Whether it be mental illness or learning disability/autism, if you are unlucky enough to be on a section 3 you can be sure that the treatment under the NHS is nothing less than brutal.

This treatment can result in increased trauma and this ward does not budge on diagnosis and when a patient in their eyes becomes unmanageable they are sent far away and all is funded by the commissioners of Enfield to facilities such as Cygnet, Huntercombe, Elysium and what was once Cambian as far away as Wales.

Here is some of the treatment my daughter has received under Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust rated good by the CQC:

Most recently Elizabeth has been put on drugs that the RC of Suffolk Ward says is helping her and that she is better on them. This is maximum levels of Clopixol depot. The drug has been administered roughly on occasions not just by Enfield but by other institutions funded by Enfield out of area to the point the needle has broken. It sometimes takes a while before Elizabeth will talk about an experience but this could be due to the trauma which is ever being increased the longer she is held in unsuitable institutions such as locked wards.

Nothing really shocks me but will perhaps shock others, that is anyone other than this current Government who could not care less.

Elizabeth thinks she is where she is right now because she is being punished. I wouldn’t disagree with that and also her family are being punished by Chase Farm hospital Enfield, as no-one is allowed leave even for a few hours or granted visiting rights. You can only see someone through a narrow pane of glass in the void between two locked doors where it is difficult to speak because of wearing masks. Yesterday, Elizabeth was upset because her sister was visiting briefly and she was stuck on the ward and so the answer is always medication to any patient who becomes distressed on the ward. Imagine what it must be like to be held on a ward like this with two locked doors preventing escape. A few days ago I witnessed another patient charging at the doors in vain trying to break them down. No doubt she was covered in bruises in her attempts to break free from a ward that allows no fresh air or exercise and so Elizabeth’s visit to the optician which was allowed to get glasses fitted was a treat for her, having been locked up since Xmas and the only reason this was allowed was because a previous appointment with the hospital had to be cancelled because no-one took her and I only received a call too late to be able to take her to North Mid Hospital for her appointment myself.

So I am going to give examples of the care and treatment vulnerable patients receive on Suffolk Ward. I might add to this as it is important to highlight that this kind of treatment goes on within NHS care of the UK not just private sector.

I have heard that Elizabeth has been given prone injections which can be potentially life threatening.

I have heard that Elizabeth was chased round the ward by several male nurses who wanted to administer the depot injection. They grabbed hold of her and tried to take her handbag away and rip this off her shoulders. She retaliated and kicked one of them in the leg. They took her to a seclusion room and all four male nurses she did not know from other wards administered the injection and one kicked her in the leg in retaliation. I suppose using nurses from other wards is done to protect themselves but it has all got back to me.

I have heard on two occasions Elizabeth has been refused fresh air in the garden below.

Abuse is when a team of professionals overlook physical health needs yet NHS promote the very opposite of what is on offer under the MH and could not care less when a patient becomes obese through lack of fresh air and exercise. It is this rather than lack of priority of covid injections which is killing people like my daughter who is on max levels of drugs forcibly and brutally injected to the point needles break, is being ignored by doctors when there is conflict of opinion and ignored by the commissioners who refuse a CTR. Elizabeth is obese now – a size 24 through lack of exercise and fresh air with the excuse of Covid.

I have been left to explain what a CTR is to Elizabeth because she has no advocacy. Barnet Enfield and Haringey fund PowHer Icas who have done nothing to help my daughter. The CTR has been cancelled because of such lack of support and thanks to the involvement of NAS. Why fund an organisation such as PowHer Icas who do not want to get involved in this case and straight away I am thinking it is not just this case but others who are not being represented properly and are not being treated fairly.

I had to prompt Elizabeth to complete the forms for the CTR and asked that she sends them to her advocate through Nat Autistic Society and Elizabeth told me she had asked for an inspector from the CQC to attend.

The other thing is that doctors are not supposed to be racist or come out with comments that are inappropriate towards someone’s sexuality but there is absolutely no understanding towards this on Suffolk Ward as I found out.

I still have not been invited to the CTR but I understand Dr HM is chasing the forms that Elizabeth has sent to NAS already.

So once someone is on a depot injection they do not like taking the NHS brutally holds on to that person and treats them in the most cruel and despicable manner and totally ignore underlying physical health concerns as that person is treated like an object. That person is NOT protected under the MHA.

Reports for court purposes are written in such a way by professionals who want to keep hold of someone like Elizabeth whose “care” is costing £3000 + per week.

I have a letter in front of me from Judge M Sutherland Williams. “Personal misconduct relates to a member’s behaviour, for example a Judge shouting or speaking in a sarcastic manner or misuse of judicial status. Personal misconduct does not relate to how the tribunal member has managed a case of hearing or to any decisions or judgements made. ” In other words you have no hope in any complaints procedures and the law protects those in authority. It is not enough to say that a judicial office holder was rude. It is like a losing battle wherever you go as the protection goes towards officials and these officials and their decisions lead to the most weak and vulnerable people being abused. It is no wonder they have anger issues especially if there is a learning disability and autism identified by other professionals and ignored by the current treating team.

Then in defence he goes on to say “I am not entirely sure that the panel have been profusely critical and they have explained why they took the decision they did but appreciate that this may be a matter of interpretation. It would be helpful if you could explain on what you mean by “I have never encountered such disregard to the NR and patient. I am unclear what your experience is or what you are comparing it to./ I understand it can be unsettling if you are feeling ignored but was there anything specific that might amount to judicial misconduct that you are referring to?”

I have not bothered to respond and cannot emphasise on which court hearing I am referring to as I have been threatened with prison. What is upsetting is that these people of authority should be protecting people like my daughter from professionals who lie within court papers time and time again because of their ulterior motives and then Judges can threaten you with a prison sentence when you expose the truth honestly and transparently.

I get calls from my daughter to say she no longer wishes to be alive. All I hear is people panicking about Covid and a Government going on and on about vaccinations to the point I do not even look at the mainstream news any more. It is the same repetition whilst it is not on people’s minds what abuse is going on with the excuse of Covid to people like my daughter under the NHS.

Looking back to the past there was a Doctor who suddenly resigned as RC namely Dr KC in charge of Suffolk Ward. I had asked if I could have the assessment for Elizabeth on Professor Belinda Lennox’s research into antibodies attacking the immune system. He said “you scratch my back and I will scratch yours”. He chaired a CPA including other members of the family and said “if you do not choose your father as NR I will throw you out on the street homeless” . I got to hear about this from Elizabeth’s sister.

Being a abuse victim to be disturbed in the night with a male nurse entering a shared bedroom on the ward with another patient led to reaction of Elizabeth throwing the bags out and being dragged into a seclusion room to be forcibly injected by three members of staff on Suffolk Ward so forcibly her new slippers broke.

Abuse does not extend just to the patient but to their family if they complain and that abuse is done through an entire team backed by senior professionals leading to the very top of the Trust sticking together and protecting themselves and then bullying which amounts to being ignored and up against a wall of silence and labelled as vexatious instead of trying to tackle things face to face and coming to conclusion certain senior members of staff cover up their failings in this manner.

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  1. Gillian Speke said:

    Sue the health authority for harassment, abuse & causing extreme anxiety

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