THE TRIBUNAL – ELIZABETH IS ASKING WHY SHE WAS NOT CALLED TO GO INTO THE TRIBUNAL??? She is on the phone at 15.43 and was expecting to be asked to go in. MP/202203505 22.03.2022 at 14.15

I received a letter dated 10 February 2022 informing me that the Tribunal for Elizabeth would be held on 22 March 2022 at 14.15 By Video. “We are contacting you as the patient has indicated they are happy for you to be kept informed of their Tribunal appeal. However access to the actual hearing is not automatic and our Tribunal panel need to be satisfied that your participation is appropriate. The final decision will be with the Tribunal panel sitting on the case on the day of the hearing.

I had filled out the forms attached but heard nothing more. Yesterday I contacted the Court and Tribunal Services and I explained I was the Nearest Relative for my daughter and that she wanted me to attend.

Today I again wrote and telephoned the Courts and Tribunal Office and despite my efforts I was not admitted into the Hearing.

I know full well if I had been allowed in I would not be able to write about the Hearing as this would be seen as Contempt of Court but the institution where my daughter is right now has a Mental Health Act Office and neither ST or SJ Manager bothered to even ring me back. Now I have just found out that Elizabeth did not go in but was ready to. She was not asleep. She did not get the chance to go in WHY WAS THAT???? What kind of justice can be gained by a court Hearing going on behind your back and the person who this is all about? What was the decision taken in the absence of myself as Nearest Relative and my daughter who was ready to attend but no-one got back to her. Seriously there needs to be an investigation into all of this. This is public money.

Professionals at Ash Villa Sleaford have been instructed not to speak to me, to put the phone down on me and call the Police if they see fit. This is the most restrictive place my daughter has ever been in and human rights breached but surely this should be the least restrictive. Having said all this I cannot criticise all members of staff there. Some are quite nice and are only doing their job but the orders seem to come from the very top “it is evil to keep her from her mother on her Birthday”. “I urge you to complain”.

The Courts and Tribunal Services are secret courts funded by public money and there should be openness, transparency and accountability. What excuse was given as to why Elizabeth did not go in?

I think I know what the outcome will be of the Tribunal will be in light of this. It most certainly would not be fair. Because such courts are shrouded in secrecy and likewise all public body complaints systems are biased in favour of “professionals” I am afraid there is NO JUSTICE in the UK and never will be and the voices of vulnerable people will not be listened to.

The idea is to distance a vulnerable person from their families, to incarcerate them in unsuitable noisy institutions or care homes put under a DoLs or CTO. This vulnerable person (Elizabeth) said that she would like her mother to attend the Tribunal otherwise I would not have got the letter in the first place and this was also confirmed on Sunday last when I visited my daughter she again said she would like me to attend.

Every week without fail I drive an hour’s journey in the new area to this facility just for 30 minutes then another 30 minutes in total as No S17 leave given. It is the most restrictive “prison” facility ever and all she did was to throw some tea – all this time imprisoned when she could be home and out in the sunshine. Elizabeth is on a fortnightly depot and I was advised by an expert who I turned to for advice that on no account should I ignore the fact that she was on the depot and should phone 111 which I did which led to A&E then sectioning which was not the intention then a catalogue of bullying even worse than we have ever known before in the new area where we had hoped to start afresh and hoped that things would be different. The last thing I wanted to do was complain or write my blog. All that should have been done was to continue the treatment in place already and the reduction of the clopixol depot ongoing as was being done before by professionals. However, I have just found out that the previous area still have the S117 care and perhaps this has caused the problem as they refuse to release it.

When Elizabeth was discharged from Chase Farm hospital Enfield, North London she had a discharge note that pointed only to physical health conditions re abnormal findings on a scan. There were lots of different medical appointments I was having to take Elizabeth to. They were finally taking her physical health seriously. To get her to these appointments was difficult as someone had damaged my car through theft stealing the catalytic converter and leaving me without a car so I had to hire a wheelchair. I would take Elizabeth to all these appointments which was incredibly stressful for her. The one outstanding appointment – most important of all was the Neurologist appointment. When I sold my house I tried to get this moved forward in vain but since then have been unable to take her despite the new GP stating to go back to London and I was prepared to drive there. This has been refused by doctors at Ash Villa when there are abnormalities on a scan and I am prepared to pay.

When we moved, following a meeting with Enfield Community Rehab Team, we obtained a letter in addition to the discharge note. The note was detailing the reduction of the depot injection by the RC Dr Ilyas Mirza. The details therein did not quite match the verbal account given which was every six weeks a review would be given. Elizabeth was on no CTO and every six weeks was being reduced off the drug clopixol depot by 50mg and he commented that on the very low dosage he would have to be more careful and this would require more frequent contact so the depot was like a section in itself. Every time they came she was upset and thereafter too it would take her a few days to recover. All the time I stayed with her, held her hand and watched her distress and someone else witnessed what was going on but not once did she refuse. Not once did I stand in the way of such treatment but I totally understood how she felt.

