I do not know whether the C(E)TR will take place on Friday. Elizabeth does not even know herself and it seemed to be news to her that the C(E)TR was even taking place on Friday. I told her about it.

There are supposed to be advocates on the ward but every time I have spoken to Elizabeth I have got the impression she is without any support.

A meeting such as this that goes on all day so I have read would be terribly stressful to Elizabeth who hates meetings but lately has become more distressed at being stuck in hospital like a prisoner.

I as Nearest Relative only found out the C(E)TR by chance. I have been in touch with Nat Autistic Society regarding this but it was only when I wrote to Dr HM on Tuesday I received the link for the Teams meeting. It seemed as though NAS were having to chase up the hospital for news themselves by the looks of things.

Request for a C(E)TR was originally refused by the Commissioners who gave no reason except that only a CPA would be granted. I then desperately turned to Mencap and National Autistic Society. Elizabeth has a MH diagnosis that the current RC will not budge on whereas many other doctors have said she has Autism/LD and even brain injury is mentioned but other doctors opinions do not count with the current team whatsoever. This has led to Elizabeth becoming more and more distressed because no-one will listen to her. She has also said that no-one understands either.

It is coming up to a year now of incarceration (punishment she calls it) I would agree thoroughly. Punishment not just to her but to her family. There are times when Elizabeth says she no longer wants to live and that is why I fought to get her voice heard but a meeting such as this with a panel is like torture to Elizabeth and she has no independent support with her on the ward. The staff that sit with her through meetings are staff who write nastily behind her back and make her out to be dreadful. These same staff also write about her family and do everything they can to fail a tribunal. They are listened to by Judges who can be dismissive completely towards the family and in such private secret courts funded by public money cases are not always fairly heard and always the professionals opinions are not doubted. The reports are full of lies and errors and we have asked countless times for them to be amended.

When a vulnerable person such as Elizabeth telephones in distress and writes text messages and emails saying how unhappy she is, as a mother you try and speak up for that person who is surrounded by “professionals” who write so very nastily behind our backs. This has led to me being labelled myself yet again. All it takes a group of professionals to get together and start coming out with comments such as:

have harrassed

have threatened

have been personally abusive or verbally aggress towards staff dealing with your complaint

have in the course of addressing or raising a complaint had an excessive number of contacts with the trust placing unreasonable demands on staff

Persist in pursuing a complaint when the trust’s complaints procedure has been fully and properly implemented and exhausted, or it is not within the trust’s remit to investigate.

Are unwilling to accept documented evidence of treatment given as being factural eg drug records, manual or computer records, nursing records.


Using abusive or threatening language

“Deputy Director of Nursing and Head of Patient Experience have reviewed your communications with the trust and concluded that in order to ensure all concerns are responded to through a single avenue, all correspondence from you will be managed under the trust vexatious complaints policy”

This then means that you are faced with a wall of silence. I only found out about the C(E)TR by writing and chasing up because NAS did not seem to know. The person I wrote to was my avenue of contact from ECRT who is Manager of the team. No emails or correspondence has been responded to by this person and the next thing I had heard from the RC of Suffolk Ward directly about the C(E)TR but all got was the Teams link. I did not know who was who. Every email address of the attendees seemed to be from the NHS apart from one who I confirmed was the person of experience.

The C(E)TR panel consists of:

 • A chair person – the commissioner who pays for and monitors your care

• An expert by experience such as an autistic person, a person with a learning disability or a family carer

• A clinical expert such as a nurse or psychiatrist

People in long-term segregation may have an Independently Chaired C(E)TR. This panel will be chaired by an independent person who is chosen by the Department of Health and Social Care. I am assuming this is why someone from a different CCG is Chair.

The usual panel members will still be there along with someone who works for the Care Quality Commission (CQC). I could not see anyone from the Care Quality Commission amongst the attendees as this would give some reassurance.

The only things that will be different in your C(E)TR are:

• If you have a video meeting, you can see people who cannot visit you on a screen instead of in person. It is your choice whether or not you want to be seen on the screen. It will be done by video link.

• If the C(E)TR is by phone, you will not be able to see those people but you will be able to hear them.

• The C(E)TR might not take a full day, because of other urgent work NHS staff are doing at the moment.

We will make sure people get a C(E)TR quickly if they are:

• At risk of going into a mental health, learning disability or autism hospital. • Children and young people in these types of hospitals. Yes the RC of Suffolk Ward wanted to send Elizabeth away to yet another locked facility (Priory) not sure if this was Darlington or Hemel Hempstead as a bed had been found for Elizabeth at Darlington on Xmas Eve.

• People cared for away from other people for a long time – this is called long-term segregation Elizabeth would come into this category as this is what their plans are to take her away from her family to establish her greater on medication.

• Anyone admitted to this type of hospital during the coronavirus outbreak who is autistic or has a learning disability. Yes unfortunately this applies to Elizabeth because although she does not have an official diagnosis so many other experts have said this is what she has but she has been denied a proper assessment for so very long.

If you are in this sort of hospital, your commissioner will keep in touch with you and your care providers in other ways too, to make sure you are safe and well cared for. All the commissioners in this area have done is spend a fortune on public money on very wrong facilities one after the other who have done nothing for her except make her more traumatised.

A good C(E)TR is as important as ever We understand this may be a difficult time for you. You may feel on your own more because of the outbreak, or you may be unable to meet family or friends. Perhaps your staff support has changed? Or your healthcare, or your education? If so, how does this make you feel? At this time, it is more important than ever to check you are OK and getting good quality care, education and treatment. “I am stuck here now. I wish I was never born” .

Top tips for a video C(E)TR We want to make sure your C(E)TR is as good as it can be.

• A video meeting can feel a bit strange if you have not done one before • Many people prefer them to a phone call, once they get used to them

• If you are new to video meetings, why not try one with someone you trust? • Planning for your meeting will help you a lot on the day. How can that be when surrounded by a team of professionals not on her side and with their own agenda.

• Please use the planning form in this booklet to help you get ready for your meeting. I doubt whether Elizabeth has this booklet or anyone on the ward to go through it with her.

• You can record what you want to say if you like – in writing, pictures or a film clip to show at your C(E)TR. I have tried to encourage Elizabeth to write some things down but now I do not know if the meeting will go ahead on Friday. This was all organised by the RC of Suffolk Ward.

• If you need any help or have any questions or requests, please ask someone who supports you. How can this be when Elizabeth has no help.

• Don’t forget to sign the consent form! I am assuming Elizabeth has signed the consent form.

The main questions in a C(E)TR can help with this. We have improved these questions, called Key Lines of Enquiry, after feedback about them. For now, we will also ask a question about how you are getting on during the coronavirus outbreak. The Key Lines of Enquiry questions are:

• Am I safe? No not in an environment where possessions go missing and male staff alone give the depot.

• Am I in the right place for my care (education) and treatment? absolutely not in fact she is piling on weight and now a size 24 deprived of fresh air/exercise for many months on an Amber Covid Assessment Ward.

• Are my plans for my future going well? No because Elizabeth is destined for a locked ward away from home and family when she wanted to come back to her flat and that is because ECRHT state they cannot find anyone to work with Elizabeth but I HAVE MANAGED TO. In the flat below is a lady who has full support in the community with support workers and I met with one of them who I was most impressed with. I have relaid this to the team but as usual no response. The carer not only has years of experience but knows Elizabeth and seems to have all of the right communication skills but consistently ECRHT have denied direct payments and so Elizabeth is stuck on a ward when she could be back in her own home thanks to ECRHT and this is costing over £3000 a week to hold Elizabeth when it should be trialled to see how things work out with the new carers.

• Is everything supporting me to have the best life I can – now and in the future? Absolutely not and never has been ever. These are professionals who dismiss other professionals opinions and Elizabeth will never ever be treated fairly.

• And the coronavirus question: Is everything being done to support me well during the coronavirus outbreak? The Coronavirus has been the excuse to stop all leave and visits and the excuse to abuse human rights. For instance I gave a list of physical health appointments – I believe Elizabeth was taken to the dentist but this requires hospital for wisdom tooth removal none of which I believe has been arranged. The other appointment was Ophthalmology at a local hospital. She was not taken and a message was left too late for me to take her myself because whilst I am banned from visiting a health appointment is a different matter apparently. Whilst I am being punished for so called non social distancing on Xmas Day when I was not advised of changes and a bed had been found at Darlington so it was proposed to move her, all of a sudden I am allowed to take her to the eye appointment at the local hospital despite Covid.

A C(E)TR is not part of your day to day care.

It is a review, or a check, to make sure your care is going well. And to see if it can be made better. The “care” is completely wrong and is NOT GOING WELL. I am not sure anything can be rectified if under the current MH team in this area.

Most people find them really helpful. But Elizabeth will find it all a huge ordeal as she hates meetings.

You can invite family carers, an advocate or someone important to you if you want to. You may be offered a C(E)TR another time. I am invited but I dont know what is happening now since I had advised NAS that PowHer Icas had finished with Elizabeth and they are aware of lack of support from this organisation from their own enquiries.

You will be asked for your consent each time. There is conflict of opinion on capacity. A capacity assessment should never be carried out by the treating team who can manipulate matters purely on the basis of stating she has “no capacity” when it suits them and bearing in mind Elizabeth says they do not understand her – there are language barriers and this is why a speech and language therapist should be appointed.

Your commissioner has a duty to offer you a C(E)TR. But this was refused by the local Commissioners and the reason is because Elizabeth has a MH diagnosis they do not wish to budge on for the sake of convenience and to continue the current treatment for the rest of her life in locked facilities. It is only thanks to Mencap and NAS/Access that Elizabeth is being listened to.

You should be asked for your consent at least 2 weeks before the C(E)TR happens. This must have been given but if the consent had not been given bearing in mind the files stated no capacity then I as POA would have given consent instead as any glimmer of hope right now in getting fairness for the first time ever would be great.

