Date: 27 October 2020 at 16:43:33 GMT
To: Susan Bevis
Subject:Letter from Thornford Park Hospital
Dear Ms. Bevis,   Please find attached on behalf of Jo Sherman, the Hospital Director a letter in relation to the change in Responsible Clinician for your daughter, Elizabeth.   Please note that this letter has also been sent in the post. Kind regards,
Liz Reardon
PA to Jo Sherman, Hospital Director
Thornford Park
Elysium Healthcare

T: 01635 860 072 x 8827
D: 01635 273 827
E: elizabeth.reardon@elysiumhealthcare.co.uk
Secure Email: elizabeth.reardon@nhs.net
A: Elysium Healthcare, Thornford Park Hospital, Crookham Hill, Thatcham, Berkshire RG19 8ET  


Letter dated 27 October 2020

Dear Ms Bevis

Following concerns you have raised regarding the current diagnosis and treatment plan for your daughter, Elizabeth, we have taken the decision to allocate Dr Harinder Bains as the Responsible Clinician for your daughter’s care whilst she remains at Thornford Park.

Dr Harinder Bains will take over responsibility on Tuesday 27th October 2020 from Dr Morton. Dr Harinder Bains will also consider the ASD diagnosis that you have raised with the clinical team.

Yours sincerely

Jo Sherman

Hospital Director

Elizabeth discharged back to the local area of Enfield on 28th October late evening. She is now back on Suffolk Ward under the “care” of Dr Helen Moorey. No ASD has been carried out as promised by Elysium. The Manager’s Hearing 30th October today has been cancelled.

For a Manager’s Hearing reports are prepared. It is similar to a Tribunal. If a hospital wishes to hold on to someone for a long time that is very easy to do especially considering how much taxpayer’s money is being spent by the local area. All that has to be done is to prepare reports so negatively that rip a vulnerable person’s character to pieces, then a panel agree that the patient needs to be incarcerated longer, whereas what should be done is to look at what is being offered in the community/or rather what is not, in terms of care and whether someone has been assessed properly. Now there is even more conflict than ever before in terms of diagnosis. In over 2 months, Elysium have failed to assess Elizabeth for Autism and the same applies to Cygnet Godden Green, Sevenoaks, Kent though they admitted autism traits. However when huge sums of money are being spent locally by commissioners it could reflect badly on the care provided under BEHMHTNHS if a different diagnosis is given now but then this diagnosis goes back to the very beginning and Elizabeth will never be treated fairly under BEHMHTNHS. “We are guided by the local area” – one of the RC’s told me recently.


Prepared by Forensic Psychiatrist Dr DM for the Manager’s Hearing on 30 October 2020, now cancelled.

The report runs into 16 pages but my corrections of this report runs into far more, as there is so much error it took me all night to do.

On the one hand, the report writer does not think a PICU is the right environment but on the other hand states “it is appropriate for Elizbeth to be detained in best interest and appropriate medical treatment is available. When a Responsible Clinician wishes to hang onto someone for a long time they bar the Nearest Relative from seeking discharge.

Here is the appropriate treatment Elysium Thornford Park see as “best interest” – Elizabeth was previously found to be allergic to this drug yet c 8 Doctors and their nursing teams have chosen to ignore this fact. It is clearly documented in the files but then Dr DM states “I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE FULL NOTES FROM BARNET ENFIELD AND HARINGEY MH TRUST” “HOWEVER THE LOCAL AREA HAVE PROVIDED ME WITH REPORTS THAT HAVE ALLOWED ME TO DEVELOP AN UNDERSTANDING OF HER BACKGROUND“. It is no wonder nothing is done properly and Tribunals fail, leaving vulnerable people treated in the most disgraceful manner. If you look at the reports from the local area they are full of inaccuracy/errors and even lies. I will feature their lies in a separate blog.

So if, for instance, my daughter died at the hands of any such doctors through faulty treatment they would all stick together and deny wrongdoing, each backing one another yet each and everyone of them knew from countless evidence provided to them that Elizabeth was allergic to Risperidone but kept on prescribing regardless. See below – I have highlighted other contraindications to Elizabeth’s physical health.

When you prescribe a drug knowingly that has caused allergy it is no wonder a patient suffers from adverse reaction. This can be displayed in behaviour but what if a patient’s behaviour flares up or they say something that might appear threatening then they call the Police and report – I will feature that later on.

