Tomorrow is Mother’s day but for me it will be a very sad occasion as I have no rights to see my daughter under Ash Villa, the only hospital that has ever resorted to this restrictive practice.

I will make my usual journey to visit my daughter over an hour away but am currently being treated like a criminal and not allowed to spend any time with her any more and under safeguarding and investigation as an Attorney. Because I have nothing to hide I will share with you all my experience of Lincolnshire Partnership Trust.

I was advised at the most recent Ward Round that concerns have been expressed about me but the RC would not emphasise further. Like I say I have absolutely nothing to hide.

I am currently under investigation via safeguarding. Furthermore both myself and her father are under investigation as Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare.

I have just heard from my daughter. She is in bed and has not been out for fresh air at all today. It is heart-breaking that on this beautiful sunny day my daughter is on a locked ward and this should never ever have happened if only the NHS had cared and assisted rather than bullied us.

I am just trying my best to continue with life such as it is. We left Enfield because we were bullied and treated apallingly, life barely worth living. We came to Lincolnshire hoping for a fresh start in what we thought was the correct environment.

I dont know how it works in terms of S117 aftercare but Elizabeth wanted to come away because she was unhappy in Enfield and going downhill. She was just lying in bed all day and I was going round every day to help in the absence of not a scrap of care provided, the team involved were ENFIELD COMMUNITY REHAB now we have a similar situation but on a locked ward which sadly was planned by the former area and none of these locked wards have been the right environment for her.

The fortnightly depot was being titrated down by 50mg every six weeks and was the only care in place. There was nothing to do, no support. There seemed to be no care coordinator. There was once going to be a Judicial Review and then she was unlawfully sectioned yet again.

We have now moved to Lincolnshire and to a very nice part of Lincolnshire by the coast. I bought a house that had potential to build a separate living accommodation in a safe environment but sadly it has been a disaster.

For Mother’s Day I would have liked to take Elizabeth to church, to see the ducks on the canal, for a meal out, swimming but none of this will be allowed which we see this as punishment. This has been ongoing now for some time and no reason given.

Under Section 26 of the MHA I have received no reason for these restrictions but the RC of Ash Villa mentioned that concerns had been raised about me but would not say by whom. He also commented about me being polite to staff so it could be staff reporting me because I had phoned the ward asking for her phone to be handed back that is often kept in a locker. There is nothing more distressful as a parent not being able to get through on the phone to your son or daughter especially when you have very restrictive visiting rights The ward phone is often ringing for a long time and then it cuts off but I would not choose to phone the office number if I could get through to her phone.

Once again we find ourselves in a never-ending vicious circle of court/tribunals and displacement by professionals who know nothing about us as a family and who we are not stopping from seeing Elizabeth in the community but it is as though they do not want her to be released. Once nurse said she spends much of her time in her room keeping herself to herself and that is because she cannot stand noise. I am also concerned she is not getting enough fresh air and exercise.

All that was needed was a continuation of care in the community that the NHS failed to provide in Lincolnshire and now myself/Elizabeth’s father are under investigation by the Public Guardian Office as a result of malicious reporting by those who are accusing us of preventing Elizabeth/or discouraging her from taking Clopixol Depot injections which I had tried to get in place and for which I have proof. I have nothing to hide and so I am making this public.

Ash Vill Sleaford

“Ash Villa, a new adult acute treatment ward in Greylees near Sleaford will officially open on Monday 1 March 2021.

The 15-bed acute treatment ward will provide support for women who are experiencing a severe, short term episode of mental ill health and who cannot be safely supported by community based services.

The unit, managed by Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT) will help to reduce the number of patients having to travel outside of Lincolnshire for hospital care.

LPFT Director of Operations, Chris Higgins, said: “We are delighted to be opening a new mental health ward specifically for women. We have wanted to stop patients from having to travel further away from home for acute care for some time and coronavirus has magnified this challenge.

“Over the last two years we have had more females admitted to acute inpatient services than males and these additional beds will allow us flexibility across our entire adult acute inpatient services.”

The new ward will complement existing adult acute mental health wards in Boston and Lincoln, where patients will receive their initial assessment. Following a thorough initial assessment of people’s needs at these other two units, where it is appropriate, female patients can then be transferred to the treatment ward at Ash Villa to receive their on-going support before discharge.

