Summary Prior to Lockdown:

Elizabeth called me on 21 January, 2020  that she was being held on Suffolk Ward.  Prior to that EH , Social worker had drawn up an Application for admission dated 21 January following Dr M’s visit on 17th January when he recommended Elizabeth be sectioned.   Elizabeth texted me “Mum you had better come to Chase Farm, I am being held”.   A warrant had been obtained so she told me.  I was concerned as I knew both environment and care would be wrong there.  In the absence of any care and support in the community under Enfield Elizabeth had been going downhill but this was evident leading up to Xmas and there was a lot she had to cope with including my operation.

I was suspicious by the  Application paperwork. Previously Elizabeth had been held unlawfully detained but when I challenged this I did not know about the Bostridge case: and we were offered the grand sum of £1 in settlement which I have had framed as a souvenir.  I have calculated the amount of compensation this time to be much more than just £1!    I was right to be suspicious as two tribunal cancellations brought this all to light.   For a  Tribunal a lot of time consuming paperwork has to be drawn up and it was even more time consuming on my part to correct all the errors contained therein on the Inpatient Nursing Report,  Inpatient Responsible Clinician Report and  Social Circumstances Report.   It took me hours and then I decided to correct the Responsible Clinician’s report full of inaccuracy.  When I saw the reports I thought here we go again!  I looked at the worst scenario – my Displacement of NR case and I thought I had better prepare all my court papers well in advance so I produced all the templates for this also.   It is very important to get the records correct and I am pleased Elizabeth showed me these papers in order that I could amend them correctly.

Elizabeth has been only just released from hospital after being detained on 21 January.  I am relieved especially in light of current circumstances.   Elizabeth is back on 2mg Risperidone –  previously found allergic to and (pink tablets too).   I am going to have to write requesting the 1.5mg of the white tablets but this should never have been prescribed in place of therapy and to ignore certain file evidence. This drug makes Elizabeth tired, she is complaining of neck pains,  problems with her eyes and joint pains.  I’ve always suspected underlying physical health condition.   An autism/Aspergers assessment was carried out but not sure if this was completed.  I am relieved she is out because of the Coronavirus and strict restrictions that could be imposed on patients under “care”  deprived of liberty and not allowed visitors and held just like a prisoner.

Covid 19 – UK

Up until this week I had been travelling to Central London on public transport but this is left open for critical workers travel to and from work.  Contrary to newspaper works showing photos of packed tubes and trains I did not experience anything like this this.   I took precautions and wore gloves to wear and mask and noticed others likewise doing the same. There was no cause for concern on social distancing as the tube carriages I travelled on were empty.  The tubes do not stop at quite a few stations now that do not have interconnecting services.  On the final day of travel I was the only one in the carriage.  On arrival  home I would further take precautions of washing clothes and showering  as apparently the virus can survive on surfaces at differing lengths of time dependent on which type of surface.

In the central area of London where I work, pubs are now closed, cafes and restaurants and now hairdressers.  It is like a ghost town – people are taking this seriously.  Supermarkets can be seen with queues waiting outside and security guards monitoring the amount of people allowed in to the store at any one time.  The area where I work is normally teeming with people and has markets on during the week but now there is like an eerie silence, deserted streets, very few people and cars on the road.   Most employees now working remotely from home abiding by Government guidelines.   Elizabeth’s sister no longer lives in London but works for a nursery school –  all schools now closed for the foreseeable future.

Restrictions on movement even greater now than before  with Police issued with greater powers.  “you should not be meeting family members who do not live in your home”.  “you should not be out except shopping for anything essential”   

I have just looked at the map where you can track local cases and can see that the numbers are up from when I last looked from 60 to 110 cases.  Looking at London as a whole, there is no doubt that this area is worst affected and because it is densely populated it is no wonder.  I would agree the necessity of the Government’s actions of self-isolation and measures in place for social distancing but where does this leave people like Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was discharged only recently and it would not appear that she has any care in place whatsoever.

The care Elizabeth needs in particular is help with budgeting, managing her flat in terms of paying bills, a buddy, help with attending some appointments.  All Ive heard from Elizabeth is that there are two people considered as being a “buddy”.  At the moment nothing has been provided and no one communicates with the family to let them know.  I only hear directly from Elizabeth.  Because I am her only carer right now I have no choice but to go out and get her shopping, bring the shopping to her flat because she is currently without a bank account due to disturbing transactions.  A vulnerable person might be taken in to a cheap foreign website for instance offering cheap goods but unwittingly doesn’t realise that regular money to the tune of £100 is coming out for a subscription –  thank I have Power of Attorney but if I was not checking on this who would?   This has left Elizabeth without her bank card and would have left her in a very difficult position if I had not stepped in to help with the shopping and money needed for food and to pay bills.  Elizabeth would have quickly gone downhill.   The new bank card has still not been received and due to the Coronavirus situation everything is virtually at standstill but over £300 had been deducted by scam companies and hopefully hopefully the dispute raised will be dealt with fairly in due course.

The current situation is disturbing to me but even more disturbing to many other people who perhaps have not had to deal with situations such as having a relative under mental health care in the UK who has been sent to the most atrocious institutions as far afield as Wales.   My heart goes out to people who have their relatives in such institutions right now – there has got to be a better solution as I know from the desperate phone calls I used to receive from Elizabeth that at times she was on the verge of giving up.    Visiting was very restricted in some of these prison-like private “hospitals”.   You had to book for a slot to visit as they did not have the facility, then a member of staff would stand over you recording every word.   Right now it must be even worse and I see other desperate parents writing on Twitter and look back to when Elizabeth was at Cambian in Wales. Now everyone is under lockdown and restricted with their freedom but for some, this has been the case for many years.    I am talking about the patients who are deprived of their liberty for sometimes as long as 12 years in these institutions and the knock-on effect to their families/relatives.

Current news is bleak and worsening but I keep an open mind and always look beyond for the real truth and notably there have been plenty predictions.

Coronavirus: London’s Excel centre set to open 500 hospital beds next week

A few years ago I had persistent cough with temperature which I could not rid of. I’d never experienced anything like it before and thought I may have contracted this through travelling on packed tubes/trains.  Elizabeth was at home then and having to  cope without support probably led to decline in health and recovery from this viral infection took a long time.

Whilst I listen to mainstream news both papers and media I see far beyond this and what is “allowed” to be reported but cannot dismiss the current situation as being most disturbing:

Coronavirus conspiracy video spreads on Instagram among black celebrities

Instagram and Facebook have made a concentrated effort to rid their platforms of false information, but some conspiracy theories have proven hard to stop.
Image: Bill Gates

Bill Gates speaks about viruses in a 2015 Ted Talk.Courtesy TED

By Brandy Zadrozny

A video pushing the unfounded conspiracy that Bill Gates is responsible for creating the coronavirus has gone viral on Instagram, propelled by some black celebrities including comedians Cedric the Entertainer and D.L. Hughley, and professional fighter Derrick Lewis.

This video has been viewed more than 2.2 million times, according to data from CrowdTangle, a social media analysis tool owned by Facebook, which also owns Instagram. The current iteration of the video originated from the account @thefallbackup, a self-described “influential mystic” with 69,500 followers. The video was reposted by 20 verified Instagram users, and more than 50 other users.

“Bill Gates either predicted or planned the coronavirus outbreak,” the text on the video reads, before playing a clip from a 2015 TED Talk in which Gates explains that a highly infectious virus could be more deadly than war.

Cedric the Entertainer posted the video to his Instagram account and wrote, “So they knew!!!”. The video has been viewed 367,000 times since he posted it Thursday. “Watch out for Big Pharma,” he added.

“Hmmmmm….” Hughley wrote next to his post along with an emoji of a face with a monocle.

“Ok this is scary. Looks like someone or some corporations knew this would happen. Coincidence?? I’ll let you guys decide,” wrote Gary Owen, a comedian who once hosted the BET comedy show Comic View


COVID-19 Coronavirus: A Fake Pandemic? Who’s Behind It? Global Economic, Social and Geopolitical Destabilization

Unbelievable — Gates Foundation Predicted 65 Million Deaths Via Coronavirus 3 Months Ago!!!


Breakthrough: Roche develops first commercial test for coronavirus

This scientific breakthrough may hold the key to defeating the coronavirus

United Kingdom cases:
Updated 27 Mar at 07:46 local

How I agree with what Finola Moss and David Icke report.

Today has been a busy day getting together all the food for Elizabeth’s Birthday party and fortunately I had help in doing this.

I’d ordered pizzas, from Sainsburys vegetable curry and rice.  It is not the weather for cold food but I prepared  a Greek salad – a nice mixture of food and cakes and healthy drinks.

I was grateful for the assistance by a friend in carrying so many bags onto the ward and everyone sang Happy Birthday.  This was a bit overwhelming for Elizabeth.

Suffolk ward Chase Farm Hospital kindly allowed me to do the little party for Elizabeth and all her friends.  She has made some very nice friends in the short time that she has been back on the ward.

It was last week I received a text message from Elizabeth to ask me to call and see her that she had been taken from her home to Suffolk Ward a- warrant had been obtained. I do not agree with the way that recall to hospital is conducted as a result of negligence by non provision of any kind of care in the community.

I had received a phone call from a social worker claiming to be an AMHP about a week prior to say that 2 Drs and 1 AMHP had recommended Section 2.

Since July 2019, Elizabeth had been living in a very nice flat –   the only decent accommodation she has ever had in the local area.    The flat is spacious, she has all her possessions together and it is within walking distance of the family home which means I can help her at weekends when I am around but I had not been well since Xmas and for a few weeks was unable to go round to help Elizabeth.

Friendships Elizabeth had formed in the community have not been good and have brought her down.  Some of these friendships have been disastrous and Elizabeth who has a different way of interpretation can take things the wrong way and this can push friends away.  Very sadly this has led to isolation with no help and support in the community since July 2019 decline was evident.  At this time of year many people can feel affected by the weather which is miserable, bleak and cold.

With nothing provided to do in the community – no support worker/mentor Elizabeth was turning to Samaritans, to my friends, then sadly Police to talk to as well as myself of course.  Police not knowing Elizabeth personally would hear that she was desperate for f help/support.   She had never self-harmed before but may have said that she did not feel like living.   Police would call for an ambulance and she would end up in A&E when all she wanted was someone to talk to.  Sometimes she would get brutal treatment under the MH suite of the A&E.   The last time Elizabeth told me she was injected and that she was pinned down by several staff and overheard them talking about resusc. in another room as this was a face down restraint which is appalling.   When Elizabeth’s friendship had ceased, a toxic friendship which was detrimental to both,  Elizabeth made other friends who also had issues and lack of understanding can arise without any guidance in the community from the professionals involved.  This friendship also appeared to be a disaster which led to isolation, a feeling of desperation as Elizabeth had told me that she had trouble processing information and that no one understood her.  For instance she could say something and mean the opposite.

Elizabeth was under the Community MH team again and they were contacted presumably by Police or Ambulance who sent round the Crisis Team.    The Crisis Team just sit and chat and what is needed is a mentor or buddy or support worker to give practical help even it is simply to do with socialising and social skills.   I am quite astonished that this was once again not provided because it was certainly promised and documented in the care plan that Elizabeth had full support to maintain the tenancy, to budget, and other forms of support which was not true at all.  This was not being provided by her care coordinator.    She certainly needed help with budgeting and most things fell on me.

Elizabeth called in to the Learning Disibility/Autism Group office.      She had tried to get a referral and when I heard that she seemed to be getting nowhere with this I tried to help.     The GP referred her.   I then helped her complete the forms and everything seemed to be going OK.   Elizabeth was waiting for an assessment by them in the hope  some provision could be made in the form of a mentor in the community who could understand and communicate with her effectively.    The content of the form completed was applicable in every way to Elizabeth in terms of developmental disability which goes way back in the files and since Elizabeth was off all medication she spoke very clearly that she had problems that went way back to primary school not secondary school –  the problems she described were developmental and this had been identified when I provided private care for four months.

I was with Elizabeth at her flat when the care coordinator called along with the Responsible Clinician of the community care team who hardly ever sees Elizabeth.   Elizabeth was not calm in their presence and flared up when she saw them and unknown to her they were there for the purpose of doing a MHA assessment.  She had trusted them and let them into her flat.  I could hear them talking about recalling her back on the ward and supportive housing was mentioned but look at the shocking places that Elizabeth has been provided under the local area.    Elizabeth told me this was  not what she wanted but she did want support in the community.    The care plan stated  S117 aftercare but this was never provided.   I had managed to obtain the new care plan.

