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I have not written a blog for a long time as I have been concentrating on my forthcoming book but recent events have led me to write the above blog which I will be adding to.

When you reach the end of a complaint which has gone nowhere you get labelled:

I have featured the response I have received from those at the top of the Trust. Before you even contact the Ombudsman you must have exhausted all avenues of complaint and this speaks for itself.

Elizabeth was discharged from Chase Farm Hospital on the 28 May and was discharged without a Discharge Note or care plan in place to my knowledge. The Discharge Note detailed only physical health concerns.

I was pleased that she had been discharged from Chase Farm Hospital and became a full time carer as once again the Community MH team had failed to support in any way apart from administering a depot which made Elizabeth suffer so much before and after administering because she had developed a fear of needles.

So the depot was being reduced and titrated down to nothing and every six weeks a review was given.

The complaint with the PHSO to address the brutal treatment of my daughter under NHS care was largely on hold because of Covid and had been for some time. Suddenly an “investigator” contacted me under Ref C-2006177. Caseworker LM responded stating in his email dated 25 June 2021 that the discharge note had been added to the case file “we have everything we need from you at this stage”. “As previously advised, please note that in order to consider your complaint further we would need to see evidence your complaint has been fully investigated by the Trust and all points raised have been addressed”.

I think I gave more than enough evidence that things had not been fully investigated and how could they possibly have been when this went right to the very top and noone responded to the complaint despite Teams Meeting with Pals and Chief Nurse nothing was resolved because my complaint involved letters I had received as well as disturbing things that had happened to Elizabeth on the ward. Nothing was dealt with once again.

“If you have any questions please contact us quoting your unique reference number that has been assigned to you ie C-2006177.”

When you are labelled a vexatious complainant who can you turn to especially if those named such as Pals and a manager of social services do not respond? Was it justified that those at the very top of the Trust wrote such a letter accusing me in the way they did and was it justified that no response was given to the MP from the very top of the Trust. This has all been done before but this time the PHSO were not so dismissive.

Anyway a new case worker was appointed namely ZH. She has sent various correspondence and refused to send a written response to explain why the complaint had been disregarded. However she pointed me in the direction of the Local Government Ombudsman and the Police. This is just passing the buck and dismissing a year of the most disturbing abuse to my vulnerable daughter under NHS care. It is integrated care in Enfield so why not involve LG Ombudsman jointly? Instead I was told the complaint was nothing to do with them but the LG Ombudsman so I have today contacted the LG Ombudsman and I believe Nigel Ellis is the CEO. I printed off a form and completed it with my new address on. Yes, I have moved away from London where I have lived all my life because it became so unbearable.

Here are just some of the extracts from my complaint in an email sent to previous investigator LM:

Every complaint avenue has been exhausted – there were only two avenues of complaint and got nowhere either through non response or ignoring the concerns even when a Teams meeting was called.

Being labelled “vexatious” is just a means of silencing someone and making it difficult to voice valid concerns.

Discharged in such a state she could hardly walk and her breathing sounded terrible even picked up on my her former CC. Elizabeth relied on me for everything and every day I would visit her independent flat to help her in every way in the absence of a scrap of care being put in place. She could not even use her bath – she was around a size 24 from being held prisoner on a ward amber categorised where for some time following Xmas no fresh air or exercise allowed. This meant that the bath was totally inadequate for her and no measures had been put in place before discharge to tackle this despite there being ample time so the first thing I did was to try to help but between 28 May and 15 September absolutely nothing done about this and this was a risk factor under health and hygiene surely. This shows no communication or care from professionals under the NHS and LA – that is if the CMHT come under LA when they have NHS email addresses.

Most of the complaint was to do with NHS care and treatment on the ward and there was great confusion in ZH stating this had nothing to do with the PHSO when the NHS were the providing body of all care over the past year.

I used to go round to the flat to cook, clean, go shopping, buy food and other provisions, help with benefits, nursing care, try to persuade her to come round to the house for a shower. There was nothing provided. The GP was suddenly taking matters seriously with regard to her physical health because on the discharge note it was mentioned “abnormal findings on scan relating to CNS” – What is this exactly? Noone could give me an answer when I had questioned which CNS condition did Elizabeth have or is this pointing to injury?

The above highlights the treatment supplied by the NHS who have failed Elizabeth in the previous local area.

This is not private care provided by myself but funded by local Commissioners with the involvement of the local team who quickly recalled Elizabeth from one OOA institution when an autism assessment was offered by a specialist there.

The care she has had is fit for a Panorama programme in my opinion.

So having been dismissed like rubbish I have been advised that the entire matter is nothing to do with the PHSO but the LG Ombudsman and Police.

I will be adding to this blog in due course once I have the LG Ombudsman’s response because no I do not think this matter comes solely under the LG Ombudsman but jointly.

We have had to move away from an area where we have lived all our life to a new area where we know noone and there have been enormous problems but first of all before I write about everything I must give the LG Ombudsman the chance to look into the dismissal of the PHSO investigators.

I have been impressed in the past the way the LG Ombudsman dealt with a safeguarding issue where I managed to obtain the minutes so let’s see what they have to say about this whole matter and who is responsible.

No way should any complaint be dismissed like rubbish with no accountability and trying to pass the buck and this is how I feel we have been treated by the PHSO.

The complaint will now be sent to LG Ombudsman according to the advice of ZH and her Manager. I will inform you all of their response but I always thought that in areas where there is supposed to be integrated care then with NHS email addresses does this not come under NHS now? In other words who is actually responsible?

The LG Ombudsman is now dealing with the complaint and referral made to the joint working team.

I have received a letter from the Office of Public Guardian that I am being investigated as an Attorney and it would appear that someone – no doubt social services or medical team think that I am not fit to be an attorney re health and wellbeing and I am being accused of encouraging Elizabeth to stop taking the drugs. The drug being clopixol depot prescribed at 300mg every fortnight. The other attorney namely her father is also being accused and it would seem that someone has maliciously reported us. I would most certainly welcome the opportunity of clearing my name in this respect and have overwhelming documentary evidence going back to when we moved to a new area which I have not yet featured on my blog.

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