This is consent to share your information with the C(E)TR panel and people who are, or will be, involved in your care. In the community it might happen in an emergency, and you might get less time to decide. If you say yes, this means you give your consent.

It means you are happy to have a review of your care. If Elizabeth sought help from the Integrated Learning Team on her own accord prior to Xmas 2019 this shows she would desperately like to be heard.

If you do not want to have a C(E)TR, you can say no. Saying no will not affect your day to day care. God forbid!! What care exactly when her physical health is not being attended to. It is also distressing to be on a noisy ward as Elizabeth has sensory issues.

What sort of information will the C(E)TR find out about? • Your care and treatment now. This is locked up, denied freedom, denied exercise, denied right to family contact outside the ward, denied an autism assessment. Being mocked, being coerced and gaslighted.

• Your health, including your mental health and physical health. Going downhill now a size 24 obese due to lack of fresh air and exercise.

• Your medication if you take any: Forced injections administered fortnightly where she is pinned down and sometimes this is by men only. She is on max levels of drugs that are doing nothing for her. The drugs are causing irritation to her skin and pains to her fingers. The drugs are making her ill physically and very up and down emotionally. Why put her on max levels??? to ensure she never comes off them and that is the reason they are holding on to her for a matter of convenience.

• Any health and care plans for you in the future – Elizabeth has consistently been denied her care plan. She has also been denied her drugs chart to look at. The fact she was not informed of the C(E)TR and was asking me for news sums up how vulnerable people are treated, not forgetting their families – in other words like nothing.

• Where you live now and where you would like to live. Elizabeth has said many times she would like to go back to her flat but this is being denied by her care coordinator from ECRHT. They have failed to provide any care in the community from the very start when she acquired the flat. The excuse was no-one could work with her and she must be on medication. So they have got their way but despite this, there is still the excuse that no-one can work with her so how comes I have found carers so easily who have the necessary skills to work with my daughter and who even know her and are not put off. For ten years + I kept my father with Alzheimers out of care by providing the care myself through direct payments. All I had to do was keep the paperwork. My father paid partly for care himself but through the night late afternoon he needed additional care which worked out much cheaper than residential care. In Elizabeth’s case, it would appear they do not wish to provide care in the community yet have plenty of money to take me to court for displacement of NR and I was happy to represent myself in court and would do so again if necessary. So funding comes from a different source and they are saving money in their Department:

I have in front of me an email from NJ to a previous care coordinator copying in MA, LO and LS dated 07 November 2012 at 10:23 – it says “I have no doubt this patient would benefit from a hospital environment. If that is the desired plan from the MDT then what is required is that we need to demonstrate that the MDT has identified the exact needs and the expectation of what the MDT wants from a placement and the timescales for this to happen, also what they want from the providers eg weekly report copies of all assessment, how often care coordinator will visit the patient, also what will be checked on at each CPA etc. What the panel do not want to see is that this aspect of identifying the needs and how this would be managed or not, done by the potential placement. We need to skilfully set the agenda of what is required to bring about a change for the patient. Hence the request for a medical review in order to obtain a comprehensive plan regards to what medical input would be helpful that we cannot manage in the community. The same can be said regards to the assessment as to why 24 hour supported accommodation is not working either is staying with her mother.

We have to be much more robust regards to why institutional care would absolutely benefit this patient. In a nutshell it is all about providing why your assessment as Care Coorindator is paramount in setting the agenda of care needs required.

My apologies for not directing you more clearly however my meeting with both LS and Malcolm has sharpened my understanding as to what is required for a case to be successful at panel.

Kind regards


The previous care coordinator states “presently her life is at risk of severe self harming behaviour and getting into trouble with the police she could be end up dead.”

The above care coordinator, MA, was one who we know well and was involved in Cambian Wales alongside another social worker EJ and the above comments show how little they know of my daughter and how on earth can they judge as to what is best interest when I have proven through four months care I provided privately that Elizabeth could be helped by professionals who take the right approach and in the right environment. Elizabeth came back unrecognisable and was allowed to go out on her own in Australia and France.

• What makes you feel anxious or upset In Elizabeth’s case not being listened to and the threat of being sent far away and being left behind “don’t leave me behind if you move”.

• What helps you feel well – peace and quiet surrounded by animals not professionals who do not understand or in a noisy environment such as Suffolk Ward.

• Anything which is about keeping you and other people safe. Nothing

The C(E)TR report can only be shared with:

• You and people important to your C(E)TR.

• People in charge of your health and social care who are or will be providing or paying for your care.

• People in confidential care meetings like Care Programme Approach (CPA) meetings or Mental Health Tribunals.

• If the report says you or others might not be safe, some or all of your C(E)TR report may be shown to people who the law says must look at it.

• Everyone must keep your information private and safe.

Anonymous information from a C(E)TR may be shared with other people in the NHS. This information does not include your name or any other information which could identify you. Anonymous information helps to make sure that people’s care and treatment and C(E)TRs are going well.

The C(E)TR panel wants to know what you think about your care. They will ask other people too.

Use the planning form that follows to get ready for your meeting • Ask a family member, staff or advocate if you need help with this

Planning my C(E)TR My name is _________________________________________ The date of my C(E)TR ____________________________________

  1. What is important to me eg. hobbies, friends, family, every day? 2.
  2. Am I safe?
  3. Am I in the right place for my care treatment? What is good now? What could be better?
  4. Are my plans for my future going well?
  5. Is everyone supporting me to have the best life I can – now and in the future?
  6. Is everything being done to support me well during the coronavirus outbreak? How to make my C(E)TR go well Such as, things you do or do not want to happen on the day, any help you need with the meeting, how you want people to communicate with you.
  7. On the day of my C(E)TR The next two pages are about making your C(E)TR good on the day. ✓ You are the most important person in your C(E)TR. ✓ The C(E)TR panel, staff and others will do everything they can to make it a good experience for you. ✓ They understand what it feels like to have a C(E)TR. ✓ You can ask questions whenever you like. ✓ You can say if you need anything or if there is a problem. Things that might help
  8. • It is OK if you do not know if you want to talk to people on the C(E)TR panel.
  9. • You can take your time to decide on the day.
  10. • You can talk to just one person if that feels better.
  11. • Or you can say hello first and then decide if you want to speak to people later.
  12.  • You can have someone with you like a staff member when you talk to people. Or you can meet them on your own. You can choose.
  13.  • It is OK if you want to stop or have a break.
  14. • You can say if you are unhappy about being on video yourself and just speak to them without this.
  15. • It helps the panel if they can talk to you as well as people providing your care. And if they can talk to your family carer or advocate.
  16. • You can talk to the C(E)TR panel in the way that is best for you.
  17. • You can speak to them in private if you like.
  18. • You can say what matters to you and what you think.
  1.  Care and Treatment Review Feedback Form This form can be used by anyone who took part in a C(E)TR. Your information will be kept safe. You don’t have to tell us your name or date of your C(E)TR, but if there was a problem this will help to get it sorted out. Please fill in this form and send it to the chairperson of the C(E)TR. Name Date of C(E)TR If you want someone to reply, how can they get in touch with you?
  • Did you get enough help and information before the C(E)TR?
  • What was the C(E)TR like on the day?
  • What would have made the C(E)TR better?
  • What difference did the C(E)TR make for you?
  • Have you got any other comments or questions?
  • My C(E)TR Report You should receive your C(E)TR report from the C(E)TR chair within 2 weeks of your C(E)TR. It should be written in words you understand. If anything is not clear, ask someone to help. You can write what needs to happen here if it is useful. This can help you check that these things are happening on time. What needs to happen? By when and by who?

I have fought to get the C(E)TR for Elizabeth who has constantly said she is not being listened to. I am concerned that she will not be prepared for the C(E)TR due to lack of support from any advocates.

My comments would reflect hers and this is a meeting where she will be centre of attention – my concerns are that it will all be too much for her as she does not like meetings and her voice will not be heard because even though there are representatives of other NHS Trusts I cannot see anyone from the CQC or from outside of the NHS apart from one independent panel member of experience. I am worried that this may not be done fairly in the absence of the CQC or advocate.

I doubt whether I will have much input because this is after all Elizabeth’s chance but the fact is that when I have reflected her opinions this has led to the current situation of no communication from even the points of contact I am allowed as being labelled a vexatious complainant when all I have done is echo what Elizabeth has been saying and have tried to fight to get her treated fairly.

I keep an open mind as to whether this can be achievable by way of a C(E)TR but I have made a decision myself about my life and where I want to be bearing in mind the effect all this is having on my health and what happened to me a year ago.

Whilst I am posting this regarding a C(E)TR I do so because I had never heard of this before. It is only down to social media contacts who have advised me but because Elizabeth has been denied the autism diagnosis in all this time, this would not normally apply to her but now there is such conflict of opinion from other professionals this has proven necessary. I wish to thank Mencap and National Autistic Society and Access for their assistance.

Whilst I have written openly I would not of course be writing about the actual C(E)TR itself and naming panel members etc.

I do think such things as a Tribunal should be made open and transparent though without the threat of prison.