In the new/current care plan it says No to S117 which I have found out is illegal following  Section 3 and that she should be entitled to such care.

I had also heard an Agency was approached to work with Elizabeth but declined and this led me to believe that under a MH team Agencies they used may not have the specialist communication skills of say a Learning Disibility nurse and I have seen Paula McGowan’s campaign that such training should be made mandatory which I could not agree with more.   This is why we both wanted the referral to the other team as it is not impossible to find someone to work with Elizabeth but if they are not correctly trained and do not have the right communication skills then the effect of such professionals can be as  toxic as the  friendships Elizabeth had formed.

It is sad that she is back on the ward and the ward is no place long term for Elizabeth  who also suffers from complex PTSD.

The entire family put in effort to making her flat nicer so she can now listen to music, play videos, watch TV.  We have done this for her Birthday and now she is stuck on the ward again and we are back to square 1.

I think Elizabeth enjoyed the little party today and I have to commend Suffolk Ward for allowing this to take place.    There was music and staff got up and danced and so did the patients.  They provided her with a Birthday cake.   I saw Elizabeth smiling a lot and one consolation is the fact she has made some lovely friends on the ward.  When you talk to these friends I feel what on earth are they doing on the ward and many are highly intelligent.

My view is that such wards should not be used long term and many end up on the wards because of lack of community care and I think they become isolated in the community  with nothing to do except go shopping and in this awful weather too it can affect anyone not just those with mental health conditions.

I believe community care is lacking and totally lets people down – there needs to be more investment in this area.  A solution would be a network of peer support workers is  and open dialogue so that people like Elizabeth do not become isolated and go downhill.  If someone called on people like Elizabeth to take them out in the community, to help build up their social skills and confidence this would be brilliant.

There used to be a very nice group where Elizabeth would be picked up and taken out in the evening for quiz nights, meals –  a little social group and this is where funding should be going on, not court and displacement of the Nearest Relative cases.   Funding needs to be spent in the right way and a start would be finding out the right things that are required by giving every patient a questionnaire to see what they would like provided in the community, not just dumping them back to their schemes/accommodation unsupported in any way.   The answer is certainly not medication –  in Elizabeth’s case the answer is friendship and help in terms of friendship and socialising, then practical support which should have been given in the first instance.

My final comments go on the new care plan.   I do not feel it should be allowed that strangers such as admin officers make entries that are completely untrue and misleading.   Records need to be accurately maintained and the new care plan is a disgrace.

I am having to correct this new care plan as it is totally inaccurate.   The admin assistants work at St Ann’s Hospital and I have previously complained about the inaccuracy of the care plan and some disturbing false comments therein.     No-one has taken any notice and I have had to complain to the Chief Executive of the Trust.

I now want these comments taken out of the care plan completely and I am correct it myself to ensure total accuracy.



Today I spent an entire day trying to determine what was going on with Elizabeth’s referral to another team.  Nothing seemed to go right today and nothing was achieved but it is very effective if you go in person to these offices and to the GP in order to get things sorted.

First of all I visited the GP surgery and  enquired  how the referral was progressing.   I was told the referral had been made to Learning Disability/Autism Team based in the town.    I then visited this team and advised they knew nothing about any referral.  I requested to see a duty social worker but whilst waiting, the receptionist was really helpful and advised that the GP had failed to return a form  necessary in respect of  the referral.  She gave me the form which I commenced completing, leaving parts for the GP  as, after all, the referral was from them.  It was suggested I include relevant information I had so I then returned home and searched through the extensive records until I found the opinions of other professionals disputing the diagnosis of “paranoid schizophrenia” and stating LD/Aspergers.  Under this team there seemed more support than what was on offer under  the mental health who are providing nothing, despite producing a care plan stating incorrectly that Elizabeth was receiving assistance in budgeting, and numerous other areas which was not the case.  Whilst doing all this running about I was waiting for the Council’s heating and plumbing engineers T Brown to call me to say they were approaching Elizabeth’s flat but now it was getting late and I still had received no call from them.   So I contacted them on hearing they turned up and put a card through the door once again and this was the fourth time they had not acted upon instruction because I had explained that someone needed to be with Elizabeth when they visited.  Elizabeth now has to wait until the 20th and I wonder if the same thing will occur.

Due to no support in the community things are bound to go wrong like this but it has been stressful and on my day off not once have I had the chance to do anything other than run around chasing up appointments and things that had not been done.

I returned to the GP surgery one more time and presented them with the partially completed form and other papers to accompany this but the GP’s admin staff were not prepared to take a copy of  about three pages so I asked to speak to the manager and  the admin assistant told me she had suddenly left the premises.

Then came the numerous phone calls from Elizabeth who was distressed as she had been out in a crowded place which had affected her.  Sometimes out of fear she will react badly to certain situations such as the recent blood tests.   This is why she needs a support worker so if the team (Enfield Community Rehab) cannot provide any support then clearly she is within the wrong team.  To place someone like Elizabeth in the community with nothing is negligent.

I was so fed up that I visited solicitors – community care solicitors as no one is taking any notice and this whole situation has been dragging on since July.   I am the one who is doing all the things the care coordinator takes credit for.   I am the one helping with the shopping, trying to ensure her account does not go overdrawn in the absence of any necessary support in budgeting.  I am the one who took her to the blood test but we had to leave as she got in such a state.  I have not had a chance to see Elizabeth today as I’ve been so busy trying to sort out the non-existent community care and driving all over the place to see what the latest position was and requesting a referral to another more suitable team.

Enough is enough and I feel she should be with the other team but I have come across some extremely helpful staff today.    After I had returned to the LD/Autism offices and presented them with additional information that the GP surgery refused to copy,  I noticed some leaflets.  I was reading one called “Shared Lives”.   This seemed to be a very good project so  I telephoned them and again they were very helpful suggesting that Elizabeth could be re-assessed by the Adults social care  team.   I would be happy if there was a support worker just twice a week – that is not asking too much.  When they say S117 Aftercare is being provided –  what aftercare exactly?  Aftercare is in my opinion an assistant who can accompany Elizabeth out shopping, appointments midweek.  What good are assistants that just remain in the home as in supported living/housing.   The only thing that Elizabeth needs is someone of her choice that can support and help her attend appointments.  Even getting on a bus is stressful and lack of understanding/communication skills complicate matters further.

Now the heating cannot be looked at until the 20th Dec.   I am going to have to chase up the GP and check to ensure they have this time dealt effectively with the referral.

If I found this day of running around, chasing up things that should have been dealt with stressful, then how is someone like Elizabeth meant to cope.  Total lack of communication can arise and there should be good communication when it comes to dealing with people like Elizabeth.

None of these incidents would have arisen if Elizabeth had been allocated a support worker who MUST have experience of  Aspergers/LD in order to be able to communicate effectively.



They took her away last night.  Don’t know where.  Noone has phoned us as promised.  Not been able to sleep last night.  At 4 a.m went round to Elizabeth’s flat to make sure the lights were off and the door had been locked.

The team responsible for the neglect to my daughter are Enfield Community Rehab and they are based at Park Avenue in Bush Hill Park Enfield.

Elizabeth has been in her own flat since July and not a scrap of support has been provided leaving her to turn to emergency services.    I had been going round at the weekend to help her in the flat but I was astonished that nothing whatsoever was provided.    She is with the wrong team –   they have had ample time to put in a support worker and I have been trying to get direct payments so I can provide a “buddy” / support worker myself which I would have done well and truly before now.

All this had led to Elizabeth’s decline.   She has no support in going to get blood tests done, no support in budgeting, no support in going out to groups and expected to do everything on her own.   She is off medication after 14 years and suffering from chronic pain.   She is treatment resistant – a non metaboliser of the drugs.

Elizabeth has been sent to one private “prison” style hospital after another and all they have done is drug her.

Now I am most concerned as to where she is as no one tells you a thing.

I would like my daughter to be transferred to another team.  It is constantly mentioned throughout the files she is autistic and mild LD but at Huntercombe she was mentioned as having high spectrum aspergers.

It surely does not cost much to supply a support worker to someone who has suffered enormous abuse not only on their local wards and under private sector but under community care also.  At Moti Villa Elizabeth was dreadfully abused and this was covered up.  I have the files to prove it and then Enfield council tried to appoint the very social worker who has written nastily in the files about me as the Nearest Relative.

So Elizabeth was not on a section or CTO and living in the community for the first time had nice accommodation.  I’m absolutely heartbroken by the neglect of this team who have written so nastily in the files behind our back and done nothing to support Elizabeth as what was needed was a support worker and one who can communicate with someone who has aspergers.

It grieves me I am having to write this not even knowing where my daughter is right now.

Just to reflect Enfield Community Rehab is the team who have wasted so much public money with the emphasis on getting rid of me as Nearest Relative and trying to deprive liberty and even sever contact back in 2014.   Prior to the Ct of Protection case I had to threaten legal action against individuals because medication was being deprived for FOUR not 2 days.

They wanted her returned to a care home hundreds of miles away in Northampton where she had no food at the weekend and was expected to manage on £30 per week or else go without food.   CQC rated good and the inspector disgracefully put her own viewpoints down which is recorded in the files.

They were slated in the Ct of Protection – I wonder how much this cost.

Prior to this Bromley Court because I disagreed with Section 3.

Then Royal Ct of Justice where they tried to get rid of me as NR but I presented the Judge with enormous evidence of bullying and proved lies written in the court papers.   No Elizabeth’s sister was not consulted as mentioned.  I had to spend a lot of time altering these court papers and presenting my own when I represented myself in court.

All of these court Hearings and Tribunals cost a fortune.   To force Elizabeth onto a CTO was a waste of time and she went missing on both CTO and S3 from the hospital.

Elizabeth is so mixed up and damaged by drugging of 14 years or so and being drugged on a drug previously found to be allergic to that is Risperidone.   None of the Doctors seem to care.    The worst culprits were Huntercombe Roehampton where Drs were informed that not only was Elizabeth allergic to Risperidone and had to be taken off it but also that she was a poor non metaboliser because I had unique tests done (P450 liver enzyme).    They couldn’t have cared less and then the drugging continued on Suffolk Ward.

The drugs given at enormous dosage over many years have caused injury – this is not a case of “illness” but injury.

What I would like to happen now is that Elizabeth is discharged back to her flat with a support worker in place to begin with on a daily basis even if it is only a few hours a day.

The care provided in these schemes is not right.   There is a support worker within who dishes out medication yet they are not qualified nurses and have little idea and all they do is learn on line.  The support workers provided in schemes under MH do not accompany someone out in the community and this is what Elizabeth needs.   She needed someone to go out with her and help her in the community during the week.

At the weekend I was going round, helping her in the flat, taking her shopping.  I would also take her swimming.

Surely a support worker would be cheaper than a private prison style hospital or even the local ward where it is all about medication.

Not a word as to where Elizabeth is right now sadly.

It is coming up for Xmas and I hope she will not be detained on a ward during this time.

So 14 years of long term drugging at enormous quantities is bound to affect someone when suddenly they cannot think straight any more,  do not know who they are any more.   This is the effect of long term drugging and care available under both NHS and private sector and to force vulnerable patients to take drugs previously found to be allergic to is disgusting.

Frequent injection of addictive of lorazepam on Suffolk Ward has come to my attention.

Anyway all this could have been avoided if the team under ENFIELD COMMUNITY REHAB had provided the basics ie support worker but since July nothing.    Elizabeth just started psychology but had only been going on two occasions.    Why does it take so long to put the basics in place.

Shockingly I have an email stating “its all about proving yourself as CC as to why institutional care would benefit Elizabeth.   That was written to CC Monowara Ahmed by Norma Johnson.    Apalling because I suppose this is where they get out of paying anything whatsoever.

Then GP at Carlton Hse Surgery Enfield cannot find the blood test results.   The blood test centre went out of their way to help.

Parts of the NHS is working well.    The Paramedics, the Police even but what is failing so many people like Elizabeth is care in the community and something needs to be done about this urgently.





Following on from two previous blogs, finally matters have been resolved in relation to my dispute, although not quite.

To summarise, EE accused me of ordering/receiving an Ipad and iPhone 8 and to begin with the Communication Ombudsman took their side and agreed that EE had done nothing wrong.  I was treated like a criminal and liar by my mobile phone provider who I had been a loyal customer since 2013.

The only thing I did wrong was to trust EE and I should have been thoroughly checking my bill.  I have been swamped with caring responsibilities with Elizabeth in and out of hospital that unfortunately I did not check my bill  as I should have done but that is no excuse for EE to state “you should have checked your text messages and responded if the devices (Ipad and iPhone X) were not for you.”.  I did not receive such a text message as I looked back to see if I had.

