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Elizabeth has just phoned – this is the third day of being in her room and she does not wish to come out. The only good thing is that she can hear the birds singing even if she cannot see them.

I have just heard Elizabeth has had no breakfast and no lunch.

I am therefore going out to get her something to eat. I have made it clear to a member of staff that Elizabeth did not feel comfortable after another patient was not nice to her. I was told plainly regarding fresh air that she needed to ask staff. I expect this applies to all the meals that Elizabeth is missing and if she was far away from home then what. All she has had today is some oranges but I am going to bring her some sandwiches. At least when she was allowed off the ward I made sure she had something to eat.

Something to eat and exercise and fresh air is the very basics you should expect of a hospital but not under Chase Farm Enfield Suffolk Ward. I cannot criticise it all but the way people communicate is so very important and yesterday I admit I came across a manager from Sussex Ward who was very good and spoke nicely which makes a change.









I’ve just telephoned Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield and spoke to a female nurse reluctant to give her surname. I heard a male voice in the background who seemed to think I should recognise who he was as though I was psychic. I told him I did not have such psychic powers. He first of all did not wish to give his name then asked why I needed to know. I was phoning for information as I did not know what was going on. I wanted to clarify the time of the Teams meeting tomorrow I was told had been arranged. I then ascertained S17 leave was granted for 2 hours (ground leave) recorded in their records yet I was told only half an hr on Xmas Day by management. This leave granted under S17 by the RC (who also granted leave out in my car with the roof down for fresh air) they had recorded since Tier 4 for 2 hours. Police were called on Xmas Day by staff and clarified further that this was in order but nobody had let me know that my leave which was far greater – all day during Tier 3 had been reduced to just 2 hours since Tier 4 and that is certainly not what the RC advised during her phone call to me.

There has been no communication from Chase Farm Hospital Enfield and I am Nearest Relative and main “support bubble” . You are treated like you are invisible until of course you dare to confront them on what has been agreed in the absence of the RC.

I have just found out Suffolk Ward has been changed from green ward to amber and that the patients moving out on Xmas Day were going to St Anne’s Sunflower Ward and since then they have been bringing in new patients (at risk) patients – I am assuming they have not been tested for Covid or may have been on Covid wards? There cant be any other explanation now that I have heard Suffolk Ward is an Amber Ward. Is this why they have been denying any fresh air/leave to anyone on that ward. To shout at a patient telling them to go away – then say well we don’t know if she does not ask – it is a basic right for a patient to have fresh air.

Elizabeth’s recent covid test was “negative” but this may not be the case for others arriving onto the ward. I know now – they are holding my daughter on a ward where she is now at risk from Covid. That is why there is no leave granted or perhaps no patients are even given fresh air?

Elizabeth is stuck in her room 24/7 amongst others like a prisoner. It is awful for her – she does not like changes and some of the patients are volatile and distressed. She is autistic and said to have a LD – she has been denied a CTR as is her right and proper assessment.

When I enquired about the proposed Manager’s Hearing tomorrow I was told had been arranged, I am now told there is nothing in the diary.

I was advised so far there were no cases of Covid identified on Suffolk Ward as yet but if Elizabeth gets Covid and her Covid test was confirmed negative then I will know that there is Covid on the ward and her life at risk. I have requested S17 leave to be in her own home with me moving in with her.

If there was good communication Management Team this situation would not have occurred. With no clear communication I am pretty sure that the nursing professionals knew very well what was happening yet would not reveal anything to me. On Xmas Day I have never felt so bullied, threatened and intimidated before by so many yet not one had the decency/honesty to explain what was happening. If this had been explained in the first place that it was planned to move her on Xmas Day because they were bringing Covid “at risk” patients making the ward “Amber” this would have been informative. It is quite astonishing the way vulnerable people are being abused and not considered or their carers even on Xmas Day when you would least expect a move to take place. I was advised such move would take place in the New Year.

Bullying goes to the highest level at Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Nurses on duty on Xmas Day knew leave had been granted but were afraid for their jobs as they were told by management not to allow Elizabeth out but nothing was explained. It would seem this hospital is run by “management” who cannot communicate and surely when a patient is held under the MHA they still have some rights and is there any Code of Conduct despite Tier 4 or have human rights been scrapped completely?

If they had sent Elizabeth to The Priory, Southgate like the others discussing the reasons why with either myself/rest of family I would have respected this but now my daughter who has been tested “negative” is held prisoner, her life put at risk. Her S17 leave rights in the nurses book were restricted to 2 hours since Tier 4 but this was ignored by staff despite the Responsible Clinician agreement.

Elizabeth has a nice home and I have offered to move in with her as she had no care in the community provided and went downhill as a result. Understandably, Elizabeth is completely traumatised by her experiences of being sent out of area three times in a short space of time and now further moves are planned yet again by Management of Chase Farm Hospital. Not only a move off this ward but to the Priory Hemel Hempstead where NCL CCG Enfield have put in place yet more enormous funding.

Why are there not better facilities in Enfield to avoid patients being sent out of area?

Why is there only 1 male fully qualified psychologist on a female ward then a trainee female psychologist on the other.

Why have the hospital ignored the fact that Elizabeth wishes to work with animals and let her try this out.

Why can’t staff be honest with carers and family regarded as support bubble (1 person only) in line with Government Guidelines?

