Section 23 Notification of Discharge by Nearest Relative

To the Managers of Thornford Park Hospital, Crookham Hill, Crookham Common, Thatcham, RG19 8ET.

Order for discharge under section 23 of the Mental Health Act 1983.

My name is **********and my address is **********
To the best of my knowledge and belief, I am the nearest relative (within the meaning of the Mental Health Act 1983) of Ms Elizabeth Bevis (DOB ********).
I give you notice of my intention to discharge the person named above, and I order their discharge from detention in hospital.

The above is the standard discharge notification to a provider that a Nearest Relative can submit under the MH Act. Elizabeth has been at Elysium for two months. No Autism Assessment has been completed and I have been told this cannot be done under a PICU ward as it takes too long. They have also tried to say Elizabeth will not cooperate but then if communication is not good by professionals this could be the reason after all this is a mental health PICU not a specialist place where assessments can be undertaken for anything else than MH. Elizabeth has been sent out of area a fair distance away from home yet again and we have experienced difficulty in getting through on the telephone. Visits are intrusive and restrictive with one member of staff after another sitting listening to every word and writing notes. I have never come across quite such restrictions before under a PICU and advised the CQC inspector I spoke to today in this connection. The RC, Dr DM has already admitted a PICU is not the right environment for Elizabeth so in that case let’s see his response as I as NR am not happy with Elizabeth being in this facility. Family members could not get through on the phone recently and that is because Elizabeth was put in seclusion for about a week. It makes you wonder what on earth is going on behind closed doors and I found out today that the CQC take a very different approach since the pandemic which I believe can lead to patients being abused behind closed doors as if they only centre their investigations on a local basis who is watching what is going on fully behind closed doors. I spoke with CQC Inspector SG but in the absence of inspectors going onto wards I feel this leaves patients at huge risk. The providers that are private such as Cygnet, Elysium, Huntercombe etc. are making a fortune. Take Cygnet Godden Green for instance. They have made £28K over just 5 weeks for what exactly – for prescribing a drug (Paliperidone – Risperidone depot) previously found to be allergic to. Elizabeth said “I will never get better in here”. Attention needs to be turned to the CCGs who spend vast amounts of money that could be better spent on providing more in the local community

I am waiting for the rest of my FOI request because in a short space of time my Elizabeth has been sent to one PICU institution after another and placed in seclusion three times locally. The NHS has failed dismally to help her and just drug her, threatening if she does not wish to take the medication then they will inject her. The NHS have also bullied Elizabeth’s family, particularly the Nearest Relative who has dared to challenge them which in this case is me.

An Autism assessment has not been done in two months and when you think of the astronomic amount of money Elysium get then if they cannot do it, as has been admitted, then surely funding should have been transferred to another provider. It is also conflict of interest when an expensive provider such as Elysium is undertaking assessments on diagnosis themselves, whilst being paid enormous funds by the local area who they are closely in touch with. They are after all a PICU ward for mental health, not a specialist ward for LD/autism and at a recent important meeting, the response by the RC of Corridge Ward was, when questioned, certain procedures re the autism assessment had not been carried out and the assessment was therefore not completed properly. Their excuse was that Elizabeth would not cooperate but if there is a “language barrier” then what on earth is Elizabeth doing on a MH PICU ward in the first place, particularly when there is massive conflict of professional opinion and disagreement on diagnosis.

It is astonishing that North Central London CCG are wasting huge amounts of public money on providers who have failed to carry out proper assessments and all they are doing is polypharmacy drugging. When previous provider Huntercombe Roehampton stated Aspergers questions must be asked why was this ignored by the RC of Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital, Dr HM? To think 3 doctors stated this yet the RC from Suffolk Ward chose to ignore.

