Elizabeth’s Birthday

Today Elizabeth is 34 years of age and she is still on Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Sadly she cannot be home to celebrate with her family. Like so many others Elizabeth is incarcerated on a locked ward. She is not a danger to self or others and her “medication” has been changed because before this several doctors were knowingly prescribing Risperidone or equivalent Paliperidone despite the fact she was found allergic to it. Since coming back to Enfield from Elysium Thornford Park Elizabeth has not been in any trouble on the ward and keeps herself to herself.

The phone started to ring very early again and again asking when I would be coming to the hospital which is just a fifteen minute drive away. With cards and presents I turned up at the hospital and have to pass to staff the presents as I am not allowed to visit and Elizabeth is not allowed to even go out in the grounds for fresh air or a walk. In fact none of the other patients on Suffolk Ward are allowed out with the excuse of Corona Virus however I believe this is in breach of the Human Rights Act. Just because of Covid this should not affect the basic human rights of patients being taken out in the grounds for fresh air and exercise. Elizabeth has ballooned in weight since being held prisoner on Suffolk Ward since Xmas Day but the only good thing is she at least has her phone with her and I can just about see her through a slit in the glass. In contrast, the mens wards are allowed different rules and are taken out for regular fresh air breaks escorted by staff.

I heard she was given a Birthday cake on the ward today but last year Elizabeth was on this same ward when she was hauled into hospital by unlawful paperwork which reminds me, I must look into this for compensation like I did last time but to my shock and horror Elizabeth received a cheque for just £1 from Weightmans Solicitors. This time there was about 5 days of unlawful detention. Last year I prepared a buffet of food for the whole and it was like a party atmosphere but now, due to covid, the atmosphere is very much sombre. Today I had been dealing with a cat who I adopted found lifeless on allotments – sadly he died but I later made two fresh cream cakes for Elizabeth to share with all the patients on Suffolk Ward.

Elizabeth misses her cat and pigeons and often asks me to send her photos. Since Elizabeth has been in hospital I have made enormous improvements to her flat. She has new furniture, new curtains put up. shelving and everything is immaculate. Now I am very concerned. I could tell Elizabeth was not very happy yesterday by the tone of her voice and she had either received a visit from Dr M or had been called to see her. The doctor told her she would not be going back to her flat. This flat is the best accommodation Elizabeth has ever had. Everything provided under supported housing/living has been sub-standard. I was concerned at what they would do following an on line meeting prior to complete lockdown. It was clear her care coordinator and Responsible Clinician from Suffolk Ward were against Elizabeth returning to her flat and this was her wish. They are also against her staying at the flat in my company when I was prepared to move in temporarily now that I am no longer working and have time on my hands. The flat was only ever meant to be a stop gap until retirement when I had planned to move away from the area. I would agree that Elizabeth should have independent accommodation but since acquiring the flat no care was ever put in place. The care coordinator excuses herself by stating that an agency refused to work with Elizabeth on risk factor because she was not on medication. However I think it is their protocol and preference to place someone in care according to a past email I have seen in file records addressed to a previous care coordinator “it is all about proving yourself as CC as to why we must be more robust as to the fact institutional care is best for this lady” – words to this effect. It seems like best interest in their eyes comes before the Human Rights Act which I have today learned a lot about.

Since acquiring the independent flat in July 2019 – no care put in place and “no to S117” mentioned in past care plan. Instead of integrating people into the community they guide them to their own funded centres and Elizabeth made friends that brought her down. The friendships she made had negative effect on her. It has been hard to watch Elizabeth go downhill then being dragged back to Suffolk Ward on unlawful paperwork. They then released her at the height of lockdown. I was furloughed back then and was able to support and help her even though I should not have been going out even. The decline in Elizabeth was around January of that year when I underwent a major operation and was in intensive care. No support given to Elizabeth during this time. So now they want to take her home away and put her back into care so it would seem. All of this has had a knock-on effect on my health and has affected others in the family too.

Following a visit to her GP during the height of lockdown Elizabeth was sectioned and sent to three PICUs in a short space of time, all of whom failed to assess her for autism. It seems hopeful thanks to Mencap and NAS that this now seems a possibility. Whilst I believe Elizabeth has complex PTSD she believes she has autism In six months and vast sums of money spent no proper autism assessment has ever been carried out. All I hope is that a proper assessment will not involve Elizabeth having to go in to an Assessment Treatment Unit – the equivalent of a PICU except that some vulnerable people are detained for life in such institutions and this is NOT what I want for Elizabeth.