One customer services officer after another from their Head Office in Hatfield accused me of ordering an iPhone X and Ipad and receiving these devices at my home address which I did not.   Unfortunately  I took out a contract in April this year which I deeply regret and took the opportunity to query my bill which was high and I thought that Elizabeth was running up the high bill as she hardly had any data.  I wanted a new phone and the upgrade was for an iPhone 8.  When I queried my bill at Oxford Circus Branch  I specifically queried why the bill was high and did I have anything added to my account I was unaware of?  I was not told the truth.  I was led to believe I would be making a saving.  I found out towards the end of the month via a local branch of EE that I had been not only paying for the two contracts I agreed to but also for an iPhone X and Ipad that I never received and when my bill shot up to extortionate levels I cancelled the  the direct debit which was for everything.   I was faced with shocking treatment.     I received threatening letters that my credit rating would be ruined by EE and then EE got debt collection agency Arvato involved who were sending me frequent text messages demanding payment and phone calls during the day when I could not talk.    The debt was accruing to circa £1000.  I realised my once good credit rating was ruined and went to Experian for a full report and of course the reason for this was down to EE and the disputed debt.

To begin with Communication Ombudsman took EE’s side and I had to complain at inaccuracies within their investigation.   They kept saying that the courier firm could not produce a signature as this went beyond the time that they as well as EE could produce any verbal recordings of agreement to the contract I was alleged to have taken out.

I had been offered a deal of paying £90 by EE to back out of the contract I never entered into for the iPhone X and Ipad which I refused.

So in desperation, after getting nowhere with so many different customer services officers all sticking together with the same opinion and ignoring that I constantly stated I had not received the devices, I turned to courier firm DPD who, unlike EE, keep brilliant records that go back to January 2018 of all deliveries made.    I obtained a case reference number and submitted this to the Communication Ombudsman but when I was still being bombarded with demands for payment I went back to DPD couriers and spoke to two more customer services officers who were most helpful and sent me two separate emails stating that nothing was ever delivered to my home address on the disputed date.

After this proof, the Communication Ombudsman backed down and demanded that EE repay the amounts of the two devices and backdate this payment and sever the lines free of charge for the iPhone X and my own personal line.    However I am stuck in a contract – being what I took out in April this year in order to get the iPhone 8.  I am stuck in this contract for two years and am also paying for Vodafone contracts which are for one year.  I would never have taken out the EE contract had I known about the devices.

I then get a cheque from EE for just £615 and had to go through and check their figures only to find that they owed me an extra £275 –  I then had to report again to the Ombudsman I had not received the £275 and they suggested giving EE another 7 days.    I would advise that still no cheque for £275 has been received from EE despite allowing for these extra 7 days.

I have written on numerous occasions to  CEO Marc Allera only to have a response from yet another customer services agent.  Not once has he had the courtesy to respond himself.

My treatment by EE has surmounted to bullying and being called a liar and thief in not so many words.

The whole matter has been so stressful and upsetting having to prove your innocence and then have your credit rating ruined.  This has now been put right but the lengths I have had to go to in this matter and not once did EE budge and raise their hands and say sorry until they were forced to by the Ombudsman.

So if any of you are customers of EE I would advise strongly to check thoroughly your bills and if devices are not received the courier firm DPD  are brilliant and have been so helpful.   I understand that EE produce wrong paperwork sometimes and my case has not been the only case of devices going missing.

I now have two contracts –  I hardly use the EE contract but the data on my Vodafone contract is far greater.

It would have been nice if EE had made even the slightest gesture to compensate for the hours I have spent looking into this matter and checking their figures but they have only apologised because they were forced to by the Ombudsman then I get an email saying they would be guided by the Ombudsman “that’s that then!”.    NO IT ISNT EE –  YOU STILL OWE ME £275 and whilst this is not much money it is the principle that counts.  I feel that EE should do better than that.

I would compare EE to BEHMHT in the way I have been treated when I stood up against  Elizabeth’s shocking treatment of enormous quantities of mind altering chemicals.

I have also had to chase up the compensation for Elizabeth’s false detention and this amounts to £1.   The figure calculated was far more than this because this went back to 2012 and the illegal detentions under X v Finland so this is a case where professionals in the NHS are well and truly protected when a vulnerable person spends time imprisoned but since TW v LBE and the Bostridge case it looks like the £1 cannot be challenged however we have been told that it could take a long time to receive the cheque for £1 which I wish to frame as a souvenir.

Message to Marc Allera of EE:  If I do not receive the £275 I will be calling at your Head Office in person.   I would be nice if EE could support some good causes such as Working to Recovery and Chy-Sawel

Message to BEHMHT –  Elizabeth would like the cheque ASAP for £1 for hours of illegal detention.







I can only spend weekends with my daughter Elizabeth but try to make the most of it. I try and take her out places and yesterday was a brilliant day.  In the morning I had a few things to do and took Elizabeth along with me.   I went to BMW for my car to be booked in.   I took Elizabeth with me to the town and had various things to sort out.  I then tried to help Elizabeth with budgeting which she finds impossible to do.  It is all too easy to spend money in shops not realising how this can accumulate.  Elizabeth has never had to manage money before – care under supported housing/living schemes do not offer the right kind of care/support to those who have been institutionalised for years such as Elizabeth in order that they can  live an independent life in the community.      Staff mainly would stay in their private rooms/office and not engage with residents.  Elizabeth has communication difficulties in any case and can take things the wrong way.     If a vulnerable person did not ask for help they would not receive it.    Basics of in-house help are given, such as towards preparing and cooking meals if requested but nothing that is relevant for living in the community outside such as taking someone out shopping, helping them budget, helping them relate to other people particularly when I have been saying all along that my daughter is with the wrong team as she is autistic.

After a nice time looking round the town we drove to Barnet.  The shops were closing but there was still time to take Elizabeth shopping and as I am trying to help her with budgeting I took her to Waitrose.    There were so many things being sold at reduced prices and perfectly good.    I helped Elizabeth select the items she wanted but because Elizabeth has once again overspent so I am having to help her out.   She has generously brought presents as well as children’s items for Halloween, presents for her sister/for me and as a result she has no money.

Today I offered to take Elizabeth swimming even though I did not feel like this myself.    We went swimming to a lovely pool just outside our local area.   I was swimming in the lanes but noticed Elizabeth was not doing much swimming but talking to people.  I had remembered to bring her water as last time she flatly refused to go in and swim without any water.  I tried to explain to Elizabeth that people are there to swim not to chat and listen to the kind of talk Elizabeth can give which is quite heavy.   I had to put up with listening to depressing music in the car and Elizabeth was singing along to a band called Nightwish that I had taken her to see once and nearly got arrested because we had been conned by Viagogo for last minute tickets that were not accepted at the venue. I have written all about this in a separate blog.   I could see Elizabeth was not her happiest today and tried not to engage with in-depth conversation whilst we were out.  So I did my 20 lengths then went in the sauna/steam whilst Elizabeth waited for me.     After that Elizabeth wanted to go somewhere to get something to eat and I thought of a local sports centre nearby which I thought would be more peaceful as they have a terrace and a nice restaurant.  I bought lunch but had no appetite myself as Elizabeth was clearly not happy.  I decided to take her home after that – maybe she had not had a good night’s sleep –  this could be a trigger point.  Soon after I arrived home  I received a call from paramedics who had been called out once again.  I was in despair about this.   I have hardly had any time to myself this weekend but still feel better than if Elizabeth was back on a ward or in a distant care home or scheme.  I would rather give up what little time I have to keep Elizabeth where she is for the time being rather than her ending up in another dreadful supportive housing or living scheme or worse still a care home or hospital where they drug people like my daughter to the hilt.   So I spoke to the Paramedics and explained the situation.  Elizabeth already said she did not wish to go to hospital.    She is not a risk to self/others but needs company or something in terms of care that is for sure.

This whole situation is getting to be a nightmare and the problem is that the community mental health team do not recognise anything other than personality disorder or schizophrenia.    What is constantly being dismissed is “learning /developmental disability/Aspergers and she was told at Huntercombe Roehampton she had high spectrum Aspergers.

The paramedics and police have been marvellous in the London Borough of Enfield but the community mental health team combined with GP which is Carlton House Surgery Enfield should be referring Elizabeth for assessment for autism and placing her with a Learning Disibility/autism community team as Elizabeth says no one understands her and there clearly is no training under the MH to understand about autism/aspergers.   In fact the paramedics today suggested LD/team.

Despite the fact Elizabeth can look after herself and cook and shop she needs a team who will provide something in the community in terms of support and this is where the community MH team are failing.

So I believe that there has been a recent visit by her Psychiatrist Dr IM of Enfield Community Rehab Team plus care coordinator PM.   If this is true what Elizabeth told me I am saddened –  medication was suggested plus going back into supportive living/housing during their visit.    Also, the Crisis Team are supposed to visit regularly – they suggested going back to hospital and this is totally wrong.

Why should the above apply at all when it is quite simple what is needed and would be far less costly.   Elizabeth needs a group of young friends to go out with who might be students who study psychology or nursing or even social work.  I would personally pay for such a night out for everyone if they could include Elizabeth for one evening.  If these young  “friends” are studying to go into the profession I would like them to see at first hand how lack of care in the community is affecting someone like my daughter.

When it was suggested by Dr IM medication – the answer was clearly no.

When it was suggested by PM – care home/supported housing or living the answer was clearly no and just look at was Enfield have provided in that connection in the past.

When it was suggested to Elizabeth “do you need to go back into hospital – the answer was clearly no and Crisis Team the answer will always be NO.   This same answer has been given more than one time to Police and to paramedics.

So keeping someone like my daughter who has been so dreadfully damaged by the care provided to her over a period of 14 years in dreadful institutions is perhaps all too convenient for the team but it is not the answer at all.

No way would Elizabeth have once called out ambulances and police.   No way would she be so disabled as she is now had she not been prescribed so many concomitantly prescribed drugs at 2 x bnf level so it stated in the files.   It is the NHS under mental health care that has dished out the apalling “treatment” resulting in such disablement.  Then they palm her onto institutions such as Cygnet, Cambian, Bedlam, Huntercombe all offering enormous quantities of mind altering drugs and none of the local.


I would like my daughter assessed properly NOT BY YOUR DEPARTMENT, ENFIELD COMMUNITY REHAB, but by Specialists in LD/autism who can properly communicate with her.   As nothing is being provided for Elizabeth of the correct kind of care needed ie  budgeting, shopping, friendships etc according to your good care plan, the first reasonable care plan you have ever produced, then I would like Elizabeth transferred to a more appropriate team who can provide the very basics or could I have the direct payments so I can arrange myself.   The right care is NOT – taking Elizabeth away from her home and dumping back into supported housing and living where a Death Plan was produced by one,  cutting out her family.   The right care is also not a hospital or ATU when Elizabeth can do shopping, can clean, can cook – she has qualifications in this respect.    You know what help is required as identified in your care plan but you are failing to provide this.  Most of all my daughter needs an assessment that is carried out completely independent of your department and can only be done by experts in the field of  LD/Developmental Disbility/high spectrum aspergers.    This is mentioned many many times in the files AND not forgetting the wonderful Expert Witness report for Cambian by Dr Bob Johnson.    This report was deprived to Elizabeth and I got hold of a copy of it and showed it to her.   It says PTSD.  It recommended trauma therapy –  so Enfield Community Rehab team where is the specialist treatment my daughter needs as a result of the abuse she has suffered in certain community care home provisions?   Here is one of them RATED GOOD BY THE CQC  PHOENIX HOUSE STEPPING STONES NORTHAMPTON “Elizabeth must manage her foods as she will be without food at the weekend.”   I’ve got it all in writing and everyone’s conversation including the CQC inspector who I feel like naming right here on Twitter.


I  also wish to tell everyone how Elizabeth challenged her illegal detention under ENFIELD CHASE FARM HOSPITAL SUFFOLK WARD.   Elizabeth was detained 16 hrs illegally but, following the case of :

TW v Enfield Borough Council [2014] EWCA Civ 362, [2014 ……

TW v Enfield Borough Council [2014] EWCA Civ 362, [2014] MHLO 26. TW v LB Enfield [2013] EWHC 1180 (QB), [2013] MHLO 59; Appeal status. This claim was subsequently settled for £27,000. Thanks to Helen Curtis of Garden Court Chambers and Michael Paget of Cornerstone Chambers for providing this information (emails 9/6/16 and 10/6/16). ICLR

TW v LBE I was totally unaware –

To protect TrustS/lAs there has been changes in law which now makes it impossible to challenge further.  Below is the example.

