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New Responsible Clinician Dr S I

Responsible Clinician Dr H M S

Ward Manager A B

Carers Rep ZB

Dr I has only recently taken over from Dr S and Ward Round is changed to Thursdays.

Last weekend’s visit followed everywhere by two members of staff all around the grounds.

CCTV installed outside Elizabeth’s room.

Still waiting to hear from MHA Office Manager regarding link to Tribunal as Elizabeth wants me to attend.

Have requested CCTV footage from FREEDOM Fire and Security regarding alleged assault in grounds whilst standing next to CCTV cameras on 3 April. FOI request also submitted to Trust Records. Still waiting to hear.

Turned to Adults safeguarding as most concerned regarding Elizabeth’s welfare re lack of exercise and fresh air and also now possible cancer on waiting list for Oncology when I could have provided the necessary tests privately.

Paid £38 for chiropodist to visit Ash Villa as Ash Villa cannot cater for this leaving patients in pain.

From: ZB
Sent: Friday, April 8, 2022 4:49:43 PM
To: susan bevis <>
Subject: Sundays leave

Good afternoon Susan

It has been raised that you wish for 1 hour ground leave on Sunday

This will not be granted.

The Section 17 leave that is in place is for 30 Minutes twice a week.

30 minutes has been taken today the reminder can be taken on Sunday.

To be clear you have 30 Minutes ground leave booked in for Sunday at 14.00pm

Kind regards


Carer Champion

Ash Villa


NG34 8QA

Working hours Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00 pm

The Visits are barely worth coming to flanked by two members of staff. Vicious threats to arrest me for assault on a member of staff. My daughter’s complaints to CQC not dealt with.

An inspection urgently needs to take place at Ash Villa Lincolnshire Partnership Trust.




Yesterday’s ward round took place and again my request for Section 17 leave refused. Elizabeth will neither be able to come home at Easter or spend any time with family unsupervised. Instead she will spend much of her time inside as I did not realise she had so little entitlement for fresh air and exercise. Whilst other patients are allowed out in the grounds alone Elizabeth is not and staff (someone called Helen) tucks her into bed during the day and she spends most of her time in her room, trying to keep warm. She has caught covid on the ward and nobody bothered to tell us as we are regarded as nothing in this institution. She wears pyjamas during day and night and now struggles to walk. I am concerned about the extra injections of prn which Elizabeth thinks are given in punishment for I/C. To give such injections straight afterwards sounds to me like she could be right. During my shortened visit which was only allowed outside due to covid, Elizabeth was cold and had to go back inside to get a coat. Elizabeth sat on a bench with me, witnessed by a ‘family friend’. I managed to sort out WhatsApp for her. Her phone was dead but I brought a charger with me. WhatsApp is where I send photos of her cat who she misses so much as well as home. No idea how much per week this unit costs but would not be surprised if it was over £5000 pw and not benefitting her at all. There seems to be staff shortages on the ward and sometimes only male nurses on duty. Elizabeth complained about her toe nails hurting which was pointed out to staff supervising but nothing done so I understand. Elizabeth was pleased to see me but the visit was cut short due to a CPA which apparently did not take place. I thought my visit was for one hour but I have only just found out just how restrictive a prison this facility actually is. I thought at least 30 minutes a day was allowed but I was wrong as the carer’s rep mentioned 30 minutes twice a week which is nothing. Elizabeth looked pale and overweight. The new coat I bought her for her Birthday did not fit around her stomach. Through lack of exercise and fresh air Elizabeth did not look at all well and complained she could hardly walk – not surprisingly. The only thing she looks forward to is my visit bringing her a few nice things – healthy treats and some money. Her breathing is not good at all and this was pointed out by the previous care coordinator in former area but nobody under this team has anything to say about this or the discharge note stating all physical health concerns and now possibly breast cancer. It has now been 6 months of imprisonment under Lincolnshire Partnership Trust (because of failure by the NHS to get the depot in place in the local area where we now live) and to be frank she would have been treated better in prison. I had visited the golf club nearby to buy something nice to eat for her and her friend to share. Elizabeth was ordered into the building by staff stating there was a CPA which she did not even attend or took place without her. Absolutely no consideration is given to carers who have to drive a fair distance to visit and now I do not even feel comfortable to visit alone after nurse (FB) accused me of assaulting a member of staff last week and they called Police again on me. This morning I wrote to Pals and added my concerns regarding the awful event last Sunday and I requested CCTV footage not just for this but for the in respect of the Ward Manager’s letter sent Special Delivery accusing me of threatening intimidating behaviour. All evidence would have surely been recorded one way or the other because you simply cannot go by a word staff say having read court papers and especially after last Sunday’s visit. I have nothing to hide so let’s see the evidence. All this is done to destroy your character and undermine you as an unfit parent/carer by NHS personnel who are desperately trying to protect themselves and they do this by discrediting you which amounts to bullying, all of them sticking together and protected by the carer’s rep so it would appear who is acting like a shield and defensive towards the staff not acting in your interest or speaking up for you as a parent and carer.

I am so concerned at the way my daughter is being treated that I recently raised a safeguarding and it was then I discovered that I was not under any safeguarding myself which I thought I might have been due to the restrictions towards me on visiting.

