CTR Tomorrow 17 March 2020

A CTR for Elizabeth is a most important meeting and Elizabeth has been told this is going ahead tomorrow.

No way will this be done fairly.

For a start she has had no support from any advocacy and the advocates are supposed to be PowHer Icas who are funded by Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust. They are supposed to help prepare someone like my daughter for the CTR but have done nothing.

I was so happy to hear from National Autistic Society to say that matters had gone higher. I was told that there would be an advocate appointed by NHS England who had specialist communication skills re learning disability or autism. What good are advocates who give no support. How is this fair?

I was full of hope that matters would be dealt with fairly and that Elizabeth would be assisted with the CTR by advocates. Instead all the RC of Suffolk Ward has done is keep asking for the completed forms which are with the National Autistic Society. The reason the last CTR was called off was for the same reason – total lack of support – yet this CTR has been allowed to go ahead. How can that be right?

The CTR should be cancelled a second time because of the fact that the CTR has not been organised properly or fairly and this has been done by the RC of Suffolk Ward Dr HM.

Bearing in mind the level of dispute on treatment and everything no CTR should take place until an appropriate independent advocate through NHS England is appointed.

The CTR was scheduled to take place between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm. Elizabeth has said she does not wish to attend and who can blame her because she would have wanted to attend if a CQC inspector or an appropriate advocate had been invited.

I have notified the CQC as it is apalling how vulnerable people are treated, initially declined by commissioners the CTR is only being allowed thanks to the involvement of Mencap and NAS and this is why it is important that I highlight why correct advocacy needs to be in place in a case like this to ensure someone is fairly treated and that something good can come out of the CTR.


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