Elizabeth was awarded £1 compensation for 16 hours illegal detention.

The above together with lack of humane mental health care sums up the disgrace of how the most vulnerable people are being treated and abused under the UK.

I do not want Police and Paramedics further bothered by Elizabeth’s calls when Elizabeth, a product of failure under the NHS care, should be receiving a proper assessment and being transferred to a team that can at least provide something in the community the current care plan recommends.    A visiting support worker who is properly trained in autism would be good,   even unqualified “friends” of about her age to take her out  who are studying for nursing/psychology.

To me there is nothing complex whatsoever in what is needed here.   Also it is much cheaper to provide the care my daughter needs in the community than send her off to horrific “prison” environments –  you have tried and failed at this so now Elizabeth needs something better provided and the kind of therapy that should be provided that worked in Scotland and Australia was psychotherapy and a perhaps EMDR should be tried.

Dr R D Laing’s colleague and former colleague told me he never ever used mind altering psychiatric drugs and that psychotherapy was all that was needed and he is absolutely right.  I thoroughly agreed with him and that is why I sought the correct care that I provided privately thanks to Working to Recovery.   More funding needs to be given to wonderful organisations such as this to set up therapeutic communities and recovery houses on a small scale throughout the UK.

I would commend Norway and Professor Peter Gotzsche –  it is a pity the UK is so behind the times when it comes to forced treatment.  Elizabeth was getting daily injections of Lorazepam on Suffolk Ward and it is no wonder she has suffered such trauma all down to an area of the NHS that is not working and could learn from Norway’s wonderful example and not forgetting Working to Recovery.

Forced Drugging with Antipsychotics is Against the Law …

In Norway, the Ombudsman concluded in December 2018, with reference to the Psychiatry Act, that it violated the law to use forced treatment with an antipsychotic in a concrete case.

  • Author: Peter Gøtzsche, MD

This is where the funding should be directed to organisations like Chy-Sawel and Working to Recovery in order to provide the correct care and a community involvement to help people like Elizabeth from feeling isolated and abandoned then instead of providing what is right they say “how about hospital or how about a care home or how about supported living.”


The way Elizabeth has been treated is a disgrace but the Paramedics and the Police have been wonderful in ENFIELD.


Since July 2019, Elizabeth has been living in a flat of her very own which is the very best accommodation she has ever had independently.  She is 32 now and has been disabled by her shocking treatment which I will write more about separately.

I am astonished that after all this time nothing whatsoever has been provided to Elizabeth who desperately needs some support in the community.

I was expecting an Agency to be involved providing carers.

The flat was not even ready when she was discharged into the community.

The Community Mental Health Team involved is Enfield Community Rehab.  This team have in the past refused direct payments which I think is a brilliant idea.  I had this for my father and was able to provide care which worked very well and enabled him to live in the community for many years.

Elizabeth does not need much.   However, absolutely nothing is being provided and this is neglect on their part.    I’ve heard all about shortage of money but this team have spent a fortune on taking me to court time and time again in their many attempts to get rid of me and to  displace me as the Nearest Relative/Next of kin.   So the money is being mis-spent as I see it as what should be done, is to work with the family and provide the necessary care and support in the community but this is not being done.

The current care plan this time does not include the previous pack of lies written by Admin Assistants based at St Ann’s Hospital.  This time, the care plan identifies her needs however these needs are not being  met/provided for.  Reading the care plan you would think that she is getting support from the team themselves but in fact it is me as a mother who is giving that support at the weekends when I try to help her with shopping, other problems and take her swimming.

Elizabeth needs counselling so why not provide it with a counsellor of her choice?

The counselling Elizabeth needs is of a very specialist nature and because of communication difficulties Elizabeth needs someone who can understand and communicate with her like Baroness Hollins.

Elizabeth is not on a CTO or on any mind altering chemicals and the care plan states that what is needed is psychological help but NOTHING is being provided.

It is clear that Elizabeth has been brain damaged by her treatment and is suffering from  CBI (Chronic Brain Inury) but when I turned to the Charity “Headways” I could not believe it – I was told Elizabeth did not fit their criteria so I argued that she had been brain injured by her treatment but they were adamant that this was the wrong kind of brain injury.  I found this quite ridiculous as the only category they would accept was brain injury at birth and as a result of accident but it is a known fact that injury can be caused by excessive drugging of psychiatric drugs – it takes years to recover from.   I was hoping for a team who would understand Elizabeth and be able to communicate with her and thought Headway would employ staff who deal with vulnerable people who suffer from anger issues/communication issues because of brain injury caused by psychiatric drugs prescribed by psychiatrists as I have read from certain files “above BNF levels”.

In the care plan it identifies the need for anger management and now that Elizabeth is drug free she does need help in this area.  The anger issues are definitely in need of help

Relationships/friendships – yes another correctly identified area

Budgeting –  this is very important.    This is all falling on me and Elizabeth is turning to emergency services for support in the absence of any care being provided and this has been going on far too long.  I have patiently waited all this time for Enfield Community Rehab to provide the right support but they are doing nothing.

There is no way Elizabeth is well enough to get a job or even go to college right now.  She is getting more and more distressed and what is needed is a personal assistant or young people to be involved who are studying for nursing in the area of mental health and psychology.   Please do get in touch if anyone wishes to gain invaluable experience and I am more than happy to even have someone come and stay in the family home as they can see the full picture.     What is lacking is a team that work together with the family and not against.

Elizabeth would benefit by being invited out with a group of sensible, responsible, young people and I will contact local universities to find out if there are any students who would like to gain brilliant experience working open dialogue style with myself and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth does not require consultant Psychiatrists or doctors in respect of  pushing poisonous mind altering chemicals.  What Elizabeth does need is psychotherapy, help and guidance with friendships and education in terms of any kind of relationship and encouraged to integrate into society.

Instead Elizabeth is signposted to the local community mental health centres and Mind which is not even in the nearby locality.  What should be done is help in integrating Elizabeth into society.  What should be provided is someone to accompany Elizabeth to some appointments such as MRI scan or blood tests.  Elizabeth needs hormone tests as identified by a recent tribunal.   I have always thought Elizabeth had underlying physical health problems but doctors have ignored the DSM – I have read that a mental health diagnosis should be discounted when drug induced –  yes Prozac induced psychosis and when there are underlying physical health conditions which I have proven.  I am contacting Baroness Blackwood as the balancing problems are of concern.  I have just had the genetic test results and these are most interesting and highlight a condition that should not be ignored.  There are some “rare” genetic causes that can be mistaken for mental health condition when all along it is physical.  Instead of “lets rule out anything organic” I now want things done properly.

So the other things that need to be considered is “she does not want to be overwhelmed with too many activities”.    Overwhelmed by what????  This is laughable when what is being provided – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.    It is mentioned art therapy or music therapy –  where is this Enfield Community Rehab?  I think these two things would be a great idea.

So art therapy and music therapy and psychotherapy is what I provided in unique care featured on  Rightful Lives Exhibition.  All of this benefitted Elizabeth and being in a natural environment of stunning beauty with animals.   We didn’t recognise her when she came back in December 2016 and now I am not happy as Elizabeth is left to go downhill by this team who have spent a fortune on court action against me and refused to provide any care when Elizabeth was at home.

I never get a response to my emails – these are  ignored.

So today I get a call from the Police that Elizabeth contacted in distress.   That distress is not a matter that should concern the Police but should have been dealt with under community care.  That issue was that her bank card was declined but the limit on her card had been well and truly exceeded.  There is no guidance towards budgeting and all I have been doing is getting regular statements and posting it to Elizabeth keeping her informed of her balance. However, because Elizabeth has nothing to do all day long and no company Elizabeth has been going out shopping.  Today her bank allowed for her to exceed her limit on her card and Elizabeth who has no support under community care regarding finances has overspent which means not only will I have to help her again but also confiscate her card otherwise she will go overdrawn.  Elizabeth will see this as abuse but she has  exceeded her limit and this would not have occurred if she had a personal assistant to help her in the community.

It would be so nice if one person can come round once a week, sit down with Elizabeth and explain and try to help as regards finances.

I make sure I pay her bills at the end of the month.  Everything is up straight.

Elizabeth also needs someone to go with her to blood tests.

It is most upsetting to see such neglect towards my daughter as if she had a little direct payments provided I would most certainly have arranged at least one activity such as the art therapy which she said she would like to do as well as someone to help her budget.

I have written again today to the team and I will let you all know if I get any response.

What I have seen is decline of my daughter who once had a job,  was going to r College regularly, who had a car, was learning to drive etc.    Instead Elizabeth has been made disabled by her appalling treatment.

Now that Elizabeth has bought a new guitar (this time an electric guitar) I would like to see her with at least one activity and with the abundance of money CMHT have spent in the wrong direction it would nice to see them spend the money in the right direction.   It is cheaper to have Elizbeth in the community rather than on an acute ward or even worse in private prison style Assessment Treatment Units costing £13000 a week.

Her needs are simple and do not cost a lot but ENFIELD COMMUNITY TREATMENT TEAM are failing to provide the basics in terms of care and this is falling on emergency services such as police and ambulance when Elizabeth becomes distressed and overwhelmed with loneliness and isolation in the community.

I have read so many accounts of parents who want their sons and daughters out their in the community from these terrible institutions but I can see that Elizabeth has been damaged beyond recognition and has come out of the system completely disabled and just dumped into the community.  The appalling reality is there is no care in the community to someone who has come out of the system damaged and injured.

MESSAGE TO ENFIELD COMMUNITY REHAB TEAM –  It is not the flat that is the problem as you keep asking where else do you want to live.   The flat is situated in an area familiar to Elizabeth but I as a mother am the only person helping her.    What the problem is TOTAL LACK OF PROVISION OF ACTIVITIES AND CARE AND YOUR REFUSAL TO PROVIDE DIRECT PAYMENTS – as I would most definitely have something in place for Elizabeth after all this length of time.

I would praise local emergency services both Police and Ambulance for their tolerance and support in terms of this neglect to my daughter.



Elizabeth has not long since moved into a new flat.  It’s local and close us.  It is a lovely flat and in an area that is familiar to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was recently released from Section 3, prior to that a CTO where she was under the team of Enfield Community Rehab but the system of forcing people to engage is wrong and not “care” in my opinion.   Both CTO and S17 leave and underlying terms were completely ineffective with Elizabeth and waste of time and money.   It was used like a form of punishment ie “if you don’t do what we say you will end up back in hospital”.

Moving to a new flat was never going to be easy for Elizabeth and has been complicated by a friendship she made through the local mental health resource centre where people like Elizabeth are encouraged to go and engage with services but not everyone wishes to engage which could well be due to lack of trust.

What should be provided is assistance in respect of integration into society and people under mental health care become isolated to the point they just go downhill.   There seems to be no care in the community.   What is provided all too often is substandard accommodation provided by private landlords with “care” provided by untrained support workers who dish out medication.   When it comes to a case like Elizabeth who suffers from complex PTSD and attachment issues it is not untrained support workers that Elizabeth should be working with but qualified experienced professionals offering psychotherapy.

Elizabeth had a dreadful time under section 3 at Chase Farm Hospital Enfield (Suffolk Ward) where main care provided is “medication”.   She was given frequent lorazepam injections on the ward due to becoming distressed.  Not once was Elizabeth referred for an MRI scan or receive any referrals for physical health.  At a recent tribunal it was suggested she had assessments on hormone imbalance which I believe most certainly is an underlying cause or perhaps a damaged Thymus but nothing has been done.  I’ve already proven there are other issues that are underlying such as endocrine disorder having spent £1000 on tests privately.   Physical health under Enfield is ignored in favour of a mental health diagnosis as this is the easy way out.

Elizabeth was discharged into an unfinished/partially furnished flat in the community.    The bed was not even properly assembled. I had arranged for her possessions to be delivered to the new address which is a beautiful one bedroom flat in a block.  The flat looked fabulous once carpets were laid.   I bought a Chinese rug.  I spent a lot of time and money bringing together Elizabeth’s possessions for the first time as these were all over the place because there was nowhere to put such possessions.  All Elizabeth had been offered previously was one room in a shared house full of others suffering from MH problems.    The most recent scheme did not even have a proper kitchen or lounge to sit down and watch TV and was  situated in Wood Green, a fair distance away.   Elizabeth was unhappy there.   Prior to that, a bed bug infested scheme called Reservoir House situated in a nice area of Oakwood and they tried to blame Elizabeth for bringing in the bed bugs.   Prior to that, Mays Cottage – one small room in a shared house, whose Landlords were Inclusion Housing and the “care” provided by Craegmoor (part of the Priory Group).   Care consisted of support workers that stayed upstairs in an office.  I have on several occasions taken Elizabeth away from care and had her at home but there have been issues with other family members and I could not sleep because Elizabeth needed someone to talk to and kept coming in and out to discuss her confusion which is always the same thing “who am I, what am I, why am I here.   This is the outcome of so many years of being prescribed powerful mind altering chemicals that have done nothing to help Elizabeth.