Staff at Ash Villa advised that such restrictions are in line with their Policy and that my daughter was on a different section that warranted such restriction but whilst I am still Nearest Relative, I should be entitled to know such information but no-one wishes to say a word. The MHA Office has failed to respond to my emails when I requested the link to the last tribunal which my daughter wanted me to attend.

There is no doubt Elizabeth’s physical health is declining under this dreadful institution, the worst we have ever come across.

As per the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 Ash Villa is in breach of the following:

Ensuring the privacy of the service user;

Supporting the autonomy, independence and involvement in the community of the service user;

A health service body must act in an open and transparent way with relevant persons including NR’s in relation to care and treatment provided to service users in carrying on a regulated activity.

Severe harm, moderate harm or prolonged psychological harm to the service user.


It was revealed by Dr S. that no Section 17 will be granted, no explanation given. The only entitlement is thirty minutes in the grounds twice a week supervised only so straight away this is not going in accordance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 above in bold. This is punishment not care and even if there was dislike towards me there is no excuse to treat Elizabeth in this manner and deprive exercise and fresh air to her. I had not been writing a blog or publicising anything to do with care here. I had hoped it would be possible to make a fresh start.

It was revealed that Rehab was considered best option rather than discharge home so no note has been made of the previous CTR and the fact that Elizabeth had backing to come back home though nothing in the way of support was put in her independent flat. No respect for Elizabeth wanting to come back home or for her family.

We are so fed up with the NHS that we as a family will be prepared to provide everything privately including the depot so she could in fact come home as after 6 months of not benefitting by restrictive prison style facilities, surely something can be provided for her in the community and if they can’t then I will. The excuse they make seems to hinge upon Elizabeth’s return back to their facility after a successful stay with her family over Xmas. They say now their plans have changed as a result and this is all very wrong because on return to Ash Villa she was thrown into meetings and Tribunal which was overwhelming for her. They do not understand autism one bit and choose to ignore the fact that whilst Elizabeth’s screenings for autism have all come out positive, she does not have an official diagnosis.

Physical health appointments have had to be cancelled, she is placed on a waiting list as an urgent referral for cancer tests, MRI scan previously refused for Limbic System plus no blood test done, (though on this second occasion) she did refuse. The scan should come first in any case which was flatly refused previously.

Several doctors have left, replaced with new doctors.

The ward round was short, distressing and achieved nothing other than confirmation of their future plans for rehab which the RC said everyone agreed on. I do not think some members of staff are that happy about what is going on under Ash Villa but feel that this is a culture thereunder rife with bullying as I have been bullied myself by nursing staff and Management of Ash Villa to such an enormous extent where I have had to request CCTV evidence to support me.

I hope safeguarding done on Ash Villa will scrutinise thoroughly recent events and what goes on behind closed doors as I have nothing whatsoever to hide otherwise I would not be writing openly.

Ash Villa seen to have adopted their own policy, code of conduct and rules where no human rights exist and no Dignity or Respect towards patients and carers as evidenced. They are most certainly in breach of the Health and Social Care Act 2008, MHA law and human rights law but how many more institutions such as this are failing vulnerable people like my daughter whilst focus is on Ukraine right now. Thought should never be ignored about the abuse going on towards the weak and vulnerable in care homes and institutions throughout the UK especially when the UK is offering to take in migrants from Ukraine who may be badly traumatised. God forbid if they end up under the UK’s failing mental health facilities.

Meanwhile builders are getting on very well with demolishing the old garage and we now have the comprehensive plans to provide/build a separate living accommodation but this team at Ash Villa do not want her to come home in accordance with her wishes and have no respect towards patients or carers alike in contradiction of their Charter.

As I feel so unrepresented and unsupported I have had to seek advocacy myself.

On this lovely sunny day I made the usual journey to visit my daughter at Ash Villa, Sleaford. I takes me over an hour. Elizabeth was excited and happy about me visiting as I always bring her some nice things. I give her money for the week also. She had made a list of things she wanted me to bring her.

Here are some of Elizbeth’s most recent messages:

“There is a man in Ash Villa and his comments were not nice to women”

Is that right what you told me that J injected you for incontinence “yes” pls report this.

“Can you bring a bike for me to ride around here”

“I’m still awake cant get comfy I wanna ride a bike through Sleaford Forest.”

“K one of the young girls who helped me on the shower said we’re nice here – duno what she means”

“K says you are lovely to be around when you are well”

“they are nasty and spiteful”

“The chaplain came see me he had a ??cat.”

“Can you bring me a picture of fluffy.”

“I’m so looking forward to seeing you ag”

I took the email below as permission to visit Ash Villa today at my usual time and assumed that if there was any problem I would have been advised by the Carers Champion, my only point of contact. I had written to her below following Ward Road but heard nothing and I would always ask permission and visit on a Sunday at 2.00 pm which is over an hour’s journey for me so I make a day of it.

Sent: 01 April 2022 14:56
To: susan bevis;; Enquiries;

Subject: RE: Ward Round 01.04.2022

Dear Ms Bevis,

I have just left the meeting, and have another in 5 minutes.