At least Dr NS of Ruby Ward St Pancreas Hospital PICU was honest enough to say “we are guided by the local area” – well of course they are! It is all down to money and who is paying for their facility which is ENFIELD. The RCs of different PICU wards where Elizabeth has sent from the local area are desperately trying to back the doctor in charge of Suffolk Ward, Chase Farm Hospital Enfield who has stuck to her belief of Schizophrenia and EUPD yet failed to provide any scientific evidence whereas I have presented scientific evidence of the P450 liver enzyme tests that Elizbeth cannot metabolise the drugs. No wonder they do not work and this means she is subject to adverse reactions How many years have gone by and still no improvement only decline in Elizabeth’s condition. It is down to lack of communication and understanding by various mental health professionals but a PICU should only be used short term and now it is 2 months at Elysium and her detention under this private hospital more like a prison could go on forever judging by J Robson’s email below. Even some professionals appointed under Enfield concluded Aspergers/LD/complex PTSD and Anterior Region Medial Temporal Compromise. Then they try to state that the person concerned is psychotic plus has autism traits. I am not taken in by this at all and I believe the reason that Procyclidine was/is being introduced is to cover up serious things they have noticed in terms of Elizabeth’s physical health such as tardive dyskinesia. There is a whole report by Dr Bob Johnson, that is the most reliable and truthful of all, which clearly states “Complex PTSD” – this would be true considering the multiple abuse under Moti Villa. I would go one step further and state “Dissociation”. Dissociation is a coping mechanism which is certainly not understood at all at Elysium, where Elizabeth currently is right now. The strange accent and even some actions such as her stroking her hand whilst being interrogated by the RC even I as a mother can understand. Why is this seen as a mental illness rather than a coping mechanism maybe of some comfort to a deeply traumatised patient. What is so very wrong in this and if I as a mother and NR had been invited to any ward rounds I could have explained everything to the RC but at Elysium there is no interest in the family or any contribution from them and so none of their reports can be relied upon in terms of accuracy.

I have today found out that Elysium are trying to drug Elizabeth with several different drugs known as polyphamacy. I have never come across a hospital like this one where they blatently ignore the scientifically based P450 liver enzyme test results which have stated “poor/non metaboliser” What they are doing is dangerous and can result in adverse reactions. Also honest doctors like Dr Ann Blake Tracy state that when you change a drug then this can result in adverse behaviour and instability. So no wonder why she is on 1-1 and that they have tried to discourage contact with family and especially the NR and mother who has become knowledgeable about the drugs due to seeking advice from leading professors. Elizabeth has today stated she would like me to visit and I have witnesses to this effect. The response from these professionals employed by Elysium state that “I don’t have her permission to speak to you”. In other words they are hiding behind confidentiality. However Elizabeth has today said clearly she DOES give permission and DOES want her mother and NR to visit at the weekend along with her sister and a close friend.

So what happens when you submit a letter asking for discharge. I’ll tell you straight – two doctors and an entire team gang up backing one another. It requires two doctors opinions and of course they are going to stick together like glue because it is lucrative to hang on to someone like my daughter for a very long time whilst the local area of ENFIELD sit back and do absolutely nothing and of course pay extortionate amounts of money. The NHS clearly has money to burn/waste. As you can see from the email below from North Central London CCG NHS my one hope of any kind of justice was via a CTR (Community Treatment Review) I had never heard of this before and got to hear through other parents. Now my hopes have been dashed. It was Jeremy – Bethany’s Dad who told me about CTRs and this gave me such hope as it is by an independent panel but now I have no hope at all as nothing is ever done fairly under ENFIELD and instead of a CTR a CPA is being called Care Programme Approach. Elizabeth is being treated apallingly. She has asked for her care plan several times but tells me she has not been given it. So without a proper diagnosis Elizabeth is forever stuck under the MH when she needs to be with a different team who can communicate effectively. She clearly stated at the recent meeting she did not wish to be under the mental health team any more. She also said that the medication was not doing her any good but she would continue with the forced injections provided they were being reduced in dosage.

