I received the letter yesterday Recorded Delivery but noone signed for it. It was just stuck in the letterbox. According to the envelope it was post marked 12 October and the letter itself was dated 8 October.

I am not going to defend myself as previously stated but leave my readers to judge for themselves.

I have never met the above professionals in my life.

Here is what I have been accused of:

have harrassed

have threatened

have been personally abusive or verbally aggress towards staff dealing with your complaint

have in the course of addressing or raising a complaint had an excessive number of contacts with the trust placing unreasonable demands on staff

Persist in pursuing a complaint when the trust’s complaints procedure has been fully and properly implemented and exhausted, or it is not within the trust’s remit to investigate.

Are unwilling to accept documented evidence of treatment given as being factural eg drug records, manual or computer records, nursing records.


Using abusive or threatening language

The letter states that the “Deputy Director of Nursing and Head of Patient Experience have reviewed your communications with the trust and concluded that in order to ensure all concerns are responded to through a single avenue, all correspondence from you will be managed under the trust vexatious complaints policy” Let us then cut out the correspondence and choose a much more suitable single avenue and save money on paperwork. I cant think of a better avenue than Twitter.

“The trust has responded fully to the points raised in previous complaints and has tried to resolve the complaint but there is nothing more to add and continuing contact on the matter will serve no purpose. The correspondence around previous complaints investigated is at an end and any further correspondence received will be acknowledge but not answered, although as previously advised, you do maintain the right to request an Independent Review by the Ombudsman.Well said! There is nothing more to add because they haven’t got anything to say in their defence. How convenient to end a complaint in this way and avoid answering anything instead of a simple apology.

I have been guided to Pals and a guy called Richard was in contact with me when Elizabeth was sent to Cygnet Godden Green but since then, and that has been quite sometime, there has been nothing but a wall of silence. In other words absolutely nothing has been dealt with.

All clinical requests about your daughter must be sent to Lucy Omezi, Team Manager Enfield Community Rehabilitation Service– they are based at Park Avenue Bush Hill Park Enfield but my questions are why not the CEO in overall charge of the Trust? I have already written to that department requesting a CTR and also an adaption to Elizabeth’s bath as she has now gained enormous weight due to the drugs prescribed – take Risperidone and Olanzapine – they are notable for causing weight gain and diabetes. Not a word in response to my email.

These restrictions are intended to safeguard your right to complain or raise concerns about current aspects of your daughter’s care and for them to be managed appropriately whilst protecting our staff. Yes – that is what it is all about protecting your staff never mind the vulnerable patient or her family who are treated like dirt.

The vexatious management plan will be reviewed on a yearly basis by the Deputy Director of Nursing and Head of Patient Experience.whilst protecting our staff“.

The letter is signed by Amanda Pithouse, Chief Nurse and Mehdi Veisi Medical Director.


Now this is something I can talk about. See extracts below of just some of my corrections to defamatory comments written when Elizabeth was abused under care provided in the community under a scheme called Moti Villa at the time I was a trainee Police Officer. I can prove everything as I thorough investigated.

DM’s opinion on “same issues” is contradictory, according to file records for example:   Email from LS dated 18.05.2011 13:37 to (AA) cc TO, VB, SJ and AJ : “Dear A I absolutely agree with J.  SB’s behaviour is unacceptable and impacting on our ability to provide appropriate care and treatment for EB.  The position insofar as community services is concerned is quite intolerable.  As you know we are also of the view that SB’s behaviour has a very detrimental effect on her daughter’s mental state.  I have asked the clinical team to look into the matter again from a safeguarding perspective.  We also really must put some boundaries around this woman.  I had thought that when you V and I met a couple of weeks ago that we were agreed that legal advice would be sought regarding the vexatious complainant route?  I cannot remember whether I passed on the info that DS (Commissioner) has forwarded the complaint he received to the NCL Cluster to be addressed so would expect them to be in touch shortly.  He did mention an independent review being carried out and, after discussing the matter with P I advised him that we would be happy to comply if they commissioned another opinion.  Regards L.

