Safeguarding is what I believe being used against me by Ash Villa in conjunction with the Resource Centre of MH community services in order to restrict contact and to deny basic family rights and perhaps they do not wish to put any care in place in the community but I am only assuming this at this stage. I have decided to defend myself against bullying by certain (not all) professionals.

I attended St Mary’s Church Wilsford yesterday for a wonderful service and the vicar there has tried to make contact with Elizabeth who says she would like to see someone from the church. Many people are oblivious what is going on under mental health “care” in the UK which needs to be open and transparent.

Today I have established it is LINCOLNSHIRE PARTNERSHIP TRUST MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES rather than social services I will be dealing with. Their Resource Centre is based in Stamford Lincs.

I am still the Nearest Relative and so have called for a Manager’s Hearing:

From: susan bevis
Sent: 28 March 2022 09:41

Subject: Manager’s Hearing for EB

Dear Sophie and Sara

As Nearest Relative for EB I would like to call a Hospital Manager’s Hearing as soon as possible.

Please inform everyone above of the date of this Manager’s Hearing.

Thank you.

Kind regards

Susan A Bevis

The Tribunal was cancelled because apparently a care coordinator could not be present for whatever reason as Nearest Relative they are cutting me out of everything in terms of information and I am finding out through other sources.

I contacted the Mental Health Act Office for Ash Villa last week asking for the names of the Associate Hospital Managers. I was advised that there are no set managers. Associate Hospital Managers are supposed to be independent but my enquiries led to nothing when I tried to find out who was actually in charge of this hospital and this can only be achieved by way of calling a Manager’s Hearing.

Here are my daughter’s messages today:

I think I am being abused at Ash Villa”

Listen to me I am at breaking point”

There is much that can be improved at this facility and I believe staff would like to see such improvements. I do feel though that they to be educated in terms of mental health law plus human rights law and could benefit from the Oliver McGowan Training Programme.

On mentioning about this being the most restrictive facility ever encountered that takes over an hour to get to this was defended by a member of staff saying it was the MHA and they were complying with this or words to this effect. At Ash Villa there is only one hour a day allowed and this consists of two half hourly sessions. In order to comply with such rigid restrictions Elizabeth had to go inside the ward for 5 minutes before being allowed out again. It is surely supposed to be the least restrictive practise required and that it should not be forgotten about human rights ie Article 8 and Article 3. It is degrading treatment to be treated like a criminal and not just for the patient but carer/relative and staff think this is right and in line with the MHA.

Ash Villa’s Charter is all about:

“Respect” “no judging” “safe place to have your say” “listen to others” – What can I say to this other that lol!

There is plenty of judging in a detrimental way towards others. There is no listening or having a safe place to have your say other than supervised visits to listen and report to the top and as for safe place to have your say when an advocate appears on video link then NO MEMBERS OF NURSING STAFF SHOULD BE PRESENT AS THIS IS A CONFIDENTIAL MEETING BETWEEN PATIENT AND ADVOCATE.

“Working and Learning together”: I can only see Working against when there are more and more and more “professionals” attending meetings and so where is the learning together when carers and patients are disregarded and if you dare to criticise then moves are made to displace you as the Nearest Relative. There is zero tolerance for any criticism and this also applies to the carers network who are supposed to support you.

Recovery Choice Opportunity Hope”: The longer the incarceration the less hope and how long does it take Lincolnshire Partnership Trust to release someone back home in accordance with THEIR wishes not that of Lincolnshire Partnership Trust who were at one point signposting care homes when this had been tried before and the most apalling schemes in breach of health and safety were provided. It is the MH Resource Centre surely responsible for this? Could it be that the MH Resource Centre is holding up the release of Elizabeth from Section 3 after all this time?

Sharing Your Story: Yes this is important as otherwise nothing will EVER GET BETTER.

My enquiries and investigation into my own investigation as the Nearest Relative POA have led me to not social services as I thought but LINCOLNSHIRE PARTNERSHIP TRUST MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES – I am not altogether surprised as we had apalling experience from the previous mental health resources team in Enfield.

