On this lovely sunny day I made the usual journey to visit my daughter at Ash Villa, Sleaford. I takes me over an hour. Elizabeth was excited and happy about me visiting as I always bring her some nice things. I give her money for the week also. She had made a list of things she wanted me to bring her.

Here are some of Elizbeth’s most recent messages:

“There is a man in Ash Villa and his comments were not nice to women”

Is that right what you told me that J injected you for incontinence “yes” pls report this.

“Can you bring a bike for me to ride around here”

“I’m still awake cant get comfy I wanna ride a bike through Sleaford Forest.”

“K one of the young girls who helped me on the shower said we’re nice here – duno what she means”

“K says you are lovely to be around when you are well”

“they are nasty and spiteful”

“The chaplain came see me he had a ??cat.”

“Can you bring me a picture of fluffy.”

“I’m so looking forward to seeing you ag”

I took the email below as permission to visit Ash Villa today at my usual time and assumed that if there was any problem I would have been advised by the Carers Champion, my only point of contact. I had written to her below following Ward Road but heard nothing and I would always ask permission and visit on a Sunday at 2.00 pm which is over an hour’s journey for me so I make a day of it.

Sent: 01 April 2022 14:56
To: susan bevis;; Enquiries;

Subject: RE: Ward Round 01.04.2022

Dear Ms Bevis,

I have just left the meeting, and have another in 5 minutes.

I am happy to consider s17 for Sunday in hospital grounds.

I will respond to the rest of your questions next week. You could also liaise with Z as she is very well informed about the outcome of the meeting just finished.

Best wishes

Dr H Shahpesandy

From: susan bevis <>
Sent: 01 April 2022 14:38
Subject: Ward Round 01.04.2022

Dear Z/Dr Shahpasandy

Due technical problems on the part of Ash Villa and ward round commencing late and time being short I wanted to make the following points and confirm what was agreed.

First of all I am hoping to visit my daughter on Sunday 3 April and wish to book ground leave at 2.00 pm.  Please confirm?

It was discussed, following discovery of lump/s on Elizabeth’s breast that an urgent referral has been made to Oncology for an assessment,  appointment to take place within two weeks.   I had offered to pay privately for an immediate appointment but this you declined.

It was discussed about the MRI scan –  the scan, previously refused by you has now been agreed but I am unsure whether a referral has been made?

I could not hear what was being said about the blood test re Limbic System.   Elizabeth agreed to this when I explained what it was for so I would like your confirmation that this has been done.

I still have received no answers as to Section 26 – an explanation to me as NR why I am not allowed leave with Elizabeth other than supervised.

Safeguarding was mentioned at last ward round to be going on against me but as I am excluded from such meetings surely this is against natural justice?   There therefore needs to be a Section 42 meeting with Police/everyone present.  This could ruin career chances for me and my dbs.   I won the previous Ombudsman case when safeguarding went on secretly behind my back previously.  Please therefore ensure that a Section 42 meeting with entire family present is arranged

You confirmed the Manager’s hearing would be in April.   I am referring this to the CQC as I am still Nearest Relative and have been ignored by the MHA Office and feel like I am being bullied out of my role as NR by threats of legal action re displacement and not only that, in the case of our Power of Attorney.  I have been bullied and threatened so many times with legal action that if this is the route if I end up in court representing myself again the good thing is I did a very thorough job and this will bring about openness and transparency regarding everything Ash Villa or the  community MH resource centre or similar department is doing behind my back.

You said the plan had changed since Xmas in terms of release.  When I asked what the latest plan was you declined to answer.  Following successful leave at home without any problems, Elizabeth came back to your ward unsettled.  Well it was no wonder why.  She had started to settle down at home and was happy to be at home then had to come back to your ward and be faced with Tribunal and meetings which she absolutely hates.   Her presentation on her return back to your ward has been used as an excuse in terms of justification for her still being incarcerated after all this length of time, being held just like a prisoner.

Talking about punishment that is what we see you are doing by depriving any S17 leave and treating my daughter like a prisoner.  As I said at the ward round you are in breach of Art 8 and 3 of the Human Rights Act.  

I also feel as though there is discrimination against Elizabeth’s religious rights to go to church and to have a visit from Georgina Machell.  I have notified my concerns to Reverend Georgina Machell.  I am notifying the local churches how I feel my daughter is being deprived/discriminated against in this respect.