I am happy to consider s17 for Sunday in hospital grounds.

I will respond to the rest of your questions next week. You could also liaise with Z as she is very well informed about the outcome of the meeting just finished.

Best wishes

Dr H Shahpesandy

From: susan bevis <>
Sent: 01 April 2022 14:38
Subject: Ward Round 01.04.2022

Dear Z/Dr Shahpasandy

Due technical problems on the part of Ash Villa and ward round commencing late and time being short I wanted to make the following points and confirm what was agreed.

First of all I am hoping to visit my daughter on Sunday 3 April and wish to book ground leave at 2.00 pm.  Please confirm?

It was discussed, following discovery of lump/s on Elizabeth’s breast that an urgent referral has been made to Oncology for an assessment,  appointment to take place within two weeks.   I had offered to pay privately for an immediate appointment but this you declined.

It was discussed about the MRI scan –  the scan, previously refused by you has now been agreed but I am unsure whether a referral has been made?

I could not hear what was being said about the blood test re Limbic System.   Elizabeth agreed to this when I explained what it was for so I would like your confirmation that this has been done.

I still have received no answers as to Section 26 – an explanation to me as NR why I am not allowed leave with Elizabeth other than supervised.

Safeguarding was mentioned at last ward round to be going on against me but as I am excluded from such meetings surely this is against natural justice?   There therefore needs to be a Section 42 meeting with Police/everyone present.  This could ruin career chances for me and my dbs.   I won the previous Ombudsman case when safeguarding went on secretly behind my back previously.  Please therefore ensure that a Section 42 meeting with entire family present is arranged

You confirmed the Manager’s hearing would be in April.   I am referring this to the CQC as I am still Nearest Relative and have been ignored by the MHA Office and feel like I am being bullied out of my role as NR by threats of legal action re displacement and not only that, in the case of our Power of Attorney.  I have been bullied and threatened so many times with legal action that if this is the route if I end up in court representing myself again the good thing is I did a very thorough job and this will bring about openness and transparency regarding everything Ash Villa or the  community MH resource centre or similar department is doing behind my back.

You said the plan had changed since Xmas in terms of release.  When I asked what the latest plan was you declined to answer.  Following successful leave at home without any problems, Elizabeth came back to your ward unsettled.  Well it was no wonder why.  She had started to settle down at home and was happy to be at home then had to come back to your ward and be faced with Tribunal and meetings which she absolutely hates.   Her presentation on her return back to your ward has been used as an excuse in terms of justification for her still being incarcerated after all this length of time, being held just like a prisoner.

Talking about punishment that is what we see you are doing by depriving any S17 leave and treating my daughter like a prisoner.  As I said at the ward round you are in breach of Art 8 and 3 of the Human Rights Act.  

I also feel as though there is discrimination against Elizabeth’s religious rights to go to church and to have a visit from Georgina Machell.  I have notified my concerns to Reverend Georgina Machell.  I am notifying the local churches how I feel my daughter is being deprived/discriminated against in this respect.

As regards delegation of my role as NR I have no intention of doing so until a Manager’s Hearing is called which you said would be end of April.  I have explained to Elizabeth who has had enough of being on your ward held a prisoner on such lengthy detention with such restrictive practice and this is not what she wants.  You have already said the matter of legal action against us as Attorneys is being dealt with separately.  Everything is being done to discredit us as parents and I want this thoroughly looked into.

After all this time, still nothing in place in the community so behind the scenes there are clearly other plans that you do not wish to disclose which is why I wanted that Manager’s hearing which comes under mental health law.  I as NR am entitled to call such Manager’s Hearing which request on my part is something that S.J in charge of the MHA office has avoided response to which I will get the CQC to look into as I feel that my daughter’s human rights are being abused under Ash Villa and she wishes to come home.  She has told you that on numerous occasions.

I am also concerned that B. the advocate from Voiceability should be allowed to see Elizabeth alone without any members of staff being present and this has not been the case at all from what Elizabeth has told me.  


Susan Bevis

I arrived early in Sleaford at St Andrews Church, Kelby. The history of this church is impressive, 12C parish church with 13th and 14th C additions nd tower/spire rebuilt in 1850. dating back to 1850. It is a Grade 1 Listed Building. It is a shame this church has been neglected in terms of condition. The service was very nice and I updated Reverend Georgina Machell on the latest re Elizabeth and said I would be visiting her later. I voiced my concern that the Carer’s Rep ZB had contacted me to say they had to refer Elizabeth for urgent Oncology tests due to a lump or lumps on her breast. I told her that restrictions were still placed against me visiting the ward and seeing my daughter other than supervised visits much like in prison and I voiced concerns that my daughter has told us the family that she is being abused.

After this I went swimming and then made my way to see Elizabeth.

When I arrived at Ash Villa, my usual time of 2.00 pm, I was confronted by two members of staff at the front door and I explained that I had permission to visit Elizabeth. The acute nurse FB said they knew nothing about my visit and that no visits were allowed because of yet another case of covid. It is not surprising that covid spreads easily in this facility because there are no ensuites and shared bath/shower rooms. Elizabeth has told me she has had to change rooms a few times. The member of staff accompanying FB was a HCA (VL). When I looked at her name back she tried to cover this up with her hand and I found their approach towards me as quite intimidating as all I wanted was to hand the things I have brought to Elizabeth as I wanted to make sure she had got them.

