The day of moving was a very stressful day and Elizabeth wanted to come with me.

The removal firm had taken all furniture the day before and I stayed with a friend that evening. Elizabeth was in her flat.

Next day I went round to the house to clear the very last possessions which I just about managed to fit in my car and some I had to take round to Elizabeth’s flat.

Elizabeth would not have been able to cope with this situation so I left her to rest in her flat going backwards and forwards taking possessions there as not everything would fit in my car.

It was so strange to see the house empty. This house I had lived in for many years and had improved it by building an extension for the kitchen and a loft conversion but there was nothing else I could really do except upgrade existing fittings.

I also had to pack some of Elizabeth’s possessions to take also.

At last the time came for us to start on our journey to the new area which is about three hours away from London.

Elizabeth was calm and I hoped she would like the new house and area.

I had not been happy in London for a long time so it was a sense of relief we were finally moving.

On arrival to the new house, Elizabeth liked it very much despite the fact the house had not been decorated for years and was really rundown. She also liked the new area.

We had to book in a guest house as there was a problem with money outstanding on meters by former tenants.

The house was piled high with boxes in every single room but I had been used to living in a mess back in London because the move took a long time to go through.

The guest house was lovely and they had birds and fish. Elizabeth has a fascination with birds particularly pigeons.

When we set off on our journey Elizabeth said “what about my pigeons”. She had named them all – all the birds that visited her balcony but we had put netting up because they made such a mess. I told her there would be lots of seagulls. At the guest house they had parrots and Elizabeth felt at home and liked the guest house.

After about four days we came to the house. I managed to get the electric and gas sorted and internet although this was not of good reception.

As priority we then registered with the GP surgery and I explained that Elizabeth was on a depot namely Clopixol and on 300mmg due to be reduced to 250mg. I presented the discharge note and letter detailing the reductions.

We were supposed to have an initial appointment with the GP but this was not forthcoming. I found myself having to phone more than once as I was concerned that the depot was due that week and wanted to make sure that this was in place. I honestly did not foresee any problems but unfortunately there was huge problem and Elizabeth was left without the depot for six days despite my attempts to get it in place.

The question is how could everything have gone so wrong when they had the discharge note and letter detailing reductions off the clopixol depot.

I will write more about this in my next blog as a warning to anyone who decides to move to a different area.

  1. Gill said:

    Hi, I had the same experience with myself who am on multiple medications for a variety of diagnosis as well as my son. Moving is the most stressful thing to go through and having a manic episode at the same time and being in emergency housing as was declared homeless. Not once did the Bristol Mental Health Team/CAHMS call or support us. The best was that they got my medication wrong as I was changing over and they forgot to increases instead they decreased my medication and I had multiple panic attacks. I called and called and did not get one person call back. I have never in my life had such bad, uncompassionate, incompetent service – that’s why I have gone through the process of a large complaint and it is now with the Ombudsman. I empathise with you as I was also left for a week without my anxiety pills, moving, having to deal with my son who has ADHD and no support. I hope all is fine with you and everything has settled down but feel your frustration to say the least.

    • I am sorry to hear of your bad experience. It seems that the NHS is failing no matter what area because of lack of communication perhaps but we did everything we could to avoid what we are currently faced with. I have even more awful things to reveal as when someone wants to get rid of you how they go about it.

      • Gill said:

        I have gone through PALS and the Trust to complain (about 15 complaints) – not one will they admit and have outright lied about the context and content and misled information in their notes in their favour. Im waiting fot the Ombudsman to look at my case so am hoping an independent eye will spot their mistakes. I have all the notes which contradict themselves however they somehow miss that and still dont admit everything. I fit the criteria of what you were accused of with regards to complaints. They think because they answer you that this is the case closed – that is a response however the complaint never gets resolved. I am so tired of them. I am the one with mental health issues – went into the BMHT with 2 diagnosis and have accumulated 3 others since being under their care. The stories that you have explained are horrific but its nice to know that I am not alone in my struggles as I have kept on feeling that ‘maybe I am wrong and am seeing things wrong’ and making me feel mad because everything that I have complained about is ‘ok’. You start to question your sanity. Thank you for your story as it gives me strength to carry on. This has been going on for 2 years now and i WILL NOT let them get away with it. Even went to Government Health Minister and MP – anyone who would listen. Even wrote to Boris Johnson to say they should take their advertisement about mental health down as it is misleading and false that they help with mental health issues lol. Hope to keep in contact, thanks Gill

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