Elizabeth told me she is on 1-1 just like at Cygnet Godden Green. Imagine what that must be like to be followed everywhere by a member of staff. To think back in 2016 it took just 1 former experienced former nurse through Working to Recovery to take her on holiday to France and Spain, to Australia. Elizabeth had freedom. What she is getting right now is worse than any prison. In France Elizabeth went out shopping on her own and was treated like an adult. In Australia likewise plus on Isle of Lewis also not followed around like a baby. This is not right at all what is going on – how can you expect someone to behave like an adult and responsible unless you treat them with respect.

Elizabeth contacted me today but she has to go out in the garden to use her phone due to poor reception. Yesterday she spent much of her time in bed as she did not feel well. Of course when you switch medication it causes someone to become unstable and feel unwell. This would apply to anyone who is put on psychiatric drugs.

So I enquired what the new drugs were and it would appear that Dr DM of Corridge Ward is prescribing Olanzapine (Zyprexa) together with other drugs and lots of different pills are being presented to Elizabeth to take and she has been threatened that if she does not take them then she will be forcibly injected. What seems to be the Lead Nurses at Elysium is Faizer and Sean Francis. I have recently spoke to Sean Francis on the phone. The person who has overall control is Dr David Morton RC of Corridge Ward.

So this is the treatment that goes on under Elysium and other institutions – so if someone does not take the drugs they are pinned down and forcibly injected and I would describe this as torture not care and the reason I have been excluded from ward rounds is because no-one wishes to hear the truth that what they are doing is so very wrong but what is really wrong is a law that allows this to happen in the first place. Procyclidine if this is one of the pills being given on top of the Olanzapine is for Parkinsons so it would seem they have noticed some abnormality in Elizabeth as why else would this be prescribed? OR Is it to cover up sharp movements seen and to carry on drugging for convenience sake to the extent a patient does become very ill and injured? When someone develops TD (tardive dyskinesia) I have heard they need to be taken off the medication. A drug to cover up the side effects of another known to cause Diabetes, last prescribed at Royal Bethlem Nat Psychosis Unit Beckenham at maximum dosage mixed together with Quetiapine – drugs prescribed at 2 x BNF level at the National Psychosis Unit – a so called renowned hospital but I can prove otherwise. I have extensive records to show just what this hospital is all about and also the disturbing truth that Elizabeth was critically ill during the titration of Clozapine when she developed tachycardia (Mews Score 3) and not one single ECG machine working.

So Elizabeth told me she is being forced to take three tablets – three different drugs ie Olanzapine – Lorazepam prn and I believe the other is Procyclidine. Unfortunately Faizer has failed to return my call. Then when she is released/transferred elsewhere the RC of that ward will just continue with the drugging regime.

The Response below from J Robson is unsatisfactory as enough public money has been wasted. Elizabeth has not benefitted and is unhappy and has told friends she wants to come home. It was heartbreaking to know that she was in her room the other day, didn’t want to go out in the garden, didn’t want to know about the pigeons that visit her flat balcony. She didn’t want to speak to anyone. There was important family news to tell Elizabeth and a happy occasion to look forward to but yesterday she was well in the slightest bit and it is no wonder why when nurses such dish out a multitude of different drugs to patients meant for schizophrenia and fail to do a proper assessment because they simply cannot and Elizabeth should never have been sent to a PICU in the first place especially as I have notification from Huntercombe that mentions very clearly what condition Elizabeth has and it is NOT MENTAL ILLNESS. Just look at the response of J Robson when he is spending a fortune of public money because the NHS has failed dismally to provide anything decent. It is most disturbing to note “we need to work with Elysium” – well it is important to inform the public just how much money NORTH CENTRAL LONDON CCG is wasting and who else could be behind this enormous expenditure and there needs to be accountability for this when nothing of the right kind of care/facility is provided and then he states “we cannot undertake a CTR until Elysium carry out their autism assessment” . Then in that case I need to look at other avenues.

I will let you know the total figures of what has been spent by North Central London CCG in due course as this is of public interest.

In addition, further money is wasted on the legal process of Tribunals which is tremendous ordeal for my daughter who is autistic and has complex PTSD.

