I want to share first of all the fact that Elizabeth had previously said “no to the Priory”. She was meant to be moved there in January. What has put things on hold has been the wonderful intervention by Mencap and the National Autistic Society.

I would praise both Mencap and NAS highly plus Access who have got involved in this case.

Elizabeth is still on Suffolk Ward. She is being deprived basic human rights of fresh air and exercise. All the male patients are allowed out in the front of the building with staff but the female patients are not. Surely this alone is discrimination.

There is a small garden down below that backs onto the male wards. I have asked Elizabeth several times if she has asked whether she can have fresh air. She has asked on two occasions only to be refused. This is surely not right under the Human Rights Act? What is going on on Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital Enfield? I am also left wondering whether any of the physical health appointments have been arranged. I will be checking on this tomorrow.

I visited Chase Farm Hospital Enfield MH last week out of concern as none of us in the family could get through to Elizabeth by phone. I was worried her phone had gone missing or else the chip had gone missing. I was relieved to see on this occasion that neither applied so I sat outside Suffolk Ward charging the phone in the foyer before giving this back to Elizabeth. However prior to this, the ward could not find the Samsung Charger which was a brand new one at £15.00. Luckily I had kept the receipt for this and other items that had gone missing. I am uncertain as to the headphones but Elizabeth had her Birthday on the ward recently and I had bought her presents. I had also brought up a brand new square shaped tuppaware container which contained cakes. These have gone missing. It all adds up doesn’t it. The clothes were around £30, the charger another £15 and tuppaware container £6.00. As far as I am aware this is all that is missing but there could well be more things which is why I would wish to see any discharge form to check if Elizabeth is sent on anywhere else. Such a ward is supposed to be a place of safety???? patients often wander into Elizabeth’s room unchecked during the night. There does not seem to be supervision or else perhaps the ward is short staffed. This ward – an acute ward – costs about £3000 per week. Fact is none of these items would have gone missing if Elizabeth was back home and in the files they say they do not wish her to go home or be in my company when I offered to move into the flat to begin with in order to help.

Elizabeth has been incarcerated since May 2020. Blame is put solely on her but in fact there needs to be proper examination into who in fact is really to blame. It is seen as “best interest” that Elizabeth be on this ward??? It is further seen as best interest that Elizabeth is sent out of area yet again – a fourth time to the Priory Hemel Hempstead a Locked Rehab at what must be costing at least £100000 for six months – correct me if I am wrong!

What has dismayed me today is that disturbing things have been going on on Suffolk Ward that have got back to me.

Thanks to Mencap and thanks to NAS/Access for the first time ever Elizabeth stands the chance of being treated fairly. Whilst I believe Elizabeth has complex PTSD backed by Dr Bob Johnson, Dr Mukherjee and private MH professionals Elizabeth has always thought she is autistic and this is after all mentioned throughout the files. Certainly this was the very first diagnosis before the unscientific label of “Paranoid Schizophrenia” was given. Of course this latter label has a treatment that goes with it of a lifetime of forced drugging on antipsychotic “medication”. It would be most convenient if the team just plodded on prescribing Clopixol depot at huge level every two weeks. On top of this they try to give addictive Lorazepam and refuse her sight of her drugs charts which surely she has the right to see. Whilst they try in vain to say she has no capacity that is far from true which shows how these professionals have no idea and should never be allowed to carry out an assessment of any such kind because of conflict of interest.

So today I have just heard through Elizabeth’s Sister that she was coerced into attending a video link interview with the Priory. Well what on earth is going on Suffolk Ward? You know very very well that a CTR has been called for and also an autism assessment through the Bethlem. Why have you instigated this video linked interview and put Elizabeth under pressure to attend when she has told everyone in the family she DOES NOT WANT TO GO TO THE PRIORY???? Elizabeth’s comments to her sister was “I had no choice but to attend”. Elizabeth also said that the RC was making comments in a round-about way about her going away to this institution.

So perhaps Suffolk Ward would like to comment and explain why they should be doing this now in light of the intervention of Mencap and Access??? knowing full well that Elizabeth has said “NO”.

I came to the ward today with a witness as so many possessions have gone missing. I have never come across this before on any other ward.

I was told there was no manager on duty? Surely there must have been a Manager on duty. I had therefore no choice but to speak to another member of staff SF who has his office on the ground floor in the foyer.

I briefly saw the OT – these are people I can praise but I was told by SF that he had a meeting to go to and could not spare time to see me for a proper appointment so I just gave him the receipts of the missing items and he asked if Elizabeth had signed any disclaimer??? What if she did have. It is not my idea for Elizabeth to be on this £3000+ a week acute ward therefore it is only right that every penny be refunded.

The other thing I would point out apart from breach of human rights is that not everyone is treated fairly. I have already mentioned about patients – not all are granted any fresh air breaks. This is breach of Human Rights Art 3.

There is also breach of Human Rights Art 8 in terms of visiting. Last week I witnessed another parent being invited between the closed double doors – whilst not on the ward itself that parent had quality time being able to have close contact with her daughter whilst I waited outside because they could not find the charging lead in the office of the samsung charger anywhere.

It is really awful what is going on under PUBLIC sector NHS MH wards – just as bad if not worse than private sector. There is much written about private sector but when a patient is sent away out of area by a paying Authority which in this case is Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust then it is the paying Authority who have great involvement behind the scenes. This is often overlooked when horrors of abuse/deaths are unveiled under private sector care institutions but the first thing I think of is who is paying for this out of taxpayer’s money.

There are advocates on the ward that are supposed to be independent however they do not seem to be in touch with Elizabeth and treating her fairly but then this is paid for by the Local Authority therefore I have to think if they are not keen to involve themselves in this case how can they possibly be independent.

Anyway Elizabeth has made it known to the whole family “I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO THE PRIORY”. Hope that is now clear to the RC and team of Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Whilst writing and having been labelled a vexatious complainant by those at the very top of the Trust can we please have that teams meeting I requested months ago. I am happy for as many people as possible to be included. Would you like me to arrange? If so I will need everyone’s email addresses. I look forward to receiving these swiftly.


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