Elizabeth has stayed in her room for 2 days not getting any exercise or fresh air but unless you ask, you do not get at Chase Farm Hospital. I advised Elizabeth – (this is the third day without fresh air and exercise) that she could go into the garden downstairs if she asked staff. “if you don’t ask you don’t get” but if a patient has communication difficulties they they are just left. She also finds that small garden traumatic and had panic attack. It is downstairs by the mens’ wards which is very triggering for her.

In contrast, male patients are allowed regular breaks outside the foyer.

Surely it would be better to give leave in the same way to the female patients but now I have heard they are an Amber Ward so this could be the reason my daughter/others are held as a prisoner without fresh air/exercise.

When you think what is the difference – staff come and go to the ward, they then go back to their families, go out shopping in crowded supermarkets and then come onto the ward. Why prejudice against the carers and families in that case. What’s the risk difference as any of the staff could be bringing Covid onto the ward. They are not wearing full PPE.

I heard a Manager’s Hearing has been arranged on Tuesday at Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. I have not been informed or invited. I am the Nearest Relative and mother to my daughter. Neither my Solicitor, hers or our McKenzie Friend have been invited and Elizabeth does not have a hospital advocate. I don’t know either time or any details other than it is about Elizabeth’s next move which I think was planned on Xmas Day without any notification. As a carer you are treated like you are invisible and Elizabeth as though she is an object. At Chase Farm Hospital Enfield they use caged vans to transport patients between hospitals. They treat patients like criminals not people and their file records are full of nasty comments and error. Elizabeth was terrified at being transported in a caged vehicle to Cygnet Godden Green, Sevenoaks.

I still haven’t got over the worst Xmas Day I’ve ever experienced thanks to the management of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. I can honestly say this was about the most degrading experience I have ever encountered. I cannot sleep and have lost my appetite completely. It is barbaric patients were being moved on Xmas Day – There were only about 3 remaining and no-one advised me or rest of the family that this was planned. The proposed move was to Sunflower Ward St Anne’s on Xmas Day. Even when I turned up at the hospital no-one admitted that this was the plan.

For the past two days Elizabeth has been in her room hardly venturing out. I have been coming to the hospital to drop off things for her. She has not wanted to come out of her room because another patient was not pleasant towards her.

When I arrived at Suffolk Ward yesterday I waited outside the ward door. I had come to drop off possessions for Elizabeth who was constantly on the phone to me asking when I was coming. On seeing me unfamiliar staff commented visiting was banned but had they been regular staff they would have known I had come to bring things for Elizabeth.

Eventually someone came to the door and I asked about Manager’s Hearing but noone could give any information. I voiced concerns that Elizabeth had no fresh air/exercise for two days and remained in her room most of the time. The response was “if a patient does not ask then they do not go out” and that if a patient did not ask what could they do about it.

Elizabeth commented yesterday she could hear birds singing. I asked if she could could see any birds but she said she could not see a single bird. She said she missed her pigeons and her cat and kept asking how he was and asked me to send photos. I then mentioned that I found out via someone else she could use the garden downstairs. I had noticed only male patients taken outside for about 15 minute breaks with staff but no female patients. Elizabeth responded that she felt unstable on her legs ands to get to the garden downstairs there were stairs to climb down. She recalled having a panic attack once in that garden – could this have been where Elizabeth was badly attacked, hit around the head constantly by another patient and then being sent to Edgware (Trent Ward).

It is not healthy for patients not to have exercise or fresh air and just because of being in Tier 4 this should not be an excuse by Chase Farm Hospital Managers to deny basic human rights. For a vulnerable person not to venture out of their room hardly at all because she feels intimidated as there are so many new patients on the ward and Elizabeth cannot stand the noisy environment and bright lights, this is very sad. Elizabeth was confronted by another patient who was not nice to her and since then has barely ventured out of her room. This was acknowleged by the staff member who came to the door. Despite this awareness no staff offerred to take her out for fresh air as it was explained to me that you have to ask to go out to the garden. When I pointed out some patients, especially those with autism found it difficult to communicate and asked she looked blankly and did not seem to understand.

There is nothing therapeutic right now. Being Xmas, no groups no nothing. Only two psychologists and a male psychologist on a female ward who Elizabeth feels she cannot talk to and trainee female psychologist on another ward. The OTs are the best thing and one who asked Elizabeth what she wanted to do and her response was she wanted to work with animals.

The worst thing of all about this hospital is that reports are written to fail tribunals. They are full of inaccuracy/error and not fit for purpose as is the mental health act who is holding my daughter and offers no protection or accountability against this. The other thing is they put her on depot injections. Elizabeth has ballooned in weight since then and is now a size 22. Her physical health and wellbeing have been totally ignored by Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. Requests for MRI and Endocrinology to check on PCOS ignored so on a mental health ward only basics such as blood pressure/blood test might be done but when it is already proven there are underlying physical health conditions proven in tests, no referrals to specialists are given and things like dental care ignored too.

I’m going to ask the hospital’s stance on appoints such as podiatry, optical, dentist in light of Tier 4. Opticians who have carried out an eye test recently and found something wrong. In all this time no appointments for physical healthcare have been made by any of the private hospitals where she was referred. Government Guidelines state that if you are a recognised part of someone’s care and support bubble “I recognise you as being the main support outside of the hospital” said the RC who also said “S17 leave should be continued” (this was despite Tier 4) now a bed manager decides otherwise. A regular nurse on the ward commented that by allowing my daughter out off the ward it was not fair on other patients but I pointed out that surely if they had 1 regular carer they could also visit as long as Gov Guidelines were adhered to so what was the problem. Police who hospital management called to arrest me on Xmas Day also commented that I was not in breach of Government Guidelines.