From: Susan Bevis
To: Feryal.Clark@parliament.uk; Danny.kruger.mp@parliament.uk, crisp@parliament.uk, hollinss@parliament.uk, mashams@parliament.uk, sandwichj@parliament.uk, abrahamsd@parliament.uk, steve.brine@parliament.uk, contact@lucypowell.org.uk, ruth.edwards.mp@parliament.uk, lee.anderson.mp@parliament.uk, darren.henry.mp@parliament.uk, ben.bradley.mp@parliament.uk, nadia.whittome.mp@parliament.uk, lilian.greenwood.mp@parliament.uk, mark.spencer.mp@parliament.uk, brendan.clarkesmith.mp@parliament.uk, tom.randall.mp@parliament.uk, robert.jenrick.mp@parliament.uk, alex.norris.mp@parliament.uk, legal@mind.org.uk, media@rethink.org, PHE.Enquiries@phe.gov.uk, england.contactus@nhs.net, enquiries@cqc.org.uk, jeff.smith.mp@parliament.uk, ben.spencer.mp@parliament.uk, dean.russell.mp@parliament.uk, rachael.maskell.mp@parliament.uk, marco.longhi.mp@parliament.uk, meachermc@parliament.uk, tylerc@parliament.uk, neil.coyle.mp@parliament.uk, matt.western.mp@parliament.uk, helen.hayes.mp@parliament.uk, munira.wilson.mp@parliament.uk, wera.hobhouse.mp@parliament.uk, duncan@duncanbaker.org.uk, jane.stevenson.mp@parliament.uk, danielpoulter.mp@parliament.uk, evansn@parliament.uk, paulmblomfield.mp@parliament.uk, watkinsm@parliament.uk, bradleykj@parliament.uk, lisa.cameron.mp@parliament.uk, johnny@johnnyforplymouth.co.uk, greythompsont@parliament.uk, stephen@stephenmcpartland.co.uk, appgsecretariat@disabilityrightsuk.org, corbynj@parliament.uk, angela.crawley.mp@parliament.uk, jodowsett@durham.anglican.org, northbournec@parliament.uk, loughtont@parliament.uk, john.glen.mp@parliament.uk, caroline.ansell.mp@parliament.uk, lammyd@parliament.uk, alex.cunningham.mp@parliament.uk, cheryl.gillan.mp@parliament.uk, touhigjde@parliament.uk, jonathan.reynolds.mp@parliament.uk, thangam.debbonaire.mp@parliament.uk, justinmadders.mp@parliament.uk, huw.merriman.mp@parliament.uk, rees4neath@outlook.com, jim.shannon.mp@parliament.uk, cat.smith.mp@parliament.uk, uddinm@parliament.uk, warner@parliament.uk

I have written to those above because I feel strongly about human rights of the weak and vulnerable, their parents and carers being ignored because of Covid which should never take precedence to human rights. I recently took part in a really interesting Webinar by the British Institute of Human Rights. The human rights of patients under LD/autism and MH are being ignored along with their parents and carers. The Webinar was very informative and revealed that Human Rights Act precedes the Coronavirus Act and so it would appear that hospitals, care homes should have been greater clarity in this respect.

The Human Rights Act | Equality and Human Rights Commission

Coronavirus Act 2020 – Legislation.gov.uk

I decided to write an email to all the APPGs I felt were relevant to Elizabeth’s case ie,


Whilst I do not think the lists were 100% up to date and some emails addresses incorrect, I only received 1 response from

Johnny For Plymouth

It is worrying that only The Rt Hon Johnny Mercer MP has cared to respond. Maybe email addresses have changed in light of Covid and working from home but all the same, APPGs representing the public seem unconcerned. So just in case I have excluded anyone or the email addresses are incorrect/ names appearing above no longer involved due to out of date lists, then it is good to ensure everyone is included as our experience may be reflective of others who have sons/daughters/relatives held under MHA/secure units/care homes etc deprived of their liberty who can associate with breach of human rights. Should anyone else wish to lobby their MPs and APPGs they are welcome to use this as a template.

Dear All

I attach letter for which I would be grateful for your kind consideration, especially as the attached example is just one of many cases affected similarly that I am in touch with.

I am very pleased about the reforms to the Mental Health Act but my considerations are those for which other carers would be pleased to see addressed also.

Yours faithfully

Susan Bevis

Susan Bevis (Mother, Carer, POA, Nearest Relative and McKenzie Friend)

The long overdue government press release today over the intention to reform the Mental Health Act is welcomed especially in view of the increasing numbers of patients detained on mental health wards in the pandemic.  

“Major reform of the Mental Health Act will empower individuals to have more control over their treatment and deliver on a key manifesto commitment.”  

Background information:

Four principles, developed by the review and in partnership with people with lived experience, will guide and shape the approach to reforming legislation, policy and practice. These are:

  1. Choice and autonomy – ensuring service users’ views and choices are respected
  2. Least restriction – ensuring the act’s powers are used in the least restrictive way
  3. Therapeutic benefit – ensuring patients are supported to get better, so they can be discharged from the act
  4. The person as an individual – ensuring patients are viewed and treated as rounded individuals


However, there also needs to be a major rethink of the mis-prescription and withdrawal of psychotropic and neuroleptic drugs that have little or no therapeutic value.  These drugs are known to be the major cause of physical and mental disorders in “career” patients who have originally sought help for emotional distress and have then been neurologically damaged by these drugs.

The Case for Neuroleptics Reducing Recovery from 80% to 5%  

This shows how important it is to try to keep people from being put on the neuroleptics if at all possible. This is what Robert Whitaker has been saying since he published Mad In America in 2002, and all of the evidence since then has just reinforced this conclusion.

Finally, a word about words. You will notice I use the word “neuroleptic” rather than “antipsychotic.” The reason for this is that neuroleptics don’t have antipsychotic properties for most people. They just disable people to the point where they are not so troubling. “Neuroleptic” was the original name and means “seize the brain.” This is an accurate description, while “antipsychotic” is marketing propaganda.

Mental health survival kit and withdrawal from psychiatric drugs (2020)

This book will help people with mental health issues survive and come back to a normal life. The general public believes that drugs against depression and psychosis and admission to a psychiatric ward are more often harmful than beneficial, and this is also what the science shows. Even so, most people continue taking psychiatric drugs for many years. This is mainly because they have developed drug dependence. The psychiatrists and other doctors have made hundreds of millions of people dependent on psychiatric drugs and yet have done virtually nothing to find out how to help them come off them safely again, which can be very difficult. The book explains in detail how harmful psychiatric drugs are and tells people how they can withdraw safely from them. It also advises about how people with mental health issues may avoid becoming psychiatric “career” patients and lose 10 or 15 years of their life to psychiatry.


The British National Formulary recommends a gradual withdrawal when discontinuing antipsychotic treatment to avoid acute withdrawal syndrome or rapid relapse.[38] Some have argued the additional somatic and psychiatric symptoms associated with dopaminergic super-sensitivity, including dyskinesia and acute psychosis, are common features of withdrawal in individuals treated with neuroleptics.[39][40][41][42] This has led some to suggest the withdrawal process might itself be schizomimetic, producing schizophrenia-like symptoms even in previously healthy patients, indicating a possible pharmacological origin of mental illness in a yet unknown percentage of patients currently and previously treated with antipsychotics. This question is unresolved, and remains a highly controversial issue among professionals in the medical and mental health communities, as well as the public.[43]

  1.  BMJ Group, ed. (March 2009). “4.2.1”. British National Formulary (57 ed.). United Kingdom: Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. p. 192. ISSN 0260-535X. Withdrawal of antipsychotic drugs after long-term therapy should always be gradual and closely monitored to avoid the risk of acute withdrawal syndromes or rapid relapse.
    1. ^ Chouinard G, Jones BD (January 1980). “Neuroleptic-induced supersensitivity psychosis: clinical and pharmacologic characteristics”. The American Journal of Psychiatry. 137 (1): 16–21. doi:10.1176/ajp.137.1.16PMID 6101522.
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My 34 year old daughter is currently imprisoned under the MHA at Chase Farm Hospital Enfield (Suffolk Ward).   Suffolk Ward is an acute “Amber” categorised mental health ward where no leave or visitors are permitted due to Covid restrictions.  Disturbingly, under current lockdown there is disregard to basic human rights of fresh air and exercise. My daughter has had no fresh air or exercise since Xmas Day alongside all other female patients on Suffolk Ward; however male patients from other wards get regular escorted breaks outside in the fresh air.  My daughter spends much of her time alone in her room.  She has become obese, now size 24 from 16.  The ward is noisy, alarms sounding constantly, doors slamming and screaming.  I have requested an OT Level 3 Sensory Assessment but understand this could not be done.  I have provided headphones to relieve her distress as sound is magnified to her and unbearable.   Many activity groups have been cancelled due to Covid.   I am concerned my daughter’s human rights are being breached along with others on the female only ward Suffolk, under Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust.  I am writing to you all as the Chief Executive Officer of BEHMHT has failed to respond to my MP since July 2020.  I have been labelled vexatious by the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Nurse whilst avenues of complaint have been blocked.

My daughter was admitted to hospital in May 2020 and sent to 3 x PICUS out of area, held in seclusion several times for up to a week.  Care at private sector facilities cost a fortune ie £28,000 for just 5 weeks and none of this “care” has benefitted my daughter, a trauma victim who has complex PTSD. Physical health and important appointments also ignored.

Since Tier 4 no outdoor leave has been granted but following yesterday’s webinar with BIHR it would appear there needs to be clearer guidance to Trusts on their protocol as the Human Rights Act should supersede the Coronavirus Act surely.

My concerns are:

Reports prepared for court purposes contain errors and lies which are never corrected.

My daughter is being forced out of area to yet another locked facility and has been advised she cannot return to her private flat where no care was provided in the first place.

Reckless prescribing.     My daughter is “treatment resistant” ie a poor/non metaboliser and reckless prescribing is what led to the death of Oliver McGowan.  It would appear no lessons have been learned.  There needs to be accountability.

So far zero benefit achieved from facilities such as:

  • Royal Bethlem Beckenham (Nat Psychosis Unit)
  • Cambian Wales
  • Phoenix House, Northampton 
  • Cygnets, Stevenage, Beckton, Godden Green
  • Edgware Unit
  • Huntercombe Roehampton
  • St Pancreas Hospital
  • Elysium Thornage Park

Next planned is Priory Hemel Hempstead against my daughter’s wishes as she wants to go home. (UPDATE: although attempts have been made to persuade Elizabeth regarding this next planned placement, some good news is thanks to the involvement of Mencap/NAS and Access – finally a CTR is being considered and an autism assessment after all these years). Perhaps the APPGs could get together on this as you should not have to go to the lengths I have had to in order to be fairly treated and no-one should be refused an assessment OR CTR when there is huge conflict of opinion.

