According to Government Guidelines:

In Tier 4 , guidelines are clear to most people but not to Management of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield (Suffolk Ward). When the Responsible Clinician, Dr Helen Moorey consented to Section 17 leave continuing as long as it is within Guidelines this was ignored by the Bed Manager and others today who called Police on me to have me arrested.

Here are the Guidelines:

“You cannot leave or be outside of the place you are living unless you have a reasonable excuse. You cannot meet other people indoors, including over the Christmas and New Year period, unless you live with them, or they are part of your support bubble.

Outdoors, you can only meet one person from another household. These rules will not be relaxed for Christmas for Tier 4 – you cannot form a Christmas bubble in Tier 4.”

Yesterday I spent quality time with Elizabeth agreed by Responsible Clinician Dr Helen Moorey and it was all noted on records. The nursing staff knew I was permitted to go out with Elizabeth for a walk in the grounds but were told today (Xmas Day) that I could not take Elizabeth off the Ward. Only yesterday I spoke to Dr Helen Moorey RC and requested to take Elizabeth out for a drive in my car with the roof down in order to get fresh air and she said “I do not see why not” – the Guidelines state that contact outdoors with 1 person from another household is allowed and I have not been taking Elizabeth indoors anywhere and so am not breaking the rules.

Today I was busy cooking dinner and getting things ready for a Xmas I have never experienced before. I know I am not the only one to have Xmas ruined by these new rulings but what happened next was beyond belief and completely ruined Xmas Day for me. In fact I have never been so threatened before apart from when I visited the Horizon Suite.

I turned up at Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward with Elizabeth’s Xmas present. She was looking forward to seeing me all day long and had been continuously phoning me asking if I was on my way. I turned up with her present and a bag full of Xmas food to share on the ward.

When I asked for Elizabeth to come out there was suddenly a problem. The nurse she was told not to allow Elizabeth to go out of the ward. She said the Bed Manager advised her following a meeting that on no account was Elizabeth to leave the ward on HIS instructions. No-one would give me his name. I felt everyone was protecting the management. I then told the nurse that I had permission from Dr Moorey to take Elizabeth out for S17 leave confirmed only yesterday not only for ground leave outside but also in my car with roof down and masks worn. We spent time yesterday visiting a beautiful park, walking in the fresh air without anyone phoning or complaining because this was agreed with the RC in accordance with Government Guidelines.

Today I was asked by a nurse to come onto Suffolk ward but I declined because I said this was in breach of Government Guidelines – I stood in the little tiny confined section in between the double doors and worse a mask of course. Elizabeth had also come out into that section with me and there were several other members of staff – Oh my God it was the space was the size of a lift. Suddenly social distancing by professionals was all but forgotten about in that confined space. I phoned to speak to the Police as I was so disgusted by such degrading treatment and I waited patiently for a very long time with Elizabeth sitting down on the floor and still the Bed Manager would not speak to me. I then spoke to the Police and got a reference number they were not interested and besides they were busy – they have enough to deal with. A member of staff wanted to speak to the police on Elizabeth’s mobile so I passed the mobile phone to him. Police did not wish to be bothered with such a trivial matter and did not wish to come to the ward so by this time, we had gone outside to my car as I had pointed out so many staff in such a small confined space the size of a lift was in breach of social distancing. I was then asked to come onto the ward itself but refused as this would be in breach of Government Guidelines.

So I told Elizabeth to sit inside my car and took the roof down of my convertible so that we were abiding by Government guidelines. By this time Security arrived and I must say they behaved in a very professional manner and told members of professional staff to stand back as they were coming too close, in line with guidelines as I had about 13 all of them surrounding us. It was quite intimidating/threatening and not one would give me the name of the bed manager.

There is only 1 person who has overall control and that is The Responsible Clinician. Obviously Elizabeth is of no risk to self or others otherwise as she would simply not be allowed out all day and every day in my company but this is not what is written in file reports prepared for court purposes. I respect Tier 4 rules but do not respect the way we were treated by certain managers of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield Suffolk Ward today who have misinterpreted rules. I would praise Elizabeth for keeping calm throughout this awful time waiting forever patiently to speak to the elusive bed manager who clearly did not wish to speak to me. Everyone was protecting him as no-one would give his name.

So I then decided enough was enough, Elizabeth and I had spent long enough in the car waiting in the cold and it was after all Xmas Day.

So I drove off leaving the huge crowd of circa 13 professionals behind standing outside Chase Farm Hospital who had warned me “blue lights were on their way” – Police who I was keen to meet anyway. So I said that Police were very welcome to come and speak to me but in the meantime I had had enough of waiting and was leaving. I have nothing but praise for Police who have dealt with Elizabeth honestly and fairly unlike certain other professionals who treated us today in the most degrading manner.

