Yesterday’s ward round took place and again my request for Section 17 leave refused. Elizabeth will neither be able to come home at Easter or spend any time with family unsupervised. Instead she will spend much of her time inside as I did not realise she had so little entitlement for fresh air and exercise. Whilst other patients are allowed out in the grounds alone Elizabeth is not and staff (someone called Helen) tucks her into bed during the day and she spends most of her time in her room, trying to keep warm. She has caught covid on the ward and nobody bothered to tell us as we are regarded as nothing in this institution. She wears pyjamas during day and night and now struggles to walk. I am concerned about the extra injections of prn which Elizabeth thinks are given in punishment for I/C. To give such injections straight afterwards sounds to me like she could be right. During my shortened visit which was only allowed outside due to covid, Elizabeth was cold and had to go back inside to get a coat. Elizabeth sat on a bench with me, witnessed by a ‘family friend’. I managed to sort out WhatsApp for her. Her phone was dead but I brought a charger with me. WhatsApp is where I send photos of her cat who she misses so much as well as home. No idea how much per week this unit costs but would not be surprised if it was over £5000 pw and not benefitting her at all. There seems to be staff shortages on the ward and sometimes only male nurses on duty. Elizabeth complained about her toe nails hurting which was pointed out to staff supervising but nothing done so I understand. Elizabeth was pleased to see me but the visit was cut short due to a CPA which apparently did not take place. I thought my visit was for one hour but I have only just found out just how restrictive a prison this facility actually is. I thought at least 30 minutes a day was allowed but I was wrong as the carer’s rep mentioned 30 minutes twice a week which is nothing. Elizabeth looked pale and overweight. The new coat I bought her for her Birthday did not fit around her stomach. Through lack of exercise and fresh air Elizabeth did not look at all well and complained she could hardly walk – not surprisingly. The only thing she looks forward to is my visit bringing her a few nice things – healthy treats and some money. Her breathing is not good at all and this was pointed out by the previous care coordinator in former area but nobody under this team has anything to say about this or the discharge note stating all physical health concerns and now possibly breast cancer. It has now been 6 months of imprisonment under Lincolnshire Partnership Trust (because of failure by the NHS to get the depot in place in the local area where we now live) and to be frank she would have been treated better in prison. I had visited the golf club nearby to buy something nice to eat for her and her friend to share. Elizabeth was ordered into the building by staff stating there was a CPA which she did not even attend or took place without her. Absolutely no consideration is given to carers who have to drive a fair distance to visit and now I do not even feel comfortable to visit alone after nurse (FB) accused me of assaulting a member of staff last week and they called Police again on me. This morning I wrote to Pals and added my concerns regarding the awful event last Sunday and I requested CCTV footage not just for this but for the in respect of the Ward Manager’s letter sent Special Delivery accusing me of threatening intimidating behaviour. All evidence would have surely been recorded one way or the other because you simply cannot go by a word staff say having read court papers and especially after last Sunday’s visit. I have nothing to hide so let’s see the evidence. All this is done to destroy your character and undermine you as an unfit parent/carer by NHS personnel who are desperately trying to protect themselves and they do this by discrediting you which amounts to bullying, all of them sticking together and protected by the carer’s rep so it would appear who is acting like a shield and defensive towards the staff not acting in your interest or speaking up for you as a parent and carer.

I am so concerned at the way my daughter is being treated that I recently raised a safeguarding and it was then I discovered that I was not under any safeguarding myself which I thought I might have been due to the restrictions towards me on visiting.

Staff at Ash Villa advised that such restrictions are in line with their Policy and that my daughter was on a different section that warranted such restriction but whilst I am still Nearest Relative, I should be entitled to know such information but no-one wishes to say a word. The MHA Office has failed to respond to my emails when I requested the link to the last tribunal which my daughter wanted me to attend.

There is no doubt Elizabeth’s physical health is declining under this dreadful institution, the worst we have ever come across.

As per the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 Ash Villa is in breach of the following:

Ensuring the privacy of the service user;

Supporting the autonomy, independence and involvement in the community of the service user;

A health service body must act in an open and transparent way with relevant persons including NR’s in relation to care and treatment provided to service users in carrying on a regulated activity.

Severe harm, moderate harm or prolonged psychological harm to the service user.


It was revealed by Dr S. that no Section 17 will be granted, no explanation given. The only entitlement is thirty minutes in the grounds twice a week supervised only so straight away this is not going in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 above in bold. This is punishment not care and even if there was dislike towards me there is no excuse to treat Elizabeth in this manner and deprive exercise and fresh air to her. I had not been writing a blog or publicising anything to do with care here. I had hoped it would be possible to make a fresh start.

It was revealed that Rehab was considered best option rather than discharge home so no note has been made of the previous CTR and the fact that Elizabeth had backing to come back home though nothing in the way of support was put in her independent flat. No respect for Elizabeth wanting to come back home or for her family.

We are so fed up with the NHS that we as a family will be prepared to provide everything privately including the depot so she could in fact come home as after 6 months of not benefitting by restrictive prison style facilities, surely something can be provided for her in the community and if they can’t then I will. The excuse they make seems to hinge upon Elizabeth’s return back to their facility after a successful stay with her family over Xmas. They say now their plans have changed as a result and this is all very wrong because on return to Ash Villa she was thrown into meetings and Tribunal which was overwhelming for her. They do not understand autism one bit and choose to ignore the fact that whilst Elizabeth’s screenings for autism have all come out positive, she does not have an official diagnosis.

Physical health appointments have had to be cancelled, she is placed on a waiting list as an urgent referral for cancer tests, MRI scan previously refused for Limbic System plus no blood test done, (though on this second occasion) she did refuse. The scan should come first in any case which was flatly refused previously.

Several doctors have left, replaced with new doctors.

The ward round was short, distressing and achieved nothing other than confirmation of their future plans for rehab which the RC said everyone agreed on. I do not think some members of staff are that happy about what is going on under Ash Villa but feel that this is a culture thereunder rife with bullying as I have been bullied myself by nursing staff and Management of Ash Villa to such an enormous extent where I have had to request CCTV evidence to support me.

I hope safeguarding done on Ash Villa will scrutinise thoroughly recent events and what goes on behind closed doors as I have nothing whatsoever to hide otherwise I would not be writing openly.

Ash Villa seen to have adopted their own policy, code of conduct and rules where no human rights exist and no Dignity or Respect towards patients and carers as evidenced. They are most certainly in breach of the Health and Social Care Act 2008, MHA law and human rights law but how many more institutions such as this are failing vulnerable people like my daughter whilst focus is on Ukraine right now. Thought should never be ignored about the abuse going on towards the weak and vulnerable in care homes and institutions throughout the UK especially when the UK is offering to take in migrants from Ukraine who may be badly traumatised. God forbid if they end up under the UK’s failing mental health facilities.

Meanwhile builders are getting on very well with demolishing the old garage and we now have the comprehensive plans to provide/build a separate living accommodation but this team at Ash Villa do not want her to come home in accordance with her wishes and have no respect towards patients or carers alike in contradiction of their Charter.

As I feel so unrepresented and unsupported I have had to seek advocacy myself.


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