Now I know who I am dealing with but I am still the Nearest Relative who has not refused to delegate my role but I do not like the way I am being bullied into this and no way does my vulnerable daughter understand the full and important role of the Nearest Relative which no doubt has not been explained to her and she would never have instigated a conversation with regard to getting rid of me as Nearest Relative UNLESS possibly prompted, coerced or gaslighted OR simply misled. Someone must have mentioned to her about the Nearest Relative.

I have delegated my role once before back in 2017 when taken to the Royal Courts of Justice and representing myself to the point that Enfield Council’s legal department tried to charge me £5000 of costs which forced me out of the proceedings but I delegated my role. Just imagine what this money could have gone towards in the local community.

My point is that taxpayer’s money is being wasted. Instead of working together with the Nearest Relative AMHPS choose expensive legal action to get rid of them and divide the family and this is very destructive on their part. This is why the MHA needs to be amended. It is a conflict of interest for any social worker to be the Nearest Relative.

The Department I am dealing with right now is STAMFORD RESOURCE CENTRE

I dont know whether it is this department who is also trying to get rid of myself and her father as Power of Attorney because someone has made malicious comments – could be anyone from ward or mental health services and in any case if that is so then this will be brought before the Court of Protection and all will be revealed at enormous cost. Last time CoP were wonderful and the community MH Team social workers were slated.

They are not thinking of what is best interest in terms of health and welfare by holding Elizabeth on a locked ward that is noisy and moving her from room to room, depriving her of fresh air and contact with her family with false accusations levied towards myself/her father of stopping the depot or encouraging her to do so which is the malicious allegations put forward to Public Guardianship Office to get rid of us as attorneys for health and welfare.

The one thing I have done though is to challenge them on physical health which I feel they are neglecting as the former area of Enfield were finally taking this very seriously whereas Lincolnshire Partnership Trust have refused permission for me to take Elizabeth to see the Neurologist in London and other appointments which the local GP surgery advised was best to do. They have not granted any Section 17 leave so this is a form of punishment and abuse of human rights.

For the information of anyone who has a relative stuck under MH services right now Section 17 leave IS NOT GROUND LEAVE FOR HALF AN HOUR TWICE DAILY. No Section 17 leave is granted to Elizabeth by the RC of Ash Villa.

SECTION 26 MHA – reason why restricted contact with your relative? As regards possible safeguarding I have already said I would welcome this under a Section 42 meeting. So what is this safeguarding exactly about Lincolnshire Partnership Trust as I would rather be judged by the public as everything under Lincolnshire Partnership Trust seems biased. Openness, honesty and transparency would surely come under your Charter “connecting with others and your community” – this is of public interest as litigation costs public money – money that is better spent on improving care and facilities for those in need. I can overwhelming prove my innocence against what I am being accused of currently before the Public Guardianship Office – Anita Heera Investigator and I do not mind making this public.

At Ash Villa there is potential to improve everything. They have nice grounds for a start. They have a netball court and they used to have gardening in the grounds. There is enough space for a swimming pool and there ought to be a hairdressers and beauty salon – again there is enough space for this. Rooms should ideally have en-suite shower rooms. There should be a minibus not just taking patients to appointments but on days out like the Out and About Club at Lincoln Hospital.

If the public think that these patients are dangerous they are very much misinformed. I would welcome any of them to my house. These are people who have suffered tremendous abuse but have never been given the right care or facility. A locked facility is not the right one for recovery especially somewhere where there are restrictions bordering on prison and where bullying tactics/abuse of human rights are evident.

  1. Dr Carl Wilson said:

    ( Safeguarding ) is one of those power words that these professional Gaslighters use to hide their Criminal abuse ! These vermin don’t play by the rules ! It’s time you didn’t , get your daughter the fuck away to a safe house then out the country , !

  2. I wish I had now but instead I chose Lincolnshire where I thought we would be treated fairly but there is no difference and in fact it is even more restrictive. I prefer to stay where I am – I am not running away as I prefer to expose abuse to the world as there is a lot to learn. If I had chosen to go abroad I would have chosen Norway where the law is fair and there is respect towards patients and carers unlike in this dreadful country.

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