I visited Chase Farm Hospital Enfield Friday morning concerned that Elizabeth did not seem to know about the CETR arranged for that afternoon. I understood Advocates contacted Elizabeth at last minute and she seemed to know nothing about the meeting.

I printed out the two pages on what questions she is likely to be asked. Elizabeth hates both questions and meetings so much and this was due to go on for most of the afternoon so I thought the questions and boxes where she could write things down were a good idea.

I could not see anyone from the CQC invited so I advised the CQC since Elizabeth has been segregated for practically a year now with little/no family contact.

The CETR is all about Elizabeth or so it should be. It is for Elizabeth to decide her future and where she wants to live and now she has even more choice than ever. I managed to find good carers Enfield Community Rehab failed to in 2 years leaving Elizabeth to go downhill. It is up to Elizabeth or so it should be. However it is very wrong when a doctor puts words into Elizabeth’s head “you do like to be with people don’t you”. Both doctor and care coordinator do not want Elizabeth going back to her flat but into care and sent out of area to another locked facility to establish her greater on medication. Well she is on max levels as it is. This was promised to be reduced but it has not been.

All this fuss about the covid vaccination but does anyone question overmedicating and deprival of physical health checks? They say that people with LD/autism die young but this is down to overmedicating in my opinion which they put down to natural causes or just lately covid.

Thomas Rawnsley- No natural causes. | finolamoss (wordpress.com)

It says do you feel safe – how can you when possessions go missing and two of these happen to be Birthday presents Suffolk Ward still have not compensated for. For once, all Elizabeth’s possessions are safe in her very own flat and she has nice furniture, there are no bed bugs or other residents to steal phones and her possessions.

So I made a fuss about the CETR taking place without a CQC representative because there really needs to be more than just recommendations in this case but a resolution after all these years.

Covid has meant abuse no fresh air or exercise to many held under the MHA. There have been no visits allowed and no leave granted since Xmas.

I have been to the hospital just now to take Elizabeth the things she asked for. I again asked to speak to her through the slit of glass in the door but how could I speak, when a member of staff stood over us. This I encountered at Elysium Thornford Park which is intrusive and degrading when I have seen another parent being treated differently. I told them it was degrading and intrusive. I could only hand the bag of things plus the CETR notes to Elizabeth through the nurse and wanted to talk about the appointments for physical health. I then had to phone the ward. I was told “I am only a nurse here” – it is rules of Chase Farm Hospital. So I said I felt discriminated against. I would rather these nurses be honest and tell me we are not allowing this in your case. “Following the meeting Elizabeth and her mother continued to have leave together in the hospital grounds in line with Government Guidelines.  However, it was noted that they were sitting together in the car park eating food in the car and that Ms Bevis had take her back to her house.  Since that time all leave with her mother has had to be stopped ;due to the risk of introducing covid to the ward.” https://psychiatricabuseuk.com/2020/12/25/degrading-xmas-day-treatment-on-by-bed-management-at-chase-farm-hospital-enfield-suffolk-ward/

Anyway we are now waiting for a new date for the CETR as Elizabeth should have been given time and assistance to prepare for this, something about further assessments being done. I thought a CETR was meant to be fair and I am glad it is cancelled for the time being and an inspector from CQC should be invited too in a case like this where there has been good cause to complain.


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