After our shocking experience on Xmas Day yesterday I visited Elizabeth but this time instead of crowding into a tiny area between ward and locked door with lots of members of staff not distancing, I stood outside and waited and two members of nursing staff came out to see me. I heard there was not many patients on the ward and according to Elizabeth one had not said very nice things to her but she did not react.

I turned up today (Boxing Day) in the hope that as Police clarified the position on Government Guidelines that Elizabeth would be allowed out in the fresh air, even if only to walk around the grounds. I was immediately told no and that this was a management decision so I was promised to see someone from the management and waited patiently for hours on end but no-one came to see me and when eventually someone did they did not give any information, promised to come back to me but never did.

I could see ambulances arriving bringing patients onto Suffolk Ward so it would not appear that it is being refurbished. According to Elizabeth new patients are not being segregated/isolated whilst tests for Covid are carried out. Elizabeth had such a test a couple of days ago and she is awaiting the results.

I saw about 2/3 new patients arriving on the ward but then suddenly I noticed two men walking towards the exit passed where I was sitting. I recognised the face of one of them. I then looked at his name badge and at least it was not back to front like other members of nursing staff, some of whom like to hide their indentity. I then noticed that this was none other than the Medical Director Mehdi Veisi who along with Amanda Pithouse had written a very nasty letter to me not so long ago. I told him that I had been waiting hours to see someone in the management team with respect to S17 leave for fresh air in the grounds that was granted by the Responsible Clinician. He said to the effect that the rules had been changed again today. I then pointed out that these were not the rules of the Government Guidelines and that Police had backed me the other day. He insisted that the rules had changed but that he would look into this. Well he did not look into anything and just left the building but the other doctor who he was with was very nice and polite. I did get a chance to say what I thought about his letter and that I was not happy about that or the way I was treated yesterday by so many “professionals”.

I then asked what was happening on Suffolk Ward and was I right in assuming they were bringing in Covid patients for assessment or were they on a ward where there was in fact Covid and this was the reason meaning they themselves could develop Covid? I got no answer from him on my query.

On Xmas Day they moved patients off Suffolk Ward – there was about 3 left as circa 12 went to the Priory in Southgate. The other remaining patients went to St Anne’s Sunflower Ward.

No-one told me. No-one gave any information about such move on Xmas Day and I was threatened and bullied by so many members of staff when they had it all written in their records that leave was granted by the RC. Just like the patients held prisoner under the MHA and denied ANY fresh air, carers are treated like dirt under Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust. All it takes is communication and fancy moving patients away from the area on Xmas Day. It is totally barbaric.

So I still do not know what is going on and am only assuming that the patients arriving may have been on other wards where there were Covid cases and Elizabeth was circa the only remaining patient left on the ward because by the time we arrived back after a drive with roof off my car and short walk on Xmas Day, there was no-one on the ward. There were three Police Officers on the ward called by nursing staff and they were extremely nice and had to confirm and explain Government Guidelines to the ward nursing staff (who to be fair were ordered by the bed management to deny such leave). When Police explained I was allowed then to take Elizabeth out but not today. The rules have changed again. It was the most horrific degrading experience yesterday when circa 15 members of staff gathered outside close to my car and had to be reminded to step back by the security guard as they were not social distancing.

I sat there in the foyer today alone but no-one wanted to speak to me and I waited for a long time waiting. I even said I would stay overnight there but I would be wasting my time. I watched all the male patients being taken off the ward for some fresh air. I did not once see anyone from Suffolk Ward (a female only ward) being granted any fresh air. I am puzzled as to why NO patients from Suffolk ward were given such basic rights. I do not see how the hospital ties their rules in fairly bearing in mind Government Guidelines, when they are depriving patients of the basic right of fresh air and exercise and if they were short-staffed as I suspect then it is not fair to just keep someone a prisoner and to punish them in this way. Despite the Covid problem, patients should at least be taken out from Suffolk Ward for fresh air breaks.

I wonder how many other patients are being denied basic human rights that are NOT in line with Government Guidelines when you are a carer, recognised as the “support bubble” by the doctor in charge of the ward.

Elizabeth is remarkably calm but I have heard screaming coming from that ward and alarms going off. Elizabeth, being autistic and having sensory problems, is bearing up well. I can only describe being held a prisoner on such ward as being hell on earth when deprived fresh air and exercise. Surely this is wrong, cruel and against human rights.

According to Government Guidelines:

In Tier 4 , guidelines are clear to most people but not to Management of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield (Suffolk Ward). When the Responsible Clinician, Dr Helen Moorey consented to Section 17 leave continuing as long as it is within Guidelines this was ignored by the Bed Manager and others today who called Police on me to have me arrested.

Here are the Guidelines:

“You cannot leave or be outside of the place you are living unless you have a reasonable excuse. You cannot meet other people indoors, including over the Christmas and New Year period, unless you live with them, or they are part of your support bubble.

Outdoors, you can only meet one person from another household. These rules will not be relaxed for Christmas for Tier 4 – you cannot form a Christmas bubble in Tier 4.”