 Below are my recommendations for improvement for your consideration:

  • Closed courts made transparent and accountable at all levels
  • Legal aid for cases of abuse/discrimination of human rights
  • Greater scrutiny of CCGs and their provision of care and treatment
  • Greater scrutiny of CEOs of Trusts and Councils.
  • End of “Out of Area” long term facility placements with emphasis on provision of local community care.  
  • Scrutiny on over-prescribing and stricter control/accountability to prescribers.
  • Mandatory P450 liver enzyme tests through Liverpool University.
  • Physical health paramount  under secondary care.
  • Legal Reform on forced treatment under secondary care;  suitable facilities for prescribed drug withdrawals where iatrogenic harm
  • Greater choices to facilities ie, care farms/therapeutic communities
  • Inclusion of family and open dialogue
  • Complex trauma assessments and appropriate therapeutic treatment.
  • CTRs /proper assessments given.
  • Fresh air and exercise accommodated whilst under covid restrictions.
  • Integration into the community better supported.
  • Greater financial support to unpaid carers.
  • Supported Living and Housing standards closely scrutinised
  • Independent accreditation on quality of services/accountability
  • Correct PPE in acute MH settings and ATUs
  • Choice to patients under secondary care on doctors and treatment
  • More suitable respite facilities/to shorten length of hospital stay under MH


———- Original Message ———-
From: Susan Bevis <susanb25@virginmedia.com>
To: cmiller@bihr.org.uk
Date: 12 February 2021 at 16:22
Subject: Today’s Webinar on Human Rights

Dear Carlyn

I thoroughly enjoyed today’s webinar on the Human Rights Act.

I can see that my local area (Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust are well and truly in breach of the Human Rights Act  

The HRA places a legal duty on public bodies (and those delivering a “function of public nature”) throughout the UK to respect, protect and fulfil human rights across their actions, decisions, policies and services. The duty on public officials has three parts:

  1. Respect: duty to not breach human rights.
  2. Protect: duty to take action to safeguard people’s rights.
  3. Fulfil: duty to have the right processes and procedures in place, and to investigate when things have gone wrong.

This duty has not changed during the Covid-19 pandemic and any decisions made by a public body, including in health and social care settings, must respect and protect human rights.

Importantly, the HRA is a foundational law. This means that all other UK laws should be compatible with the HRA, both on paper and in practice. This includes laws on health and social care across the UK, such as: theSocial Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014in Wales, theCare Act 2014in England, theMental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003in Scotland and theHealth and Social Care (Reform) Act (Northern Ireland) 2009in Northern Ireland.

There are 16 rights in the Human Rights Act, including:  

  • Article 2 –  No life as held prisoner on a locked acute ward at Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.  No quality of life.  No fresh air, no exercise, resulting in massive weight gain, no access to appropriate physical health care – list of physical health appointments ignored and no response given to emails.
  • Art 3 –  Torture ie, forced drugging without informed consent (men administering whilst in seclusion – no female nurse present. Degrading treatment on Xmas Day surrounded by many professionals as a bed had been found in Darlington (Priory) but no-one communicated this fact.
  • Art 5 Right to liberty/security –  security being her flat and right to see her family.   Professionals do not want her to return to her independent flat.   All her possessions secure for the first time. 
  • Art 6 – Right to a fair trial.  How can there ever be fairness when file reports for court are full of errors and in some cases lies.
  • Art 7 – “why am I being punished Mum” –  Denial of LD/autism assessment, ignoring report on complex PTSD/ relevant and drug treatment being forced over many years.  Punishment extended to family, particularly mother who insists her daughter was raped under care for which she has substantial records. Attempts to sever contact with mother.  Example of punishment:  “all leave with the mother has been cancelled due to the mother not complying with social distancing and risk of bringing Covid on the ward risking spread to others   Only on Xmas Day were changes to leave advised ie, no further leave granted due to Covid by bed management.  The most degrading treatment followed whilst off ward when we were threatened/intimidated by many staff members.  Discrimination:  a nurse wore no mask in confined space at a recent tribunal but unfounded allegations directed towards her mother who DID wear a mask outside of the building.  Past placements as far as Wales (from London) where displacement of NR attempted and restricted telephone contact.  Being declined ground leave because her mother is being punished for alleged non-social distancing on Xmas without foundation/evidence. 
  • Art 9  – freedom of speech/expression ridiculed since professionals do not understand and misinterpret her, which they then label as a so called disorder. 
  • Art 14 –  Discrimination re:   The right to peaceful enjoyment of your property  *No to Section 117 ” is stated in a previous care plan.


ART 3: Torture   ie,   forced   drugging   without   informed consent – (men only administering depot injections whilst in seclusion.  Degrading treatment on Xmas Day surrounded by   many   professionals   as   a   bed   had   been   found   in Darlington (Priory) but no-one communicated this fact.

ART 5:  Right to liberty/security –   Security being her independent flat and right to see her family.   Professionals do not want her to return to her independent flat.       

All her possessions secure for the first time whereas under care possessions lost.

ART 6:  – Right to a fair trial.    

How can there be fairness when file reports for court are full of errors and in some cases lies and especially when reminded that I could be sent to prison if I dared to talk about the Hearing. Such Hearings should be open and transparent in my opinion as the Nearest Relative as after all this is paid for out of public funds.

ART 7: “Why am I being punished Mum?”    

Denial of LD/autism assessment, ignoring report on complex PTSD/Autism and forced drug treatment being forced over many years.

Punishment also extended to family, especially those who disagree, when evidence on terrible abuse under care exposed in records ignored.     

Example   of   punishment   by   unfounded allegations: “all leave with the mother has been cancelled due to the mother not complying with social distancing and risk of spreading Covid on the ward to others” On Xmas Day  changes to leave ie, no further leave granted due to Covid by bed management.  The most degrading treatment followed.

Discrimination:    a nurse wore no mask   in   confined   space   during   a   recent   tribunal   but allegations directed towards her mother who DID wear a mask  outside   the   hospital.        

Past   placements  as   far  away as Wales   (from   London)   and   constant   attempts   at displacement   of   NR   plus   restricted   telephone contact.

Being declined ground leave because her mother is being punished without foundation/evidence.

ART 9: freedom   of   speech/expression   ridiculed   since professionals   did   not   understand   and   misinterpretation resulted in wrongful labelling as a so called disorder/illness.

ART 14: – Discrimination re:   

Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property   – declined  

 *No to Section 117 ” – previous care plan.

I know I am not alone in experiencing the above examples or similar and as there has  confusion   over   Government   Guidlines and legislation v Covid legislation on social distancing/leave/visiting rights, I have made a template for anyone else wishing to write to the APPGs to ensure these and other issues I may have omitted are addressed. I have had no choice but to post this to Twitter in the hope that something can be done as, after all, in a so called democratic country, there should not be such widespread abuse of human rights to the weak and vulnerable.

So what can the APPG’s can do collectively bearing in mind all these issues bearing in mind these issues are closely related and when your MP has tried to get response from CEOs and no-one is bothering to respond then this leaves no choice but to contact the APPGs?

If I I have omitted anyone in this respect for the APPGs I have mentioned I would be grateful to hear so that I can update and amend accurately.

Your attention would be greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully

Susan Bevis

I want to share first of all the fact that Elizabeth had previously said “no to the Priory”. She was meant to be moved there in January. What has put things on hold has been the wonderful intervention by Mencap and the National Autistic Society.

I would praise both Mencap and NAS highly plus Access who have got involved in this case.

Elizabeth is still on Suffolk Ward. She is being deprived basic human rights of fresh air and exercise. All the male patients are allowed out in the front of the building with staff but the female patients are not. Surely this alone is discrimination.

There is a small garden down below that backs onto the male wards. I have asked Elizabeth several times if she has asked whether she can have fresh air. She has asked on two occasions only to be refused. This is surely not right under the Human Rights Act? What is going on on Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital Enfield? I am also left wondering whether any of the physical health appointments have been arranged. I will be checking on this tomorrow.

I visited Chase Farm Hospital Enfield MH last week out of concern as none of us in the family could get through to Elizabeth by phone. I was worried her phone had gone missing or else the chip had gone missing. I was relieved to see on this occasion that neither applied so I sat outside Suffolk Ward charging the phone in the foyer before giving this back to Elizabeth. However prior to this, the ward could not find the Samsung Charger which was a brand new one at £15.00. Luckily I had kept the receipt for this and other items that had gone missing. I am uncertain as to the headphones but Elizabeth had her Birthday on the ward recently and I had bought her presents. I had also brought up a brand new square shaped tuppaware container which contained cakes. These have gone missing. It all adds up doesn’t it. The clothes were around £30, the charger another £15 and tuppaware container £6.00. As far as I am aware this is all that is missing but there could well be more things which is why I would wish to see any discharge form to check if Elizabeth is sent on anywhere else. Such a ward is supposed to be a place of safety???? patients often wander into Elizabeth’s room unchecked during the night. There does not seem to be supervision or else perhaps the ward is short staffed. This ward – an acute ward – costs about £3000 per week. Fact is none of these items would have gone missing if Elizabeth was back home and in the files they say they do not wish her to go home or be in my company when I offered to move into the flat to begin with in order to help.

Elizabeth has been incarcerated since May 2020. Blame is put solely on her but in fact there needs to be proper examination into who in fact is really to blame. It is seen as “best interest” that Elizabeth be on this ward??? It is further seen as best interest that Elizabeth is sent out of area yet again – a fourth time to the Priory Hemel Hempstead a Locked Rehab at what must be costing at least £100000 for six months – correct me if I am wrong!

What has dismayed me today is that disturbing things have been going on on Suffolk Ward that have got back to me.

