I visited Chase Farm Hospital Enfield this evening to drop in some possessions for Elizabeth. I noticed staff not wearing full PPE indicating no covid cases on the ward. Elizabeth is waiting for the 2nd Covid test results. She has no symptoms of covid. I am told no-one else on Suffolk Ward has Covid so what is Chase Farm Hospital’s excuse to keep patients locked up 24/7 without fresh air or exercise when I have seen the male patients being taken out by staff for 15 minute breaks. I see this as abuse of human rights and in breach of Art 3 and Art 8.

I was told by one nurse that it was not fair on others if I took Elizabeth out for fresh air but it seems to be Management control, not doctors and I am very concerned to see management override a doctor’s consent for S17 leave even if this was cut to just a walk around the hospital grounds. This is better than nothing. It is not stated in Government Guidelines to keep patients locked up 24/7 without any fresh air or exercise. Police had to explain to staff on Suffolk ward about Government Guidelines and I would say that they are in breach of human rights, article 3 and 8

There was a wall of silence protecting the bed manager on Xmas Day but I am disappointed no-one had the decency to be honest and admit why Elizabeth was to remain on the ward but I found out.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think these are the Managers with significant control over Chase Farm Hospital. Here are the names of the Associate Managers:

Teri Okoro Chair

Aasimah Nabeebocus 2nd member

Rohan Sivanandan 3rd member

Below is our shocking experience so far:

I have never encountered such bullying and intimidation in my life from the Management of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

When I called tonight a nurse from Suffolk Ward was Ok towards me and collected the things I brought. I can only see Elizabeth through a slit in the glass and was able to wave to her and Elizabeth smiled. Staff were wearing aprons and masks, nothing more, so this is not a Covid ward.

Elizabeth had a visit from a Dr today and I know there were 2 on duty, one namely Dr Long. I telephoned the ward tonight and had the phone put down – no-one could answer my question as to whom the other doctor was that saw Elizabeth today. The reason I am interested is that this doctor was pressurising Elizabeth to agree to go to The Priory in Hemel Hempstead but Elizabeth has said NO.

Already 12 patients have been sent to Priory Southgate which would have been nearer to home, the remaining few, sent to St Anne’s Sunflower Ward at St Anne’s Hospital on Xmas Day of all days. Elizabeth has been sent away quite enough at huge expense and nothing correct supplied in terms of care.

On Xmas Day it was apalling. Noone in the large group of staff gathered around my car explained what was going on. All I received was threats stating “blue lights are on their way for you“. Police pointed out the Government Guidelines to staff in that I was NOT in breach. Complete lack of communication and degrading treatment.

So at a cost of over £3000 per week Elizabeth is held at Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward when of no risk to self or others. The only good thing is that hospital is nearby and I can see Elizabeth through a small slit of glass and she has telephone access.

£28K has been spent for 5 weeks was the cost of Cygnet Godden Green by the CCG.

I am waiting to hear how much Elysium cost for 2 months.

Also how much Ruby Ward, St Pancreas cost.

I also want to know how much out of interest is The Priory Hemel Hempstead going to cost?

Elizabeth wishes to go home and to see her pigeons and cat. She is of no risk to self or others and has been keeping herself to herself not involved in any problems on the ward.


I am not happy that reports for court purposes contain lies and are full of errors. They are written in such a way to fail a tribunal and this is a criminal offence. I will be correcting these reports publicly if I see any more lies. I am fed up and tired of having to type reports that have taken me all night long to correct as there are so many mistakes.

There is no advocate provided for Elizabeth and I am going to make sure she has an advocate because Elizabeth has the capacity to decide she DOES NOT WISH TO GO TO THE PRIORY HEMEL HEMPSTEAD.

  1. So sad, sounds unbelievable in the U.K in 2021 that this is allowed to happen. Surely this can’t be legal?

    • sbev2013 said:

      This is commonplace now. In Elizabeth’s case she has an independent flat and could not manage without care. I am now available to help her and have even offered to move into the flat but this is seen by the team as not in best interest. They have failed to provide any care in the community. It has even been marked on previous care plan “no to section 117”. They say that I went against them by assisting Elizabeth to get an independent flat but the supported housing and living provided in Enfield has all been sub-standard and not properly risk assessed or in line with health and safety requirements. It is a disgrace that such accommodation is provided for vulnerable people and safeguarding goes out of the window. The last scheme had bed bugs and Elizabeth was forced to sleep in a room smelling of chemicals following one fumigation after another and the bed bugs spread to the rest of the house. I took her away from this place. She was even given a death plan. So the flat was the best accommodation ever and started off OK then Elizabeth was encouraged to attend a MH resource centre and made friends that she could not cope with and just went downhill. Whilst she has been in hospital I have spent time and money on improvements to the flat but now they are saying in the latest reports they do not want her to go back. This is against Elizabeth’s wishes and that of the family. It is awful to think once again they wish to put distance between her and her family and once in these institutions they make contact difficult and are in contact with the local area all the time who behind your back try to influence and coerce the vulnerable person to choose someone else in the family as the nearest relative or else like in 2017 they appoint their own representative despite conflict of interest who waved a piece of paper at us saying “the LA is now your NR” “let’s face it your mother was not suitable.” – or fit to be NR so I represented myself in court and was threatened with enormous costs. It is the court system that really needs to be looked at. She was found to have capacity so appointed a firm of solicitors who influenced her by saying “your mother is going to lose in court”. Courts are stacked heavily against you as a parent and are biased. I can only praise the Court of Protection because they allowed Elizabeth home. She had no food at the weekend at a care home rated good by the CQC and out of area. Yes I know others who are affected and a vulnerable patient and their family are disregarded like rubbish. What is worse is that file records contain lies and inaccuracies that go uncorrected time and time again and nothing is ever done about it.

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