Yesterday I spent quality time with Elizabeth agreed by Responsible Clinician Dr Helen Moorey and it was all noted on records. The nursing staff knew I was permitted to go out with Elizabeth for a walk in the grounds but were told today (Xmas Day) that I could not take Elizabeth off the Ward. Only yesterday I spoke to Dr Helen Moorey RC and requested to take Elizabeth out for a drive in my car with the roof down in order to get fresh air and she said “I do not see why not” – the Guidelines state that contact outdoors with 1 person from another household is allowed and I have not been taking Elizabeth indoors anywhere and so am not breaking the rules.

Today I was busy cooking dinner and getting things ready for a Xmas I have never experienced before. I know I am not the only one to have Xmas ruined by these new rulings but what happened next was beyond belief and completely ruined Xmas Day for me. In fact I have never been so threatened before apart from when I visited the Horizon Suite.

I turned up at Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward with Elizabeth’s Xmas present. She was looking forward to seeing me all day long and had been continuously phoning me asking if I was on my way. I turned up with her present and a bag full of Xmas food to share on the ward.

When I asked for Elizabeth to come out there was suddenly a problem. The nurse she was told not to allow Elizabeth to go out of the ward. She said the Bed Manager advised her following a meeting that on no account was Elizabeth to leave the ward on HIS instructions. No-one would give me his name. I felt everyone was protecting the management. I then told the nurse that I had permission from Dr Moorey to take Elizabeth out for S17 leave confirmed only yesterday not only for ground leave outside but also in my car with roof down and masks worn. We spent time yesterday visiting a beautiful park, walking in the fresh air without anyone phoning or complaining because this was agreed with the RC in accordance with Government Guidelines.

Today I was asked by a nurse to come onto Suffolk ward but I declined because I said this was in breach of Government Guidelines – I stood in the little tiny confined section in between the double doors and worse a mask of course. Elizabeth had also come out into that section with me and there were several other members of staff – Oh my God it was the space was the size of a lift. Suddenly social distancing by professionals was all but forgotten about in that confined space. I phoned to speak to the Police as I was so disgusted by such degrading treatment and I waited patiently for a very long time with Elizabeth sitting down on the floor and still the Bed Manager would not speak to me. I then spoke to the Police and got a reference number they were not interested and besides they were busy – they have enough to deal with. A member of staff wanted to speak to the police on Elizabeth’s mobile so I passed the mobile phone to him. Police did not wish to be bothered with such a trivial matter and did not wish to come to the ward so by this time, we had gone outside to my car as I had pointed out so many staff in such a small confined space the size of a lift was in breach of social distancing. I was then asked to come onto the ward itself but refused as this would be in breach of Government Guidelines.

So I told Elizabeth to sit inside my car and took the roof down of my convertible so that we were abiding by Government guidelines. By this time Security arrived and I must say they behaved in a very professional manner and told members of professional staff to stand back as they were coming too close, in line with guidelines as I had about 13 all of them surrounding us. It was quite intimidating/threatening and not one would give me the name of the bed manager.

There is only 1 person who has overall control and that is The Responsible Clinician. Obviously Elizabeth is of no risk to self or others otherwise as she would simply not be allowed out all day and every day in my company but this is not what is written in file reports prepared for court purposes. I respect Tier 4 rules but do not respect the way we were treated by certain managers of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield Suffolk Ward today who have misinterpreted rules. I would praise Elizabeth for keeping calm throughout this awful time waiting forever patiently to speak to the elusive bed manager who clearly did not wish to speak to me. Everyone was protecting him as no-one would give his name.

So I then decided enough was enough, Elizabeth and I had spent long enough in the car waiting in the cold and it was after all Xmas Day.

So I drove off leaving the huge crowd of circa 13 professionals behind standing outside Chase Farm Hospital who had warned me “blue lights were on their way” – Police who I was keen to meet anyway. So I said that Police were very welcome to come and speak to me but in the meantime I had had enough of waiting and was leaving. I have nothing but praise for Police who have dealt with Elizabeth honestly and fairly unlike certain other professionals who treated us today in the most degrading manner.

I was half expecting to be stopped but Police were nowhere to be seen. I drove to the family house and entered alone to fetch Elizabeth’s cat as I had promised that she could see her cat on Xmas Day. Elizabeth was delighted and was able to hold her cat outside in my car. I then requested a witness from within the household to return back to the hospital with us just in case lies had been told again that I was threatening, aggressive and abusive.

Everyone wore masks and the roof of the car was down and Elizabeth did not enter the house.

When we returned to Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward there were three Police Officers and their numbers are 265SNA and 116SNA. They looked bemused that they had been called out on Xmas by the management in such a trivial manner and had to explain things to the staff. Police explained the rules to the professionals and confirmed Government Guidelines to them. Police time was wasted and the police were very sympathetic towards us, as they have been on other occasions. I heard one officer say to the effect that what was the problem – you are allowed 1 person within a support bubble which had already been agreed by the RC who is in charge and not the bed manager. They commented on the fact I had brought her back and sounded astonished by all the fuss.

Anyway, there were only 3 patients left on Suffolk Ward. Elizabeth was told there were Covid Cases on the ward but I found out this was NOT TRUE.