Thanks to Mencap and thanks to NAS/Access for the first time ever Elizabeth stands the chance of being treated fairly. Whilst I believe Elizabeth has complex PTSD backed by Dr Bob Johnson, Dr Mukherjee and private MH professionals Elizabeth has always thought she is autistic and this is after all mentioned throughout the files. Certainly this was the very first diagnosis before the unscientific label of “Paranoid Schizophrenia” was given. Of course this latter label has a treatment that goes with it of a lifetime of forced drugging on antipsychotic “medication”. It would be most convenient if the team just plodded on prescribing Clopixol depot at huge level every two weeks. On top of this they try to give addictive Lorazepam and refuse her sight of her drugs charts which surely she has the right to see. Whilst they try in vain to say she has no capacity that is far from true which shows how these professionals have no idea and should never be allowed to carry out an assessment of any such kind because of conflict of interest.

So today I have just heard through Elizabeth’s Sister that she was coerced into attending a video link interview with the Priory. Well what on earth is going on Suffolk Ward? You know very very well that a CTR has been called for and also an autism assessment through the Bethlem. Why have you instigated this video linked interview and put Elizabeth under pressure to attend when she has told everyone in the family she DOES NOT WANT TO GO TO THE PRIORY???? Elizabeth’s comments to her sister was “I had no choice but to attend”. Elizabeth also said that the RC was making comments in a round-about way about her going away to this institution.

So perhaps Suffolk Ward would like to comment and explain why they should be doing this now in light of the intervention of Mencap and Access??? knowing full well that Elizabeth has said “NO”.

I came to the ward today with a witness as so many possessions have gone missing. I have never come across this before on any other ward.

I was told there was no manager on duty? Surely there must have been a Manager on duty. I had therefore no choice but to speak to another member of staff SF who has his office on the ground floor in the foyer.

I briefly saw the OT – these are people I can praise but I was told by SF that he had a meeting to go to and could not spare time to see me for a proper appointment so I just gave him the receipts of the missing items and he asked if Elizabeth had signed any disclaimer??? What if she did have. It is not my idea for Elizabeth to be on this £3000+ a week acute ward therefore it is only right that every penny be refunded.

The other thing I would point out apart from breach of human rights is that not everyone is treated fairly. I have already mentioned about patients – not all are granted any fresh air breaks. This is breach of Human Rights Art 3.

There is also breach of Human Rights Art 8 in terms of visiting. Last week I witnessed another parent being invited between the closed double doors – whilst not on the ward itself that parent had quality time being able to have close contact with her daughter whilst I waited outside because they could not find the charging lead in the office of the samsung charger anywhere.

It is really awful what is going on under PUBLIC sector NHS MH wards – just as bad if not worse than private sector. There is much written about private sector but when a patient is sent away out of area by a paying Authority which in this case is Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust then it is the paying Authority who have great involvement behind the scenes. This is often overlooked when horrors of abuse/deaths are unveiled under private sector care institutions but the first thing I think of is who is paying for this out of taxpayer’s money.

There are advocates on the ward that are supposed to be independent however they do not seem to be in touch with Elizabeth and treating her fairly but then this is paid for by the Local Authority therefore I have to think if they are not keen to involve themselves in this case how can they possibly be independent.

Anyway Elizabeth has made it known to the whole family “I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE PRIORY”. Hope that is now clear to the RC and team of Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Whilst writing and having been labelled a vexatious complainant by those at the very top of the Trust can we please have that teams meeting I requested months ago. I am happy for as many people as possible to be included. Would you like me to arrange? If so I will need everyone’s email addresses. I look forward to receiving these swiftly.

Today Elizabeth is 34 years of age and she is still on Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Sadly she cannot be home to celebrate with her family. Like so many others Elizabeth is incarcerated on a locked ward. She is not a danger to self or others and her “medication” has been changed because before this several doctors were knowingly prescribing Risperidone or equivalent Paliperidone despite the fact she was found allergic to it. Since coming back to Enfield from Elysium Thornford Park Elizabeth has not been in any trouble on the ward and keeps herself to herself.

The phone started to ring very early again and again asking when I would be coming to the hospital which is just a fifteen minute drive away. With cards and presents I turned up at the hospital and have to pass to staff the presents as I am not allowed to visit and Elizabeth is not allowed to even go out in the grounds for fresh air or a walk. In fact none of the other patients on Suffolk Ward are allowed out with the excuse of Corona Virus however I believe this is in breach of the Human Rights Act. Just because of Covid this should not affect the basic human rights of patients being taken out in the grounds for fresh air and exercise. Elizabeth has ballooned in weight since being held prisoner on Suffolk Ward since Xmas Day but the only good thing is she at least has her phone with her and I can just about see her through a slit in the glass. In contrast, the mens wards are allowed different rules and are taken out for regular fresh air breaks escorted by staff.

I heard she was given a Birthday cake on the ward today but last year Elizabeth was on this same ward when she was hauled into hospital by unlawful paperwork which reminds me, I must look into this for compensation like I did last time but to my shock and horror Elizabeth received a cheque for just £1 from Weightmans Solicitors. This time there was about 5 days of unlawful detention. Last year I prepared a buffet of food for the whole and it was like a party atmosphere but now, due to covid, the atmosphere is very much sombre. Today I had been dealing with a cat who I adopted found lifeless on allotments – sadly he died but I later made two fresh cream cakes for Elizabeth to share with all the patients on Suffolk Ward.

Elizabeth misses her cat and pigeons and often asks me to send her photos. Since Elizabeth has been in hospital I have made enormous improvements to her flat. She has new furniture, new curtains put up. shelving and everything is immaculate. Now I am very concerned. I could tell Elizabeth was not very happy yesterday by the tone of her voice and she had either received a visit from Dr M or had been called to see her. The doctor told her she would not be going back to her flat. This flat is the best accommodation Elizabeth has ever had. Everything provided under supported housing/living has been sub-standard. I was concerned at what they would do following an on line meeting prior to complete lockdown. It was clear her care coordinator and Responsible Clinician from Suffolk Ward were against Elizabeth returning to her flat and this was her wish. They are also against her staying at the flat in my company when I was prepared to move in temporarily now that I am no longer working and have time on my hands. The flat was only ever meant to be a stop gap until retirement when I had planned to move away from the area. I would agree that Elizabeth should have independent accommodation but since acquiring the flat no care was ever put in place. The care coordinator excuses herself by stating that an agency refused to work with Elizabeth on risk factor because she was not on medication. However I think it is their protocol and preference to place someone in care according to a past email I have seen in file records addressed to a previous care coordinator “it is all about proving yourself as CC as to why we must be more robust as to the fact institutional care is best for this lady” – words to this effect. It seems like best interest in their eyes comes before the Human Rights Act which I have today learned a lot about.

Since acquiring the independent flat in July 2019 – no care put in place and “no to S117” mentioned in past care plan. Instead of integrating people into the community they guide them to their own funded centres and Elizabeth made friends that brought her down. The friendships she made had negative effect on her. It has been hard to watch Elizabeth go downhill then being dragged back to Suffolk Ward on unlawful paperwork. They then released her at the height of lockdown. I was furloughed back then and was able to support and help her even though I should not have been going out even. The decline in Elizabeth was around January of that year when I underwent a major operation and was in intensive care. No support given to Elizabeth during this time. So now they want to take her home away and put her back into care so it would seem. All of this has had a knock-on effect on my health and has affected others in the family too.

Following a visit to her GP during the height of lockdown Elizabeth was sectioned and sent to three PICUs in a short space of time, all of whom failed to assess her for autism. It seems hopeful thanks to Mencap and NAS that this now seems a possibility. Whilst I believe Elizabeth has complex PTSD she believes she has autism In six months and vast sums of money spent no proper autism assessment has ever been carried out. All I hope is that a proper assessment will not involve Elizabeth having to go in to an Assessment Treatment Unit – the equivalent of a PICU except that some vulnerable people are detained for life in such institutions and this is NOT what I want for Elizabeth.

Today in the morning I took part in a zoom conference with the British Institute of Human Rights which was very interesting and on line were a lot of my social media contacts and it was great to meet them and share our shocking experiences of breaches of human rights. The only time I have ever used the HRA is when Elizabeth was denied “medication” for FOUR days ie Clozapine in order to force return her to the care home where she had no food at the weekends ie Phoenix House Stepping Stones, Northampton. I was astonished at how many breaches of human rights under Chase Farm Hospital Enfield and here they are:

The HRA places a legal duty on public bodies (and those delivering a “function of public nature”) throughout the UK to respect, protect and fulfil human rights across their actions, decisions, policies and services. The duty on public officials has three parts:

  1. Respect: duty to not breach human rights.
  2. Protect: duty to take action to safeguard people’s rights.
  3. Fulfil: duty to have the right processes and procedures in place, and to investigate when things have gone wrong.

This duty has not changed during the Covid-19 pandemic and any decisions made by a public body, including in health and social care settings, must respect and protect human rights.

Importantly, the HRA is a foundational law. This means that all other UK laws should be compatible with the HRA, both on paper and in practice. This includes laws on health and social care across the UK, such as: theSocial Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014in Wales, theCare Act 2014in England, theMental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003in Scotland and theHealth and Social Care (Reform) Act (Northern Ireland) 2009in Northern Ireland.