I do not think the bulk of supported housing/living schemes are adequate or understanding towards someone like Elizabeth.   Vulnerable people are just dumped together in such schemes that have complex problems and they are not integrated into society leaving them isolated which is so very wrong.

Now for the first time Elizabeth has a lovely flat.   This is the first accommodation that is comfortable, not shared with others resulting in possessions going missing and with Elizabeth having to share accommodation with untrained support workers, not all of whom knew how to communicate with her.   The first thing they do when someone is distressed is to call the Police and then that person once again ends up sectioned, on a ward where brutal treatment goes on adding further to the trauma of that person.

On Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital, there were daily injections of Lorazepam to the point I called the CQC.   When I heard of this treatment and how it was affecting Elizabeth this I tried my best to get the flat up and running without support from Enfield Community Rehab.   I spent my lunch hours trying to sort out benefits in order to obtain Housing Benefit which you can only get if you qualify for if you get Severe Disability Premium but this was not easy to obtain as you could not get through on the phones.  Then having to deal with endless email correspondence and be assessed for the council tax payments of which a portion goes to social care.  None of this has been easy to get   in place.

So carpets were laid, possessions delivered.  I’d given Elizabeth her bed from home.  I bought a small table and two chairs for her balcony.    I bought pigeon netting as the balcony, despite being cleaned by the Council, had become filthy with pigeons nesting.   I then had to clean the balcony myself as re-cleaning refused.  I then had to sort out the electricity supply and had trouble getting hot water up and running.  There was no cooker -despite Enfield Community Rehab stating a grant had been applied absolutely nothing was provided for Elizabeth and when I recently that I should expect nothing to be provided.   So I have had to purchase essential things for the flat myself such as cooker and I recently bought from a company called a nice sofa bed so that other members of the family who have moved away can come and stay.

So far, only Elizabeth’s sister has been to visit the flat briefly when she came down for my Birthday.

The next essential appliance is a washing machine which I will get next month as it has been expensive to provide all of this myself without any assistance.  She already has a fridge but I want to get a fridge freezer also.   I also would like to make the balcony look beautiful like a little garden with artificial grass and plants.   I bought some paint yesterday to paint the balcony.

Elizabeth’s is in distress:

Despite the lovely flat, Elizabeth has been in distress lately.   She has nothing provided in care by ENFIELD COMMUNITY REHAB – a mental health team whose emphasis has been on court action in the matters concerning displacement of me as Nearest Relative.

Encouraged to attend the mental health resource centre at Park Avenue Elizabeth made a new friend there.   The two friends kept going missing all the time.  It didn’t matter whether Elizabeth was on CTO or even on Section 17 leave.  Neither were happy in their temporary schemes so I was so happy when Elizabeth finally won a bid for the one bedroom council flat of which she had been assessed months ago however by this time Elizabeth had gone downhill due to being in temporary accommodation where she was unhappy.    Elizabeth’s friend also moved locally to a MH scheme where emphasis was on “medication” and she was not happy there.  This friend was spending more and more time at the flat both kept stopping medication and Elizabeth has now been off the drugs for quite some time.     These friends seemed to be looking after one another and supporting, or trying to support, one another but both had complex issues.  Without guidance or assistance such friendship can end up being destructive and, unfortunately,  when things are not going well with the friendship Elizabeth has gone downhill.  To  act as a “carer” for someone else when that person has complex PTSD and has issues of their own is not an easy thing and when faced with additional physical disabilities such as for instance epilepsy this is not a good situation.

Yesterday, I went round to visit Elizabeth who was on her alone at the flat.  She was not happy and I gathered that things were not going well with regard to her friendship.  Because Elizabeth had been constantly attending A&E because of her friend crying out for attention to physical health this led to one/both being sectioned.

I despair, as now, only yesterday, Elizabeth’s front door was been broken by Police who because of a phone call allegedly from Elizabeth stating she felt “half dead” but Elizabeth is autistic (though it was pointed out by care coordinator PM she had never had a formal diagnosis).   I then pointed out that throughout the files  it was  consistently mentioned  “learning/developmental disability” and there is a report by Dr Bob Johnson on complex PTSD totally dismissed by Enfield Community MH Rehab team leading to totally wrong treatment of psychiatric drugs.   I visited Elizabeth’s flat yesterday because she needed a padlock to lock the front door.    Yesterday there was drama.  A family friend had gone round to the flat to assist for access for workmen to attend but  Elizabeth then discovered that she had been locked in completely with a padlock secured to the front door.   The care coordinator explained instructions were given to break down the door because of reports Elizabeth felt half dead when in actual fact she was not in but out with her friend.    It is a shame the front door was broken down when spare keys to the flat were available locally with a family friend that could have been contacted to avoid this situation.    The front door which has been badly damaged is another thing I have to sort out during the week.   I might get a key box in order to avoid any reoccurrences.  When Elizabeth says she feels half dead in actual fact this is not the case and dialling 111 should not have to mean an ambulance being called out when in fact all she needs is someone to talk to which is what I  tried to do yesterday.  I went round to her flat bringing plenty of food.  I offered to take her for a drive in the country.  I got the impression that Elizabeth had not slept well or had eaten anything.  Not sleeping or eating is a trigger point.   Elizabeth kept phoning to see where I was but I was sorting out the padlock and was in B&Q and when I arrived she was sounding distressed.  It really is bad the way she has been discharged from hospital without a single thing in place.

Elizabeth has the best accommodation in terms of the flat she could ever wish for – not just a tiny room in a shared house full of other disturbed vulnerable people where possessions go missing and there is likelihood of her clashing with other people.    She is very close by but I cannot be around every second and that is why I am so disappointed with care provided under Enfield and feel she is under the wrong team as it is not the first time that nothing whatsoever has been provided and all they do is drag her back to hospital time and time again and refused to give anything in the community.  I have now turned to the GP as I feel Elizabeth’s physical health all along has been ignored especially when Elizabeth has called at A&E with joint pains, back pain and even her eyesight  – blurred vision and pain which is not mental illness –  this is what you get when you have been on psychiatric drugs for so many years and develop chronic pain then Doctors then try to prescribe another drug to counteract this.   We all believe Elizabeth has chronic brain impairment caused by her treatment.     Like never before Elizabeth suffers from anger issues whereas once she was pleasant, polite – a quiet person who had friends.  Then along come a team of MH professionals  who start writing in nasty terms about family background when these professionals do not see the full picture and do not communicate in a decent manner with the family.

Yesterday, after seeing Elizabeth I called to see the GP who is open Saturday and Sundays.    They operate a service called “The Hub” but this service is like a skeleton service.    It might sound good on the surface but it is not because a Doctor cannot access  notes written by the regular team of Doctors so what good is this?   I have told Elizabeth about The Hub and that it would be best for her to visit the local GP surgery than make calls to Police and 111.  At least Elizabeth can talk to a properly trained doctor to address her anxiety about her physical health.  This doctor made notes which will go to her regular GP.      A service such as this should have full access to all the computer file records -something should be done about this.    Just like the new Urgent Care Centre at the local hospital, replacement for what was once an A&E department, whilst it is a nice modern newly-built facility they are very limited to what they can do to help people and that means travelling a fair distance to another hospital which does have full facilities.

I have written several emails to Carlton House Surgery because Elizabeth is not getting basic care in the community and a lot of trust has been lost in mental health services.  the local MH team which is  (Enfield Community Rehab) are providing nothing and have refused direct payments on numerous occasions. Elizabeth wishes for her physical health to be examined thoroughly.  She does not want to be drugged up once again on psychiatric drugs which do not work.   Calling emergency services is a cry for help and Elizabeth is a product of NHS failure under MENTAL HEALTH CARE.   So now I have requested a referral to another team ie HEADWAYS or similar that deal with chronic brain injury which is what we all feel she has.   They provide support in the community.  The GP should also look at her neglected physical health needs and examination of a cyst in her head that has been neglected for years, ignoring the recommendations of the recent Tribunal for hormonal tests.   The last I heard that they were having another meeting but priority now needs to be given to correct assessments as having read the DSM no psychiatric labels should be given until a full and thorough physical test assessment is done.    We cannot accept a MH diagnosis because in the first instance Elizabeth came under MH services because of Prozac induced psychosis caused by withdrawal of this highly dangerous drug which led to false label after false label.

I have requested countless times direct payments in order that I can provide what Elizabeth wants.  At least she would have some care in place if I was arranging it like I did for my father with Alzheimers who had a good team of social workers who worked with not against the family as they have done under MH for Elizabeth.   I had 24 hour care with my father in his own flat which benefitted him.  This was better that ending up in a care home or any kind of hospital.

It is cheaper to provide a bit of support in the community than just keep admitting someone like Elizabeth to hospital and placing them on section after section when all along the community mental health teams are not providing what is necessary and where is the money going?   I think the money is being wasted – a waste of money going on legal action and waste of professionals time in attending tribunal after tribunal when all that is needed is direct payments to provide a companion for someone like Elizabeth as she can do things for herself in the house and can go shopping but needs help with budgeting and especially help when it comes to forming friendships –  someone to talk to and confide in and to gain valuable advice when it comes to friendship is what I feel is needed.

What would be good is for the students of around Elizabeth’s age to be involved – those   studying for mental health nursing and psychology would be of more benefit than a “mainstream” psychiatrist.  The answer is not to supply yet more drugs but to provide the very basics –  the right kind of friendship that could give valuable guidance by other young people, not by a team who wish to push drug after drug which is clearly not the answer in Elizabeth’s case.



Elizabeth has been discharged from hospital into an unfinished flat not quite up and ready.   I was trying to get this ready and put carpets down and had furniture and possessions delivered.  I bought a cooker and I bought a sofa bed but still need to get a fridge freezeer and washing machine.   I am pleased I have just finally managed to sort out the hot water in the flat and now Elizabeth has this facility.

Tonight I  am  upset as I took Fluffy the cat to visit Elizabeth in her new home – a one bedroom council flat which is situated nearby.

Elizabeth requested I bring Fluffy the cat to see her but unfortunately she opened the door to the cupboard under the sink and Fluffy has disappeared.

I have phoned various people including Enfield Council out of hours repairs as|I hoped they could arrange to rip the furniture out but the Council do not see this to be their responsibility.  I can only hope that Fluffy the cat will be able to come out from his hiding space in time.   I am going to call out the RSPCA tomorrow to see if they can help but they have advised for me to put food down and water which I have done inside the cupboard.

Earlier Elizabeth had called 111 regarding pain to her back and ambulance had been called out by 111 and Elizabeth got distressed at the amount of time I was talking to the ambulance paramedic.  Fluffy the cat has taken refuge I hope under the cupboard and hope he comes out on his own accord.

Today I have been out today to celebrate as it is my Birthday with Elizabeth’s sister.  The things I can celebrate is that Elizabeth is no longer on a CTO or any kind of section.  It is pointless putting Elizabeth on a CTO or section as she kept going missing on both.   At long last Elizabeth has her own council flat.   At least she will not be going missing all the time as previously.

I have been out today with my other daughter for afternoon tea at the Ambassadors Hotel in Bloosmberry.   I have further been out with her to Alchemis in Old Street for some fabulous cocktails .  Now I feel my day has been spoiled with Fluffy the cat going missing and can only hope and pray he will be found safe and well.

I have told Elizabeth to keep the door open of her sink unit.  I have put food and drink down for Fluffy.  This loyal caring and compassionate cat has been part of our lives for quite sometime.   He has calmed Elizabeth when she was in hospital and allowed home and became distressed and now he has gone missing and I am really worried.

I want to get someone to rip out the furniture tomorrow but I am worried how far the cat could have been trapped and hope that he is in her flat and not elsewhere.  I hope he is just underneath the sink unit.  I must try to sort this out and I now wish I had not brought him.

There seems to be one drama after another in my life and this is one I could do without.

There seems to be no help in the community in respect of Elizabeth.   No-one  responds to emails.  No-one informs what is going on if anything.  You are treated like nothing as a carer but for the first time I do not have to fight a section and feel happier about this.  I was bracing myself thinking I would end up yet again in court as a Litigant in Person with the team trying to displace me as the Nearest Relative but I think they have finally realised that neither section or CTO worked for Elizabeth who kept going missing time and time again.

