I’ve had quite a nice day today starting with a church service for Mother’s Day at St Mary’s Church Wilsford. It was a really nice service the only sad thing was that Elizabeth was not allowed to come with me. I have still not been given a reason and as Nearest Relative I should have been given a reason for the restrictive care under S26 MHA. The church service was specially for Mothers Day and references were made specifically to Mother’s relationship with their sons/daughters.

Anyway the history of St Mary’s Church is quite fascinating and I passed on to Elizabeth details of the service and Elizabeth confirmed in front of two members of staff that she would like a visit because after all religious rights and access to services is ignored under Lincolnshire Partnership Trust who provide the most restrictive “care” every encountered. They would come top if there was a prize for this.

After the service I went swimming and then onto Ash Villa and leave was booked outside as there is Covid restrictions on visiting yet again.

I always take nice things that are healthy for Elizabeth and then leave her with some money.

I am very concerned at the restrictive visiting and lack of exercise and fresh air but today was a nice day and we went outside and sat on a bench. Elizabeth complained about her eyes that she could not see well and complained about pain to her hands. Elizabeth said her Advocate from Voiceability was on a video link but what was a member of staff doing there at such meeting. Surely a virtual meeting with Elizabeth should have been one to one and not include any staff member.

Elizabeth asked after her cat and wishes to come home – at least the RC is not in dispute of this as they kept asking her the same questions time and time again about where she wanted to live.

It is getting nicer weather now and I am concerned that Elizabeth is not exercising or having hardly any fresh air. I do not know how long this institution keeps people but it is not good at all as Elizabeth stays in her room for the most part and is in bed as she feels cold. If she was home she could be in the static caravan or in a comfortable room of her choice with ensuite whilst her separate living accommodation is being built.

After just half an hour staff called Elizabeth to go in. However I explained that last weekend she had one hour which is all her entitlement. Staff accommodated this and seemed to appreciate that I have a long journey to make and it is over an hour away from home. This time I reflected upon last week when staff called her in for 5 minutes before letting her come out in the sunshine for the rest of her leave entitlement.

I get the feeling that they are very short staffed on the ward – some days Elizabeth does not go out at all.

Through lack of exercise she has gained weight and she looked pale and unwell. There is something wrong with her breathing that was commented upon by the former area care coordinator.

I have no idea what stage safeguarding is at against me but no doubt there is some kind of plan as there have been ever increasing numbers of professionals invited to ward rounds and I do not get to hear what is really going on other than through Elizabeth herself.


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