I had no idea you had to pay for a FOI under GDPR Rules – can someone please enlighten me. I am asking something that the public and especially residents under the London Borough of Enfield might be interested in? This is of public interest when I know already £28000 has been spent on Cygnet Godden Green Requires Improvement. Castle Ward. So I now wish to know how much the rest costs. How comes North Central London CCG wishes to charge when I have not been charged before and I know already it is North Central London CCG Enfield that hold the information. So please send me your invoice in order that I can notify everyone of your fees. I am asking a simple question and I want a simple answer that you can produce in 5 seconds. Look forward to hearing from you NCL CCG – you are responsible to the public for providing services and so you should be accountable to the public especially when you are spending vast sums of money for sub-standard care and treatment at the expense of the NHS to private institutions and are unrated in some cases.

Dear Susan Bevis

RE: Freedom of Information Request

I am writing to formally acknowledge your request for information
regarding Cost per week for Ruby Ward St Pancreas Hospital, Elysium
Thornford Park and Priory Hemel Hempstead which will be processed under
the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I can confirm your request was
received on 24 December 2020 by NEL on behalf of the Clinical
Commissioning Groups (CCGs) listed below. The references for your requests
are shown alongside.

NHS North Central London CCG                 FOI.20.NCL179

An initial investigation is currently taking place into whether the
information you have requested is held by the CCGs and if so, whether it
can be released in accordance with the legislation.

Any fees applicable to this request will be detailed in writing as soon as
they can be determined. Your request will then be placed on hold and you
will have the choice of whether to proceed with your request. Should any
clarification of your request be required we will advise you accordingly.

As you know, the NHS across the country is facing unprecedented challenges
during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, and is working hard to ensure
that the appropriate care can be delivered to patients.  As such, we would
like to advise that we may not be able to provide a response to your
request within the normal timescales required of us. If this is the case,
a further update will be provided to you in due course.

If you require any assistance, or would like to discuss your request,
please do not hesitate to contact us quoting the reference number above.

Yours sincerely,

Freedom of Information Team


[North Central London CCG request email]

Lower Marsh, 3rd Floor

Waterloo, London, SE1 7NT




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We don’t know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you areSusan Bevispleasesign inand let everyone know.



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