I was told by a nurse on the ward the reason patients were being sent away from Suffolk Ward was because they were being relocated back to their local area I don’t think this is true either. I have found out since that patients were sent to The Priory in Southgate. The Priory is set in beautiful grounds in Southgate and bearing in mind Elizabeth loves animals, there are parks and wildlife within the grounds and it has much nicer grounds than Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. I called in there once in desperation years ago thinking that private care was better but certainly the facilities are and especially IF YOU PAY FOR IT which I was prepared to because I wanted a proper assessment denied by Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. The Priory would also be in Tier 4 and would also have rules in place however a hospital should go by Government rules and guidelines not their own misinterpreted rules. A Hospital should also go by the MHA which I am studying right now so I can check on everything.

It was the most degrading and awful experience reminiscent of when I once came to collect Elizabeth from the Horizon Suite. Once again the security guards and Police were highly professional.

Just because someone is held under the MHA does not give professionals the right to break the law, discriminate, treat them in a degrading manner and that goes for their families in breach of human rights and on Xmas Day of all days, a parent has the right to see their son or daughter regardless of Tier 4 provided the above Government Guidelines are abided by.

I was refused the bag of presents back off the ward that I bought for Elizabeth despite asking several times none of the staff would get the bag for me. Having drove off leaving them all standing there I returned and spoke to Police who pointed out to the Professionals that I was in my correct according to Government Guidelines and had permission of the RC, Dr Helen Moorey.

So here are the conflicting reports of what is happening to Suffolk Ward:

Elizabeth was told there were Covid patients on the ward. She had a Covid test but was allowed out with me yesterday for a few hours agreed by the RC and spent all the time outside in the fresh air.

Then a nurse on the ward advised me that the 12 patients who were leaving the ward were being transferred back to their local areas – no: – today I found out they were being all transferred to the Priory in Southgate. I had questioned how many Covid patients were there on Suffolk Ward and was told “none”.

Today I have found out that Elizabeth was due to be transferred to St Ann’s in Haringey with the two remaining other patients.

So no-one communicated this fact with me. When Police were informed I had taken Elizabeth off the ward they contacted Elizabeth’s sister however I am Nearest Relative and in order to telephone her the ward must have given her sister’s number not mine.

So I was unaware on Xmas Day there were plans to move patients off Suffolk Ward to St Ann’s without any prior warning. I see this as totally barbaric treatment by the management of Chase Farm hospital Enfield. I would not have been entirely disappointed if Elizabeth been sent to the Priory, Southgate as this is in nice grounds and Elizabeth loves birds and animals and wildlife.

Anyway, there is nothing I can do if they send her to the St Anne’s as they had planned but I was planning to visit there anyway and as a mother and carer recognised by Dr Moorey as being her “support bubble” therefore I would be entitled to bring Elizabeth off the ward for fresh air, exercise and a drive in my car with the roof down in line with Government Guidelines and even the Police confirmed this fact.

It is so peaceful now on Suffolk Ward. There are only 2 patients on the ward – Elizabeth and one other just brought in. I have heard they are doing refurbishment works on the ward and then I heard it was going to be made into a Covid assessment ward but I wish there was decent communications – if there was good communication there would be no misunderstanding and as a parent and nearest relative along with all the other parents concerned surely any move should have been considered very carefully with thought and consideration bearing in mind Xmas Day. A nurse told me today in defense that no other patients had been granted outdoor leave and right to see their families so why should Elizabeth be treated differently My answer to this is that it is up to other parents and carers to request this right and especially since this was confirmed by Police and RC.

I would praise the Police Officers whose time was wasted on Xmas Day.

First of all Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. I know it is not a Merry Xmas for so many people including ourselves. Elizabeth also asked to wish everyone a very Happy New Year – she is still held on Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Yesterday I spent good quality time with Elizabeth. I am recognised as her regular carer and was granted permission to take her out for a walk in the grounds of the hospital. After all Government Guidelines do state you can meet someone from a support bubble (1 person only) outside. I then pointed out that I have a car where the roof can come down and that if we were wearing masks then surely this would also qualify. I was delighted that I was granted permission and we drove all the day to a beautiful area where there is a lake and canals you can walk along. I then returned her to the ward but was concerned to hear from Elizabeth that there were supposedly Covid cases on the ward (I am not one of those people who are bothered by Covid) but respect the guidelines etc so I decided to enquire on the position as I have found that you get told one thing and then another and I needed to clarify the truth.

I then heard that most of the ward had been moved out to Southgate. I saw some leaving with their suitcases packed. I have just found out they have been moved out of the public ward Suffolk, Chase Farm Enfield to the private hospital Priory in Southgate and Elizabeth has been asked to move to the Priory in Hemel Hempstead – this is a fair distance away for us to visit and I have been delighted that she is back in Enfield in order that we could at least spend some quality time together. It is unbelievably unfair that they should move Elizabeth against her wishes once again out of area to the Priory and she does not wish to go there. I have offered to move in and support her at home in the absence of any care in the community under ENFIELD where they appear to have money to burn.

Recently I wrote to MP The Rt Hon Feryal Clark and got a response to say there is nothing she can do because it is a clinical decision to move Elizabeth but Oh yes there is plenty that the Rt Hon Feryal Clark along with other MPs can in fact do because this is nothing to do with a clinical decision when the entire ward has been vacated by ALL patients except just two (I will check on this). When 12 patients have been sent to the Priory in Southgate what on earth is going on under Enfield. So the other thing I heard was that Suffolk Ward was going to be used as an assessment centre but WHY SUFFOLK WARD??? why are there NO decent facilities for people under MH within Enfield? in that they have to constantly be moved away from their homes and families – this is of public interest because can you imagine how much this is all costing and it is funded by North Central London CCG – Enfield. I have just done a FOI request because I am interested in knowing how much all these facilities cost. For instance Cygnet Godden Green £28K for 5 weeks and none of the correct care and treatment given and then Elysium Thornford Park Thatcham Berks – 2 months – how much did this cost? Why is all this money – public money being wasted and not spent on decent care and assessments in the community.