Paliperidone side effects

Image: psychcentral.comIn Summary. Commonly reported side effects of paliperidone include: akathisia, tachycardia, and drowsiness. Other side effects include: basal ganglia disease, dyskinesia, dystonia, orthostatic hypotension, postencephalitic parkinson’s disease, sialorrhea, and prolonged qt interval on ecg.

Paliperidone Side Effects – Drugs.com



  • Who should not take Paliperidone Palmitate Syringe?

The following conditions are contraindicated with this drug. Check with your physician if you have any of the following:


  • breast cancer
  • diabetes
  • a high prolactin level
  • excessive fat in the blood
  • low amount of magnesium in the blood
  • dehydration
  • low amount of potassium in the blood
  • overweight
  • very low levels of granulocytes
  • a type of white blood cell
  • low levels of white blood cells
  • low levels of a type of white blood cell called neutrophils
  • confusion
  • suicidal thoughts
  • a type of movement disorder called parkinsonism
  • tardive dyskinesia
  • a disorder characterized by involuntary movements of the face
  • mouth and tongue
  • neuroleptic malignant syndrome
  • a reaction characterized by fever
  • muscle rigidity and confusion
  • a low seizure threshold
  • a heart attack
  • angina
  • a type of chest pain
  • torsades de pointes
  • a type of abnormal heart rhythm
  • chronic heart failure
  • abnormal EKG with QT changes from birth
  • a disorder of the blood vessels of the brain
  • orthostatic hypotension
  • a form of low blood pressure
  • compression of the esophagus
  • priapism
  • a prolonged erection of the penis
  • seizures
  • weight gain
  • susceptible to breathing fluid into lungs
  • pregnancy
  • decreased blood volume
  • problems with food passing through the esophagus
  • metabolic syndrome x
  • dementia in an elderly person
  • diffuse Lewy body disease
  • cataract surgery
  • floppy iris during eye surgery
  • abnormal muscle movements
  • chronic kidney disease stage 2 (mild)
  • chronic kidney disease stage 3A (moderate)
  • chronic kidney disease stage 3B (moderate)
  • chronic kidney disease stage 4 (severe)


  • Risperidone Analogues

Elizabeth has made relatively good progress at Thornford Park – Rubbish! I will explain later.

Historic Risk Incidents taken from the Report of Dr Helen Moorey – WILL YOU PLEASE AMEND THIS RUBBISH!!! There are so many errors it is unbelievable. Plus, the description of incidents does not explain fully the circumstances and what really happened thereby giving false impression.

There is nearly a page and a half – it is painful to read when they have deliberately listed nasty comment after nasty comment, designed to make someone look bad without a single good word.

Yet all the time these doctors/professionals are prescribing a drug known to be allergic to that can cause adverse reaction to someone who, as proven, cannot metabolise the drugs. SHAME ON YOU ALL!

There are other Risk Information written by a care coordinator who has failed to protect Elizabeth on a ward on one occasion, left her to sleep in a bug-infested bed and room stinking of chemicals at Reservoir House, someone who has failed to work with the family, someone who has failed to provide a scrap of care in the community since Elizabeth acquired her own flat in July 2019 and under whose team drew up unlawful paperwork for sectioning resulting in Elizabeth spending c5 days unlawfully under section.

It is no wonder Elizabeth does not wish to engage with ENFIELD COMMUNITY REHAB TEAM – you only have to look at my blog “Get Her Back We are Paying for that. They were likewise prescribing a drug previously found to be allergic to and knew it.

The reason Elizabeth is unfortunately incarcerated under their “care” once more is because she stopped taking 2mg of Risperidone cold turkey. This all highlights the need for facilities where someone can be taken off the drugs slowly and gradually and safely. There is nothing like this in the UK for prescribed drugs.


They try and say it is relapse of illness however it is all about withdrawal and too steep a withdrawal causes withdrawal syndrome which is not a mental illness.

Diagnostic Issues

The report states she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in 2007.

No true at all – first diagnosis was Aspergers. Then another doctor said that her condition could not be attributed psychogenically but organically.

Never did Elizabeth experience paranoia, thought disorder, hallucinations, thought broadcasting and other perceptional disturbances until she was prescribed anti-psychotic drugs and even then her anger is justified because of what happened to her under care and the drugs given in order to cover it all up.