Tomorrow I will not be celebrating.  Tomorrow all I hope for is good news that Fluffy  is found to be safe and well.






The Good News:

Elizabeth has won bidding for a one bed flat.   We went to look at it on Friday following the CPA and Elizabeth really liked it.  It is on third floor level and has beautiful views from the balcony.  What a difference this will make to Elizabeth as opposed to all the shared accommodation which has proved to be no good.

Past Accommodation Provision Under Enfield.

2012 Moti Villa – The Ridgeway Enfield EN2.   MH scheme studio flat GF.  Terribly abused captured on CCTV whilst staff slept.  24 hr “support” failed to protect Elizabeth who was on 800mg Quetiapine at the time.

2014 Phoenix House Stepping Stones Northampton.  Care home rated “Good” by CQC. According to files Elizabeth went without food at weekend, as she could not manage money.  They refused to give Clozapine when Elizabeth did not wish to return resulting in safeguarding and led to Ct of Protection DoLs case and the Deprival of Medication – community care where Enfield Community Rehab tried to deprive liberty but Ct of Protection allowed Elizabeth back home in accordance with her wishes.

Mays Cottage – Inclusion Housing / care provided by Craegmoore (Part of the Priory Group).  Low level support – no staff throughout the night.  Support workers upstairs in office and Elizabeth had small room on GF that had broken lock and was told to sleep on settee and wait for staff to arrive in the morning.  House residents mainly men and Cannabis offered to Elizabeth.

Reservoir House – Oakwood –  Shared house –  support workers meant to study on line.    Nice house, nice area, nice garden – double room.  Essential services not up and running  following hospital discharge.  Bed bugs, Elizabeth falsely blamed for bringing them in and after 5 fumigations problems still persisted.  Elizabeth sleeping on floor and settee and covered in bite marks.

Solway Road N22 – temporary scheme meant for short term stay provided since December 2018.  Shared house in quiet residential road.  Support workers slept overnight downstairs  –  Small attic room.  No dining room/no kitchen – kitchen partly in staff bedroom/office. Elizabeth fair distance from home – access to GP difficult/virtually impossible.

During the time spent at Solway Road I became concerned that if this were to continue long term Elizabeth would go downhill as she appeared to be deteriorating in this environment.  Cooking preparing meals very difficult.  No table to sit and eat meals.

Elizabeth’s assessment for a one bedroom flat was way back in 2018 but nothing appeared to be progressing. So in the end I got involved in the bidding in desperation at seeing her going downhill.

CTO Revoked – Elizabeth held on Section 3 MHA

The above is the current position.  Elizabeth is held prisoner on Chase Farm Suffolk Ward not being allowed any leave even escorted.  I telephoned Suffolk Ward late on Friday to enquire whether Elizabeth could come out with me but a nurse who refused to give her name said that “no leave was granted” and therefore Elizabeth could not come out even escorted.     I immediately wrote to Jinjer Kandola – Chief Executive Officer of Barnet, Enfield and Haringey MH Trust.  Not once has Ms Kandola replied to any of my emails and I copied in the Health and Social Care Commission,  CQC, PALS, amongst others.  I believe that once again there is violation of  human rights on Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield where so many detrimental things have happened to Elizabeth.

Forcibly injected with such force her slippers broke;

Threatened with homelessness by former RC Dr KC if she did not choose her father as Next of Kin;

Detained illegally under the MHA for which an apology was given;

Beaten up around the head so badly she had to be transferred to Trent Ward Edgware.

Not allowed contact off the ward previously under S17 leave when presenting no risk.

Suffolk Ward it would appear is a law unto themselves.

Recently Elizabeth has been given two Lorazepam injections which has led to physical health problems, severe discomfort and numbness in her hands and has added to the PTSD she already suffers from.

Suffolk Ward is an example of the brutal treatment under Public Sector Care in the UK

So far, programmes like Panorama have featured private institutions but from Suffolk Ward – whilst under care by RC Dr Helen Moorey,  Elizabeth was previously sent for rapid tranquilisation at huge public expense to Huntercombe Roehampton who disagreed with the mental health diagnosis of “Paranoid Schizophrenia” stating high spectrum Aspergers which is mentioned by other doctors too throughout the file.  At Huntercombe Elizabeth was given enormous quantities of drugs previously found to be allergic to to the point she could barely see or stand.  She looked totally traumatised at this dreadful hospital where they could not even get her date of birth correct in the file records (subject of ICO investigation) however the treating doctors disagreed with the diagnosis that Suffolk Ward stick to as does every single person in the family disagree.


Elizabeth called an ambulance as she was suffering from physical chronic pain no doubt as a result of the forced injections from Suffolk Ward which indicated nerve damage when Elizabeth could barely walk as her big toe hurt and her back and stomach hurt also.    See above link regarding our treatment from this General Hospital A&E.

Elizabeth was not allowed to join myself and close family friend for a meal out and had only had just 1 sandwich all day, kept prisoner whilst staff looked for a bed which took well over 12 hrs.

When a CTO has been revoked – the detention reverts to a Section 3 and loss of S17 leave in Elizabeth’s case.   Elizabeth is now held prisoner on Suffolk Ward, not allowed out even escorted but was allowed some leave on Friday in order to view the new flat which has been offered to her.

Friday 6th June – CPA Meeting.

I was invited to attend the meeting by Elizabeth in the morning and had prior arranged for Elizabeth to be allowed out to view the new flat in the afternoon but attempt was made to stop me from going into the CPA meeting which I as Nearest Relative had to point out I had proof by way of text message this is what Elizabeth wanted.

At the CPA meeting was Dr Jeremy Greening, Dr Helen Moorey,  staff nurse Cecile Shalo and a student.  Elizabeth’s S17 leave has been cut because Elizabeth did not go back to the Hospital for a meeting due to her feeling unwell and she was apparently in bed complaining of terrible pain to her big toe (sign of nerve damage).  Elizabeth was also complaining of back pain and blurred vision/ temporary blindness and headaches. I had offered to take Elizabeth to the hospital previously for the discharge meeting as I had a day off but that day off was to go and help Elizabeth with the bidding process as nothing was moving forward and she was just stuck in temp accommodation.  Elizabeth had called an ambulance as she was in so much physical pain and she was being prescribed a drug called Risperidone for well over the period of time  Manufacturers recommend, despite the fact previously found to be allergic to this drug for which the team are fully aware.  I am also aware Elizabeth has been offered mood stabilisers recently so I immediately got in touch with a leading Professor about this, an expert on drug adverse reactions and I was told mood stabilisers were a “dangerous fashion” in Psychiatry.   Take Sodium Valporate – this is currently going through Class Action through Leigh Day and Co Solicitors.  Likewise other firms of solicitors are now getting involved in similar cases against the drug companies just like in the US.    It seems there are firms of solicitors in the UK interested in psychiatric injury and negligence in prescribing as I have discovered.  PTSD is most certainly an injury that most Psychiatrists like to dismiss as irrelevant and drugs are ineffective for PTSD.   I have been warned about Mirtazepam and Carbamazepine that these drugs can actually cause psychosis.

Here is what Drs don’t inform the patient of:

Mineral Mood Stabilizers

Lithium is commonly used to treat depression and mania in bipolar disorder. It was approved by the FDA in 1970 and is still used in a number of cases today. It can be prescribed alone or along with other medications that treat bipolar disorder. Commercial brand names for lithium medicines include Eskalith, Lithobid and Lithonate.

Lithium is highly effective when used to stabilize mood, but it can cause side-effects. These include:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Tremor
  • Weight gain
  • Confusion
  • Diarrhea

High levels of lithium in the blood can be dangerous, so doctors will routinely monitor your health via blood tests if you take lithium medications.

Anticonvulsant Mood Stabilizers

Anticonvulsants are commonly prescribed to patients with epilepsy, but they are also highly effective at reducing the severity and frequency of bipolar episodes. There is a long list of mood stabilizers in this category, but commonly prescribed medicines include:

IF The following anticonvulsants are sometimes used “off-label,” meaning they are not officially approved for the treatment of bipolar disorder, but the FDA approves them for other purposes. Doctors can prescribe off-label medications for the benefit of a patient’s care.   BUT IF SOMETHING IS NOT APPROVED THEN IT IS NOT OFFICIALLY RECOMMENDED THEREFORE ANY DOCTOR PRESCRIBING OFF LABEL IS AT RISK OF NEGLIGENCE AND LEGAL ACTION IN THE EVENT OF HARM BEING CAUSED.

  • Oxcarbazepine (Oxtellar, Trileptal)
  • Gabapentin (Horizant, Neurontin)
  • Topiramate (Qudexy, Topamax, Trokendi)

Common side-effects of anticonvulsants are similar to those of lithium, but they may also include headaches, sexual problems, abdominal pain, fever, confusion, blurred vision and abnormal bruising and bleeding.

Antipsychotic Mood Stabilizers

Antipsychotics are another medication type on the mood stabilizers list. In some cases, they are prescribed alone, but they may also be taken with other mood stabilizing drugs. Medications in this category that are approved for the treatment of bipolar disorder include

Antipsychotic medications can cause side-effects. These may include:

  • Tremors
  • Blurred vision
  • Weight gain
  • Dizziness
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Sensitivity to sunlight

All side-effects should be reported to your doctor. If you experience swelling of the hands or face, difficulty breathing, body rash or irregular heart rhythms, you should seek medical assistance immediately. Some drugs on the mood stabilizers medication list can also cause adverse mood symptoms, such as suicidal thoughts and behaviour, hallucinations and problems with memory.  If any of these occur, it’s important to seek immediate medical advice.   Yes this applies to Elizabeth but no one takes any notice under ENFIELD.

Which Drug on the Mood Stabilizers Medication List Should I Choose?

If you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, your doctor will examine your symptoms, medical history, allergies, intolerances and other general health factors to determine which course of treatment is right for you. You may need to try different medications from the mood stabilizers list to determine which works best.  Elizabeth is not diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder yet has been offered mood stabilisers.

During this time, it’s important to meet with your doctor regularly to report any side-effects and see how well your treatment is working. Your doctor can then make periodic adjustments to your medication to keep your side-effects and symptoms under careful management.

Elizabeth does not have Bipolar or Schizophrenia.  Elizabeth has been prescribed all of the drugs highlighted in bold and has suffered all of the symptoms above but when seeking medical attention for her physical health she has been treated like a criminal and none of this is taken into consideration by Psychiatrists in the local area of ENFIELD.  I will give you an example of how certain Doctors dismiss physical health in favour of continuing with the “treatment of drugging” when they are supposed to do NO HARM and deny proper assessments.   Above it states that patients need to try different medication to established which works best but in Elizabeth’s case none of them work and they have been given at maximum levels causing harm and injury for which there is no accountability.  Doctors are supposed to DO NO HARM.  That is not the case under Psychiatry.


NMS – Neuroleptic Malignent Syndrome




I am wondering if the drug below is what is being recommended for Elizabeth but this is for Epilepsy so I would once again question what the hell is going on that Doctors are allowed to experiment with someone’s life.

Lamotrigine 25mg Tablets – Patient Information Leaflet …

27/04/2015 · If you are taking Lamotrigine tablets for epilepsy, to stop taking Lamotrigine tablets, it is important that your dose is reduced gradually, over about 2 weeks. If you suddenly stop taking Lamotrigine tablets your epilepsy may come back or get worse

  1. Psychiatric drug-induced Chronic Brain Impairment (CBI …

    Psychiatric drug-induced Chronic Brain Impairment (CBI): Implications for longterm treatment with psychiatric medication. International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine, 23: 193-200. Peter R. Breggin, MD Abstract: Understanding the hazards associated with long-term exposure to psychiatric drugs is very important but rarely emphasized in the scientific literature and clinical practice. Drawing on the …

  2. Chronic Brain Impairment & Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal …



    04/02/2018 · Dr. Breggin‘s speech was delivered on September 18, 2015 via Skype to a conference sponsored by CEP, the Council for Evidence-based Psychiatry in Great Brita…

    • Author: Peter Breggin MD
    • Views: 12K
  3. Psychiatric drug-induced Chronic Brain Impairment (CBI … · PDF file

    Psychiatric drug-induced Chronic Brain Impairment (CBI): Implications for long­ term treatment with psychiatric medication. l . Peter R. Breggin* Director ofthe Centerfor the Study of Empathic Therapy and Private Practice, Ithaca, New York, USA . Abstract. Understanding the hazards associated with long-term exposure to psychiatric drugs is very important but rarely



Dr  Helen Moorey (Responsible Clinician) Suffolk Ward report dated 31 May 2019 contains disturbing statements,  which I will summarise, from which you can draw your own conclusions:

Sources of information listed are medical records, team discussions and patient interviews.

