Today I travelled to London wearing a mask of course. I am not in the slightest bit concerned about Covid new strain or not and I do not trust what I read in mainstream press. However I am not one to disregard other people’s concerns and wear a mask and so does Elizabeth. I have not been shielding since March because I am a carer to Elizabeth and am not panic stricken one bit.

It was surreal travelling to London today as opposed to what I was used to doing in rush hour crowds. When I arrived home I noticed I had missed calls from Elizabeth. Every day I’ve been taking her off the local ward (Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Enfield) and bringing her back to her peaceful flat that I have greatly improved since Elizabeth has been incarcerated and sent to one private “prison” institution after another at astronomical expense to my local area of Enfield, whose CCG responsible falls under NCLCCG Enfield and who have public money to burn. I was glad that Elizabeth was at least local and that I could have contact after six months of OOA institutional incarceration. Now all has changed thanks to Boris Johnson and the UK Government who have ruined Christmas for everyone but particularly the weak and vulnerable.

Many people throughout the UK have had their Christmas spoilt at the last minute by this Government who do not give a damn about the weak and vulnerable. However, I can’t think of anything worse than for the most vulnerable people being stuck in hospitals and particularly on MH wards in a noisy, volatile environment and denied any contact with their family because of Government restrictions brought in just prior to Xmas. I personally would have liked to invited the entire ward to my house for Xmas but unfortunately now I cannot even invite or visit Elizabeth on Xmas Day and I am not alone.

What are the Tier 4 restrictions?

Boris Johnson announced Tier 4 rules mean people must stay at home akin to the November national lockdown. Rules include:ADVERTISING

  • Non-essential retail, gyms, leisure and personal care must close
  • Work from home if you can
  • Do not enter or leave Tier 4 areas or stay overnight away from home
  • You can meet 1 person from another household but outdoors only
  • Communal worship can continue

The Prime Minister said: “We will introduce new restrictions in the most affected areas, specifically those parts of London, the south-east and east of England which are currently in Tier 3.

“These areas will enter a new Tier 4. Residents in those areas must stay at home apart from limited exemptions.”PROMOTED STORY

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Regarding Christmas, the festive season is cancelled for those in Tier 4 who cannot travel to meet any other households.

Those in Tiers 1, 2 and 3 can meet up to three other households as planned, but only on Christmas Day itself.

The PM said: “We cannot continue with Christmas as planned. In England those living in Tier 4 areas must not mix with anyone outside their own households at Christmas.

“Across the rest of the country, the Christmas rules will now be limited to Christmas day only rather than the five days as previously set out.

“There will be no relaxation on December 31 so people must not break the rules at new year

“I know how much emotion people invest at this time of year and how important it is for families to be together, so i know how disappoint this will be.” No you do not! You are a Government out of touch with reality and the UK is in breach of Human Rights.

Tier 4 rules:

Tier 4 rules: Uk tier map as of December 19 (Image: EXPRESS)

Speaking before the announcement today, Sky News’ Jon Craig said: “The PM is expected to announce that London and the south east is going to be put under a new tier 4 with much stricter rules on moving around and possibly to the Christmas bubble plans.

“Essentially tier 4 is a stay at home message. It could include non-essential shops closing, tighter rules on hotels.

“Weddings even, Christmas eve weddings perhaps, could be placed in jeopardy.

“It will be greeted with dismay and fury by some MPs and not doubt many people who have made their plans and spent a lot of money already. Yes you have ruined Xmas Boris Johnson and Government and I have spent a lot and I am not alone. Shame on you.

“If it is a stay at home message, it’s going to wreck the travel plans and travel plans of many many families.”

He added if Mr Johnson planning to make these changed by law, MPs will say parliament must be recalled.

Mr Craig added: “We don’t know [what the rules are yet] but we do know the five day relaxation period is likely to be changed.

“What we know is that all the areas that were put into tier 3 in the middle of the week, London going into tier 3 and the addition of the home counties, Surrey and parts of Essex and Hertfordshire, they all look set to go into a new tier four and there will be a very strict stay at home message.

“The Government is likely to say this will be imposed by law. Already conservative MPs are saying if theGovernment is going to impose a new law, that means a new vote. Of course – a new vote.

“Mark Harper has said Parliament must not be bypassed.”

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Regarding the Tier 4 rules, he suggested Christmas bubbles may only be allowed in Tiers 1,2,3 – and only on Christmas Day.

He added: “This is a massive u-turn for the Prime Minister. Only 4 days ago he said it would be inhuman, inhuman he said, to cancel Christmas. YES IT IS INHUMANE

“All the sign are he is going to do this.”

Mr Johnson met his senior members of his Cabinet earlier on December 19 before a 4pm press conference from Downing Street was called.

BBC Political editor Laura Kuenssberg said: “The prime minister is expected to announce a tightening of Covid restrictions and a tier four for London and the South East as well as several other counties, cabinet sources have told the BBC.

“There is also expected to be a tightening of the plans to relax the rules around households gathering during the Christmas period.

“The cabinet was also briefed on the risks from the new variant of the disease by the government’s top medics at lunchtime.”