J Robson’s email below also states that an autism assessment is normally carried out in the community but if that is so how come I have tried so very hard to obtain this for Elizabeth who wanted to be transferred to another team as in her own words noone could understand her. Enfield is an area that tries to make out they have a good image whereby they treat disabled people with respect and fairly under the Equality Act. I would say the complete opposite is applicable.

So getting back to the letter of discharge – what happens next. You then have to wait for response from the Responsible Clinician which in this case is Dr DM. He will most probably get someone else to back him (another doctor) if he/she wishes to hold someone longer. So then when 2 Doctors agree on this tactic they issue a Barring Certificate and try to stop the NR in discharging the patient by writing an extremely negative report.

When they bar you that is when they can try to get rid of you as the Nearest Relative and take you to court which this has been done frequently and they state that you are being unreasonable when the opposite applies. The whole system is a joke and fails to protect vulnerable people like Elizabeth and their families. I have received confidential court papers sent on my work computer and have been harrassed with phone calls at work by AMHPs intent on detention under S3 in the past and have been given just 1 day to consent or else be displaced with another relative – in this case her father. It is all about threats and bullying and when you are not given appropriate notice then how can you organise a solicitor to back you. In 2014 I was taken to the CoP and had no solicitor to back me. However I have to praise this court highly for acting fairly. The court case followed another as Enfield Community Rehab Team deprived Clozapine for four days (NOT 2 as they state in the files). I kept a diary of it all. So I had to seek advice from leading professors – experts on the drugs and I then tried to obtain it from Harley Street privately as after 4 days Elizabeth was on the verge of withdrawal. Anyway the case was called “DEPRIVAL OF MEDICATION COMMUNICATION CARE”. Then Enfield Community Rehab Team tried to take me to CoP. Again no notice and I had no representation and they wanted to force her back to a care home because the LA was paying for this which was Phoenix House Stepping Stones in Northampton rated “good” by the CQC. However at this care home Elizabeth had no food at the weekend so how could this be rated good? It states in file note dated 18.03.14 from Phoenix House 218-220 Kettering Road Northampton “EB was rude to staff this evening- she was criticised to watch her foods as she had no food during the weekends. EB apologised about her behaviour” Also the drug Clozapine was declined when I tried to obtain it by offering to drive all the way to Northampton. An RMN told me it was more than his job was worth to give me the drugs so I then had to try to get it locally and I was told that “you will not get the drug anywhere in the local area”. It seemed like everyone was backing the team and my story “Get Her Back We Are Paying For That” describes the bullying we encountered. However the CoP were extremely fair and as she had full capacity they had to acknowledge Elizabeth wanted to be at home. If she had returned to the care home she would have been without food at the weekend.


“Hi Susan,

Thank you for your E mail .

I tried calling you yesterday – but your phone was off .

I will be in contact with you at the end of next week with a confirmed date for a CPA

I have requested that an Autism assessment is completed some weeks ago by the Elysium.

We will be chasing them to advise on progress .

We cannot undertake a CTR  until this has been carried out.

Has your daughter ever had an assessment at SLAM  for Autism  if not I am requesting this to be completed as well.

This is the usual route when people request this  are not in a hospital setting .

I have asked that the CPA  look at all options for step down whilst this is carried out .

Once we have a confirmed diagnosis , We will arrange an urgent CTR .

As you are aware , your daughter is under the Mental Health Act , so we need to work with Elysium until She is ready for step down From the FPICU  facility .

I intend to ring you by Thursday Morning with a confirmed date .

Many thanks


Well he is talking about next Thursday morning so I will let you all know when in due course. No doubt this will be done via Microsoft Teams. I will also keep you informed as to whether I am barred and as to whether I will be included.

I enjoyed representing myself in court back in 2017. I have never done anything like this before but I liked preparing all the paperwork myself and making sure that the Judge had corrected versions of all documents submitted by the LA. The Royal Court of Justice wanted to meet Elizabeth who was excluded but it was then confirmed she had capacity.

