizabeth had a great time in Finland and even made some friends there who I later invited to come and stay with me in the UK. I cannot believe that this happy time has since altered and that Elizabeth is now in a situation beyond my imagination as she had so much going for her back then.

How can someone who had ambitions and dreams to succeed like everyone else go downhill to the extent of ending up in the worse places and her personality changing beyond recognition? This I put down to the care in the UK. I never had a problem with Elizabeth and supported her ambitions to be a chef which I though was great. At the time of studying though something was wrong especially in the latter college – Elizabeth became withdrawn, she had become a vegetarian and then vegan – I did not think she was eating well. I did not think that her memory was good at this time. She was losing things and forgetting times of appointments. I have witnessed this kind of behaviour before with someone else in the family who was diagnosed with just mild depression. Such behaviour can be attributed with depression. At the time Elizabeth was doing too much – learning to drive, going to college on a demanding course, studying French – she had also become very interested in nutrition which I though was good. However Elizabeth was out a lot – she was hardly at home and at the time I was caring for my father who had Alzheimers and this was taking up a lot of my time. I still did not fear anything bad had happened to Elizabeth – I told her to cut down on some of her activities such as the additional studies and staying out late and concentrate on her course at college. Of course suddenly Elizabeth seemed to be different to her once immaculate behaviour all through her teens. Elizabeth was coming up to 19 and there seemed to be a problem. I saw her once with her eyes dilated and questioned as to whether she had taken any drugs however I then got to find out she had been to see her GP who had prescribed her with Cipralix. I knew nothing about these drugs then but now of course having read the book by Dr Ann Blake Tracy Prozac Panacea Pandora and by Dr Candace Pert, Molecules of Emotion, I have become knowledgeable and I had no idea how harmful the drugs were which affected Elizabeth’s behaviour so badly. Suddenly I discovered she was not doing well at college, her writing once immaculate was scruffy and her appearance was very different to previous and she was having learning support there. I thought she had taken other drugs. I cannot believe how ignorant I was not to question the drug prescribed by her Doctor. I now know what drug was affecting Elizabeth whilst at college and got to hear far, far worse but because of the sensitive nature of this which involved Police I cannot publicise the details however eventually justice was achieved but this took place a year afterwards. Anyway you can gather that she was on a highly dangerous drug that was affecting her to the point of making her unrecognisable as well as I had found out disturbing things about what had happened to my daughter whilst I was too busy looking after my father as well as my younger daughter who was sectioned and in hospital and I wish I had been more watchful and will always regret this, plus I fully trusted the doctors thinking they were experts. Elizabeth was barely able to concentrate at college so I booked her hypnotherapy in the belief that this may help her. She said it was like floating on air but after one visit to the local hypnotherapist Elizabeth seemed too busy to wish to go back again and this is a great shame as I believe this could have helped her. What can you achieve in just one session and after the fuss that Enfield Mental Health made of the hypnotherapist Susan Hepburn in Harley Street I have heard that hypnotherapy is available at local level and would like to know why my daughter was not offered this. Instead of course she got drug after drug and label after label. Taking herself off Cipralix 30mg was not my idea – it was Elizabeth’s – the drug had caused her to suffer terrible skin problems with itchiness and other serious side effects plus she had the chance of a lifetime to get away from the country and work abroad as simply a companion – her job had failed due to not being able to concentrate properly and Elizabeth seemed to go to pieces about this. The trip abroad was a complete disaster and by this time she was on a waiting list having been on the waiting list 9 months and the psychiatrist locally had recommended the trip as it was felt the problem lay with the home and family. I pointed out and gave other information to the team but they continued to point the finger at myself as a mother – home and family and I believe this is because I had complained about not getting the support/counselling etc etc. I felt excluded as I was being open with them as the team by giving them information and they were not likewise communicating with myself.