The report is worded in the most negative terms in respect of Elizabeth and her behaviour but I will leave it up to the reader to draw their own conclusions as to why reports are written in such a way and also why a patient goes downhill to such an extent thanks to the brutal treatment they get on wards such as SUFFOLK.   We feel that because Elizabeth absconded she is now being punished yet Elizabeth has declined and suffered injury as a result of her treatment under ENFIELD.

I must correct the following lies “…………. appeared perplexed and said she believed Police were trying to frame her and that her mother was injecting her friend with Cocaine”    A false misleading statement completely taken out of context either by Dr Moorey or whoever from the treating team?  

Risperidone is mentioned  to try to justify such treatment.   when Elizabeth started Risperidone on the ward she became much calmer and her behaviour more manageable, no longer expressing paranoid thoughts and thinking more logical”

Contradictory remarks that dismiss other professional opinions and that of her family who witnessed agitation, distress, confusion in fact all of the symptoms below whilst ON THE DRUG. 

  • Tremors
  • Blurred vision
  • Weight gain
  • Dizziness
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Sensitivity to sunlight
  • confusion
  • agitation
  • aggression
  • thought impairment
  • chronic pain
  • headaches

Risperidone – Wikipedia
  • Risperidone, sold under the brand name Risperdal among others, is an antipsychotic. It is used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and irritability associated with autism. It is taken either by mouth or by injection into a muscle. The injectable version is long-acting and lasts for about two weeks. Common side effects include movement problems, sleepiness, dizziness, trouble seeing, constipation, and increased weight. Serious side effects may include the potentially permanent movement disorder tardive dyskinesia, as well as neuroleptic malignant syndrome, an increased risk of suicide, and high blood sugar levels.[2][3] In older people with psychosis as a result of dementia, it may increase the risk of dying.[2] It is unclear if it is safe for use in pregnancy.[2] Risperidone is an atypical antipsychotic.[2] Its mechanism of action is not entirely clear, but is believed to be related to its action as a dopamine antagonist and serotonin antagonist.[2]

    Study of risperidone began in the late 1980s and it was approved for sale in the United States in 1993.[2][5] It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system.[6] It is available as a generic medication.[3] The wholesale price in the developing world is between $US 0.01 and $US 0.60 per day as of 2014.[7] The cost for a typical month of medication in the United States is between $US 100-200 as of 2015.[3] In 2016, it was the 159th most prescribed medication in the United States, with nearly 4 million prescriptions.[8

    I as mother and Nearest Relative and next of Kin am accused of influencing Elizabeth’s decision not to return to the ward but Elizabeth was unwell and in bed and as I had a day off I contacted her to say I was present and could she come to the meeting on the ward but apparently Elizabeth was in bed, undressed and suffering from chronic pain.   What a pack of lies!

    On 29th May Elizabeth presented to A&E about concerns re her eyesight and this is not the first time I have heard that.  Yes Blurred vision is mentioned as a side effect and also sensitivity to sunlight and headaches so Elizabeth it would appear had reasonable concerns related to the side effects of this powerful drug.

    Since returning to the ward she appears perplexed and preoccupied with physical issues”  – well she is suffering from withdrawal effects because Elizabeth has been ignored by Drs when she talks of chronic pain and side effects on the drugs.  They do not seem to care less despite the fact it clearly states that they should take notice of serious side effects but it is much easier to ignore.

    Elizabeth has been in temporary accommodation she has not been entirely happy with amongst others in confined space with no lounge or proper kitchen facility.  This is hardly the right environment to get well and she had made a new friend.  Neither were happy with their accommodation and Elizabeth had chosen not to go back or rather was too late to go back because the door was locked at 10.00 pm.  She is made out to be confused and that she did not understand the buses –  Elizabeth and friend were not returning to their scheme but sleeping rough.

    “Since her return to the ward ………….has refused to accept any medication.”

    Well it is about time it is recognised that in Elizabeth’s case medication is clearly not the answer and part of the main problem.   How on earth can you “cure” someone with more and more experimental drugs (most of which have already been tried and tested to no avail) on someone who has been so badly abused at Moti Villa for instance.   This is clearly not the right approach and can have far reaching consequences of brain injury which has been noted in Elizabeth.   It takes her so long to respond to questions and you can see she is struggling to think and communicate unlike before.

    Tardive Dyskinesia is a serious irreversible condition which the drug Risperidone is associated with.  

    There has been aggression and confusion WHILST ON vast quantities of  concomitantly prescribed drug cocktails which should never ever be prescribed for so very long.  This is against guidelines and drugs have been given off label by Doctors knowing full well they are doing wrong yet they are totally unaccountable for the harm they cause to patients like Elizabeth.

    Once again, Past History is recorded incorrectly and full of errors.    It states early traits of borderline personality disorder since age 16.   Instability of mood and poor impulse control.  Not true!   Elizabeth was immaculately behaved at age 16 but was having some problems at school with certain subjects and found it difficult to ask for help so I provided private lessons.    Elizabeth was unhappy at secondary school when her close friend moved to another area.

    MRI scan showed benign tumour at the apex of left petrous temporal lobe.  It is extremely negligent of ENFIELD MENTAL HEALTH PSYCHIATRISTS AND NURSING PERSONNEL to dismiss this as nothing when as stated in file records this needs to be regularly assessed through MRI Scans but this is not being done.  “Lets rule out anything organic” is the response from ENFIELD MENTAL HEALTH.This is why I have turned to brain injury specialists/charities as I feel that Elizabeth is being totally neglected and is not receiving proper assessments on physical health.  They are taking a keen interest as it seems now to be recognised that injury can be caused by faulty prescribing. 

    It is referred to in the report an admission to A&E with disturbed behaviour but completely wrongly recorded that the admission was to Chase Farm when in fact it was to Edgware Hospital where a Doctor had a completely different opinion on diagnosis however it is very much debateable that the real truth of the matter is this is NOT mental illness but “drug induced psychosis” when Elizabeth took herself off Prozac prescribed by her GP at 30mg a day.   This was the first time we saw aggression – the behaviour that is mentioned throughout reports, so in actual fact the damage had been done going way back to circa 2008, when Elizabeth was prescribed Prozac and took herself off “cold turkey” due to the most terrible side effects.  This led to ward admission, labelling and experimentation with vast quantities of dangerous psychiatric drugs prescribed on a trial and error basis.

    I do not like the comments around frequency of admissions whilst at Moti Villa Scheme.

    The true facts are that Elizabeth was forced to remain living at this scheme with no alternative provided and to have to live on ground floor level next to the neighbour who was bringing in all his friends to the scheme who abused Elizabeth in the early hours of the morning whilst staff slept, as captured on CCTV that duly went missing – Police could not find the CCTV.  Elizabeth lost all her valuable possessions.    Not once has there been an apology and Elizabeth was under ENFIELD COMMUNITY REHAB TEAM at the time.    There was a 14 year old drug dealer on the premises who offered Elizabeth drugs.  She was taking 800mg of Quetiapine at the time and could barely function.    The OT (Occupational Therapist) KL was more concerned for the 14 year old streetwise drug dealer than Elizabeth judging by her comments warning Elizabeth that it was against the law to have a relationship with a 14 year old drug dealer allowed to visit the premises of MOTI VILLA, THE RIDGEWAY ENFIELD EN2.  It is also suggested that Elizabeth’s disturbed behaviour by AHMP DM was as a result of wishing to escape her mother.     NO IN FACT ELIZABETH WAS TERRIFIED TO GO BACK TO THE SCHEME AND WAS DOING EVERYTHING TO AVOID THIS AND FELT SAFER IN HOSPITAL  – HOW VERY SAD!   HER BEHAVIOUR WAS TOO UNSTABLE FOR THE FAMILY TO  HAVE HER BACK HOME AND THAT WAS ON 800 mg of QUETIAPINE.

    Interestingly slight irregular EEG background noted but this did not stop Elizabeth from being sent to the shocking Royal Bethlem Hospital for the sole purposes of prescribing Clozapine.   I’ve found all the file notes on this –  it is horrifying and so many disturbing things at this Institution – no wonder it was shrouded in secrecy and Elizabeth was covered in bruises which they deny yet I have it all in the file records Royal Bethlem FM2 Ward.  This is where Elizabeth was referred by Professor Robin Murray  for a drug free period of assessment but this was not done properly and the intention was for Clozapine to be introduced as Elizabeth was showing signs of severe adverse reaction to Quetiapine at 800mg.

    “On 27 March 2012 she was admitted to National Psychosis Unit, Royal Bethlem Hospital Beckenham FM2 Ward where a formal diagnosis of schizophrenia was made.  No! The diagnosis was Treatment Resistant which means poor/non metaboliser which I proved by way of P450 liver enzyme tests. 

    Elizabeth and I would like to thank members of SPEAK OUT AGAINST PSYCHIATRY for their support in a demonstration staged outside this institution where Elizabeth developed tachycardia on titration of Clozapine and where Elizabeth was covered in bruises as a result of restraint.  Finally the truth is coming out – it is no use them stating that they saw no bruises because Nurse AC commented “Im happy with that”.   Well now we all know what happened as I can read all about it and the other most disturbing things at this hospital regarding vital equipment not working etc etc. in the extensive file records I have acquired.

    From NPU Elizabeth was sent to Cambian St Teilo House where the drugging regime continued and Clozapine increased by Dr Alyson Witts who banned Elizabeth from coming home at Xmas stating she was too ill yet allowed a visit just prior and awarded more visiting rights to the rest of the family allowing escorted only visit home to see myself.  I was never included in meetings, I was the Nearest Relative they sought to displace and even tried to arrange vital meetings when I was not informed.   The Tribunal took place over two days and Elizabeth had a brilliant report done by Dr Bob Johnson.  Fortunately Cambian’s luxury offices could not be more conveniently situated for me to visit at Fulham Reach so I visited their offices.



From Cambian to Phoenix House Stepping Stones Care Home where the priority was arranging a CTO and displacing myself as the Nearest Relative.  Got all your shocking conversations especially that Elizabeth had no food at the weekend.  SHAME ON YOU CQC to rate this care home as Good.

I would thoroughly praise the Court of Protection who allowed Elizabeth to come home but we were constantly harassed by ENFIELD COMMUNITY REHAB AND Dr Moorey is mentioned in the file notes.    Dr Moorey facilitated the visits for Enfield Community Rehab Team to infiltrate the CHTT on their visits  home.  My accurate account of our experience is below:



They were reporting for court purposes negatively backing one another up and Elizabeth was told (overheard by one of my appointed carers) “It wont be long before you are back at Phoenix House – a care home where Elizabeth was unhappy in.”

This is abuse on a par with the recent Panorama Programme on Cygnet so as you can see you do not even have to be referred to such institutions as abuse goes on everywhere and ENFIELD is a prime example.   To deprive medication to force return to a care home hundreds of miles away from home and family where Elizabeth had no food at the weekend.

For any Doctor to knowingly prescribe dangerous drugs for well and truly over the manufacturer’s guideline period is negligent.

Not much mention is made of the wonderful care I provided through Working to Recovery and how psychotherapy benefitted Elizabeth – that when she came home we did not recognise her.  She was confident, she could talk indepth without losing her temper, she looked good and has lost weight, was suntanned after coming back from Australia.  She was petrified of heights and going downhill whilst at Mays Cottage where she was forced to attend safeguarding meetings against myself as mother brought about by the local community treatment MH team.    The minutes were sent to the LGO/PHSO who stated breach of code of conduct on the part of the Trust and Enfield Council.

We have seen problems with Elizabeth through neglect –  take for instance “NO TO SECTION 117”  –  This is aftercare so what has been happening is Elizabeth has been dumped into the community time and time again without support.  There is certainly no support under a CTO as this is just being used to abuse a vulnerable person.    The CTO papers are written deliberately negatively so as to fail tribunals and to ensure that the CTO continues providing extra funding to the community team who threaten the vulnerable person with constant mention of recall to hospital where there is a shoestring of staff – it is noisy and volatile and not the right environment to get well in.   Professionals write in the most dreadful manner and like to play on confidentiality using gaslighting techniques and coercion to stop a relative such as myself from seeing the files and that is because it is protection for them to remark that “she doesn’t want you to see the files”  Well I have them and it is no wonder my daughter is not getting the right treatment when there is such a pack of lies written in these files and facts and information incorrect which can only be rectified if there was openness and transparency.