I was half expecting to be stopped but Police were nowhere to be seen. I drove to the family house and entered alone to fetch Elizabeth’s cat as I had promised that she could see her cat on Xmas Day. Elizabeth was delighted and was able to hold her cat outside in my car. I then requested a witness from within the household to return back to the hospital with us just in case lies had been told again that I was threatening, aggressive and abusive.

Everyone wore masks and the roof of the car was down and Elizabeth did not enter the house.

When we returned to Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward there were three Police Officers and their numbers are 265SNA and 116SNA. They looked bemused that they had been called out on Xmas by the management in such a trivial manner and had to explain things to the staff. Police explained the rules to the professionals and confirmed Government Guidelines to them. Police time was wasted and the police were very sympathetic towards us, as they have been on other occasions. I heard one officer say to the effect that what was the problem – you are allowed 1 person within a support bubble which had already been agreed by the RC who is in charge and not the bed manager. They commented on the fact I had brought her back and sounded astonished by all the fuss.

Anyway, there were only 3 patients left on Suffolk Ward. Elizabeth was told there were Covid Cases on the ward but I found out this was NOT TRUE.

I was told by a nurse on the ward the reason patients were being sent away from Suffolk Ward was because they were being relocated back to their local area I don’t think this is true either. I have found out since that patients were sent to The Priory in Southgate. The Priory is set in beautiful grounds in Southgate and bearing in mind Elizabeth loves animals, there are parks and wildlife within the grounds and it has much nicer grounds than Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. I called in there once in desperation years ago thinking that private care was better but certainly the facilities are and especially IF YOU PAY FOR IT which I was prepared to because I wanted a proper assessment denied by Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. The Priory would also be in Tier 4 and would also have rules in place however a hospital should go by Government rules and guidelines not their own misinterpreted rules. A Hospital should also go by the MHA which I am studying right now so I can check on everything.

It was the most degrading and awful experience reminiscent of when I once came to collect Elizabeth from the Horizon Suite. Once again the security guards and Police were highly professional.

Just because someone is held under the MHA does not give professionals the right to break the law, discriminate, treat them in a degrading manner and that goes for their families in breach of human rights and on Xmas Day of all days, a parent has the right to see their son or daughter regardless of Tier 4 provided the above Government Guidelines are abided by.

I was refused the bag of presents back off the ward that I bought for Elizabeth despite asking several times none of the staff would get the bag for me. Having drove off leaving them all standing there I returned and spoke to Police who pointed out to the Professionals that I was in my correct according to Government Guidelines and had permission of the RC, Dr Helen Moorey.

So here are the conflicting reports of what is happening to Suffolk Ward:

Elizabeth was told there were Covid patients on the ward. She had a Covid test but was allowed out with me yesterday for a few hours agreed by the RC and spent all the time outside in the fresh air.

Then a nurse on the ward advised me that the 12 patients who were leaving the ward were being transferred back to their local areas – no: – today I found out they were being all transferred to the Priory in Southgate. I had questioned how many Covid patients were there on Suffolk Ward and was told “none”.

Today I have found out that Elizabeth was due to be transferred to St Ann’s in Haringey with the two remaining other patients.

So no-one communicated this fact with me. When Police were informed I had taken Elizabeth off the ward they contacted Elizabeth’s sister however I am Nearest Relative and in order to telephone her the ward must have given her sister’s number not mine.

So I was unaware on Xmas Day there were plans to move patients off Suffolk Ward to St Ann’s without any prior warning. I see this as totally barbaric treatment by the management of Chase Farm hospital Enfield. I would not have been entirely disappointed if Elizabeth been sent to the Priory, Southgate as this is in nice grounds and Elizabeth loves birds and animals and wildlife.

Anyway, there is nothing I can do if they send her to the St Anne’s as they had planned but I was planning to visit there anyway and as a mother and carer recognised by Dr Moorey as being her “support bubble” therefore I would be entitled to bring Elizabeth off the ward for fresh air, exercise and a drive in my car with the roof down in line with Government Guidelines and even the Police confirmed this fact.

It is so peaceful now on Suffolk Ward. There are only 2 patients on the ward – Elizabeth and one other just brought in. I have heard they are doing refurbishment works on the ward and then I heard it was going to be made into a Covid assessment ward but I wish there was decent communications – if there was good communication there would be no misunderstanding and as a parent and nearest relative along with all the other parents concerned surely any move should have been considered very carefully with thought and consideration bearing in mind Xmas Day. A nurse told me today in defense that no other patients had been granted outdoor leave and right to see their families so why should Elizabeth be treated differently My answer to this is that it is up to other parents and carers to request this right and especially since this was confirmed by Police and RC.

I would praise the Police Officers whose time was wasted on Xmas Day.


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