Once she had taken herself off the drugs in one go that was when I experienced major problems at home and had never been in such a situation where I could not cope. An incident led to matters being taken out of my hands and her being placed in hospital following her return abroad from this disastrous trip. AT the time she did not have a label apart from behavioural problems. Little did I know that the psychosis she was going through was caused by her coming off the drug too steeply and that was withdrawal. Noone from the team would give me suitable advice as to this effect. Instead they just wanted to go on and give the ultimate label – Schizophrenia and to tell my daughter she would be on the drugs prescribed for the rest of her life. How disgusting and untrue when I know of many who have come off the drugs and gone back to work and live a normal life. I did not know anything about these drugs and how a withdrawal should be made – how they drain the body of nutrients and minerals. I started to research things myself and to my horror I found out the truth! I started to look for decent care for my daughter in the UK and to my horror found there was NONE. I started to look and see what there was abroad in desperation. There were centres in the States and I desperately tried to get her accepted but of course they all wanted referral from Enfield social services and they were barely speaking to me as I had further complained after a serious incident and when I took Elizabeth away from their care and she was at home the local team distanced themselves and then I tried to get a decent social worker from the Adults Division like I had for my father and this was not allowed – why ever not when I knew there were more than 1 decent social worker under this division yet this was refused! so there is not a drug that has worked for my daughter and all have had devastating side effects.

I had then turned to experts like Dr Ann Blake Tracy and Dr William Walsh and I have just had the private test results and they are not good! I am not a doctor but I have once again had to seek the advice of specialists and this highlights that the doctors involved in the treatment of my daughter have not had her best interest at heart.

It is a good thing that I am the Nearest Relative yet the team wish for me to be replaced as they do not see me fit to be the Nearest Relative yet I have done all this research and contacted experts. I have spoken to Dr Ann Blake Tracy over the telephone and want to go and visit her in Arizona to personally thank her for her advice. I also wish to meet with Dr Walsh when he comes over here to train up 12 doctors. I hope as many as possible with book for the next Chy Sawel Conference so that they can learn by the research of Dr Walsh and together something can be done about the shocking cruel and inhumane care of the UK. I wish that a centre can be set up followed by others around the country and when I went to the fabulous Jamie Oliver Restaurant which I would recommend to anyone it gave me an idea. Elizabeth has been to the Fifteen Restaurant and was going to sign up to become a chef working there before she became ill as a result of the Cipralix prescribed. I spoke to the manager there as this is most relevant. There are many people like my daughter right now being held on lengthy sections and mothers like myself who are in despair with the whole rotten system and want to see change. I can prove this as I am in touch with many. Then there are the patients who I am in touch with /former patients who speak of the most shocking abuse and care on offer under acute wards. It is essential that someone under the mental health should be given a proper nutritional plan individually and an assessment by Dr Walsh himself – this is where Jamie Oliver could help turn around the whole system and work alongside Dr Walsh and parents as well as educating the patients. I spoke to the Manager and asked the manager of Jamie’s Italian if she could get in contact with him and I would be willing to pay for his appearance at the forthcoming Chy Sawel Conference which is quite near I believe to his “Fifteen” Restaurant as this is situated in Cornwall – I really hope that Jamie Oliver can do something that the Government is failing to do to help so many under the mental health system alongside Dr William Walsh which could result in the ultimate dream of mine to see humane care such as that in Tornio, Finland. It could lead to some patients becoming well again and taking a look at decent food rather than junk food and hospitals improving the catering for such patients within the hospitals on acute wards. Peter Bennett (Rehealth) has already conducted research and proven that diet and nutrition are essential and can affect behaviour. If a patient is on these drugs, they need to be all the more watchful of diet and this is an area that these experts can help with and with Jamie Oliver on board also people can be educated that a mental health patient suffering from say Schizophrenia is not as portrayed in the press so negatively. There are many people locked away for years on end on neverending prison sentences under this inhuman that are NO risk to the public whatsoever and by doing a documentary on this and involving patients, carers, doctors involved in the programme of Chy Sawel, other organisations who likewise want to set up alternative care centres such as Root and Branch and Soteria – LESS DRUGS AND MORE HOLISTIC AND THERAPEUTIC CARE AS WELL AS THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITIES. THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED IN THE UK THAT IS FOR SURE AND COULD SAVE THE PUBLIC A LOT OF MONEY AND OTHER PATIENTS DIAGNOSED WITH SHOCKING LABELS WHO HAVE MANAGED DESPITE THIS TO REBUILD THEIR LIVES AND WHO WISH TO HELP OTHERS SHOULD BE EMPLOYED AS PEER SUPPORT.

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