There are 16 rights in the Human Rights Act, including:  

  • Article 2 –  No life because she is held prisoner on a locked acute ward (Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield).  There is no quality of life.  No fresh air, no exercise, resulting in massive weight gain, no access to appropriate physical health care – list of appointments to the RC ignored because no-one and no response re smear test, hospital eyesight appointment (opticians discovered something wrong), chiropodist and dental appointment.   Check with Endocrinologist on PCOS going back to 2014 through ultrasound not done.
  • Art 3 –  torture ie, the forced drugging without informed consent (men only whilst in seclusion) with no female nurses  present.  Very degrading treatment on Xmas Day surrounded by lots of professionals who gathered around my car when leave had been permitted as a bed had been found in Darlington (Priory)but no-one communicated this fact.
  • Art 5 Right to liberty/security –  security being her flat and company of family.  Professionals do not want her to return.  She has all her possessions secure for the first time.  She wishes to return but the professionals refused. 
  • Art 6 – Right to a fair trial.  How can there ever be fairness when file records are full of errors and in some cases lies.
  • Art 7 – “why am I being punished Mum” –  Denial of LD/autism and ignoring report stating complex PTSD/ relevant treatment being favoured forced injections over many years.  Punishment also extended to family, particularly mother who disagrees ie stopping contact insists her daughter was raped under care for which she has substantial records  whilst training to be a police officer.   Example of punishment:  “all leave with the mother has been cancelled due to the mother not complying with social distancing and risk of bringing covid on the ward spreading to others”   On Xmas Day  were advised of changes to leave in that no further leave granted by bed management but were halfway off the ward at e and came to sit in the car  with roof down as was agreed verbally with the RC.  Discrimination in that at a recent on line virtual meeting  a nurse wore no mask.   Daughter sent to secure units all over the country as far away as Wales where attempts made to sever contact with emphasis on displacing her mother as NR.  Being declined ground leave because her mother is being punished for alleged non-social distancing without evidence to prove. 
  • Art 9  –  Daughter ridiculed re: freedom of speech/expression since professionals do not understand her and misinterpret her which they then duly label as a so called disorder. 
  • Art 14 –  Discrimination re:   “The right to peaceful enjoyment of your property”  *No to Section 117 ” is stated in a previous care plan.

I was unaware that Human Rights Act superseded Coronavirus Act so questions should be asked with regards to denial of basic human rights such as fresh air and exercise and I await with interest response as to why such rights, visiting relatives etc have been taken away from so many, yet they wrongly decline human rights using the excuse of covid when they should in fact allow for a walk in the grounds for instance – this should NOT BE DENIED.

It is good to draw to the attention of the BIHR Trusts who are in breach of the Human Rights Act and Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust are from what I clearly understood from attending this most interesting zoom conference today. How many more Trusts are in breach and who are they?

I visited Chase Farm Hospital Enfield this evening to drop in some possessions for Elizabeth. I noticed staff not wearing full PPE indicating no covid cases on the ward. Elizabeth is waiting for the 2nd Covid test results. She has no symptoms of covid. I am told no-one else on Suffolk Ward has Covid so what is Chase Farm Hospital’s excuse to keep patients locked up 24/7 without fresh air or exercise when I have seen the male patients being taken out by staff for 15 minute breaks. I see this as abuse of human rights and in breach of Art 3 and Art 8.

I was told by one nurse that it was not fair on others if I took Elizabeth out for fresh air but it seems to be Management control, not doctors and I am very concerned to see management override a doctor’s consent for S17 leave even if this was cut to just a walk around the hospital grounds. This is better than nothing. It is not stated in Government Guidelines to keep patients locked up 24/7 without any fresh air or exercise. Police had to explain to staff on Suffolk ward about Government Guidelines and I would say that they are in breach of human rights, article 3 and 8

There was a wall of silence protecting the bed manager on Xmas Day but I am disappointed no-one had the decency to be honest and admit why Elizabeth was to remain on the ward but I found out.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think these are the Managers with significant control over Chase Farm Hospital. Here are the names of the Associate Managers:

Teri Okoro Chair

Aasimah Nabeebocus 2nd member

Rohan Sivanandan 3rd member

Below is our shocking experience so far:






I have never encountered such bullying and intimidation in my life from the Management of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

When I called tonight a nurse from Suffolk Ward was Ok towards me and collected the things I brought. I can only see Elizabeth through a slit in the glass and was able to wave to her and Elizabeth smiled. Staff were wearing aprons and masks, nothing more, so this is not a Covid ward.

Elizabeth had a visit from a Dr today and I know there were 2 on duty, one namely Dr Long. I telephoned the ward tonight and had the phone put down – no-one could answer my question as to whom the other doctor was that saw Elizabeth today. The reason I am interested is that this doctor was pressurising Elizabeth to agree to go to The Priory in Hemel Hempstead but Elizabeth has said NO.

Already 12 patients have been sent to Priory Southgate which would have been nearer to home, the remaining few, sent to St Anne’s Sunflower Ward at St Anne’s Hospital on Xmas Day of all days. Elizabeth has been sent away quite enough at huge expense and nothing correct supplied in terms of care.

On Xmas Day it was apalling. Noone in the large group of staff gathered around my car explained what was going on. All I received was threats stating “blue lights are on their way for you“. Police pointed out the Government Guidelines to staff in that I was NOT in breach. Complete lack of communication and degrading treatment.

So at a cost of over £3000 per week Elizabeth is held at Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward when of no risk to self or others. The only good thing is that hospital is nearby and I can see Elizabeth through a small slit of glass and she has telephone access.

£28K has been spent for 5 weeks was the cost of Cygnet Godden Green by the CCG.

I am waiting to hear how much Elysium cost for 2 months.

Also how much Ruby Ward, St Pancreas cost.

I also want to know how much out of interest is The Priory Hemel Hempstead going to cost?

Elizabeth wishes to go home and to see her pigeons and cat. She is of no risk to self or others and has been keeping herself to herself not involved in any problems on the ward.


I am not happy that reports for court purposes contain lies and are full of errors. They are written in such a way to fail a tribunal and this is a criminal offence. I will be correcting these reports publicly if I see any more lies. I am fed up and tired of having to type reports that have taken me all night long to correct as there are so many mistakes.

There is no advocate provided for Elizabeth and I am going to make sure she has an advocate because Elizabeth has the capacity to decide she DOES NOT WISH TO GO TO THE PRIORY HEMEL HEMPSTEAD.

Elizabeth has just phoned – this is the third day of being in her room and she does not wish to come out. The only good thing is that she can hear the birds singing even if she cannot see them.

I have just heard Elizabeth has had no breakfast and no lunch.

I am therefore going out to get her something to eat. I have made it clear to a member of staff that Elizabeth did not feel comfortable after another patient was not nice to her. I was told plainly regarding fresh air that she needed to ask staff. I expect this applies to all the meals that Elizabeth is missing and if she was far away from home then what. All she has had today is some oranges but I am going to bring her some sandwiches. At least when she was allowed off the ward I made sure she had something to eat.

Something to eat and exercise and fresh air is the very basics you should expect of a hospital but not under Chase Farm Enfield Suffolk Ward. I cannot criticise it all but the way people communicate is so very important and yesterday I admit I came across a manager from Sussex Ward who was very good and spoke nicely which makes a change.











I’ve just telephoned Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield and spoke to a female nurse reluctant to give her surname. I heard a male voice in the background who seemed to think I should recognise who he was as though I was psychic. I told him I did not have such psychic powers. He first of all did not wish to give his name then asked why I needed to know. I was phoning for information as I did not know what was going on. I wanted to clarify the time of the Teams meeting tomorrow I was told had been arranged. I then ascertained S17 leave was granted for 2 hours (ground leave) recorded in their records yet I was told only half an hr on Xmas Day by management. This leave granted under S17 by the RC (who also granted leave out in my car with the roof down for fresh air) they had recorded since Tier 4 for 2 hours. Police were called on Xmas Day by staff and clarified further that this was in order but nobody had let me know that my leave which was far greater – all day during Tier 3 had been reduced to just 2 hours since Tier 4 and that is certainly not what the RC advised during her phone call to me.

There has been no communication from Chase Farm Hospital Enfield and I am Nearest Relative and main “support bubble” . You are treated like you are invisible until of course you dare to confront them on what has been agreed in the absence of the RC.

I have just found out Suffolk Ward has been changed from green ward to amber and that the patients moving out on Xmas Day were going to St Anne’s Sunflower Ward and since then they have been bringing in new patients (at risk) patients – I am assuming they have not been tested for Covid or may have been on Covid wards? There cant be any other explanation now that I have heard Suffolk Ward is an Amber Ward. Is this why they have been denying any fresh air/leave to anyone on that ward. To shout at a patient telling them to go away – then say well we don’t know if she does not ask – it is a basic right for a patient to have fresh air.

Elizabeth’s recent covid test was “negative” but this may not be the case for others arriving onto the ward. I know now – they are holding my daughter on a ward where she is now at risk from Covid. That is why there is no leave granted or perhaps no patients are even given fresh air?

Elizabeth is stuck in her room 24/7 amongst others like a prisoner. It is awful for her – she does not like changes and some of the patients are volatile and distressed. She is autistic and said to have a LD – she has been denied a CTR as is her right and proper assessment.

When I enquired about the proposed Manager’s Hearing tomorrow I was told had been arranged, I am now told there is nothing in the diary.

I was advised so far there were no cases of Covid identified on Suffolk Ward as yet but if Elizabeth gets Covid and her Covid test was confirmed negative then I will know that there is Covid on the ward and her life at risk. I have requested S17 leave to be in her own home with me moving in with her.

If there was good communication Management Team this situation would not have occurred. With no clear communication I am pretty sure that the nursing professionals knew very well what was happening yet would not reveal anything to me. On Xmas Day I have never felt so bullied, threatened and intimidated before by so many yet not one had the decency/honesty to explain what was happening. If this had been explained in the first place that it was planned to move her on Xmas Day because they were bringing Covid “at risk” patients making the ward “Amber” this would have been informative. It is quite astonishing the way vulnerable people are being abused and not considered or their carers even on Xmas Day when you would least expect a move to take place. I was advised such move would take place in the New Year.

Bullying goes to the highest level at Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Nurses on duty on Xmas Day knew leave had been granted but were afraid for their jobs as they were told by management not to allow Elizabeth out but nothing was explained. It would seem this hospital is run by “management” who cannot communicate and surely when a patient is held under the MHA they still have some rights and is there any Code of Conduct despite Tier 4 or have human rights been scrapped completely?

If they had sent Elizabeth to The Priory, Southgate like the others discussing the reasons why with either myself/rest of family I would have respected this but now my daughter who has been tested “negative” is held prisoner, her life put at risk. Her S17 leave rights in the nurses book were restricted to 2 hours since Tier 4 but this was ignored by staff despite the Responsible Clinician agreement.