Now the CCG are stating about fees and I will keep you all informed as my FOI request is made public and therefore so will their costs to me when they are spending an absolute fortune under private sector instead of improving facilities under the NHS.

Elizabeth has phoned several times. I have been cooking Xmas Dinner and Elizabeth has only just had Xmas dinner on the ward. It is a beautiful sunny day and Elizabeth is missing her cat and her pigeons that visit the balcony of where she lives. Elizabeth meanwhile has had dinner on the ward with one other patient. She says everyone else has gone. There was no alarms ringing. It was very peaceful which is exactly the environment Elizabeth needs to be in. So is this ward going to be converted to a Covid Ward by any chance – it has been advised it is going to be an assessment ward but exactly what is that??? My questions again go to the top of the Trust (BEHMHTNHS), Enfield Council and my MP The Rt Hon Feryal Clark.

I am sure there will be many more people in Enfield who want answers too as after all when there is so much money to spend on private care why isnt this being provided in the community which would stop people like Elizabeth ending up back to square 1. It would cost a fraction of the cost of the Priory, Elysium and Cygnet and any other PICU/acute ward if something was provided such as a support worker and Elizabeth wants a job working with animals and so why send her away to Hemel Hempstead?

She is quite obviously not a risk to self or others otherwise she would not even be allowed out with me and in public so why spend all that money of institutional care at the expense of the wonderful charitable and voluntary organisations in Enfield who deserve a great deal more funding and have to fight for what little they get and this is why it is important for me to highlight what is going on and question who is responsible for this and this needs to be investigated by The Rt Hon Feryal Clark and Cllr Nesil Kaliskan.

The other question is transportation of patients from one facility to another is done via a caged van. Patients are treated like animals and no animals should be treated either in such a degrading manner. Elizabeth was transported in a caged van to think it was Cygnet Godden Green and it was absolutely terrifying as she had nothing to hold onto. I am disgusted with this treatment.

Anyway in a short while I will bring Elizabeth back to the family home in the car with the roof down to eat her Xmas dinner I have cooked. At least it is not raining. I can then bring our cat out to see her as Elizabeth is missing him.

I have never had a Xmas like this before.

Once before at Xmas whilst at Cambian Elizabeth was denied home leave because RC Dr A W (also a GP) said she was too ill – that was not true as she was brought all the way from Wales just for about 2 hrs prior to Xmas and now I can read everything in the files of the most disturbing nature. How can Doctors act in such a detrimental manner in breach of human rights? This Dr coerced a vulnerable patient into only having contact with other family members and put in place supervised calls at a time I could not ring – should this person be even working as a Dr?

I am just grateful I can at least see Elizabeth and bring her dinner out to the car even though we are not allowed to sit around the table together.

So there is not one single Covid case on the ward as had been advised – the ward is closing to patients and they are being sent away to private sector hospitals ie Priory costing an absolute fortune. This is just in Enfield – where else is this happening? I would be most interested to hear.

I had no idea you had to pay for a FOI under GDPR Rules – can someone please enlighten me. I am asking something that the public and especially residents under the London Borough of Enfield might be interested in? This is of public interest when I know already £28000 has been spent on Cygnet Godden Green Requires Improvement. Castle Ward. So I now wish to know how much the rest costs. How comes North Central London CCG wishes to charge when I have not been charged before and I know already it is North Central London CCG Enfield that hold the information. So please send me your invoice in order that I can notify everyone of your fees. I am asking a simple question and I want a simple answer that you can produce in 5 seconds. Look forward to hearing from you NCL CCG – you are responsible to the public for providing services and so you should be accountable to the public especially when you are spending vast sums of money for sub-standard care and treatment at the expense of the NHS to private institutions and are unrated in some cases.

Dear Susan Bevis

RE: Freedom of Information Request

I am writing to formally acknowledge your request for information
regarding Cost per week for Ruby Ward St Pancreas Hospital, Elysium
Thornford Park and Priory Hemel Hempstead which will be processed under
the Freedom of Information Act 2000. I can confirm your request was
received on 24 December 2020 by NEL on behalf of the Clinical
Commissioning Groups (CCGs) listed below. The references for your requests
are shown alongside.

NHS North Central London CCG                 FOI.20.NCL179

An initial investigation is currently taking place into whether the
information you have requested is held by the CCGs and if so, whether it
can be released in accordance with the legislation.

Any fees applicable to this request will be detailed in writing as soon as
they can be determined. Your request will then be placed on hold and you
will have the choice of whether to proceed with your request. Should any
clarification of your request be required we will advise you accordingly.

As you know, the NHS across the country is facing unprecedented challenges
during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, and is working hard to ensure
that the appropriate care can be delivered to patients.  As such, we would
like to advise that we may not be able to provide a response to your
request within the normal timescales required of us. If this is the case,
a further update will be provided to you in due course.

If you require any assistance, or would like to discuss your request,
please do not hesitate to contact us quoting the reference number above.

