I received a call from the distraught mother of J and S just now 13.11 16 March 2020

S is held prison at the hospital below and deprived liberty under:

Callington Road Hospital – NHS CHERRY WARD


Tel: 0117 919 5600.  Marmalade Lane, Brislington, Bristol, BS4 5BJ. Website: http://www.awp.nhs.uk/

This hospital has held S since just after Xmas Day and this is a hospital that fails to respect the family let alone Mental Health law. The Nearest Relative is his Mother who has been beside herself with concerns and worry and whenever she phones the hospital they do not involve her in any way and have ignored her as though she is an object rather than a person. Their callous behaviour has resulted in the Mother and NR suffering physical illness. It is bad that the Coronavirus Act is superseded to human rights by professionals who are entirely unaccountable and treat the relatives and vulnerable person under their care like nothing. Where are the human rights in the UK – such professionals need to be educated and the Government should be doing something about this situation where vulnerable people are being abused. So the mother of S received a call from him this morning by way of Facetime. Whilst on the phone two members of staff in the background could be heard speaking to S and telling him that he would be taken to view a home for him presumably today. When his mother telephoned the ward (CHERRY WARD) just now she spoke to the Lead Nurse and was told that she knew nothing about this. There have been many times when I have asked about things and staff say they know nothing when in fact they know more than they let on. I will keep you all informed.

The latest on J who is held at J Ward WSM is: “J Facetimed again in an even worse state. I couldn’t make out what he was saying he was so drugged. He said something about held down, injected and other drugs …. shouting …. he is in a really bad way. I don’t know what to do?”


I never thought I would come across a Trust who seem to be even more ruthless than our local area in terms what we have experienced. Xmas is a special time for families but under the mental health professionals in the UK showed no respect towards patient or family in this respect. Here is our example of treatment under BEHMHTNHS on Xmas Day:

https://psychiatricabuseuk.com/2020/12/25/degrading-xmas-day-treatment-on-by-bed-management-at-chase-farm-hospital-enfield-suffolk-ward/ It was planned to send Elizabeth to a locked ward at Priory – a bed had been found at Darlington.

I had visited my friend in Bristol before Xmas to try to help sort out problems with her internet connection. I then returned back again to offer further help and J had decided to return to the family home.

I had met J before and attended his Tribunal. I was impressed as he seemed calm and happy and appeared to be doing fine; J has full capacity in his decision on wishing to return home. His flat was elsewhere in another area and had been broken into on numerous occasions which resulted in his decline. Every time the phone rang or there was a knock at the door J appeared on edge, a quite normal reaction considering the trauma he had been through and I had understanding of his fear of mental health professionals and why he avoided these people through fear of sectioning, of being taken away and forced back to his unsafe home environment, which is exactly what they tried to do but Avon and Wiltshire Partnership Trust professionals have shown they have no understanding of “best interest” or compassion towards patient or family. I am witness to the fact it was J’s wish to be at home where he was content and doing well because he felt safe there and that should have been respected and appreciated by AWP.

The mother of J herself once worked as a mental health nurse and has empathy and understanding in terms of communication and in fact has spoken to Elizabeth on several occasions. She also has knowledge on medication and the effects of too steep withdrawal. In actual fact this is a case where underlying physical health condition has been overlooked time and time again by professionals instead of referral to a specialist for physical healthcare.

Anyway I was so shocked to hear what happened next:

Just before Xmas they came flanked by Police with an unsigned warrant. Based on unfounded allegations, alleged to emanate from his sister (which was not the case), Professionals turned up unannounced at the family home demanding to take J away, against his wishes and to great distress of his parents just prior to Xmas Day. Shame on you AVON WILTSHIRE AND SOMERSET MH TRUST (your actions were totally unfounded). In terms of the Human Rights Act the following is applicable:

So I received a phone call from my friend who was in great distress advising that about six people turned up unannounced with an unsigned warrant to take her son J away just prior to Xmas Day. There was no respect for the fact the family were shielding and I am witness to the fact that J wanted to be at home and was of no risk to self or others.