As regards delegation of my role as NR I have no intention of doing so until a Manager’s Hearing is called which you said would be end of April.  I have explained to Elizabeth who has had enough of being on your ward held a prisoner on such lengthy detention with such restrictive practice and this is not what she wants.  You have already said the matter of legal action against us as Attorneys is being dealt with separately.  Everything is being done to discredit us as parents and I want this thoroughly looked into.

After all this time, still nothing in place in the community so behind the scenes there are clearly other plans that you do not wish to disclose which is why I wanted that Manager’s hearing which comes under mental health law.  I as NR am entitled to call such Manager’s Hearing which request on my part is something that S.J in charge of the MHA office has avoided response to which I will get the CQC to look into as I feel that my daughter’s human rights are being abused under Ash Villa and she wishes to come home.  She has told you that on numerous occasions.

I am also concerned that B. the advocate from Voiceability should be allowed to see Elizabeth alone without any members of staff being present and this has not been the case at all from what Elizabeth has told me.  


Susan Bevis

I arrived early in Sleaford at St Andrews Church, Kelby. The history of this church is impressive, 12C parish church with 13th and 14th C additions nd tower/spire rebuilt in 1850. dating back to 1850. It is a Grade 1 Listed Building. It is a shame this church has been neglected in terms of condition. The service was very nice and I updated Reverend Georgina Machell on the latest re Elizabeth and said I would be visiting her later. I voiced my concern that the Carer’s Rep ZB had contacted me to say they had to refer Elizabeth for urgent Oncology tests due to a lump or lumps on her breast. I told her that restrictions were still placed against me visiting the ward and seeing my daughter other than supervised visits much like in prison and I voiced concerns that my daughter has told us the family that she is being abused.

After this I went swimming and then made my way to see Elizabeth.

When I arrived at Ash Villa, my usual time of 2.00 pm, I was confronted by two members of staff at the front door and I explained that I had permission to visit Elizabeth. The acute nurse FB said they knew nothing about my visit and that no visits were allowed because of yet another case of covid. It is not surprising that covid spreads easily in this facility because there are no ensuites and shared bath/shower rooms. Elizabeth has told me she has had to change rooms a few times. The member of staff accompanying FB was a HCA (VL). When I looked at her name back she tried to cover this up with her hand and I found their approach towards me as quite intimidating as all I wanted was to hand the things I have brought to Elizabeth as I wanted to make sure she had got them.

I knew I would not be allowed on the ward to visit so I then said what about her entitlement to come out in the grounds for 1 hour (Elizabeth had not been allowed out that day) I had driven for over an hour to visit. The answer was a firm no. No intention to allow me Elizabeth out in the grounds not even for 5 minutes. I noticed several other patients outside in the fresh air unescorted so I enquired why could Elizabeth not come out in the fresh air for her 1 hour break obviously keeping a distance away from me. I was again told no which was very upsetting. Elizabeth wanted me to visit today. I was then advised to come back again during the week but they just do not appreciate how expensive it is to drive all that way, not to be allowed even 5 minutes just to pass over the things I brought and be assured Elizabeth has them. I found staff to be intimidating and threatening towards me. They wanted proof so I had showed them the email as above from her doctor but this made no difference. I then asked if I could hand my daughter’s things to her. They had by this time led her to a room where the sash window was very slightly open and I was advised Police had been called. Sure enough several police cars turned up . I could just about see Elizabeth through the small opening in the window. FB accused me of assaulting a member of staff. This serious allegation made Elizabeth flare up and yell at staff to “get away from her” and she said “no my mother has not assaulted a member of staff”. I said in response to the slanderous accusations that there was CCTV all around. I later obtained a reference number from Police just in case matters got escalated. There was a male nurse present also in the small room busy writing some kind of report. I wanted to help Elizabeth with WhatsApp as she is unable to receive photos of her cat I had sent her but the phone battery was quite dead so before I left the premises I asked Police if they could ensure it was charging and I explained staff put the phone in her locker making it difficult for family to have contact. The situation at Ash Villa is becoming more disturbing and something is going on behind my back that is for sure.

I just feel alone and unsupported – I get to hear through Elizabeth her distress of several letters going missing.

I was asked by Police to remove my car which I did.

I then drove back home.

I was advised I should get an advocate to look into what was going on behind my back. It is not very nice at all when so many are against you and I cannot think of a better way to describe their actions as bullying.