Yours sincerely,

Freedom of Information Team


[North Central London CCG request email]

Lower Marsh, 3rd Floor

Waterloo, London, SE1 7NT



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We don’t know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you areSusan Bevispleasesign inand let everyone know.


Today I travelled to London wearing a mask of course. I am not in the slightest bit concerned about Covid new strain or not and I do not trust what I read in mainstream press. However I am not one to disregard other people’s concerns and wear a mask and so does Elizabeth. I have not been shielding since March because I am a carer to Elizabeth and am not panic stricken one bit.

It was surreal travelling to London today as opposed to what I was used to doing in rush hour crowds. When I arrived home I noticed I had missed calls from Elizabeth. Every day I’ve been taking her off the local ward (Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Enfield) and bringing her back to her peaceful flat that I have greatly improved since Elizabeth has been incarcerated and sent to one private “prison” institution after another at astronomical expense to my local area of Enfield, whose CCG responsible falls under NCLCCG Enfield and who have public money to burn. I was glad that Elizabeth was at least local and that I could have contact after six months of OOA institutional incarceration. Now all has changed thanks to Boris Johnson and the UK Government who have ruined Christmas for everyone but particularly the weak and vulnerable.

Many people throughout the UK have had their Christmas spoilt at the last minute by this Government who do not give a damn about the weak and vulnerable. However, I can’t think of anything worse than for the most vulnerable people being stuck in hospitals and particularly on MH wards in a noisy, volatile environment and denied any contact with their family because of Government restrictions brought in just prior to Xmas. I personally would have liked to invited the entire ward to my house for Xmas but unfortunately now I cannot even invite or visit Elizabeth on Xmas Day and I am not alone.

What are the Tier 4 restrictions?

Boris Johnson announced Tier 4 rules mean people must stay at home akin to the November national lockdown. Rules include:ADVERTISING

  • Non-essential retail, gyms, leisure and personal care must close
  • Work from home if you can
  • Do not enter or leave Tier 4 areas or stay overnight away from home
  • You can meet 1 person from another household but outdoors only
  • Communal worship can continue

The Prime Minister said: “We will introduce new restrictions in the most affected areas, specifically those parts of London, the south-east and east of England which are currently in Tier 3.

“These areas will enter a new Tier 4. Residents in those areas must stay at home apart from limited exemptions.”PROMOTED STORY

READ MORE; Lockdown warning as Tier 4 alert raised: Britons to be told ‘stay a…


Regarding Christmas, the festive season is cancelled for those in Tier 4 who cannot travel to meet any other households.

Those in Tiers 1, 2 and 3 can meet up to three other households as planned, but only on Christmas Day itself.

The PM said: “We cannot continue with Christmas as planned. In England those living in Tier 4 areas must not mix with anyone outside their own households at Christmas.

“Across the rest of the country, the Christmas rules will now be limited to Christmas day only rather than the five days as previously set out.

“There will be no relaxation on December 31 so people must not break the rules at new year

“I know how much emotion people invest at this time of year and how important it is for families to be together, so i know how disappoint this will be.” No you do not! You are a Government out of touch with reality and the UK is in breach of Human Rights.

Tier 4 rules:

Tier 4 rules: Uk tier map as of December 19 (Image: EXPRESS)

Speaking before the announcement today, Sky News’ Jon Craig said: “The PM is expected to announce that London and the south east is going to be put under a new tier 4 with much stricter rules on moving around and possibly to the Christmas bubble plans.

“Essentially tier 4 is a stay at home message. It could include non-essential shops closing, tighter rules on hotels.

“Weddings even, Christmas eve weddings perhaps, could be placed in jeopardy.

“It will be greeted with dismay and fury by some MPs and not doubt many people who have made their plans and spent a lot of money already. Yes you have ruined Xmas Boris Johnson and Government and I have spent a lot and I am not alone. Shame on you.

“If it is a stay at home message, it’s going to wreck the travel plans and travel plans of many many families.”

He added if Mr Johnson planning to make these changed by law, MPs will say parliament must be recalled.

Mr Craig added: “We don’t know [what the rules are yet] but we do know the five day relaxation period is likely to be changed.

“What we know is that all the areas that were put into tier 3 in the middle of the week, London going into tier 3 and the addition of the home counties, Surrey and parts of Essex and Hertfordshire, they all look set to go into a new tier four and there will be a very strict stay at home message.

“The Government is likely to say this will be imposed by law. Already conservative MPs are saying if theGovernment is going to impose a new law, that means a new vote. Of course – a new vote.

“Mark Harper has said Parliament must not be bypassed.”

What time is Boris Johnson speaking? Press conference with Prof Whitty [JUST IN]
COVID-19 lockdown rules are KILLING PM, says JUDY FINNIGAN [COMMENT]
Covid mutant strain DOES spread quicker as WHO alerted by UK [DATA]


Regarding the Tier 4 rules, he suggested Christmas bubbles may only be allowed in Tiers 1,2,3 – and only on Christmas Day.

He added: “This is a massive u-turn for the Prime Minister. Only 4 days ago he said it would be inhuman, inhuman he said, to cancel Christmas. YES IT IS INHUMANE

“All the sign are he is going to do this.”

Mr Johnson met his senior members of his Cabinet earlier on December 19 before a 4pm press conference from Downing Street was called.

BBC Political editor Laura Kuenssberg said: “The prime minister is expected to announce a tightening of Covid restrictions and a tier four for London and the South East as well as several other counties, cabinet sources have told the BBC.