Today in the morning I took part in a zoom conference with the British Institute of Human Rights which was very interesting and on line were a lot of my social media contacts and it was great to meet them and share our shocking experiences of breaches of human rights. The only time I have ever used the HRA is when Elizabeth was denied “medication” for FOUR days ie Clozapine in order to force return her to the care home where she had no food at the weekends ie Phoenix House Stepping Stones, Northampton. I was astonished at how many breaches of human rights under Chase Farm Hospital Enfield and here they are:

The HRA places a legal duty on public bodies (and those delivering a “function of public nature”) throughout the UK to respect, protect and fulfil human rights across their actions, decisions, policies and services. The duty on public officials has three parts:

  1. Respect: duty to not breach human rights.
  2. Protect: duty to take action to safeguard people’s rights.
  3. Fulfil: duty to have the right processes and procedures in place, and to investigate when things have gone wrong.

This duty has not changed during the Covid-19 pandemic and any decisions made by a public body, including in health and social care settings, must respect and protect human rights.

Importantly, the HRA is a foundational law. This means that all other UK laws should be compatible with the HRA, both on paper and in practice. This includes laws on health and social care across the UK, such as: theSocial Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014in Wales, theCare Act 2014in England, theMental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003in Scotland and theHealth and Social Care (Reform) Act (Northern Ireland) 2009in Northern Ireland.


There are 16 rights in the Human Rights Act, including:  

  • Article 2 –  No life because she is held prisoner on a locked acute ward (Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield).  There is no quality of life.  No fresh air, no exercise, resulting in massive weight gain, no access to appropriate physical health care – list of appointments to the RC ignored because no-one and no response re smear test, hospital eyesight appointment (opticians discovered something wrong), chiropodist and dental appointment.   Check with Endocrinologist on PCOS going back to 2014 through ultrasound not done.
  • Art 3 –  torture ie, the forced drugging without informed consent (men only whilst in seclusion) with no female nurses  present.  Very degrading treatment on Xmas Day surrounded by lots of professionals who gathered around my car when leave had been permitted as a bed had been found in Darlington (Priory)but no-one communicated this fact.
  • Art 5 Right to liberty/security –  security being her flat and company of family.  Professionals do not want her to return.  She has all her possessions secure for the first time.  She wishes to return but the professionals refused. 
  • Art 6 – Right to a fair trial.  How can there ever be fairness when file records are full of errors and in some cases lies.
  • Art 7 – “why am I being punished Mum” –  Denial of LD/autism and ignoring report stating complex PTSD/ relevant treatment being favoured forced injections over many years.  Punishment also extended to family, particularly mother who disagrees ie stopping contact insists her daughter was raped under care for which she has substantial records  whilst training to be a police officer.   Example of punishment:  “all leave with the mother has been cancelled due to the mother not complying with social distancing and risk of bringing covid on the ward spreading to others”   On Xmas Day  were advised of changes to leave in that no further leave granted by bed management but were halfway off the ward at e and came to sit in the car  with roof down as was agreed verbally with the RC.  Discrimination in that at a recent on line virtual meeting  a nurse wore no mask.   Daughter sent to secure units all over the country as far away as Wales where attempts made to sever contact with emphasis on displacing her mother as NR.  Being declined ground leave because her mother is being punished for alleged non-social distancing without evidence to prove. 
  • Art 9  –  Daughter ridiculed re: freedom of speech/expression since professionals do not understand her and misinterpret her which they then duly label as a so called disorder. 
  • Art 14 –  Discrimination re:   “The right to peaceful enjoyment of your property”  *No to Section 117 ” is stated in a previous care plan.

I was unaware that Human Rights Act superseded Coronavirus Act so questions should be asked with regards to denial of basic human rights such as fresh air and exercise and I await with interest response as to why such rights, visiting relatives etc have been taken away from so many, yet they wrongly decline human rights using the excuse of covid when they should in fact allow for a walk in the grounds for instance – this should NOT BE DENIED.

It is good to draw to the attention of the BIHR Trusts who are in breach of the Human Rights Act and Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust are from what I clearly understood from attending this most interesting zoom conference today. How many more Trusts are in breach and who are they?


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