I knew I would not be allowed on the ward to visit so I then said what about her entitlement to come out in the grounds for 1 hour (Elizabeth had not been allowed out that day) I had driven for over an hour to visit. The answer was a firm no. No intention to allow me Elizabeth out in the grounds not even for 5 minutes. I noticed several other patients outside in the fresh air unescorted so I enquired why could Elizabeth not come out in the fresh air for her 1 hour break obviously keeping a distance away from me. I was again told no which was very upsetting. Elizabeth wanted me to visit today. I was then advised to come back again during the week but they just do not appreciate how expensive it is to drive all that way, not to be allowed even 5 minutes just to pass over the things I brought and be assured Elizabeth has them. I found staff to be intimidating and threatening towards me. They wanted proof so I had showed them the email as above from her doctor but this made no difference. I then asked if I could hand my daughter’s things to her. They had by this time led her to a room where the sash window was very slightly open and I was advised Police had been called. Sure enough several police cars turned up . I could just about see Elizabeth through the small opening in the window. FB accused me of assaulting a member of staff. This serious allegation made Elizabeth flare up and yell at staff to “get away from her” and she said “no my mother has not assaulted a member of staff”. I said in response to the slanderous accusations that there was CCTV all around. I later obtained a reference number from Police just in case matters got escalated. There was a male nurse present also in the small room busy writing some kind of report. I wanted to help Elizabeth with WhatsApp as she is unable to receive photos of her cat I had sent her but the phone battery was quite dead so before I left the premises I asked Police if they could ensure it was charging and I explained staff put the phone in her locker making it difficult for family to have contact. The situation at Ash Villa is becoming more disturbing and something is going on behind my back that is for sure.

I just feel alone and unsupported – I get to hear through Elizabeth her distress of several letters going missing.

I was asked by Police to remove my car which I did.

I then drove back home.

I was advised I should get an advocate to look into what was going on behind my back. It is not very nice at all when so many are against you and I cannot think of a better way to describe their actions as bullying.

When I first arrived FB (acute nurse) said she was sorry for the mis-communication as I had shown her the email. The same degrading thing happened at Ward Round which is virtual. I could not get into the meeting on the link already sent which did not work then received an email stating “can I please join the meeting” However, I waiting to be admitted and noone was allowing me in to this meeting. It narrowed the time down to virtually nothing. It was supposed to be 30 minutes but more like 10. Because I hardly got to say what I wanted I put everything in writing afterwards and the response is above.

It is a horrible when a whole team of “professionals” gang up against you, holding secret meeting and slag you off behind you back under safeguarding for which you are excluded. There was another member of staff hanging about outside and because I was so concerned they would all back one another alleging I had assaulted a member of staff I made a point of telephoning police when I arrived home and getting a reference number.

Lincs Police were professional in their dealing towards me. I was always looked upon sympathetically in the former area by Police who my daughter regarded as her friends. She would call police and ambulance because she was lonely as they never provided any care in her independent flat. This is why we moved hoping to be treated better in this new area but everything has been a disaster. I have had all this work done to my house just to benefit Elizabeth and am now beginning to commence the building works for Elizabeth’s separate living accommodation.

Elizabeth said she saw the Chaplain but he was not allowed to see Elizabeth alone. She told him that she was very unhappy at Ash Villa. She said he was going to visit her again.

It is the same with the advocate of Voiceability. I always thought it was unlawful for a member of staff to be present and listening to a private meeting with her advocate, correct me if I am wrong here. I thought the idea of an advocate was to see a patient on their own but not even the dignity of this is allowed by staff at Ash Villa.

I have been sent an article “Importance of ‘I’ in IMHA by Catherine Pease Consultant Solicitor of Peter Edwards law about the independence of advocates and how mental health professionals view and treat IMHAs. One advocate said “I have been asked on numerous occasions what my view is in relation to someone’s treatment or asked to attend professionals meeting without the service user present. I am staggered at the lack of understanding by some professionals as to my role as an independent advocate and their surprise that I do not hold a clinical view on their required treatment.” Apparently a social worker/care coordinator had asked this advocate to contribute towards a social circumstances report for Tribunal who was very surprised when the advocate declined wanting information to strengthen an argument in favour of the patient’s ongoing detention. This shows how awful professionals behave and another advocate said she was asked to attend meetings in the absence of the patient and not to tell them about forthcoming ward rounds or inform them about their care and treatment plans in case they get upset and cause trouble on the ward.

I will have to feature more on this topic on another blog together with the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014, the contents of which are very interesting. “Service users must be treated with dignity and respect.” Dignity and Respect – None whatsoever exists at Ash Villa. Elizabeth has not even got her care plan and cannot find any of her letters she said were from her solicitors. I can only assume these were on her detention continuing. Perhaps the tribunal went on behind her back but she was in fact given the excuse the care coordinator could not attend for some reason and the tribunal was adjourned. I have since asked for a Manager’s Hearing as I am still the Nearest Relative and Elizabeth agrees with what I have done.