Skimming through this report by Dr Helen Moorey –  it is all deliberately written negatively and all about medication and its importance when the report/previous reports does mention that the medication had no effect whatsoever on Elizabeth.  Talk about contradiction!

It is mentioned that Clopixol Acuphase was injected into Elizabeth, most recently Lorazepam and it was attempted yet again to give Haloperidal to Elizabeth on Suffolk Ward.  The reason they have difficulty in managing patients – I will give you a prime example:

I was just leaving Suffolk Ward when a patient was knocking on the window.  A nurse said “I will report you to Dr Moorey if you keep doing this as we only have two members of staff on duty.   So on these wards patients are neglected just like under private institutions because of staff shortages, lack of therapy – main emphasis on drugs and at the weekend there will be nothing for Elizabeth to do.

They talk about inappropriate behaviour and comments but there is never any mention as to the inappropriate behaviour and comments by the Professionals themselves and this is why I am highlighting this important fact.

There is no mention of the fact that Elizabeth was badly beaten up on Suffolk Ward and had to be transferred to Edgware Hospital Trent Ward with head injury.  A member of  staff from Suffolk Ward told me all about this incident and that is happened in the yard outside.  I very must appreciated the honesty of being informed.

It is mentioned About Section 2 lapsing and put under Section 5.2 but there is no mention of the fact that Elizabeth was ILLEGALLY DETAINED AND HAS AN APOLOGY LETTER.

Attempts were made yet again to displace me as NR as I objected to Section 3.     So an Order was made by AMHP SM under Section 29 MHA to displace the nearest relative  Susan Bevis.  The London Borough of Enfield failed to appoint AHMP SW Debbie Morgan at the Royal Cts of Justice.    Ms Bevis NR was given the wrong court details and was threatened with enormous costs to back out of proceedings when she represented herself in court and provided enormous evidence against the London Borough of Enfield including their safeguarding minutes as an example of how much bullying goes on.   The Judge was most interested in the P450 liver enzyme test results which showed “poor/non metaboliser of psychiatric drugs.”   I then found out that the legal advisers of Enfield Council had not gone back to court –  I was forced to delegate my role which I did for one term only but I was wary of the fact that the underlying S3 was about to expire so I applied as Nearest Relative for Elizabeth’s release only to find out I was indeed the NR and I would most definitely query the previous tribunal  –  at this tribunal I was completely disregarded and no one wanted me up there in the MHA office of Chase Farm Hospital and that is because I corrected their CTO reports which showed Debbie Morgan as NR when in actual fact it was Elizabeth’s sister OR COULD IT HAVE BEEN ME ALL ALONG AS I WAS THREATENED WITH ARREST SIMPLY FOR NOT WISHING TO GO DOWNSTAIRS AND WAIT.   Security was called and when my amended report was submitted to the MHA Office and dismissed like a piece of rubbish when I had spent so much time amending all the errors – the biggest being the wrong Nearest Relative on the report.   So I am questioning the fact that I could have been the NR all along judging by their reaction.


So is it any wonder that Elizabeth has trouble in expressing herself and communicating – the condition of CBI and post traumatic stress disorder is not a mental illness but in fact INJURY.

Constantly behaviour is mentioned relating to Elizabeth – constantly this is wrongly associated with stopping medication when so many of us have noted that Elizabeth is having trouble processing information – that her thinking ability has been impaired because of INJURY and she is being denied physical healthcare under the NHS.

Current Prescribed medication

Risperidone 1.5 mg nocte    NO it is in fact 1mg of the white tablet only and I have the prescription to prove it.

No Elizabeth was not nursed in a Special Care baby unit as mentioned in this report.

She has a folder of qualifications and studied catering but whilst at Westminster College she was on Prozac and could not manage on this drug which totally changed Elizabeth in her appearance and personality like never before.

Capacity and Consent to Treatment and Risk:

Under the Informed Consent Act Elizabeth has not been given full information on the drugs.   She was given Clozapine when she lost capacity at the Royal Bethlem Hospital because she objected to going on this drug in the first place so they just mixed Olanzapine at max BNF levels with Quetiapine causing instability and loss of capacity so that the Clozapine could be introduced with Metformine – contra-indicated drugs.

Elizabeth is refusing treatment at present by way of drugs because they cause physical side effects of pain and severe side effects as mentioned above.   X v FINLAND  ECHR 2012 FORCED DRUGGING WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT IS A LANDMARK CASE,  which Dr Helen Moorey has been made fully aware of.   Elizabeth has FULL capacity in refusing treatment.   It is in fact “lack of capacity and insight” on the part of her treating team to ignore the physical health of my daughter and deny extensive MRI tests to establish the extent of injury when instead they like to “rule out anything organic”.

The fact of the matter is in the US many of these drugs are going through class action and it is only a matter of time until the UK catches up – this shows that the drugs are unsafe and have caused substantial injury – drugs like Risperidone, Aripiprazole, Olanzapine, Clozapine, Prozac – it is not a case of Elizabeth being unwell – it is a case like with so many others under the MENTAL HEALTH CARE OF THE UK THEY HAVE SUFFERED INJURY AND CBI – CHRONIC BRAIN IMPAIRMENT so it is highly negligent of any Doctor to ignore such evidence and now the RcPsych has had to admit about the dangers of anti-depressants and difficulties in withdrawing.

The Opinion is that Risperidone is the answer in well controlling such “symptoms” of thought disorder and delusions when in fact Elizabeth is INJUURED BY THEIR TREATMENT OVER MANY YEARS AT MAX LEVELS OF CONCOMITANTLY PRESCRIBED DRUGS.

Recommendations by Dr Helen Moorey:

“It is my recommendation that …………..has a further period of inpatient treatment.  If discharged from S3 today it is my opinion that ………… will choose to leave hospital and will not stay in her supported accommodation or agree to start treatment and that under these circumstances her health is likely to further deteriorate and she is likely to place herself in situations where she may be vulnerable and pose a risk to others.

The main problem was the environment and accommodation, which was temporary however circumstances have now changed.   Elizabeth has come out as top bidder for a council flat.  She was nervous about the viewing but loved the flat when she saw it.  So this report is dated 31st May and the viewing of the flat was on Friday and Elizabeth now has the keys for her very own flat after all this time and that is because I got involved in assisting her with the bidding as she was losing interest after so very long of being in temporary accommodation miles from home.     It is very important for someone to have stability and at the age of 32 Elizabeth should not be kept in supportive housing/living accommodation as one of the problems is that Elizabeth’s condition of CBI can affect her communication skills and interactions with others so when you put someone like Elizabeth in a shared house, staffed by untrained support workers this is not a brilliant solution.    All the personal budget was going on this scheme and others providing nothing for Elizabeth to do in the community.    What a shambles community care is when it is simply not provided and a hospital in need of their beds just dump people into the community after weeks/months/years on their wards without any proper support in place and I have the discharge procedures of Chase Farm Hospital which I will include on another blog.   So now that Elizabeth has her own peaceful flat and not shared accommodation there is hope for recovery.   My father with Alzheimers had his own flat and with direct payments I employed regular staff. which benefitted him.     


Cecile comments that Elizabeth gets irritated when staff prompt her to comply with oral medication –     X v Finland 2012 ECHR – Drugging without Informed Consent!  The question is who wouldn’t be irritated to be offered a drug previously found to be allergic to which is totally ineffective and we have seen that at first hand having had Elizabeth at home and that goes for all the other drugs as mentioned in a file note that none of them have had any effect.  Professionals should in my opinion try the drugs themselves so that THEY have insight but how many of them would wish to risk their lives.

The ward have put her on 15 minutes of observation –  I think that is appalling – just imagine how anyone would feel being on 15 minutes of observation.  How restrictive is this is this classed as care ?  Of recent the Dad started keeping in touch by calling? – this is not what I heard from Elizabeth.

It is not true to say that Elizabeth’s friend visits her on the grounds as now currently she is not allowed out at all and is kept a prisoner on Suffolk Ward.

Report states that Elizabeth keeps a low profile with minimal interaction with both staff and other patients Good! – as having read these reports how can you possibly trust anyone.  So why in that case is she on 15 minutes watch?

Cecile comments she has no insight of her illness.    Her personal care is OK.    It is the team who choose not to have any insight due to the fact an MRI scan is long overdue.  Elizabeth apparently becomes more paranoid when prompted to engage with ward activities.     This is why her own flat is the best solution and a CTO completely wrong – there are at least 5 mentions of Aspergers in the file but there is even greater evidence when you look at the vast quantities of drugs prescribed that injury has occurred.  So it all seems to be about drug pushing in breach of human rights, lack of proper assessments in terms of MRI scans, injections and threats.   Elizabeth is terrified of injections.    Elizabeth has the condition of complex PTSD which only recently has been admitted under Enfield for the first time but PTSD is an injury.   Elizabeth gets terrified if someone gets too close to her – it is noted she has not been secluded or restrained but how else was Elizabeth injected then?

So once again Cecile feels a CTO is the right course of action so she can be better managed and not only that she suggests a depot injection although it is unclear what depot injection she refers.   So how much does a CTO cost and this would go to the community team who state “NO TO SECTION 117” AFTERCARE.     

Before any Depot Injections are forcibly given – the Brain Injury Charities need to do their assessments  as reading through the file records points to gross inaccuracy and error.



Cecile refers to affects on “hearing” but seems to be confused mixing up he with she –  who on earth is “he”?   It must be costing at least £900 per night and there is no way Elizabeth will ever get better in this environment of Suffolk Ward.


Perhaps detention on Suffolk Ward may have been long and drawn out due to her being unsettled in her temporary accommodation however now Elizabeth has got a great start ahead.   I would like her care transferred following a proper assessment to any one of three brain injury specialist charities who can assess the extent of injury caused and then I would feel rest assured that finally Elizabeth is getting the right treatment in the community.

 CECILE SHALO recommends to detain Elizabeth and force drug her with depot injections in breach of X v Finland ECHR 2012 – being kept a prisoner on such a ward is enough to make anyone feel distressed that is for sure.   

This attitude of continuance with a drugging regime previously found to be ineffective and of a nature that has caused INJURY is most certainly negligent and to ignore the evidence is causing MORE HARM THAN GOOD and I  want there to be accountability if anything happens to my daughter because of her “treatment” by these Professionals who discard research and evidence by Psychiatrist Dr Peter Breggin and even by the ROYAL COLLEGE OF PSYCHIATRY WHO AFTER ALL THESE YEARS HAVE HAD TO ANNOUNCE AND ADMIT THE TRUTH ABOUT ANTI-DEPRESSANTS.   These professionals are in breach of the law – the Informed Consent Act 2017.  

The best thing would be for Elizabeth to be referred to the RADAR project to be under Dr Joanna Moncrieff who is researching the true effects of withdrawal from powerful medications prescribed long term. 

It is a great pity that more Doctors do not consider the harm they are doing.

I would also point out that it is not true that Elizabeth does not want to share information with me.   This is the latest information she has shared and also it has been suggested that Elizabeth may not be happy with my blog but Elizabeth knows all about it and I have her opinion in text message.   She has also written on the blog itself.

At the recent CPA meeting I was nearly stopped from going in when I could produce evidence by way of text message.

The system is so very wrong when professionals and secrecy is played upon to avoid any legal action if harm is caused to anyone which in this case is Elizabeth whose treating team totally dismiss the fact that Elizabeth is a poor/non metaboliser of psychiatric drugs, prone to adverse drug reaction and past reports that state that the drugs have no effect and do not work.     They also dismiss conflict of opinion on diagnosis in favour of “Paranoid Schizophrenia”.   


Dr Helen Moorey

Dr Jeremy Greening

Cecile Shalo


If Depot Injections are given to Elizabeth they will be against the Informed Consent Act 2017 and in breach of X v Finland ECHR 2012 Drugging without informed consent.  The UK is without doubts in breach of human rights and patients like my daughter are knowingly being drugged on dangerous medications that do not work and have no benefit whilst Psychiatrists try to justify their use but I have read Dr Peter Breggin’s research and there is must dishonesty within Psychiatry and much money being made out of misery. 

The best thing that could have happened to Elizabeth is being awarded her own flat so the longer Dr Moorey detains Elizabeth the more wastage of public money when for a fraction of money by way of direct payments were awarded Elizabeth could be helped moved successfully into her very own home.   

Elizabeth has just contacted me to ask me to come to the ward to bring some clothes but I have been so busy today.   I am gradually taking things round to her beautiful new flat and I am trying to sort out her housing benefit.  How on earth could Elizabeth manage without some help in this respect.  She has been damaged with CBI as a result of her treatment.








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