One of the lies in the reports written by care coordinator is that she was forced to go to Scotland and Australia. Get your facts right next time! Elizabeth was not forced to go and agreed via Skype. Working to Recovery was the best thing that happened for Elizabeth – if only she had not come back to the local area of Enfield.

The excellent report by Dr Bob Johnson stating complex trauma was dismissed by the Consultant of Thornford Park like rubbish however here is an example of an extremely honest doctor who has done the most accurate report Elizabeth has ever had apart from the most recent prepared e for Tribunal purposes.

A patient can ask their solicitor to appoint an independent doctor completely free of charge for their tribunal and this is good because you cannot expect to be treated fairly by any so called independent doctor (SOAD) from the CQC which is our experience.

One of my main complaints to the CCG NCLCCGNHS Enfield is as to why they have wasted so much of taxpayers money on care that has achieved absolutely nothing. A PICU or even an Acute Ward is the wrong environment for someone with sensory issues. They have denied a CTR in favour of a CPA and now I am getting the National Autistic Society involved – also the diagnosis of PTSD was endorsed by a clinical psychologist at Enfield, Dr Mukherjee.

So the report from Elysium lists nothing but incident after incident after incident which has not been reported correctly. In addition countless times I have asked from the Psychiatric History to be amended but this has not been done. Not once have I been invited to a meeting or ward round to go through the errors reported. Psychiatric History goes on for many pages and it is dreadful to read as it is incorrect/full of error and keeps appearing all the time and once again I am having to correct everything which is time consuming.

Then they go on to the circumstances of admission and they make Elizabeth sound terrible.

For someone Autistic, suffering in addition from complex trauma, who had been discharged from hospital after S3 back to her flat at the height of the pandemic, it was not easy. I was furloughed at the time and so could help her but then she took herself off 2mg Risperidone and refused to take the drug and I knew she would go downhill because this is far too steep a reduction. Elizabeth became very preoccupied with her physical health during this time – she was constantly researching her condition which she saw as autism not schizophrenia. She was suffering from chronic pain too and so was in touch with the GP Surgery. During the pandemic people were supposed to shield and not mix with one another from different households but this was not possible due to no support for Elizabeth who did not seem to understand services had come to a standstill as she wanted an MRI scan. It is recorded she caused damage to the reception area of the GP Surgery however I called in to ask about this and was going to pay for any damage I was told there was none. Staff might have been afraid and called police as Elizabeth was upset at being ignored and getting nowhere with her request. Police took her to Chase Farm and she was sectioned once again and has been held in seclusion time and time again on Suffolk Ward prior to being sent far away from home and family to PICU rather that ATU – Huntercombe recommended ATU but the RC of Suffolk Ward has dismissed all the doctors opinions at Huntercombe Roehampton and others in favour of her own and then when various other doctors of PICUs get involved they are paid by the local area. One such doctor was honest enough to admit “we are guided by the local area”

The other criticism I have of all these institutions and under MH care in general is that only basic tests are done. In support of himself, the doctor in this case states MRI, blood tests and EEG have ruled out organic cause. Elizabeth has not had an MRI scan or seen an Endocrinologist and already is said to have an irregular arrhythmia in past reports probably caused by the titration of Clozapine. It is reported Elizabeth kept talking about faulty Endocrine system and this is something they should be looking into. They make her sound ridiculous but she is right as I have already had extensive Endocrinology tests done private which again the team has ignored.

Dr DM contradicted himself. On the one hand he sticks with Paranoid Schizophrenia yet has written admitting autism in his email to me but no proper assessment has been carried out by Elysium. All blame put on Elizabeth for not cooperating with the assessment yet I was told that under a PICU such assessment could not be done. An AQ10 was supposed to be carried out but this suggested further more detailed assessment for autism be carried out but then they changed medication and took Elizabeth off the Paliperidone and switched it to Olanzapine – another ineffective drug previously tried that causes diabetes. Now they are mixing Olanzapine with Clopixol depot and prn when needed. This is how a patient can react adversely from adverse reactions and it is apalling that a team of professionals write about incident after incident that goes into pages when I as a mother know that by switching a drug causes such reaction then this list of incidents go against a patient and release from hospital. Blame just goes on the patient whereas focus should actually go on the Doctor and team as what they are doing is wrong. They try to say relapsing illness and I would say rubbish! as I have research papers to prove this is completely wrong. Also I would state that the combination of Clopixol and Olanzapine is wrong too – I am not a doctor but check everything with experts on the drugs. You should not prescribe an A-typical with Clopixol.