The other interesting article I have seen is

Medscape is the leading source of clinical news, health information and point-of-care tools for healthcare professionals. Medscape offers specialists, primary care doctors and other health professionals the most robust and integrated medical information and educational tools.

Medscape Education ( is the leading destination for continuous professional development, consisting of more than 30 speciality-focused destinations offering thousands of free C.M.E AND C.E courses and other educational programs for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Very interesting article featured:

“United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust ordered to pay £111,204 in fines and legal costs after pleading guilty to failing to provide safe care and treatment to an elderly patient, causing them avoidable harm, following a sentencing hearing on Friday 25 March at Boston Magistrates Court.”

The case was taken by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) under regulations 12 and 22 of the Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014.

I do not feel my daughter is safe under Ash Villa with covid case after covid case and having to wait for an appointment that we as a family would have provided immediately for an urgent oncology assessment in light of the lump on her breast. She was expecting a visit from Junior Dr RM about the blood test on Friday morning but Elizabeth said she did not turn up as expected. I have been told by a leading expert in any case that the scan should come first and this is what has been consistently denied to Elizabeth by her Doctor who says a scan is unjustified, yet it is HIS research and study into the Limbic System that is being denied to Elizabeth which is surprising.

I think that Section 3 has been renewed and at ward round it was discussed about the Manager’s Hearing being end of April.

I will finish this blog with Elizabeth’s most recent comments “I am desperately waiting to come out of this dreadful hospital”.

Today’s ward round took place this morning delayed by technical problems meaning whereby I could not join the meeting despite having the calendar link and had to re-join using another link.

I heard yesterday that it has been discovered Elizabeth had a lump/lumps on her breast and my first thought was about long waiting lists for such assessments due to covid. I therefore offered to pay privately but this was dismissed as being unnecessary and they tried to reassure me that her appointment would be within a couple of weeks. I do not feel reassured as I have no idea how long the lump/s on her breasts have been evident but was told this was only recently discovered. I then enquired regarding the MRI scan previously refused by Dr Afolafi when I offered to take her back to London. Dr Shahpasendy also had refused a blood test for his own Limbic research but hopefully this can now go ahead too. This was the reason why Elizabeth was admitted to hospital in the first instance under S136 when she called into her GP surgery in the former area demanding an MRI scan. No she did not smash up the surgery or jump over the desk as documented. There is a pack of lies documented in file notes regarding this incident. It is hard to trust a single thing that the NHS does in light of this and when you ask for corrections to be made this is ignored.

Section 17 leave was discussed and once again refused by Dr Shahpasandy and team so Elizabeth continues to be held in the most restrictive manner like a prisoner without even the most basic human rights. How degrading is it to drive for over an hour for a meeting just for half an hour, the to call Elizabeth in for five minutes to accommodate the other half an hour allowed. I was advised that the entire Disciplinary Team were in agreement with this to make it look like it was everyone concerned but I doubt this is true and have seen evidence this is not the case but there is clearly a culture of bullying under Lincolnshire Partnership Trust.

I only saw a few present at today’s meeting but here is an example of how many “professionals” you are up against who are invited as a matter of course.

There are 4 other doctors, some of which are trainees.

Afolabi Temitope

Auty Charlotte

Middleton Rachel

Patel Ashishkumar

I dont know who half these are but they are perhaps on video link:


















There is just myself invited from family but excluded from the main part of the meeting which is conducted in secret as they do not want to reveal their true agenda, secret meetings held by a multi disciplinary team to discuss their plans against us as a family. Safeguarding would appear to be continuing behind my back. It is all about protecting one another, plans to get rid of me as a Mother, carer and Nearest Relative who they use bullying tactics against – I can’t think of a worse punishment than restricting contact in the way they are doing.

When I tried to discuss Section 17 leave Dr Shahpasandy said that there would be no change – supervised escorted grounds visits only. I told him that this was in breach of Art 8 and 3 but he responded that everyone was in agreement because of their collective concerns against me but I sense this is not true. He refused to discuss S26 MHA when you as nearest relative are entitled to explanation as to why such restrictions are in place. We see it as punishment.

To deprive someone of their religious needs and going to church is discrimination and then when Reverend Machell tried to contact confidentiality was being played upon and it is impossible to get through sometimes on the phone.


Treat people in places that are safe and help them get well  – “I will never get well in here” Elizabeth stays in her room most of the day according to male nurse called Fred.    She has not been in any trouble. She lies in bed a lot to avoid noise and seems to be up late night as this is when I get her calls.  Elizabeth has also phoned to say she was freezing but Dr Shahpasendy denies this. She says the bed in uncomfortable and her back hurts. I brought blankets for her to the ward but was told these are not allowed from outside the ward. I had to advise staff as Elizabeth finds it difficult to ask for things. She often tells me that “the doctor/or staff are putting words in her head”. If you dont ask you do not get in that facility.

Think about patient’s physical health as well as their mental health.   Elizabeth has been refused various physical health appointments – one most recently in London by Dr Afolafi which was a Neurologist appointment in London recommended to attend by the new GP.    (“it is a doctor’s absolute duty to investigate abnormal findings on a scan as mentioned on Discharge note from previous hospital.