After this, Xmas was ruined for the whole family and J remains on an acute MH ward to this day. I believe Avon Wiltshire and Somerset Partnership Trust wanted J to be on a CTO and on depot injections. It was not anyone from the immediate family who lived with J who had complained as I was witness to the fact the family were managing fine and that there were no problems, so questions need to be asked about the ulterior motive behind such allegations which came from outside of the immediate family. Presents remained unopened on Xmas Day, a time when a family should have enjoyed this time together.

I immediately wrote to Duncan Garner of Pals to complain about the ruthless actions of professionals from The Coast team of Avon & Wiltshire Partnership Trust.

I believe professionals tried to force return J back to his flat which had not been made safe and there were squatters in occupation.

J was then taken back to hospital (JWard, WSM) instead of being allowed back to the family home where he wanted to be.

Because J refused the depot injections J is still on the ward right now. Here is the message from his distraught mother who has had little contact up until now. J was forced to use the hospital phone as he was originally without a mobile and whenever you tried to contact him, you could not get through. Today J has contacted his mother and she told me she is concerned:

“I’m devastated, J just face-timed me ……….I’ve never seen him look so ill.   He is drooling, dribbling,  tells me he’s on haloperidol now too.  He is so fat  …..  his eyes he tells me he cannot close them……. I’ve been so ill myself I just don’t know what to do.

Just like me, in Elizabeth’s case, she is worried that J is being over-drugged and on multiple drugs. The RC is Dr CG of J Ward WSM.

The mother of J would have great understanding of psychiatric drugs being a MH nurse herself and well aware of the consequences of over-drugging and too steep a withdrawal. I have seen the effects of this myself when Elizabeth took herself off drugs too steeply.

Anyway with regard to Avon & Wiltshire Partnership Trust I will continue with my blog as this is not all they have done. To have your child (at whatever age) taken from you days before Xmas is shocking enough but Avon & Wiltshire Partnership Trust did not stop there and I will be featuring them further in my continuation of this blog as the world can learn by their shocking example.


If that was not enough on the part of Avon Wiltshire and Somerset Partnership Trust having taken J away from home and family home before Xmas against his wishes, they did not stop there.

There was total confusion on their part with regard to correspondence addresses leading to breach of GDPR rules. Private and Confidential post of a personal nature was opened and read by others through being sent to wrong premises. There was not just confusion as to whom the correct Nearest Relative was but also as to whom the sister of J and his brother S was, whom Avon Wiltshire and Somerset MH Trust believed wrongly to be the NR. This ultimately led to unlawful detention under the MHA when it was in fact the mother of J and S who should have been consulted as she was in fact the NR. A member of staff, I believe to be an AMHP, from the Coast had resigned and paperwork had accumulated within her desk. This paperwork was not sent to the correct Nearest Relative who would have quite rightly so objected to sectioning and instead was sent to the wrong person at the wrong address. What a shambles!

It was just after Xmas Day when around six professionals arrived at the family home once again accompanied by Police with an unsigned warrant. This time they had come for the brother of J who has a neurological condition backed by medical reports which Avon Wiltshire and Somerset Partnership Trust have chosen to ignore. They took him away against his wishes on the basis of malicious allegations (not by his family).

Here is a drugs chart from 2017 for S, (J’s brother)

Amisulpride 400mg 3 x daily orally

Dexamethasone 8mg morning and lunchtime orally

Paracetamol 1gm four times a day orally

Lansoprazole gastro-resistant capsules 15mg every morning

Procyclydine 5 mg twice daily orally

Diazepam 2mg every morning orally

Zopiclone 7.5mg every evening orally

Folic acid 5mg every morning orally

Citalopram 30mg every morning

Colecalciferol 800 units once daily

Diazepam 4mg evening and bedtime

Cyanocobalamin 100 micrograms once daily

Diazepam 2mg when required orally

Vitamin B tablets compound strong 1 tablet every morning.

It is quite shocking that this level of prescribing is allowed to go on in the UK with no accountability. It is no wonder why patients die with this kind of treatment in mind. This is the kind of treatment given to vulnerable people under the MH in the UK by doctors whether under NHS or private sector.

It is all the more shocking when that person was known to have underlying physical health condition, nothing to do with a mental health condition and is currently held prisoner on a mental health ward right now and deprived of his liberty by Avon and Wiltshire Partnership Trust when the Nearest Relative was not consulted.

