I’ve just telephoned Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield and spoke to a female nurse reluctant to give her surname. I heard a male voice in the background who seemed to think I should recognise who he was as though I was psychic. I told him I did not have such psychic powers. He first of all did not wish to give his name then asked why I needed to know. I was phoning for information as I did not know what was going on. I wanted to clarify the time of the Teams meeting tomorrow I was told had been arranged. I then ascertained S17 leave was granted for 2 hours (ground leave) recorded in their records yet I was told only half an hr on Xmas Day by management. This leave granted under S17 by the RC (who also granted leave out in my car with the roof down for fresh air) they had recorded since Tier 4 for 2 hours. Police were called on Xmas Day by staff and clarified further that this was in order but nobody had let me know that my leave which was far greater – all day during Tier 3 had been reduced to just 2 hours since Tier 4 and that is certainly not what the RC advised during her phone call to me.

There has been no communication from Chase Farm Hospital Enfield and I am Nearest Relative and main “support bubble” . You are treated like you are invisible until of course you dare to confront them on what has been agreed in the absence of the RC.

I have just found out Suffolk Ward has been changed from green ward to amber and that the patients moving out on Xmas Day were going to St Anne’s Sunflower Ward and since then they have been bringing in new patients (at risk) patients – I am assuming they have not been tested for Covid or may have been on Covid wards? There cant be any other explanation now that I have heard Suffolk Ward is an Amber Ward. Is this why they have been denying any fresh air/leave to anyone on that ward. To shout at a patient telling them to go away – then say well we don’t know if she does not ask – it is a basic right for a patient to have fresh air.

Elizabeth’s recent covid test was “negative” but this may not be the case for others arriving onto the ward. I know now – they are holding my daughter on a ward where she is now at risk from Covid. That is why there is no leave granted or perhaps no patients are even given fresh air?

Elizabeth is stuck in her room 24/7 amongst others like a prisoner. It is awful for her – she does not like changes and some of the patients are volatile and distressed. She is autistic and said to have a LD – she has been denied a CTR as is her right and proper assessment.

When I enquired about the proposed Manager’s Hearing tomorrow I was told had been arranged, I am now told there is nothing in the diary.

I was advised so far there were no cases of Covid identified on Suffolk Ward as yet but if Elizabeth gets Covid and her Covid test was confirmed negative then I will know that there is Covid on the ward and her life at risk. I have requested S17 leave to be in her own home with me moving in with her.

If there was good communication Management Team this situation would not have occurred. With no clear communication I am pretty sure that the nursing professionals knew very well what was happening yet would not reveal anything to me. On Xmas Day I have never felt so bullied, threatened and intimidated before by so many yet not one had the decency/honesty to explain what was happening. If this had been explained in the first place that it was planned to move her on Xmas Day because they were bringing Covid “at risk” patients making the ward “Amber” this would have been informative. It is quite astonishing the way vulnerable people are being abused and not considered or their carers even on Xmas Day when you would least expect a move to take place. I was advised such move would take place in the New Year.

Bullying goes to the highest level at Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Nurses on duty on Xmas Day knew leave had been granted but were afraid for their jobs as they were told by management not to allow Elizabeth out but nothing was explained. It would seem this hospital is run by “management” who cannot communicate and surely when a patient is held under the MHA they still have some rights and is there any Code of Conduct despite Tier 4 or have human rights been scrapped completely?

If they had sent Elizabeth to The Priory, Southgate like the others discussing the reasons why with either myself/rest of family I would have respected this but now my daughter who has been tested “negative” is held prisoner, her life put at risk. Her S17 leave rights in the nurses book were restricted to 2 hours since Tier 4 but this was ignored by staff despite the Responsible Clinician agreement.

Elizabeth has a nice home and I have offered to move in with her as she had no care in the community provided and went downhill as a result. Understandably, Elizabeth is completely traumatised by her experiences of being sent out of area three times in a short space of time and now further moves are planned yet again by Management of Chase Farm Hospital. Not only a move off this ward but to the Priory Hemel Hempstead where NCL CCG Enfield have put in place yet more enormous funding.

Why are there not better facilities in Enfield to avoid patients being sent out of area?

Why is there only 1 male fully qualified psychologist on a female ward then a trainee female psychologist on the other.

Why have the hospital ignored the fact that Elizabeth wishes to work with animals and let her try this out.

Why can’t staff be honest with carers and family regarded as support bubble (1 person only) in line with Government Guidelines?

Elizabeth has stayed in her room for 2 days not getting any exercise or fresh air but unless you ask, you do not get at Chase Farm Hospital. I advised Elizabeth – (this is the third day without fresh air and exercise) that she could go into the garden downstairs if she asked staff. “if you don’t ask you don’t get” but if a patient has communication difficulties they they are just left. She also finds that small garden traumatic and had panic attack. It is downstairs by the mens’ wards which is very triggering for her.

In contrast, male patients are allowed regular breaks outside the foyer.

Surely it would be better to give leave in the same way to the female patients but now I have heard they are an Amber Ward so this could be the reason my daughter/others are held as a prisoner without fresh air/exercise.

When you think what is the difference – staff come and go to the ward, they then go back to their families, go out shopping in crowded supermarkets and then come onto the ward. Why prejudice against the carers and families in that case. What’s the risk difference as any of the staff could be bringing Covid onto the ward. They are not wearing full PPE.


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