The scan was consistently refused by her doctor who has only just reconsidered this now that I have pointed out re his research into the Limbic System.

Work together to give you good safe mental health services and the right support when you leave hospital.   No this is the not the case at all. Quite the opposite as you are up against so very many all backing you. This facility is very distressing to Elizabeth which is probably why she spends much of her time in her room.  She cannot stand noise and has sensory issues.  Their plans have changed since Xmas as Elizabeth returned to the ward distressed. The leave was a tremendous success but she was distressed at going back and being thrown into meetings and tribunal now everything has changed and the restrictive visiting rights are most probably just the tip of the iceberg and I assume leading to even more restrictions and banning of contact. This has been done to me before. I thought doctors were meant to do no harm. In fact it puts you off ever seeing a doctor again as there is no thought, no compassion towards you as a carer or towards a family who are trying to provide a decent living accommodation that is safe and comfortable and all they can think of is to get rid of you. After all these months nothing has been provided by the community MH team whose agenda is to gang up against you and take you to court to get rid of you. They are situated in Stamford and Lincoln from what I can see.

Patients’ Rights The Code says patients should have a say in their care and be treated with dignity and respect  –  Voiceability are supposed to the advocates but are never there to support Elizabeth at meetings. Even when her advocate did telephone a member of staff, namely Katy remained present at all times so even advocates are only allowed supervised contact at Ash Villa by the sound of it. Elizabeth finds meetings stressful especially where she is constantly questioned. She is refusing to attend such meetings and when she has done, she has stormed out because staff fire question after question at her – same questions all the time about where she wants to live.  Constantly she says she wants to come home.  What dont they understand but perhaps this is not their agenda and they know nothing about the family. There is no dignity and no say at all. Only a CTR in the former area provided Elizabeth with a chance to say what she wanted and be listened to but not under Lincolnshire Partnership Trust where it is like going backwards.

Work together to keep patients in hospital for as short a time as possible  This is definitely not the case. All this length of time, going back to September and still nothing provided in the community. Elizabeth has been detained in facilities totally wrong for her due to noise, extreme restrictive practices and deprived not only of her liberty but fresh air and exercise with physical health appointments dismissed and ignored that should have been dealt with from the very start of detention. In addition, she has been deprived of having quality time with her family except for just a few days at Xmas which was a great success but on her immediate return to Ash Villa she had a tribunal and meetings which greatly affected her to which she reacted.  This put back her discharge back as it was originally planned for her to come home but now there seems to be other secret plans going on behind our backs and care homes have been mentioned more than once. There is currently an attempt to get rid of myself and Mr Bevis as Power of Attorney and we are being investigated right now.  I am being accused of stopping/encouraging to stop treatment which is not true and I can prove it. They are also slating my character detrimentally in other ways and in general trying to discredit me in particular. They are also trying to get rid of me as NR, stating Elizabeth does not want me as such and denying me having a Manager’s Hearing and displacing me with my younger daughter. What kind of a system is this!  

Services must stick to laws about treating people equally and fairly.   There is no fair treatment under Ash Villa because not only are visiting rights totally restrictive, she is not allowed out for fresh air whilst during my visit. It is so degrading to have two members of staff stand over you in the same room listening to every word of conversation treating you like a criminal and it is not a nice experience for Elizabeth either.

§  The Code says patients should have a say in their care and be treated with dignity and respect.   There is no dignity as per the above Code and with such restrictive practices akin to Dols there is no respect either for carers or patients alike. Their Charter looks good on the surface but you are not treated accordingly so why even bother to display this on the wall.    You are treated in a condescending, patronising and degrading manner, made out to be someone who is rude and aggressive by some staff members. You cannot always get through on the phone, a patient is denied religious rights to go to church which is discriminative. Elizabeth has been denied fresh air and exercise also.   With the excuse of covid, the little dog that brought much joy to Elizabeth is now no longer allowed in the visitor’s room.   All my daughter has is the window of her bedroom to look out at the outside world and the birds outside where she spends most of her time indoors like a prisoner.  She has named all the birds. She has asked to go swimming and asked me to get a costume just in case but this is denied and even going out around the grounds has been denied on my visits as mother and carer at times.  It takes me over an hour to drive for just 1 hour’s visit and the visits are very upsetting because my daughter has said “I will never get better in this place”.  

If you are treated under the Mental Health Act and do not have capacity, your Attorney or Deputy can make some decisions for you. HOWEVER ELIZABETH DOES HAVE CAPACITY AND HAS PUT A PRAYER ON LINCOLN CATHEDRAL’S WEBSITE BEGGING GOD TO ALLOW HER TO COME HOME.   With such restrictive measures in place I believe they are either trying to go down the DoLs/ MCA route because Elizabeth does not like the depot as she has a fear of needles unsurprisingly, having been dragged from one end of a former ward to another by four male nurses and forcibly injected and has had needles broken in her by rough treatment under Elysium.  They are trying to blame us as attorney’s for encouraging her to stop taking the depot or from stopping it. It could also be safeguarding to make me, her father look out to be unfit parents and they want to put my younger daughter in place of me as NR and are threatening all kinds of court action which is bullying. With regard to compliance they fail to note Elizabeth did not refuse their treatment in the community in London previously and there was never a problem and she was not on a CTO either.  She was being slowly and gradually reduced off the Clopixol by the former area of Enfield who produced a letter detailing this as well as a discharge note pointing only to physical health conditions.