When I first arrived FB (acute nurse) said she was sorry for the mis-communication as I had shown her the email. The same degrading thing happened at Ward Round which is virtual. I could not get into the meeting on the link already sent which did not work then received an email stating “can I please join the meeting” However, I waiting to be admitted and noone was allowing me in to this meeting. It narrowed the time down to virtually nothing. It was supposed to be 30 minutes but more like 10. Because I hardly got to say what I wanted I put everything in writing afterwards and the response is above.

It is a horrible when a whole team of “professionals” gang up against you, holding secret meeting and slag you off behind you back under safeguarding for which you are excluded. There was another member of staff hanging about outside and because I was so concerned they would all back one another alleging I had assaulted a member of staff I made a point of telephoning police when I arrived home and getting a reference number.

Lincs Police were professional in their dealing towards me. I was always looked upon sympathetically in the former area by Police who my daughter regarded as her friends. She would call police and ambulance because she was lonely as they never provided any care in her independent flat. This is why we moved hoping to be treated better in this new area but everything has been a disaster. I have had all this work done to my house just to benefit Elizabeth and am now beginning to commence the building works for Elizabeth’s separate living accommodation.

Elizabeth said she saw the Chaplain but he was not allowed to see Elizabeth alone. She told him that she was very unhappy at Ash Villa. She said he was going to visit her again.

It is the same with the advocate of Voiceability. I always thought it was unlawful for a member of staff to be present and listening to a private meeting with her advocate, correct me if I am wrong here. I thought the idea of an advocate was to see a patient on their own but not even the dignity of this is allowed by staff at Ash Villa.

I have been sent an article “Importance of ‘I’ in IMHA by Catherine Pease Consultant Solicitor of Peter Edwards law about the independence of advocates and how mental health professionals view and treat IMHAs. One advocate said “I have been asked on numerous occasions what my view is in relation to someone’s treatment or asked to attend professionals meeting without the service user present. I am staggered at the lack of understanding by some professionals as to my role as an independent advocate and their surprise that I do not hold a clinical view on their required treatment.” Apparently a social worker/care coordinator had asked this advocate to contribute towards a social circumstances report for Tribunal who was very surprised when the advocate declined wanting information to strengthen an argument in favour of the patient’s ongoing detention. This shows how awful professionals behave and another advocate said she was asked to attend meetings in the absence of the patient and not to tell them about forthcoming ward rounds or inform them about their care and treatment plans in case they get upset and cause trouble on the ward.

I will have to feature more on this topic on another blog together with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014, the contents of which are very interesting. “Service users must be treated with dignity and respect.” Dignity and Respect – None whatsoever exists at Ash Villa. Elizabeth has not even got her care plan and cannot find any of her letters she said were from her solicitors. I can only assume these were on her detention continuing. Perhaps the tribunal went on behind her back but she was in fact given the excuse the care coordinator could not attend for some reason and the tribunal was adjourned. I have since asked for a Manager’s Hearing as I am still the Nearest Relative and Elizabeth agrees with what I have done.

The other interesting article I have seen is

Medscape is the leading source of clinical news, health information and point-of-care tools for healthcare professionals. Medscape offers specialists, primary care doctors and other health professionals the most robust and integrated medical information and educational tools.

Medscape Education ( is the leading destination for continuous professional development, consisting of more than 30 speciality-focused destinations offering thousands of free C.M.E AND C.E courses and other educational programs for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Very interesting article featured:

“United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust ordered to pay £111,204 in fines and legal costs after pleading guilty to failing to provide safe care and treatment to an elderly patient, causing them avoidable harm, following a sentencing hearing on Friday 25 March at Boston Magistrates Court.”

The case was taken by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) under regulations 12 and 22 of the Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014.

I do not feel my daughter is safe under Ash Villa with covid case after covid case and having to wait for an appointment that we as a family would have provided immediately for an urgent oncology assessment in light of the lump on her breast. She was expecting a visit from Junior Dr RM about the blood test on Friday morning but Elizabeth said she did not turn up as expected. I have been told by a leading expert in any case that the scan should come first and this is what has been consistently denied to Elizabeth by her Doctor who says a scan is unjustified, yet it is HIS research and study into the Limbic System that is being denied to Elizabeth which is surprising.

I think that Section 3 has been renewed and at ward round it was discussed about the Manager’s Hearing being end of April.

I will finish this blog with Elizabeth’s most recent comments “I am desperately waiting to come out of this dreadful hospital”.


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