At Chase Farm Hospital Enfield she was dragged across the floor, had her handbag ripped off her shoulders and was kicked in the knee in retaliation by the ward manager when she tried to defend herself in vain. At Elysium also brutal treatment and drugged to max level.

All along she has maintained she is autistic. My daughter came out positive in all screenings for autism and I have watched professionals and the way they communicate with her not having a clue and this is why I would welcome every Trust being involved in the Oliver McGowan Training Programme which is supposed to be mandatory especially Barnet Enfield & Haringey MH Trust and Lincolnshire Partnership Trust.

Prior to the Tribunal I tried to ring Elizabeth. I could not get through on the phone. It turns out the phone was in a locker placed in there by staff – my only point of contact, a carers rep told me Elizabeth did not want her phone from the locker. Why was the phone placed in the locker and why are visits restricted as I am the Nearest Relative? Why was I excluded from today’s Tribunal? Why is my daughter’s wishes not listened to? Why most importantly was Elizabeth deprived of going into the Tribunal today? Why are members of staff instructed to put the phone down? Who reported me as an unfit attorney when I tried to get treatment continued in a new area and why is the S117 aftercare still with the previous area?

I have an extract to reveal from a letter signed by Sarah Connery Chief Executive: “we are doing all we can to ensure she is receive a high quality service from LPLFT whilst in our care. We acknowledge this is a very difficult time for you and therefore *** Carer Champion for Ash Villa will continue to support you. Also it goes on to say her role is to support me as carer not to answer questions on behalf of others. When you are banned from speaking to anyone what kind of service is this? – sadly so much for wanting a fresh start our move has been disastrous and horrific and we have encountered even more restrictive practices and draconian treatment ever witnessed before. There is no accountability when it comes to mental health/autism and LD and this area is a prime example coupled with my previous area.

In this new area there is a big carers network none of which is supportive – there is a whatsapp group with hundreds of carers included. When I wrote recently stating that no-one bothered to tell me that my daughter had contracted covid and was in isolation – this was their response: “this is a polite request to everyone when posting messages to be mindful what is posted on here so is inclusive to all and we support each other and maybe a different forum is needed for other issues.” In other words it is not supportive to anyone who needs real support. It is only for those who post positively. There is no way I could work paid to shield professionals like a barrier where you might if you are lucky get snippets of information here and there but many questions remain unanswered. When you complain to Pals nothing comes of it then you get a letter from the Chief Executive as mentioned earlier.

I have never seen such restrictive treatment in breach of human rights anywhere before and that is why I call it prison. As a carers rep myself I feel there needs to be substantial changes otherwise nothing will ever get better. I am not saying that all staff are bad but there is most certainly breach of human rights by depriving contact and proper S17 leave not escorted. We have had several days of no contact at all following her Birthday. Elizabeth is not happy and wants to go home and the house is now much better. I feel like putting up all the pictures on Youtube detailing the extensive work and building of Elizabeth’s very own independent accommodation.

Even Cygnet, Cambian and Huntercombe were less restrictive but what makes this all the more horrific is that this is an NHS Hospital in breach of their very own Charter. I would also point out that patients religious needs are not catered for and that it has been refused on two occasions that Elizabeth is allowed to come to church. I had to advise the local churches today about this fact.

I want to point out also that I have spoken to more than one member of staff to ask how Elizabeth has been lately. I was told she is spending most of her time in her room alone. She has not been in any kind of trouble. She cannot stand the noise and I bought her ear plugs as noise is distressing to her. She is lying in bed when it is nice outside and up during the night. She is also feeling cold and complains that the bed is uncomfortable. She is being given extra prn drugs on top of the clopixol depot. She has commented she will never get better in there and that is not surprising.

I have just asked Elizabeth how her tribunal went. She is commenting on her cat.

Elizabeth said she did not get the chance to go in. She is writing to me right now. I wonder why???

I am trying to clarify this but there is noone to turn to for any answers.

  1. Peter Bell said:

    If I can support you please get in touch. I live very close to Ash Villa and am a Healthwatch Dignity Champion.

    • I am grateful for any support. Every Sunday I drive for over an hour to see my daughter. I make a day of it but sadly she is not able to come out with me and Sleaford is a lovely area. I did get in contact with Healthwatch who I think do a great job. I feel as though my daughter’s human rights and rights under the MHA are being totally abused. She also claims to be autistic but was not diagnosed as a child. My daughter has contacted Lincoln Cathedral and put a prayer on their website begging to come home. I will send you an email.

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