There are some times where hospital managers may restrict visitors, refuse to let them in or ask them to leave. Managers should have a policy (plan) for the times when they can limit visits to patients.   Covid being the excuse.   I am restricted with no answers given as to why but they are trying to make out I am threatening and aggressive.   There seems to be a culture of bullying under Ash Villa.  I did hang around on her birthday, not expecting to visit the ward due to covid but since Elizabeth was out of isolation I just wanted to hand her the Birthday presents. She did not know I was there and now states she was upset at being kept a prisoner.  Unfortunately they called Police and I was not even parked in their car park at the time. Nobody could get through to Elizabeth several days later.  I had dropped her cake in and dropped the presents in that were just dumped in a store room and Elizabeth says now that she did not know I had waited outside just to hand her the presents.   She was apparently not feeling well enough to go out anywhere as she was recovering from covid and felt weakened.   I was not pressurising her to go out but not even a phone call –  no one else could get through to her for several days and she did not know about the presents and card I dropped in.

I have asked for the reason for my restrictive visiting rights under S26 MHA but no-one will give a reason.   When Police were called I asked if Police could do a welfare check on my daughter as she seemed to be really upset and was looking forward to my visit the day before and she was acting out of character but Police said they were not allowed on the ward.

I have also been refused information as to whom the Hospital Managers are. I have received a letter from AMHP Andrew Morrans about getting rid of me as NR and displacing me with my younger daughter but I want a Manager’s hearing first and so does Elizabeth as I have explained this to her.

Policy:   This should be clearly displayed on the ward so staff and patients can read it.  All there is displayed on the wall is a Charter and unfortunately Ash Villa do not act in accordance with their own Charter.  

They have to write down why they stopped the visitor coming and show there is a good reason for this.   Hospital managers must check when staff are stopping visitors. They should have a policy on when visits are not allowed.  This is not done. However I have had the phone put down on me and been treated with rudeness myself.  I have not always been able to get through as her phone is charging or switched off.  I have then called the ward to see if her phone is charging and the Policy is to put the phone down as I should only have 1 point of contact. They will say they ” i will see if she wants to speak t or not.”   I have had the phone put down on me more than once but I am never threatening or swearing towards staff but they are trying to make me out to be this way.  It is because I am asking for information and they have been told not to give it.  The Carers Champion firmly states she is my only means of contact and I get a 15 minute slot only but in that 15 minute slot the only answer I got was “no” to the Neurologist appointment in London and that it was not necessary.

The hospital manager must make sure the patient and their family can be involved and understand what is happening

This is not being done.

Services have to think about these safeguards if they give you any care or treatment that deprives (takes away) a person’s liberty. This means where you are not free to leave and where you may be watched or controlled all the time.

This is what I think they are doing as she is not even allowed outside of the grounds and is watched and controlled at all times and it is so utterly degrading.

They must tell the local authority (council) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) if they use the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards so they can check what they are doing. Sometimes people have to decide whether to keep a person in hospital under the Mental Health Act or the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. Both cannot be used at the same time. It is as though this is being done at the same time although denied when I asked.

Elizabeth has called the CQC more than once herself stating she is being abused and has been unable to contact her advocate and they have not been helpful in this respect as the number would not work when she tried.  She was asleep on one occasion when the Advocate wanted to see her and on another a member of staff sat in and listened to the video linked meeting. There does not seem to be any contact with her and her advocate now as she is completely outnumbered in meetings and increasing of numbers of staff invited which is intimidating for both of us.

I think they are using both MHA and DoLs at the same time against Code of Practice though DoLs has been denied however they are in fact depriving her liberty and it should be the least restrictive care.    They are trying to get rid of her Attorneys (myself/her father) by saying they are not fit for purpose under Health & Welfare and depriving or encouraging deprival of her depot injection with a view to displacement and Guardianship under no doubt an AMHP.

The NHS should try to place patients as close as is reasonably possible to their home. If it is difficult for the patient’s carer or family to visit a patient because of the distance they need to travel, then the NHS should think about what support they can provide.

Elizabeth has in the past been sent all over the country even Wales but this journey is over an hour for just an hour’s visit and the visit is absolutely degrading and restrictive against human rights.   It is so upsetting that my daughter is being punished when she has been so badly abused and as someone who reviews MH services/carers rep myself, I have never come across anything as bad as Ash Villa.

People with learning disabilities or autism. A person cannot be detained and treated under the Mental Health Act just because they have a learning disability or autism.  Whilst said to be border-line LD – all screenings have come out positive re: autism but they do not want her to have an autism diagnosis.  There was enough evidence for NAS to get involved in the provision of a CTR that took place whilst back in London where the Independent Chair of that meeting commented “the whole thing stinks”.

People with autism can find changes difficult or upsetting. Being kept in hospital can be difficult for them so they need support from staff who understand autism. The staff should listen to carers and other people who know the person well and can say if they understand the decision.

