Prisoners on Suffolk Ward

After our shocking experience on Xmas Day yesterday I visited Elizabeth but this time instead of crowding into a tiny area between ward and locked door with lots of members of staff not distancing, I stood outside and waited and two members of nursing staff came out to see me. I heard there was not many patients on the ward and according to Elizabeth one had not said very nice things to her but she did not react.

I turned up today (Boxing Day) in the hope that as Police clarified the position on Government Guidelines that Elizabeth would be allowed out in the fresh air, even if only to walk around the grounds. I was immediately told no and that this was a management decision so I was promised to see someone from the management and waited patiently for hours on end but no-one came to see me and when eventually someone did they did not give any information, promised to come back to me but never did.

I could see ambulances arriving bringing patients onto Suffolk Ward so it would not appear that it is being refurbished. According to Elizabeth new patients are not being segregated/isolated whilst tests for Covid are carried out. Elizabeth had such a test a couple of days ago and she is awaiting the results.

I saw about 2/3 new patients arriving on the ward but then suddenly I noticed two men walking towards the exit passed where I was sitting. I recognised the face of one of them. I then looked at his name badge and at least it was not back to front like other members of nursing staff, some of whom like to hide their indentity. I then noticed that this was none other than the Medical Director Mehdi Veisi who along with Amanda Pithouse had written a very nasty letter to me not so long ago. I told him that I had been waiting hours to see someone in the management team with respect to S17 leave for fresh air in the grounds that was granted by the Responsible Clinician. He said to the effect that the rules had been changed again today. I then pointed out that these were not the rules of the Government Guidelines and that Police had backed me the other day. He insisted that the rules had changed but that he would look into this. Well he did not look into anything and just left the building but the other doctor who he was with was very nice and polite. I did get a chance to say what I thought about his letter and that I was not happy about that or the way I was treated yesterday by so many “professionals”.

I then asked what was happening on Suffolk Ward and was I right in assuming they were bringing in Covid patients for assessment or were they on a ward where there was in fact Covid and this was the reason meaning they themselves could develop Covid? I got no answer from him on my query.

On Xmas Day they moved patients off Suffolk Ward – there was about 3 left as circa 12 went to the Priory in Southgate. The other remaining patients went to St Anne’s Sunflower Ward.

No-one told me. No-one gave any information about such move on Xmas Day and I was threatened and bullied by so many members of staff when they had it all written in their records that leave was granted by the RC. Just like the patients held prisoner under the MHA and denied ANY fresh air, carers are treated like dirt under Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust. All it takes is communication and fancy moving patients away from the area on Xmas Day. It is totally barbaric.

So I still do not know what is going on and am only assuming that the patients arriving may have been on other wards where there were Covid cases and Elizabeth was circa the only remaining patient left on the ward because by the time we arrived back after a drive with roof off my car and short walk on Xmas Day, there was no-one on the ward. There were three Police Officers on the ward called by nursing staff and they were extremely nice and had to confirm and explain Government Guidelines to the ward nursing staff (who to be fair were ordered by the bed management to deny such leave). When Police explained I was allowed then to take Elizabeth out but not today. The rules have changed again. It was the most horrific degrading experience yesterday when circa 15 members of staff gathered outside close to my car and had to be reminded to step back by the security guard as they were not social distancing.

I sat there in the foyer today alone but no-one wanted to speak to me and I waited for a long time waiting. I even said I would stay overnight there but I would be wasting my time. I watched all the male patients being taken off the ward for some fresh air. I did not once see anyone from Suffolk Ward (a female only ward) being granted any fresh air. I am puzzled as to why NO patients from Suffolk ward were given such basic rights. I do not see how the hospital ties their rules in fairly bearing in mind Government Guidelines, when they are depriving patients of the basic right of fresh air and exercise and if they were short-staffed as I suspect then it is not fair to just keep someone a prisoner and to punish them in this way. Despite the Covid problem, patients should at least be taken out from Suffolk Ward for fresh air breaks.

I wonder how many other patients are being denied basic human rights that are NOT in line with Government Guidelines when you are a carer, recognised as the “support bubble” by the doctor in charge of the ward.

Elizabeth is remarkably calm but I have heard screaming coming from that ward and alarms going off. Elizabeth, being autistic and having sensory problems, is bearing up well. I can only describe being held a prisoner on such ward as being hell on earth when deprived fresh air and exercise. Surely this is wrong, cruel and against human rights.


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