“The opening of Ash Villa will provide a great resource for Lincolnshire, helping to provide invaluable mental health support for women in county. It will bring extra flexibility and help us to reduce the number of Lincolnshire women who have to travel out of county for the care they need,” added Andy Rix, Chief Operating Officer South Locality, NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

Having continually attempted to get the depot continued in the community upon moving, Elizabeth was left without the drug for six days. I was advised to register her with the GP which I did and to call 111 then take her to A&E. Unfortunately instead of help she was taken away and sectioned to Lincoln Hospital where there were draconian restrictive visiting rights with members of staff standing over you at all times. Unfortunately all that was needed was the continuation of care but they got hold of past file records full of inaccuracy and lies from the former area of Enfield and these were used in Tribunal papers where Elizabeth failed to get off S2 then there was an attempt to displace me as Nearest Relative at County Court brought about by various social workers and assumption I would disagree to S3 because I was not happy with the Section 2 as all I tried to do was to get the “care” up and running and this is what the Public Guardianship Office is currently investigating us for that we deprived such treatment (a depot) to Elizabeth or encouraged her to stop taking it when we also notified the former area that we were moving and obtained a letter detailing the reductions in hand and gave that and the discharge note pointing to only physical health conditions to the new area where we had registered with Marisco Medical Practice in Mablethorpe.

Since moving we have made substantial improvements to the family home to accommodate Elizabeth in her very own independent flat in the back garden which overlooks the sea. This is without doubt the right environment not a locked ward.

We had her home at Xmas but just for a few days which was a success but then we had to take her back and she became unsettled which put back her release. I had hoped that Elizabeth would have been released in February but she is still at Ash Villa and her Tribunal has just been postponed because a care coordinator could not attend.

Since Xmas, and her Birthday in particular visiting rights have been restricted to the point it is as though we are being treated like criminals.

This is beyond doubt the most restrictive and ruthless “care” ever encountered compared to everywhere else Elizabeth has been. Even Cygnet, Huntercombe and Cambian did not compare to this. It is like prison because that is what you would expect from a prison not a hosplital that is supposed to care and help people get better.

“it is evil to stop her from seeing her mother on her Birthday”

“I urge you to complain”

Elizabeth’s comments (she claims to be autistic but noone listens or cares)

“I will never get better in here”

“Hi someone has stood in my way getting home”

“Csny wait come home”

“All that I’ve seen happen to me is my liberty being taken away its starting to become really boring this GAME!”

“I love you mum you’re the best”

“ I am currently stuck in Ash villa“

“Hi mum isn’t there a way I could stay in the chalet while   your busy building”

“You’ve got to get me outta hrre”

“I love pigeons and make sure they’re some onion rings crisps and sandwiches from ms”

“Hi I think the MH health has abused me”

“Hi Mum can you bring me a homemade choc cream filled cake –  Hi can you please get me some egg mayonnaise sandwich maker sliced white bread olive oil spread some more salami.

“Are you coming to see me.”

“Are you going coming to see me tomorrow.”

“It  will be a long old stretch till end of February but I hope ur ready pick me up and well go for a nice mcdonalds meal and I will give you my coke so I dont spill it.”

“Dr R I think is behind all the abuse I could cry.”

“They are being nasty I dare you to come to the hospital and demand my release.”

“make sure you send that ombudsman paper off to the right place”

“miss you lots”

Re her cat “how’s my baby fluffy  “I am glad he’s ok I miss him I wd love come see him sometime soon”

“ I cant wait for my chocolate birthday cake sounds del”

“could it be that the autism has caused me to look unwell”

“this situation MH gets weirder as the day goes past.  They are ob trying to hold me against my will here it’s so terrible”

My daughter has herself on two occasions on her own accord called the CQC but now things have taken a turn for the worse and I am having to look for all the capacity assessments she has had carried out in the past which are many. My daughter has also put a prayer on Lincoln Cathedral’s website begging to come home whilst at Lincoln Hospital.  I had nothing to do with this whatsoever and she could not have done this if she did not have capacity.

J**** asked about your phone calls.

Have you got a copy of your care plan?   “no”

“would like to come to church?” “yes”

“you nd to act now call cqc”

“I refused the lying down mri”

“bring my swimming costume just in case”

“I think I am being abused”  


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