Xmas 2020 and the vanishing patients from Suffolk Ward

First of all Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. I know it is not a Merry Xmas for so many people including ourselves. Elizabeth also asked to wish everyone a very Happy New Year – she is still held on Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Yesterday I spent good quality time with Elizabeth. I am recognised as her regular carer and was granted permission to take her out for a walk in the grounds of the hospital. After all Government Guidelines do state you can meet someone from a support bubble (1 person only) outside. I then pointed out that I have a car where the roof can come down and that if we were wearing masks then surely this would also qualify. I was delighted that I was granted permission and we drove all the day to a beautiful area where there is a lake and canals you can walk along. I then returned her to the ward but was concerned to hear from Elizabeth that there were supposedly Covid cases on the ward (I am not one of those people who are bothered by Covid) but respect the guidelines etc so I decided to enquire on the position as I have found that you get told one thing and then another and I needed to clarify the truth.

I then heard that most of the ward had been moved out to Southgate. I saw some leaving with their suitcases packed. I have just found out they have been moved out of the public ward Suffolk, Chase Farm Enfield to the private hospital Priory in Southgate and Elizabeth has been asked to move to the Priory in Hemel Hempstead – this is a fair distance away for us to visit and I have been delighted that she is back in Enfield in order that we could at least spend some quality time together. It is unbelievably unfair that they should move Elizabeth against her wishes once again out of area to the Priory and she does not wish to go there. I have offered to move in and support her at home in the absence of any care in the community under ENFIELD where they appear to have money to burn.

Recently I wrote to MP The Rt Hon Feryal Clark and got a response to say there is nothing she can do because it is a clinical decision to move Elizabeth but Oh yes there is plenty that the Rt Hon Feryal Clark along with other MPs can in fact do because this is nothing to do with a clinical decision when the entire ward has been vacated by ALL patients except just two (I will check on this). When 12 patients have been sent to the Priory in Southgate what on earth is going on under Enfield. So the other thing I heard was that Suffolk Ward was going to be used as an assessment centre but WHY SUFFOLK WARD??? why are there NO decent facilities for people under MH within Enfield? in that they have to constantly be moved away from their homes and families – this is of public interest because can you imagine how much this is all costing and it is funded by North Central London CCG – Enfield. I have just done a FOI request because I am interested in knowing how much all these facilities cost. For instance Cygnet Godden Green £28K for 5 weeks and none of the correct care and treatment given and then Elysium Thornford Park Thatcham Berks – 2 months – how much did this cost? Why is all this money – public money being wasted and not spent on decent care and assessments in the community.

Now the CCG are stating about fees and I will keep you all informed as my FOI request is made public and therefore so will their costs to me when they are spending an absolute fortune under private sector instead of improving facilities under the NHS.

Elizabeth has phoned several times. I have been cooking Xmas Dinner and Elizabeth has only just had Xmas dinner on the ward. It is a beautiful sunny day and Elizabeth is missing her cat and her pigeons that visit the balcony of where she lives. Elizabeth meanwhile has had dinner on the ward with one other patient. She says everyone else has gone. There was no alarms ringing. It was very peaceful which is exactly the environment Elizabeth needs to be in. So is this ward going to be converted to a Covid Ward by any chance – it has been advised it is going to be an assessment ward but exactly what is that??? My questions again go to the top of the Trust (BEHMHTNHS), Enfield Council and my MP The Rt Hon Feryal Clark.

I am sure there will be many more people in Enfield who want answers too as after all when there is so much money to spend on private care why isnt this being provided in the community which would stop people like Elizabeth ending up back to square 1. It would cost a fraction of the cost of the Priory, Elysium and Cygnet and any other PICU/acute ward if something was provided such as a support worker and Elizabeth wants a job working with animals and so why send her away to Hemel Hempstead?

She is quite obviously not a risk to self or others otherwise she would not even be allowed out with me and in public so why spend all that money of institutional care at the expense of the wonderful charitable and voluntary organisations in Enfield who deserve a great deal more funding and have to fight for what little they get and this is why it is important for me to highlight what is going on and question who is responsible for this and this needs to be investigated by The Rt Hon Feryal Clark and Cllr Nesil Kaliskan.

The other question is transportation of patients from one facility to another is done via a caged van. Patients are treated like animals and no animals should be treated either in such a degrading manner. Elizabeth was transported in a caged van to think it was Cygnet Godden Green and it was absolutely terrifying as she had nothing to hold onto. I am disgusted with this treatment.

Anyway in a short while I will bring Elizabeth back to the family home in the car with the roof down to eat her Xmas dinner I have cooked. At least it is not raining. I can then bring our cat out to see her as Elizabeth is missing him.

I have never had a Xmas like this before.

Once before at Xmas whilst at Cambian Elizabeth was denied home leave because RC Dr A W (also a GP) said she was too ill – that was not true as she was brought all the way from Wales just for about 2 hrs prior to Xmas and now I can read everything in the files of the most disturbing nature. How can Doctors act in such a detrimental manner in breach of human rights? This Dr coerced a vulnerable patient into only having contact with other family members and put in place supervised calls at a time I could not ring – should this person be even working as a Dr?

I am just grateful I can at least see Elizabeth and bring her dinner out to the car even though we are not allowed to sit around the table together.

So there is not one single Covid case on the ward as had been advised – the ward is closing to patients and they are being sent away to private sector hospitals ie Priory costing an absolute fortune. This is just in Enfield – where else is this happening? I would be most interested to hear.


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