From :  SJ Sent 18.05.2011 at 13.04 –  cc LS, OT, VB  “Potential vexatious litigant” …….A we are having quite of email and telephone traffic from Mrs SB, mother of EB.  I was briefed by L who knows the family well and had to deal with years of complaints from her.  I understand from V that the Trust was trying to progress this woman to be a vexatious litigant.  V seemed to think it was the case that there was a piece of work that you were doing in ensuring that all previous complaints had indeed been exhaustively looked into.  Can I ask where you are with this and when it will be completed as it does take a lot of management and clinical time to manage Mrs SB’s complaints.  She is currently phoning the CEO.   (“HER DAUGHTER IS ‘HAPPY’ WITH CARE SO IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL TO PROGRESS THIS THANKS”).
From:  VB to CD cc AA, LS re Ombudsman dated 10.08.2011 at 10.17 “Hi C,  I don’t know if A sent Mrs Bevis a copy of his report.  He did the report because everyone wanted Mrs B to be classified as a vexatious complainant and I said THIS COULDN’T BE DONE:  until someone went right through all her complaints and checked that they had all been answered and that she didn’t raise anything new.   No – we haven’t received any letter from her to my knowledge.  I was there when she phoned but haven’t seen anything since Regards V” .
From CD sent 10.08.2011 at 10.12 to VB, LS and AA.  V, can I please have a copy of the last response that went to Mrs Bevis where she got a copy of A s report.  I have asked for this a few times as has the Ombudsman.  Without this having happened, we have not done all we can.  Did you get the letter she said she dropped to the unit when she cancelled our meeting on 4th?
From CD to VB cc AA, LS  10.08.2011  at 10.33 “we have done that – the ‘new’ was the medication and that is now getting a second opinion.  Can she please be written to advising of the outcome of the review held by Trust which is As very clear, report which could be shared with her.  L informs me a referral for second opinion is going to Maudsley that should be shared, as it addresses her only new complaint.  Not having responded perhaps leaves it incomplete.  We did right thing offering appt.  She declined now we have opportunity to be seen to wrap it up with sending report we were to discuss and confirmation we believe we have responded and are satisfied we are offering adequate service but are seeking second medication opinion.  We can inform Ombudsman this is the case.

From OT To LS, AA Cc VB, SJ,JA  Re: Potential Vexatious Litigant  sent 18.05.2011 at 13.57 I would favour an independent approach because it was ME, YES ME.  I am still smarting from it, who felt the brunt of the last Ombudsman’s criticism – have you not read the letter yet it’s on file? Because I sought to intervene to assist others who quickly sought refuge in the phrase “we were not criticised it was the Management”.  So when one talks about knowing the history as it were ……….make sure you get to know it all this time.

VB concludesWhy I believe for it to be inappropriate for Mrs B to be labelled as a vexatious complainant is that although she undoubtedly complains prolifically and is also abusive and threatening at times, she keeps bringing up new issues which makes it impossible to label her as a vexatious complainant –  O mentions the Ombudsman – should Mrs B go to the Ombudsman this would be her thoughts on the matter and the Trust would be highly criticised.”   L recently recommended that Mrs B should be given the name and contact details of one person who should the person with whom she should liaise over any problems to do with her daughter.  I consider this to be a very good idea.  Perhaps this person could have a PTS background or advised by that department?  Just a thought as I remember that JF helped me a lot in the past in communicating with a lot of very troublesome complainants.   I see that DS will no longer be commissioning a clinical review of EB’s care.”

CONCLUSION BY SB The “same issues” as stated by DM are those that were never properly investigated by the Trust in the first place, because no one wanted to admit/take responsibility for what had happened. EB was left in a situation where she was forced to remain living at Moti Villa right next door to the neighbour who brought his friends into the Project that abused her and whom successfully appealed against his eviction.  It was some time before EB was moved to another floor which was considered to be an adequate solution but EB was clearly unhappy at the scheme and SB wanted her moved to somewhere where she could feel safe and happy.   Contrary to JS’s comments on her being “happy there”,  the file note from

Dr HM stated in a file note 02.03.2011 when she visited with YOD- AMHP (13.09)EB was very clear that she had stopped taking her medication because she wants to be readmitted to hospital “for some peace”.  Tenant below her playing loud music throughout the night – her sleep disturbed.  Last night she called Police about this matter.  Reassured we would speak to staff about this.  EB said it was not true she had taken cocaine but had said this because she was feeling cross with the home treatment team.”    Originator – KL  –   SJOG (St John of God) support worker advised that EB “hates” where she is living.       EB advised family she “did not want to go back to Moti Villa and be raped by lots of men”.    

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