“There is also expected to be a tightening of the plans to relax the rules around households gathering during the Christmas period.

“The cabinet was also briefed on the risks from the new variant of the disease by the government’s top medics at lunchtime.”


Xmas is ruined for us as a family and many others. We live in London so we come under Tier 4. Elizabeth’s sister lives in a Tier 2 area and she has cancelled coming for Xmas. I had bought new bed/bedding and ordered lots of food on-line but I am even more devastated now having spoken with Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital Enfield as their rules are even stricter than the Government Guidelines in fact they are a law unto themselves.

Elizabeth has been incarcerated since May for visiting the GP surgery demanding an MRI. She has LD and is autistic and was upset as she felt she was being ignored. In files it is reported she caused extensive damage to the GP surgery but when I visited and offered to pay was told there was no damage. Why do they have to report so inaccurately? This is the reason why Elizabeth is incarcerated right now because of lies and errors by professionals who all stick together and gang up if you so much as dare complain as I have previously featured.

Elizabeth has been away for over 6 months. I withdrew from the Section 25 Tribunal because I heard that Elizabeth was being pressurised to appoint solicitors recommended by the Chase Farm Hospital when she already had a good firm representing her. This has been the scenario since May: Seclusion, PICU, seclusion, PICU, seclusion, PICU and finally at last Elizabeth is back in Enfield. I then discovered today that leave had been granted so that I could take her off the ward during the day and bring her out shopping and back to her flat, despite all the negative untruthful comments about her being a risk to ME!! THIS IS ABSOLUTE NONSENSE and there has been no risks whatsoever in my Company. It has been wonderful to see Elizabeth again and spend time with her as we have had little contact. Elizabeth has been keen to go out walking and has even showed interest in working with animals thanks to a brilliant OT on the ward. However there is a cloud over our heads right now because the RC of Suffolk Ward wishes to send her away again to Hemel Hempstead – ANYONE KNOW OF ANY LOCKED REHABS – COULD THIS BE THE PRIORY??? Please let me know what you think and any experiences you have encountered.

Yesterday, despite Tier 4, I was permitted to take Elizabeth off Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Today I was told that I could no longer visit or take Elizabeth off the ward but surely this is totallyh wrong??

“you can meet 1 person from another household but outdoors only “

Look at the above Government Ruling you are allowed to meet another person from another household outdoors only!

I have just re-laid the above message to Godson, ward pharmacist on Suffolk Ward who just hung up on me stating that these are the rules of Chase Farm Hospital Enfield. Law unto themselves!

The rules are clearly not according to Government Guidelines. So in that case I have requested to see Elizabeth in the grounds outside as I have had leave to spend with her all day and every day up until now.


Your Government has ruined Xmas for everyone and I am very sad for those currently held under the MHA whose human rights are being abused.

This is a Country, thanks to this Government, that allows deprivation of basic human rights – there is no accountability and the privatisation of the NHS under MH is a disgrace. Just one facility costing £28K for 5 weeks at Cygnet recently – what about the rest of the institutions where Elizabeth has been sent in a short space of time? why in ENFIELD is nothing provided under MH/LD/Autism of the right nature locally especially to Elizabeth and others when they have been ABUSED UNDER CARE IN THE LOCAL AREA OF ENFIELD WHICH WAS COVERED UP. Elizabeth is only just revealing in vivid details what happened to her under MOTI VILLA SCHEME IN THE COMMUNITY THE RIDGEWAY ENFIELD. If it was recognised that she had complex PTSD and was in receipt of the right kind of care that would be good but there is not one mention of what happened to her under care and it is unbelievable there is only one male psychologist on the ward which is all female. So if local MP, Feryal Clark cannot help in any way what can you do about this Mr Johnson as per comments below perhaps you can explain why so much public money has been wasted on private sector now unrated sub-standard care and treatment of no effect whatsoever to Elizabeth who has been badly abused under the “care” of ENFIELD in the community.

Now I would like to hear clarification too as to this ban on visitors to wards under Tier 4 and that hospitals should therefore allow visiting outdoors only. Please clarify especially to Chase Farm Hospital Enfield and any other hospitals as there may be some carers who might like to take their sons and daughters for a walk outside which is surely allowed within the Guidelines. At least they will get fresh air.

Final paragraph of letter from Rt Hon Feryal Clark MP.

Therefore, we are sorry that we are unable to assist with your concerns in this instance.

Yours sincerely, 

On behalf of the Office of Feryal Clark
Member of Parliament for Enfield North 

Westminster Office
House of Commons

Tel: 0207 219 6607



But surely there is much to explain to the local people of Enfield why decent care and facilities are not provided under Enfield for MH patients and why so much is being wasted by CCG on private “hospital” facilities who are not providing decent humane care and a complete waste of public money. Why isn’t this money going on care in the community and proper assessments? You are missing the point it is not just clinical decisions it is everything and I am sure everyone would like your explanation because there are many good voluntary organisations who should receive the benefits of such huge amounts of public money rather than private hospitals requiring improvement or unrated facilities. For instance just one facility for 5 weeks cost £28K of no benefit whatsoever. Elizabeth would not be where she is now if there was decent care provision. There is plenty you can do to regarding this whole matter.

I hope that I am not going to hear the following from you, Mr Johnson as my complaints go far wider than just Enfield as you can see.

Therefore, we are sorry that we are unable to assist with your concerns in this instance.

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