Xmas is ruined for us as a family and many others. We live in London so we come under Tier 4. Elizabeth’s sister lives in a Tier 2 area and she has cancelled coming for Xmas. I had bought new bed/bedding and ordered lots of food on-line but I am even more devastated now having spoken with Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital Enfield as their rules are even stricter than the Government Guidelines in fact they are a law unto themselves.

Elizabeth has been incarcerated since May for visiting the GP surgery demanding an MRI. She has LD and is autistic and was upset as she felt she was being ignored. In files it is reported she caused extensive damage to the GP surgery but when I visited and offered to pay was told there was no damage. Why do they have to report so inaccurately? This is the reason why Elizabeth is incarcerated right now because of lies and errors by professionals who all stick together and gang up if you so much as dare complain as I have previously featured.

Elizabeth has been away for over 6 months. I withdrew from the Section 25 Tribunal because I heard that Elizabeth was being pressurised to appoint solicitors recommended by the Chase Farm Hospital when she already had a good firm representing her. This has been the scenario since May: Seclusion, PICU, seclusion, PICU, seclusion, PICU and finally at last Elizabeth is back in Enfield. I then discovered today that leave had been granted so that I could take her off the ward during the day and bring her out shopping and back to her flat, despite all the negative untruthful comments about her being a risk to ME!! THIS IS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE and there has been no risks whatsoever in my Company. It has been wonderful to see Elizabeth again and spend time with her as we have had little contact. Elizabeth has been keen to go out walking and has even showed interest in working with animals thanks to a brilliant OT on the ward. However there is a cloud over our heads right now because the RC of Suffolk Ward wishes to send her away again to Hemel Hempstead – ANYONE KNOW OF ANY LOCKED REHABS – COULD THIS BE THE PRIORY??? Please let me know what you think and any experiences you have encountered.

Yesterday, despite Tier 4, I was permitted to take Elizabeth off Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Today I was told that I could no longer visit or take Elizabeth off the ward but surely this is totallyh wrong??

“you can meet 1 person from another household but outdoors only “

Look at the above Government Ruling you are allowed to meet another person from another household outdoors only!

I have just re-laid the above message to Godson, ward pharmacist on Suffolk Ward who just hung up on me stating that these are the rules of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. Law unto themselves!

The rules are clearly not according to Government Guidelines. So in that case I have requested to see Elizabeth in the grounds outside as I have had leave to spend with her all day and every day up until now.


Your Government has ruined Xmas for everyone and I am very sad for those currently held under the MHA whose human rights are being abused.

This is a Country, thanks to this Government, that allows deprivation of basic human rights – there is no accountability and the privatisation of the NHS under MH is a disgrace. Just one facility costing £28K for 5 weeks at Cygnet recently – what about the rest of the institutions where Elizabeth has been sent in a short space of time? why in ENFIELD is nothing provided under MH/LD/Autism of the right nature locally especially to Elizabeth and others when they have been ABUSED UNDER CARE IN THE LOCAL AREA OF ENFIELD WHICH WAS COVERED UP. Elizabeth is only just revealing in vivid details what happened to her under MOTI VILLA SCHEME IN THE COMMUNITY THE RIDGEWAY ENFIELD. If it was recognised that she had complex PTSD and was in receipt of the right kind of care that would be good but there is not one mention of what happened to her under care and it is unbelievable there is only one male psychologist on the ward which is all female. So if local MP, Feryal Clark cannot help in any way what can you do about this Mr Johnson as per comments below perhaps you can explain why so much public money has been wasted on private sector now unrated sub-standard care and treatment of no effect whatsoever to Elizabeth who has been badly abused under the “care” of ENFIELD in the community.

Now I would like to hear clarification too as to this ban on visitors to wards under Tier 4 and that hospitals should therefore allow visiting outdoors only. Please clarify especially to Chase Farm Hospital Enfield and any other hospitals as there may be some carers who might like to take their sons and daughters for a walk outside which is surely allowed within the Guidelines. At least they will get fresh air.

Final paragraph of letter from Rt Hon Feryal Clark MP.

Therefore, we are sorry that we are unable to assist with your concerns in this instance.

Yours sincerely, 

On behalf of the Office of Feryal Clark
Member of Parliament for Enfield North 

Westminster Office
House of Commons

Tel: 0207 219 6607

Website: https://www.feryalclark.co.uk/


But surely there is much to explain to the local people of Enfield why decent care and facilities are not provided under Enfield for MH patients and why so much is being wasted by CCG on private “hospital” facilities who are not providing decent humane care and a complete waste of public money. Why isn’t this money going on care in the community and proper assessments? You are missing the point it is not just clinical decisions it is everything and I am sure everyone would like your explanation because there are many good voluntary organisations who should receive the benefits of such huge amounts of public money rather than private hospitals requiring improvement or unrated facilities. For instance just one facility for 5 weeks cost £28K of no benefit whatsoever. Elizabeth would not be where she is now if there was decent care provision. There is plenty you can do to regarding this whole matter.

I hope that I am not going to hear the following from you, Mr Johnson as my complaints go far wider than just Enfield as you can see.

Therefore, we are sorry that we are unable to assist with your concerns in this instance.


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