As featured in my last blog on top of everything else I am having to deal with the above.

Today I spent a very long time phoning Police to get a crime reference number as well as for an update. No update could be given as the adviser could not access the notes but I obtained the crime reference number. I then received a call from Mr Clutch who have gone out of their way to try to obtain the very best price for both catalytic converter and exhaust. Having tried over four sources they were told only a BMW dealership could help and received a rip-off price from Stephen James for £3000. After negotiation Stephen James reduced this price to £2,300. I find this price drop quite amazing and still think this is a rip-off price.

I now have loads of inconvenience thanks to these thieves as I have to turn my attention to my insurance as well as to Elizabeth as I relied on my car to get from A – B.

I have had to shop around and I have managed to get a better quote for £1400. I have then had to put in a claim through my insurance.

Tomorrow a wheelchair is coming for Elizabeth because she has an appointment with her GP Surgery who once again have only notified Elizabeth and treat carers like nothing. If it was not for Elizabeth I would not have known but when I spoke to the reception I had to clarify when the word “mental health” was mentioned. It was really upsetting to me to hear these words mentioned and I then asked if the doctor concerned, Dr D was a psychiatrist as I have heard of GP’s doubling up as psychiatrists before. I needed reassurance that this was not the case and this was not done as a MH assessment and some kind of trick. Elizabeth has not long since had a health check and that is why I was concerned. The GP surgery is now taking an interest but have tried to play down what is written on the discharge note and today I made some enquiries. I will write this on a separate blog including Elizabeth’s very own comments that she had written on a piece of paper. I will add to my comments on the BMW car in due course but at the moment it is with Mr Clutch who did try their best to get a reasonable price but in the end the prices were still too high at £2,300 for just the exhaust.


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