It makes me laugh when a doctor tries to say she was responding well to Paliperidone when at the same time nothing but contradictory negative comments and pages of incidents are listed.

In comparison to all the negative comments written by Dr DM there is a very small section that states “strengths or positive factors relating to the patient: There is only 5 lines written by a doctor who described Elizabeth as cold and aloof. Now he has had to admit she has a pleasant sense of humour at times and is well liked. Then he writes something that is totally irrelevant to the strengths and positive factors relating to patient and goes on about medication.

I am afraid the above which actually amounts to just 2 lines is the only good thing about a report of 16 pages written to fail Elizabeth’s hopes of release from prisons such as this and there is no difference now to the acute ward either because patients are not allowed out or to have visitors.

As if Dr DM has not dug out enough dirt on a vulnerable patient who he never got to know properly, he lists incidents at Cygnet Godden Green Castle Ward as well as Chase Farm Enfield where Elizabeth was held for up to practically a week in seclusion.

I wish to point out I consider that Cygnet Godden Green are unfit to produce any reports for Court and Tribunal purposes.

The Report for the Responsible Clinician was written by Dr WK for Dr RS and contains the most disturbing things of all and I would be more than happy to send all their reports to the CQC as well as the threatening letter I have received from their solicitors when I dared to challenge them. To pervert the course of justice is a very serious thing and I would say that their reports are geared for this purpose.

The reason I say this is that there is a long list incidents Dr DM has copied and pasted by the looks of things however the other report prepared by Rebecca Fordwar – Clinical Lead lists NO INCIDENTS WHATSOEVER. This is most disturbing to see in the report prepared by Dr WK – the date of Birth is completely wrong. Therefore no reports from Cygnet Godden Green can be relied upon for court purposes. The other disturbing nonsense is they cannot even agree on primary diagnosis – it is laughable when you compare the report from the Clinical Lead with that of Dr WK and if the records are wrong you can be sure that the care is a poor reflection as records are extremely important. It is not laughable when you consider this facility cost £28K for 5 weeks.

I am laughing even more now that under Progress at Thornford Park from 04.08.2020 to present there is 2 pages full of alleged incidents.

I have not given ELYSIUM THORNFORD PARK THATCHAM BERKS a rating but quite honestly looking at this long list and bearing in mind they knowingly prescribed drug previously found to be allergic to they do not deserve any rating whatsoever and I shall be writing my reviews in due course.

Progress made at Elysium Thornford Park based on this long list of negative incidents is NIL

I also have not liked the way a social worker from Elysium reported Elizabeth to Thames Valley Police for allegedly stating threats against me. I then had to lodge my complaints to the Police in stating that they were knowingly prescribing drugs previously found to be allergic to and even now they have switched the drugs to a combination that is entirely wrong so what do you expect. I therefore had to state that I was concerned for Elizabeth’s wellbeing. It would have been better if they had called me first rather than go to Police as if they are not busy enough and if I as a mother have no concerns whatsoever and are far more concerned as to the drugging regime and care than anything else.

Lastly, there is a gym at Elysium – not once has Elizabeth been taken there.

Garden leave was once a disaster and time spent arguing what was promised and should have been recorded on records.

The grounds are extensive but it looks like a zoo surrounded by high fences and the grounds should be made attractive and house a swimming pool and other nice facilities especially when some patients are still there after 1.5 years.

When you think of the huge money Elysium are getting what they need to consider is what is therapeutic to the patients and animals are therapeutic so correct me if I am wrong I could not see anything like this being offered to patients and when you look at the case of Bethany then these facilities are totally wrong.

Any recommendations to the Tribunal with reasons

That Drs such as this and at Cygnet Godden Green and not forgetting Barnet, Enfield and Haringey MHT never be allowed to write any reports for any tribunals ever again as they are not fit for purpose and deliberately written with a view to failure and incarcerate a patient whilst they rake in the money for treatment and environment that is totally inappropriate and has not worked over many years because of misdiagnosis.

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    I’m a journalist at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. I wondered if I could speak to you about your experiences of mental health care and the issues you discuss in your blog?

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    • sbev2013 said:

      Of course please contact me with your email address/contact details by PM Twitter

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