Then what happens is a firm of solicitors can be appointed but in her case the representing firm told Elizabeth that her mother would lose in court and incur extensive costs and advised that she should appoint her sister as NR. I then had no choice but to back and her sister was delegated the role temporarily.

I was then presented with a Consent Order where the LA tried to get me pay £5000 in costs so I crossed out the paragraph I did not agree with ie the costs and sent it back. When I checked with RcJ noone went back to court and realised that I was the Nearest Relative I took back my role by presenting paperwork directly to the l Courts and Tribunal Service and a tribunal was called.

When someone like Elizabeth has been misdiagnosed and receiving the wrong treatment it is a never ending circle of Tribunals/displacements/threats etc – this is why we need a different system. How many people have to attend a Tribunal. The panel consists of a Judge, lay person and a doctor. If this fails on the part of the patient then the NR can step in but what is wrong is that the NR is often bullied and sometimes paperwork is drawn up unlawfully. I have a cheque to prove this as I challenged an illegal detention of 16 hours. Elizabeth received just £1 compensation which I have framed as souvenier. Now further compensation should be considered by ENFIELD as I as NR discovered that a second unlawful detention was made, this time for c5 days and I think there needs to be further settlement which, despite the Bostridge case, should surely come to more than just £1 bearing in mind lessons have not been learned.


Here is information about the “new” chemical Elysium is prescribing that has previously been tried and failed before more than once The Zyprexa Papers

The Zyprexa Papers

On December 17, 2006, The New York Times began a series of front-page stories about documents obtained from Alaska lawyer Jim Gottstein, showing Eli Lilly had concealed that its top-selling drug caused diabetes and other life-shortening metabolic problems. The “Zyprexa Papers,” as they came to be known, also showed Eli Lilly was illegally promoting the use of Zyprexa on child…

More about the author

› Visit Amazon’s Jim Gottstein Page FollowFollow on Amazon

Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon.

I think I am going to buy this book and I think ENFIELD MH AND ELYSIUM should also have a copy of this important book.

Learn More


Jim Gottstein grew up in Anchorage, Alaska where his father was a prominent businessman and his mother one of the most beloved women in town. Jim was on track to go into the family grocery and real estate empire, studying for a business degree at the University of Oregon when the law found him during his required Business Law class. He didn’t miss a question the entire class and realized law was a good fit. He managed to get into Harvard Law School as the only sky-diving applicant from Alaska that year.

After graduating from law school in 1978, Jim went into private practice in Anchorage with Robert M. Goldberg, primarily representing Alaska Native organizations. In 1982, he experienced a psychotic break due to sleep deprivation and was introduced first hand to the mental illness system. He was told he would be permanently mentally ill and to forget about his law career. Luckily, he escaped psychiatry and the experience led him to legal representation and other advocacy for people diagnosed with mental illness not as lucky as he. Jim opened his own law office in 1985, generally focused on business matters, and is now mostly retired from the private practice of law. In 2002, Jim founded the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights) to mount a strategic litigation campaign against forced psychiatric drugging and electroshock, and to inform the public about the counterproductive and harmful nature of the drugs and shock. Show More

I must say this looks a very interesting book and I must get this for my collection. I have plenty of interesting books and another one I like is Pharmageddon and Emotional Health by Dr Bob Johnson. I am going to get in contact with the Author of the Zyprexa Papers.

She has been prescribed various antipsychotics including Olanzapine, (Zyprexa) risperidone (to which she developed a rash) and aripiprazole, with no response.

Dr Bob Johnson – using social delight to defeat social …


‘verbal physiotherapy’ cures frontal ischaemia. My book, How Verbal Physiotherapy works, using social delight to defeat social harm, for all is now up on Smashwords. A paperback version of Verbal Physiotherapy book will be available. More to follow. I’ve just completed a key note speech to a conference in Copenhagen, which was well received.

This book I have amongst my book collection “How Verbal Physiotherapy Works” – perhaps Elizabeth should be having this as treatment instead of a cocktail of poisonous chemicals including I think a Parkinsons drug that she cannot metabolise proven by the P450 liver enzyme test results.


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