“I am desperately waiting to come out of this dreadful hospital”

Firstly the former area of Enfield declined to admit Elizabeth was a multiple rape victim and they refused a CTR and autism diagnosis – nothing was done fairly and we moved in the hope there would be fairer treatment here.   Staff do not listen to carers and the information sent by myself does not appear to have been read or else dismissed such as the Discharge Notice indicating only physical health concerns along with the letter from former area detailing the reduction plan off medication.  Doctors are ignoring physical health and will not acknowledge the fact my daughter’s breathing is very bad –  will not give any answers but in past files she is noted to be of high risk of mortality and choking.   They have not once listened to me as a mother and carer and even got the dosage of the drugs wrong to begin with virtually calling me a liar when I said she was due a reduction down to 250mg.   My daughter finds it very distressing to be in that hospital. 

§  Doctors should think about the patient’s wishes when they plan their treatment and care.   They are not listening at all so thank goodness Access Charity are involved.  She says “the doctor keeps putting words in my head re care homes”.

§  In certain cases the Court of Protection may have a power to order that doctors must not give the treatment.   The CoP treated us both fairly in 2014 when Elizabeth was being forced back to a care home where she had no food at the weekend and where a CTO and DoLs was planned plus severance of contact.

care for patients in safe places that are not noisy or upsetting    Elizabeth says she cannot stand the noise on the ward at Ash Villa. She is clearly unhappy there so why isnt an entire team of “professionals” listening.

Think about physical healthcare and not just mental health.  Not allowed to take her to appointments or assessments re physical health and she has missed all her appointments which the new local GP recommended she attend. Now has possible breast cancer only just been discovered, an urgent referral has just been made.

Local authorities and clinical commissioning groups must make sure patients get the right care in the community after they have been kept in hospital for treatment. This is called after-care and the Mental Health Act says what this means.   Absolutely nothing is being done otherwise Elizabeth would not still be incarcerated suffering no end to the point where she has said she cannot stand any more of her life and that no one understands her.   She is missing fresh air and exercise.  She is missing her cat and her family.  She is becoming weakened physically.  She is in pyjamas all day long and sleeps during the day and all night awake judging by her messages. 

Guardianship:   The rules should not mean you are watched and controlled all the time. They should not stop you leaving the place where you live.   AMHPS from this area of Lincolnshire have already tried to put her under Guardianship and displace me as NR and even appoint the Official Solicitor over the head of her solicitors Ringrose Law and Dr Shapasandy said measures are being put in place to a get rid of me as NR and admitted safeguarding on concerns (by whom exactly?) – total breach of confidentiality has gone on to discuss my displacement behind my back which has got back to me.

If you lack capacity to make some or all decisions about your treatment and care, your doctor should think about whether to use the Mental Capacity Act instead.   Elizabeth clearly has capacity about where she wants to live and has said time and time again “home”.     Their agenda is into a care home or supported living and housing where no doubt her liberty would be deprived and so would contact with her family as has been done in the past.  Elizabeth has also suffered the most terrible abuse under past schemes which is why we as a family moved to provide a separate living accommodation for her so she can be independent and this has been architecturally designed and the environment of the surrounding area is perfect as it is quiet and peaceful and overlooks the sea.

Hospital managers’ discharge powers The hospital manager is the person or organisation in charge of the hospital. They can arrange for a panel (or group of people) to carry out their powers.   Have asked who the Hospital Managers are but have been refused that information. Have now called a Manager’s Hearing and explained this to Elizabeth who is in agreement but the Manager of the MHA has not got back to me and Pals are taking along the lines of code of conduct and my delegation of my role of NR.

§  Hospital managers should tell patients about their decision and the reason for them.   They are not giving information and playing on confidentiality and putting Elizabeth under pressure to sign papers but she is sharing information with her family. 

§  Attorney If you find it difficult to make some decisions for yourself, an attorney or deputy can help you. A Lasting Power of attorney is someone who you have said can make certain decisions for you in the future when you do not have capacity to make that decision. You must follow the rules in the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to create a lasting power of attorney. The person you choose is called an attorney.   As Deputies who they want to get rid of,  we are trying to provide everything so that Elizabeth is supported and looked after including a home of her very own.  We are not stopping contact with MH professionals and have not interfered with current treatment but have a letter stating that she was being taken off the drug in the former area and this is not being continued here in Lincolnshire as this has all been disregarded by professionals.

§  Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLs) Safeguards in the Mental Capacity Act for people who lack capacity are deprived of their liberty. Services have to think about these safeguards if they give you any care or treatment that takes away your freedom.    They tried to put me under safeguarding – I have had to inform my employers and called for a Section 42 meeting that was not granted.    The safeguarding is brought about through “concerns” by nursing staff who are maliciously accusing me of encouraging or stopping treatment which in this case is a depot and in fact all the time I have evidence to the contrary that I did everything to get this continued and in place. I have nothing against safeguarding but this should not be done behind your back as I believe is the case under Lincolnshire Partnership Trust. 

Anyway I did not get a chance to say all I wanted to say as this meeting was disrupted by technical problems.

I am now going to write to my one point of contact in this respect right now.

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