Elizabeth is still held prisoner on Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward since May 2020 and denied fresh air and exercise.

Elizabeth would have been sent away to Priory Hemel Hempstead against her wishes for six months if it had not been for the intervention of Mencap/National Autistic Society.   

A CTR originally refused by local commissioners and autism assessment that was denied thanks to Nat Autistic Society and Mencap, is going ahead this week I believe. Still no advocate has been found.  This is  bad because Elizabeth needs support at her CTR with regard to communication.

I hope that the CTR something will help get Elizabeth heard and for her to be listened to for a change.  

Stuck on an acute amber categorised covid ward amongst other distressed patients is hardly the right environment for anyone to get well and she has been stuck there since October 2020 and incarcerated since May 2020 sent all over the place to various other institutions.  When she phones me I can hear in the background alarms going off and screaming.

Elizabeth is still not allowed visitors or leave since Xmas Day.   Now on maximum level of depot injection administered fortnightly,   Elizabeth’s weight has ballooned enormously and she is denied fresh air and exercise.   She is now a size 24 and has complained constantly about itchiness to her skin.

Last week’s appointment at the opticians to have glasses fitted was so exciting for Elizabeth as it was the first time she  was allowed out anywhere since Xmas Day and this was only facilitated as it was an appointment.  She was like small child and her calls commenced at 7.00 am asking me constantly when I was coming to take her off the ward.

At the weekends there is nothing to do on the wards and today Elizabeth’s sister visited as it Mother’s Day tomorrow.  Elizabeth’s attitude at first was one of distress as she does not want to be on the ward and she displayed this through stating she did not  want to see her sister at first and of course as no visits are allowed, unlike care homes, the only way we can see her is through a slit in the glass of the ward door.

It is not good to deny fresh air and exercise leading to patients becoming obese.   It seems like on such wards physical health is completely overlooked.  Elizabeth would be better off in her flat right now.

I am now going to turn my attention to another Trust, namely Avon Wiltshire and Somerset MH Trust who are unbelievable in how they have treated a family I know.  They seem even worse than BEHMHTNHS and that is saying something!  For them especially I am going to write a separate blog featuring Avon and Wiltshire Partnership Trust but here is a short preview:

“I’m devastated, J just face-timed me ……….I’ve never seen him look so ill.   He is drooling, dribbling,  tells me he’s on haloperidol now too.  He is so fat  …..  his eyes he tells me he cannot close them……. I’ve been so ill myself I just don’t know what to do.

I am shocked to hear that the subject mentioned above, J, is even in hospital.   He was abducted from the family home based upon what appears to be malicious allegations that he and his brother were being neglected which was not true.  The allegations were claimed to derive from his sister who does not live at the family home and who is ill but this was not true.   The reason J had returned to the family home was because his accommodation was unsafe with squatters/drug dealers frequently breaking in.   I had visited the family home and saw no sign of neglect or mistreatment.  What kind of people turn up to the family home of elderly parents who were shielding with an unsigned warrant to take away their son who wanted to be with his family for Xmas based upon unfounded allegations from someone who is not “family” or living on the premises and so therefore cannot comment.   I am going to continue with this on a separate blog called AVON AND SOMERSET PARTNERSHIP TRUST.  


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  1. HORROR continues unregulated, unseen and for max profit £13,000 a week and all the increasing pharma , just to destroy. how can this be NHS treatment and why do public pay for It ?

    Sorry as you are that this is allowed to happen.

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