Elizabeth has a nice home and I have offered to move in with her as she had no care in the community provided and went downhill as a result. Understandably, Elizabeth is completely traumatised by her experiences of being sent out of area three times in a short space of time and now further moves are planned yet again by Management of Chase Farm Hospital. Not only a move off this ward but to the Priory Hemel Hempstead where NCL CCG Enfield have put in place yet more enormous funding.

Why are there not better facilities in Enfield to avoid patients being sent out of area?

Why is there only 1 male fully qualified psychologist on a female ward then a trainee female psychologist on the other.

Why have the hospital ignored the fact that Elizabeth wishes to work with animals and let her try this out.

Why can’t staff be honest with carers and family regarded as support bubble (1 person only) in line with Government Guidelines?

Elizabeth has stayed in her room for 2 days not getting any exercise or fresh air but unless you ask, you do not get at Chase Farm Hospital. I advised Elizabeth – (this is the third day without fresh air and exercise) that she could go into the garden downstairs if she asked staff. “if you don’t ask you don’t get” but if a patient has communication difficulties they they are just left. She also finds that small garden traumatic and had panic attack. It is downstairs by the mens’ wards which is very triggering for her.

In contrast, male patients are allowed regular breaks outside the foyer.

Surely it would be better to give leave in the same way to the female patients but now I have heard they are an Amber Ward so this could be the reason my daughter/others are held as a prisoner without fresh air/exercise.

When you think what is the difference – staff come and go to the ward, they then go back to their families, go out shopping in crowded supermarkets and then come onto the ward. Why prejudice against the carers and families in that case. What’s the risk difference as any of the staff could be bringing Covid onto the ward. They are not wearing full PPE.



I heard a Manager’s Hearing has been arranged on Tuesday at Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. I have not been informed or invited. I am the Nearest Relative and mother to my daughter. Neither my Solicitor, hers or our McKenzie Friend have been invited and Elizabeth does not have a hospital advocate. I don’t know either time or any details other than it is about Elizabeth’s next move which I think was planned on Xmas Day without any notification. As a carer you are treated like you are invisible and Elizabeth as though she is an object. At Chase Farm Hospital Enfield they use caged vans to transport patients between hospitals. They treat patients like criminals not people and their file records are full of nasty comments and error. Elizabeth was terrified at being transported in a caged vehicle to Cygnet Godden Green, Sevenoaks.

I still haven’t got over the worst Xmas Day I’ve ever experienced thanks to the management of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. I can honestly say this was about the most degrading experience I have ever encountered. I cannot sleep and have lost my appetite completely. It is barbaric patients were being moved on Xmas Day – There were only about 3 remaining and no-one advised me or rest of the family that this was planned. The proposed move was to Sunflower Ward St Anne’s on Xmas Day. Even when I turned up at the hospital no-one admitted that this was the plan.


For the past two days Elizabeth has been in her room hardly venturing out. I have been coming to the hospital to drop off things for her. She has not wanted to come out of her room because another patient was not pleasant towards her.

When I arrived at Suffolk Ward yesterday I waited outside the ward door. I had come to drop off possessions for Elizabeth who was constantly on the phone to me asking when I was coming. On seeing me unfamiliar staff commented visiting was banned but had they been regular staff they would have known I had come to bring things for Elizabeth.

Eventually someone came to the door and I asked about Manager’s Hearing but noone could give any information. I voiced concerns that Elizabeth had no fresh air/exercise for two days and remained in her room most of the time. The response was “if a patient does not ask then they do not go out” and that if a patient did not ask what could they do about it.

Elizabeth commented yesterday she could hear birds singing. I asked if she could could see any birds but she said she could not see a single bird. She said she missed her pigeons and her cat and kept asking how he was and asked me to send photos. I then mentioned that I found out via someone else she could use the garden downstairs. I had noticed only male patients taken outside for about 15 minute breaks with staff but no female patients. Elizabeth responded that she felt unstable on her legs ands to get to the garden downstairs there were stairs to climb down. She recalled having a panic attack once in that garden – could this have been where Elizabeth was badly attacked, hit around the head constantly by another patient and then being sent to Edgware (Trent Ward).

It is not healthy for patients not to have exercise or fresh air and just because of being in Tier 4 this should not be an excuse by Chase Farm Hospital Managers to deny basic human rights. For a vulnerable person not to venture out of their room hardly at all because she feels intimidated as there are so many new patients on the ward and Elizabeth cannot stand the noisy environment and bright lights, this is very sad. Elizabeth was confronted by another patient who was not nice to her and since then has barely ventured out of her room. This was acknowleged by the staff member who came to the door. Despite this awareness no staff offerred to take her out for fresh air as it was explained to me that you have to ask to go out to the garden. When I pointed out some patients, especially those with autism found it difficult to communicate and asked she looked blankly and did not seem to understand.

There is nothing therapeutic right now. Being Xmas, no groups no nothing. Only two psychologists and a male psychologist on a female ward who Elizabeth feels she cannot talk to and trainee female psychologist on another ward. The OTs are the best thing and one who asked Elizabeth what she wanted to do and her response was she wanted to work with animals.

The worst thing of all about this hospital is that reports are written to fail tribunals. They are full of inaccuracy/error and not fit for purpose as is the mental health act who is holding my daughter and offers no protection or accountability against this. The other thing is they put her on depot injections. Elizabeth has ballooned in weight since then and is now a size 22. Her physical health and wellbeing have been totally ignored by Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. Requests for MRI and Endocrinology to check on PCOS ignored so on a mental health ward only basics such as blood pressure/blood test might be done but when it is already proven there are underlying physical health conditions proven in tests, no referrals to specialists are given and things like dental care ignored too.

I’m going to ask the hospital’s stance on appoints such as podiatry, optical, dentist in light of Tier 4. Opticians who have carried out an eye test recently and found something wrong. In all this time no appointments for physical healthcare have been made by any of the private hospitals where she was referred. Government Guidelines state that if you are a recognised part of someone’s care and support bubble “I recognise you as being the main support outside of the hospital” said the RC who also said “S17 leave should be continued” (this was despite Tier 4) now a bed manager decides otherwise. A regular nurse on the ward commented that by allowing my daughter out off the ward it was not fair on other patients but I pointed out that surely if they had 1 regular carer they could also visit as long as Gov Guidelines were adhered to so what was the problem. Police who hospital management called to arrest me on Xmas Day also commented that I was not in breach of Government Guidelines.

After our shocking experience on Xmas Day yesterday I visited Elizabeth but this time instead of crowding into a tiny area between ward and locked door with lots of members of staff not distancing, I stood outside and waited and two members of nursing staff came out to see me. I heard there was not many patients on the ward and according to Elizabeth one had not said very nice things to her but she did not react.

I turned up today (Boxing Day) in the hope that as Police clarified the position on Government Guidelines that Elizabeth would be allowed out in the fresh air, even if only to walk around the grounds. I was immediately told no and that this was a management decision so I was promised to see someone from the management and waited patiently for hours on end but no-one came to see me and when eventually someone did they did not give any information, promised to come back to me but never did.

I could see ambulances arriving bringing patients onto Suffolk Ward so it would not appear that it is being refurbished. According to Elizabeth new patients are not being segregated/isolated whilst tests for Covid are carried out. Elizabeth had such a test a couple of days ago and she is awaiting the results.

I saw about 2/3 new patients arriving on the ward but then suddenly I noticed two men walking towards the exit passed where I was sitting. I recognised the face of one of them. I then looked at his name badge and at least it was not back to front like other members of nursing staff, some of whom like to hide their indentity. I then noticed that this was none other than the Medical Director Mehdi Veisi who along with Amanda Pithouse had written a very nasty letter to me not so long ago. I told him that I had been waiting hours to see someone in the management team with respect to S17 leave for fresh air in the grounds that was granted by the Responsible Clinician. He said to the effect that the rules had been changed again today. I then pointed out that these were not the rules of the Government Guidelines and that Police had backed me the other day. He insisted that the rules had changed but that he would look into this. Well he did not look into anything and just left the building but the other doctor who he was with was very nice and polite. I did get a chance to say what I thought about his letter and that I was not happy about that or the way I was treated yesterday by so many “professionals”.

I then asked what was happening on Suffolk Ward and was I right in assuming they were bringing in Covid patients for assessment or were they on a ward where there was in fact Covid and this was the reason meaning they themselves could develop Covid? I got no answer from him on my query.

On Xmas Day they moved patients off Suffolk Ward – there was about 3 left as circa 12 went to the Priory in Southgate. The other remaining patients went to St Anne’s Sunflower Ward.

No-one told me. No-one gave any information about such move on Xmas Day and I was threatened and bullied by so many members of staff when they had it all written in their records that leave was granted by the RC. Just like the patients held prisoner under the MHA and denied ANY fresh air, carers are treated like dirt under Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust. All it takes is communication and fancy moving patients away from the area on Xmas Day. It is totally barbaric.

So I still do not know what is going on and am only assuming that the patients arriving may have been on other wards where there were Covid cases and Elizabeth was circa the only remaining patient left on the ward because by the time we arrived back after a drive with roof off my car and short walk on Xmas Day, there was no-one on the ward. There were three Police Officers on the ward called by nursing staff and they were extremely nice and had to confirm and explain Government Guidelines to the ward nursing staff (who to be fair were ordered by the bed management to deny such leave). When Police explained I was allowed then to take Elizabeth out but not today. The rules have changed again. It was the most horrific degrading experience yesterday when circa 15 members of staff gathered outside close to my car and had to be reminded to step back by the security guard as they were not social distancing.

I sat there in the foyer today alone but no-one wanted to speak to me and I waited for a long time waiting. I even said I would stay overnight there but I would be wasting my time. I watched all the male patients being taken off the ward for some fresh air. I did not once see anyone from Suffolk Ward (a female only ward) being granted any fresh air. I am puzzled as to why NO patients from Suffolk ward were given such basic rights. I do not see how the hospital ties their rules in fairly bearing in mind Government Guidelines, when they are depriving patients of the basic right of fresh air and exercise and if they were short-staffed as I suspect then it is not fair to just keep someone a prisoner and to punish them in this way. Despite the Covid problem, patients should at least be taken out from Suffolk Ward for fresh air breaks.