TW v Enfield Borough Council [2014] EWCA Civ 362, [2014 …


S struck me as being someone highly intelligent and whilst to some people he might have appeared to lack communication skills, hopefully professionals will be better educated soon thanks to the Oliver McGowan Foundation and mandatory training for MH professionals. I could see he had capacity and knew what he wanted and if he did not like something could express himself to this effect. I knew that he would have wanted to stay at home just as J would have wanted this. Now their human rights have been abused and that of his immediate relatives.

Yesterday S made countless calls to his mother and I was witness to the calls as I was on the phone to her at the time. No way would S be calling his mother if as described by so called “professionals” under Avon Wiltshire and Somerset Partnership Trust if she had neglected or cruelly treated him in any way. He is obviously missing his mother and being at home.

A call from an outsider unconnected to the family has led to this situation but has not been properly investigated to justify such action. Police are taught never to judge a book by its cover and I believe this is what they have done without justification and backed “professionals” with complete disregard to human rights and the Equality Act.

Whilst I stayed with the family just before Xmas I noticed how S was able to make himself a drink, something to eat, was able to walk around freely and listen to what he wanted in terms of music/videos. He struck me as being someone of high intelligence and it shocked me that an AMHP was looking to deprive liberty. This AMHP I spoke to myself as I was very much a witness to the fact that neither J or S were in any way neglected or being abused and were very happy to remain in the family home.

So around six professionals had once again turned up based on what appeared to be unfounded malicious allegations by someone who had their own axe to grind, matter of which needed full investigation by Police still not undertaken at senior level. The family were shielding and understandably did not wish for anyone to enter their premises but one of these “professionals” from The Coast tried to jar the front door open with his foot leading to the father of S sustaining pain to his back.

Whilst I stayed with the family I noted food was delivered weekly and much thought had gone into the shopping and plenty money spent on this. The house-keeper would come and do cleaning and put away the food. S had improved to such an extent beyond recognition compared to when I first met him. He was able to walk around confidently and even go outside the family home surrounded by extensive land and was of no risk to himself or others.

Instead of asking whether the family needed support brutal professionals from Avon Wiltshire and Somerset Partnership Trust used heavy handed tactics with the support of Police who have themselves failed to respond to a specific request from the mother of S that would have led to an investigation. The support needed was a meeting that had been declined ie a Section 42 meeting rather than personal assessments when everything could have been accomplished with everyone who needed to be present. Quite frankly I normally would praise the police but cannot in this instance when a specific request had been ignored that needed full investigation at senior level and done independently by another Police Force.

A Section 42 meeting was not granted because social services wanted to carry out an assessment by visiting the family premises but the family are shielding and a virtual meeting such as this Section 42 would have been the answer to everything in terms of other serious related matters that needed resolution and investigation drawing everyone together in this case.

The treatment of the mother of J and S by professionals is apalling and I know both J and S would rather be at home just like Elizabeth would, rather than stuck 24/7 in a locked institution costing thousands of public money under the NHS by professionals who do not know the family and do not have a clue and have made some very serious mistakes in this case, not forgetting my own daughter Elizabeth.

Not only are Avon Wiltshire and Somerset Partnership Trust in breach of human rights but also the Equality Act and I can understand how the mother of J and S must feel and be beside herself with worry and concern – just look at the drugs prescribed previously. Where is the protection for vulnerable people such as these and their mother who happens to be the Nearest Relative and a caring decent parent who was once a mental health nurse herself and would never put her sons at risk or abuse/mistreat them in any way.

I would like to see a full investigation done by CQC and PHSO into this Trust and, bearing in mind the case the fact the NR was not consulted meaning unlawful detention (eg TW v LBE), both J and S returned back to the family home and that a Section 42 hearing be held to investigate this and other related matters of concern independently and I believe that J & S together with their mother should be compensated for their ordeal and mistreatment by “professionals” who should be caring and not abusive in their actions.

I will be adding further comments to this blog on AWP in due course as maybe J, his mother and even S might like to share their thoughts with regard to this shocking case.

In the meantime I would also like Mencap to be aware of the case of J & S who might need legal intervention and backing as in the case of Elizabeth a CTR done independently.


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