I have not written a blog for a while because we moved back in September and I have been busy settling in and there had been no end of problems as I purchased a house needing a lot of work doing but with seven bedrooms and scope to make this house look very nice. What attracted me to the house was that it is in a beautiful area surrounded by nature and the sea is within walking distance with access from our garden.  It is so different to London.

The first thing I noticed was that people are very nice and everyone said “good morning” etc unlike in London where you could go all day without speaking to anyone.

My quality of life improved during lockdown unlike so many and this period made me think closely about my life and especially thinking of Elizabeth who had been discharged from a year’s incarceration at various hospitals and thanks to NAS and Access and the CTR it was decided that Elizabeth could go home in accordance with her wishes.

Elizabeth was discharged without any CTO because it was felt that this was wrong for her.  A CTO had been tried in the past and used to threaten and bully her into engaging with a team, namely Enfield Community Rehab who never put any care in place or support.  They said no one could work with Elizabeth but that was not true.  I found at least three people who could and this enabled me to go to Gibraltar for a family wedding.

The selling of my house took time and it was a stressful period as I had had enough of London and especially after Xmas when Elizabeth was not allowed out all of a sudden and that was despite permission from the RC. I will never forget that awful day when I served Xmas dinner to Elizabeth in the car.  A very degrading experience and they were moving patients to other wards on Xmas Day without any thought of family and apparently a bed had been found in Darlington so I turned up just in time.

I finally sold the house but Elizabeth was in a flat and had come out of a year’s detention very disabled. 

I was still so happy that she was allowed to go home but I was the only source of care in her flat and she had been discharged to the point she could hardly walk.

On the Discharge note was mentioned only physical health conditions and twice was mentioned “abnormal  findings on a scan pointing to CNS”.  This was the first time I had seen such Discharge Note pointing to only physical health.   I tried to find out what CNS condition Elizabeth had.  It was evident that her breathing was very bad and this was commented on by her care coordinator.  Finally the local area GP was taking her health very seriously.   There was appointment after appointment.  They were checking on everything including ECG but the one important appointment that was recommended ie Neurologist had a waiting list.  This appointment was the most important of all bearing in mind the abnormal findings but sadly I could not bring this forward and this coincided with our date of moving.

The day before we moved we had a meeting with the Community Rehab Team whose manager is Lucy Omezi and Dr Mirza was present.

We discussed the fact that we were moving and would need a letter to explain to the new team what treatment Elizabeth was having which was Clopixol Depot and this was being reduced down to nothing.  Dr Mirza visited Elizabeth in her flat and said that every six weeks he would do a review. Following the review Elizabeth was reduced by 50mg every six weeks.  She was on the maximum dosage of 400mg and was complaining of side effects so when we moved Elizabeth was on 300mg and due a reduction of 250mg.    With this letter I did not think there would be any problem.   The Manager of ECRHT suggested one week’s trial which is hardly enough but what could I say because Elizabeth had not seen the new house or area we moved to.

We had to take her with us because Elizabeth could no longer manage in her flat and had come out of one year’s incarceration very disabled and there was no support in that flat.

We were so happy to see the back of Enfield where we had become increasingly unhappy and all we wanted was for a fresh start in the new area.


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