I wonder how many other patients are being denied basic human rights that are NOT in line with Government Guidelines when you are a carer, recognised as the “support bubble” by the doctor in charge of the ward.

Elizabeth is remarkably calm but I have heard screaming coming from that ward and alarms going off. Elizabeth, being autistic and having sensory problems, is bearing up well. I can only describe being held a prisoner on such ward as being hell on earth when deprived fresh air and exercise. Surely this is wrong, cruel and against human rights.

According to Government Guidelines:

In Tier 4 , guidelines are clear to most people but not to Management of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield (Suffolk Ward). When the Responsible Clinician, Dr Helen Moorey consented to Section 17 leave continuing as long as it is within Guidelines this was ignored by the Bed Manager and others today who called Police on me to have me arrested.

Here are the Guidelines:

“You cannot leave or be outside of the place you are living unless you have a reasonable excuse. You cannot meet other people indoors, including over the Christmas and New Year period, unless you live with them, or they are part of your support bubble.

Outdoors, you can only meet one person from another household. These rules will not be relaxed for Christmas for Tier 4 – you cannot form a Christmas bubble in Tier 4.”

Yesterday I spent quality time with Elizabeth agreed by Responsible Clinician Dr Helen Moorey and it was all noted on records. The nursing staff knew I was permitted to go out with Elizabeth for a walk in the grounds but were told today (Xmas Day) that I could not take Elizabeth off the Ward. Only yesterday I spoke to Dr Helen Moorey RC and requested to take Elizabeth out for a drive in my car with the roof down in order to get fresh air and she said “I do not see why not” – the Guidelines state that contact outdoors with 1 person from another household is allowed and I have not been taking Elizabeth indoors anywhere and so am not breaking the rules.

Today I was busy cooking dinner and getting things ready for a Xmas I have never experienced before. I know I am not the only one to have Xmas ruined by these new rulings but what happened next was beyond belief and completely ruined Xmas Day for me. In fact I have never been so threatened before apart from when I visited the Horizon Suite.

I turned up at Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward with Elizabeth’s Xmas present. She was looking forward to seeing me all day long and had been continuously phoning me asking if I was on my way. I turned up with her present and a bag full of Xmas food to share on the ward.

When I asked for Elizabeth to come out there was suddenly a problem. The nurse she was told not to allow Elizabeth to go out of the ward. She said the Bed Manager advised her following a meeting that on no account was Elizabeth to leave the ward on HIS instructions. No-one would give me his name. I felt everyone was protecting the management. I then told the nurse that I had permission from Dr Moorey to take Elizabeth out for S17 leave confirmed only yesterday not only for ground leave outside but also in my car with roof down and masks worn. We spent time yesterday visiting a beautiful park, walking in the fresh air without anyone phoning or complaining because this was agreed with the RC in accordance with Government Guidelines.

Today I was asked by a nurse to come onto Suffolk ward but I declined because I said this was in breach of Government Guidelines – I stood in the little tiny confined section in between the double doors and worse a mask of course. Elizabeth had also come out into that section with me and there were several other members of staff – Oh my God it was the space was the size of a lift. Suddenly social distancing by professionals was all but forgotten about in that confined space. I phoned to speak to the Police as I was so disgusted by such degrading treatment and I waited patiently for a very long time with Elizabeth sitting down on the floor and still the Bed Manager would not speak to me. I then spoke to the Police and got a reference number they were not interested and besides they were busy – they have enough to deal with. A member of staff wanted to speak to the police on Elizabeth’s mobile so I passed the mobile phone to him. Police did not wish to be bothered with such a trivial matter and did not wish to come to the ward so by this time, we had gone outside to my car as I had pointed out so many staff in such a small confined space the size of a lift was in breach of social distancing. I was then asked to come onto the ward itself but refused as this would be in breach of Government Guidelines.

So I told Elizabeth to sit inside my car and took the roof down of my convertible so that we were abiding by Government guidelines. By this time Security arrived and I must say they behaved in a very professional manner and told members of professional staff to stand back as they were coming too close, in line with guidelines as I had about 13 all of them surrounding us. It was quite intimidating/threatening and not one would give me the name of the bed manager.

There is only 1 person who has overall control and that is The Responsible Clinician. Obviously Elizabeth is of no risk to self or others otherwise as she would simply not be allowed out all day and every day in my company but this is not what is written in file reports prepared for court purposes. I respect Tier 4 rules but do not respect the way we were treated by certain managers of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield Suffolk Ward today who have misinterpreted rules. I would praise Elizabeth for keeping calm throughout this awful time waiting forever patiently to speak to the elusive bed manager who clearly did not wish to speak to me. Everyone was protecting him as no-one would give his name.

So I then decided enough was enough, Elizabeth and I had spent long enough in the car waiting in the cold and it was after all Xmas Day.

So I drove off leaving the huge crowd of circa 13 professionals behind standing outside Chase Farm Hospital who had warned me “blue lights were on their way” – Police who I was keen to meet anyway. So I said that Police were very welcome to come and speak to me but in the meantime I had had enough of waiting and was leaving. I have nothing but praise for Police who have dealt with Elizabeth honestly and fairly unlike certain other professionals who treated us today in the most degrading manner.

I was half expecting to be stopped but Police were nowhere to be seen. I drove to the family house and entered alone to fetch Elizabeth’s cat as I had promised that she could see her cat on Xmas Day. Elizabeth was delighted and was able to hold her cat outside in my car. I then requested a witness from within the household to return back to the hospital with us just in case lies had been told again that I was threatening, aggressive and abusive.

Everyone wore masks and the roof of the car was down and Elizabeth did not enter the house.

When we returned to Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward there were three Police Officers and their numbers are 265SNA and 116SNA. They looked bemused that they had been called out on Xmas by the management in such a trivial manner and had to explain things to the staff. Police explained the rules to the professionals and confirmed Government Guidelines to them. Police time was wasted and the police were very sympathetic towards us, as they have been on other occasions. I heard one officer say to the effect that what was the problem – you are allowed 1 person within a support bubble which had already been agreed by the RC who is in charge and not the bed manager. They commented on the fact I had brought her back and sounded astonished by all the fuss.

Anyway, there were only 3 patients left on Suffolk Ward. Elizabeth was told there were Covid Cases on the ward but I found out this was NOT TRUE.

I was told by a nurse on the ward the reason patients were being sent away from Suffolk Ward was because they were being relocated back to their local area I don’t think this is true either. I have found out since that patients were sent to The Priory in Southgate. The Priory is set in beautiful grounds in Southgate and bearing in mind Elizabeth loves animals, there are parks and wildlife within the grounds and it has much nicer grounds than Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. I called in there once in desperation years ago thinking that private care was better but certainly the facilities are and especially IF YOU PAY FOR IT which I was prepared to because I wanted a proper assessment denied by Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. The Priory would also be in Tier 4 and would also have rules in place however a hospital should go by Government rules and guidelines not their own misinterpreted rules. A Hospital should also go by the MHA which I am studying right now so I can check on everything.

It was the most degrading and awful experience reminiscent of when I once came to collect Elizabeth from the Horizon Suite. Once again the security guards and Police were highly professional.

Just because someone is held under the MHA does not give professionals the right to break the law, discriminate, treat them in a degrading manner and that goes for their families in breach of human rights and on Xmas Day of all days, a parent has the right to see their son or daughter regardless of Tier 4 provided the above Government Guidelines are abided by.

I was refused the bag of presents back off the ward that I bought for Elizabeth despite asking several times none of the staff would get the bag for me. Having drove off leaving them all standing there I returned and spoke to Police who pointed out to the Professionals that I was in my correct according to Government Guidelines and had permission of the RC, Dr Helen Moorey.

So here are the conflicting reports of what is happening to Suffolk Ward:

Elizabeth was told there were Covid patients on the ward. She had a Covid test but was allowed out with me yesterday for a few hours agreed by the RC and spent all the time outside in the fresh air.

Then a nurse on the ward advised me that the 12 patients who were leaving the ward were being transferred back to their local areas – no: – today I found out they were being all transferred to the Priory in Southgate. I had questioned how many Covid patients were there on Suffolk Ward and was told “none”.

Today I have found out that Elizabeth was due to be transferred to St Ann’s in Haringey with the two remaining other patients.

So no-one communicated this fact with me. When Police were informed I had taken Elizabeth off the ward they contacted Elizabeth’s sister however I am Nearest Relative and in order to telephone her the ward must have given her sister’s number not mine.

So I was unaware on Xmas Day there were plans to move patients off Suffolk Ward to St Ann’s without any prior warning. I see this as totally barbaric treatment by the management of Chase Farm hospital Enfield. I would not have been entirely disappointed if Elizabeth been sent to the Priory, Southgate as this is in nice grounds and Elizabeth loves birds and animals and wildlife.

Anyway, there is nothing I can do if they send her to the St Anne’s as they had planned but I was planning to visit there anyway and as a mother and carer recognised by Dr Moorey as being her “support bubble” therefore I would be entitled to bring Elizabeth off the ward for fresh air, exercise and a drive in my car with the roof down in line with Government Guidelines and even the Police confirmed this fact.

It is so peaceful now on Suffolk Ward. There are only 2 patients on the ward – Elizabeth and one other just brought in. I have heard they are doing refurbishment works on the ward and then I heard it was going to be made into a Covid assessment ward but I wish there was decent communications – if there was good communication there would be no misunderstanding and as a parent and nearest relative along with all the other parents concerned surely any move should have been considered very carefully with thought and consideration bearing in mind Xmas Day. A nurse told me today in defense that no other patients had been granted outdoor leave and right to see their families so why should Elizabeth be treated differently My answer to this is that it is up to other parents and carers to request this right and especially since this was confirmed by Police and RC.

I would praise the Police Officers whose time was wasted on Xmas Day.

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