I heard a Manager’s Hearing has been arranged on Tuesday at Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. I have not been informed or invited. I am the Nearest Relative and mother to my daughter. Neither my Solicitor, hers or our McKenzie Friend have been invited and Elizabeth does not have a hospital advocate. I don’t know either time or any details other than it is about Elizabeth’s next move which I think was planned on Xmas Day without any notification. As a carer you are treated like you are invisible and Elizabeth as though she is an object. At Chase Farm Hospital Enfield they use caged vans to transport patients between hospitals. They treat patients like criminals not people and their file records are full of nasty comments and error. Elizabeth was terrified at being transported in a caged vehicle to Cygnet Godden Green, Sevenoaks.

I still haven’t got over the worst Xmas Day I’ve ever experienced thanks to the management of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. I can honestly say this was about the most degrading experience I have ever encountered. I cannot sleep and have lost my appetite completely. It is barbaric patients were being moved on Xmas Day – There were only about 3 remaining and no-one advised me or rest of the family that this was planned. The proposed move was to Sunflower Ward St Anne’s on Xmas Day. Even when I turned up at the hospital no-one admitted that this was the plan.

For the past two days Elizabeth has been in her room hardly venturing out. I have been coming to the hospital to drop off things for her. She has not wanted to come out of her room because another patient was not pleasant towards her.

When I arrived at Suffolk Ward yesterday I waited outside the ward door. I had come to drop off possessions for Elizabeth who was constantly on the phone to me asking when I was coming. On seeing me unfamiliar staff commented visiting was banned but had they been regular staff they would have known I had come to bring things for Elizabeth.

Eventually someone came to the door and I asked about Manager’s Hearing but noone could give any information. I voiced concerns that Elizabeth had no fresh air/exercise for two days and remained in her room most of the time. The response was “if a patient does not ask then they do not go out” and that if a patient did not ask what could they do about it.

Elizabeth commented yesterday she could hear birds singing. I asked if she could could see any birds but she said she could not see a single bird. She said she missed her pigeons and her cat and kept asking how he was and asked me to send photos. I then mentioned that I found out via someone else she could use the garden downstairs. I had noticed only male patients taken outside for about 15 minute breaks with staff but no female patients. Elizabeth responded that she felt unstable on her legs ands to get to the garden downstairs there were stairs to climb down. She recalled having a panic attack once in that garden – could this have been where Elizabeth was badly attacked, hit around the head constantly by another patient and then being sent to Edgware (Trent Ward).

It is not healthy for patients not to have exercise or fresh air and just because of being in Tier 4 this should not be an excuse by Chase Farm Hospital Managers to deny basic human rights. For a vulnerable person not to venture out of their room hardly at all because she feels intimidated as there are so many new patients on the ward and Elizabeth cannot stand the noisy environment and bright lights, this is very sad. Elizabeth was confronted by another patient who was not nice to her and since then has barely ventured out of her room. This was acknowleged by the staff member who came to the door. Despite this awareness no staff offerred to take her out for fresh air as it was explained to me that you have to ask to go out to the garden. When I pointed out some patients, especially those with autism found it difficult to communicate and asked she looked blankly and did not seem to understand.

There is nothing therapeutic right now. Being Xmas, no groups no nothing. Only two psychologists and a male psychologist on a female ward who Elizabeth feels she cannot talk to and trainee female psychologist on another ward. The OTs are the best thing and one who asked Elizabeth what she wanted to do and her response was she wanted to work with animals.

The worst thing of all about this hospital is that reports are written to fail tribunals. They are full of inaccuracy/error and not fit for purpose as is the mental health act who is holding my daughter and offers no protection or accountability against this. The other thing is they put her on depot injections. Elizabeth has ballooned in weight since then and is now a size 22. Her physical health and wellbeing have been totally ignored by Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. Requests for MRI and Endocrinology to check on PCOS ignored so on a mental health ward only basics such as blood pressure/blood test might be done but when it is already proven there are underlying physical health conditions proven in tests, no referrals to specialists are given and things like dental care ignored too.

I’m going to ask the hospital’s stance on appoints such as podiatry, optical, dentist in light of Tier 4. Opticians who have carried out an eye test recently and found something wrong. In all this time no appointments for physical healthcare have been made by any of the private hospitals where she was referred. Government Guidelines state that if you are a recognised part of someone’s care and support bubble “I recognise you as being the main support outside of the hospital” said the RC who also said “S17 leave should be continued” (this was despite Tier 4) now a bed manager decides otherwise. A regular nurse on the ward commented that by allowing my daughter out off the ward it was not fair on other patients but I pointed out that surely if they had 1 regular carer they could also visit as long as Gov Guidelines were adhered to so what was the problem. Police who hospital management called to arrest me on Xmas Day also commented that I was not in breach of Government Guidelines.


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