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Here at Elysium Healthcare we bring together a unique approach to the delivery of care where the individual is embedded in the heart of all aspects of care. Together, with all our stakeholders, we shape the care of today and the future.

Once again Elizabeth has been sent out of area from Suffolk Ward.   The local area of Enfield and Trust responsible is Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust and Enfield CCG has been funding this and previous private PICU placements as Elizabeth has failed to settle on Suffolk Ward where she has been held in seclusion for several days in a row.  Whilst in seclusion Elizabeth has to stay in a small room but was allowed a fan – no contact with her family was permitted whilst the team looked for a bed far away from home.  

Elizabeth is now at Elysium Healthcare  Thornford Park, Crookham Hill, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG19 8ET.  She is on Corridge Ward.  This is what the facility looks like from the outside before you go to reception.  Corridge Ward is to the right of these high fences.  The RC is Dr DM who I have never met in person. 

Enfield are lacking in facilities and only have 1 female ward under MH at  Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield –  the rest either all male or mixed.  Attempts were made to put Elizabeth on the mixed ward but she reacted, being a multiple abuse victim under care who is fearful of men.  I told them not to place her on the mixed ward but no-one listened.  She then had to spend several days in the Section 136 suite as there were no beds on the female only acute ward Suffolk.

On Suffolk Ward on at least three occasions Elizabeth has spent much of her time in seclusion.     The current treatment is Paliperidone (Risperidone depot) which is against Manufacturer’s advice as well as contra-indicated to her physical health.   At least four doctors have chosen to ignore the drugs charts with a line put through it and know that she was previously found to be allergic to this drug, also that her diagnosis is in dispute.  From the very beginning a Doctor said “Aspergers”.  There has been conflict of opinion for so long now but some doctors choose to ignore this and because of the treatment they prescribe they wish to stick with Paranoid Schizophrenia to justify the current depot, which most certainly does not seem to be having any good effect whatsoever judging by what they have written.  

Yesterday there was a very important meeting and Elizabeth had to sit through it and answer questions.  The meeting went on for hours followed by yet another meeting.   Meetings are something that Elizabeth finds an enormous ordeal as she has communication difficulty and her words are often twisted by professionals to make her look bad and professionals under MH do not seem to have understanding of Autism/LD.    

During such meetings, a patient’s character is ripped to pieces by professionals who choose not to engage with the family or invite the family to join in for instance ward rounds.  It is like we do not exist.  At such meetings the behaviour of a patient is discussed indepth – it is like gaslighting and so cruel because without input from the family professionals write biased reports and do not know the background, especially when for the most part records are so erroneous.    The system is not fit for purpose and vulnerable people not treated fairly at all.

Not once have I ever been invited to ward round.   I was excluded by Dr NS of Ruby Ward.

I was excluded from ward round by Dr RS of Castle Ward Cygnet Godden Green.

Up until now I have been excluded from ward round at Corridge Ward, Elysium Healthcare, Thornage Park, Thatcham, Berkshire.  It has been said though they are starting to have meetings via Microsoft Teams and that they would look into including me but it is a pity this was not offered in the first place in order to gain insight into my daughter’s background instead of labelling her as cold and aloof.

I have managed to obtain some extremely negatively written paperwork from Cygnet Godden Green.   It would appear current treatment is not working otherwise why on earth would such Doctors write in such a negative manner and worse still, the records are contradictory in opinion ie, some saying no incidents and others listing a string of incidents on the ward.  There is conflict of opinion between the Clinical Lead and RC on diagnosis and not even date of birth correct   Why continue with treatment they know to be wrong and detrimental to Elizabeth’s health which does not seem to be working in the slightest bit.   By far the worst hospital to write dreadful negative comments is Cygnet Godden Green and I have never read such errors in my life before and spent all night long correcting them.    When I phoned, witnessed by a member of family, next thing I was threatened quite badly but this is currently under investigation and I am waiting to hear from solicitors so I cannot comment for now.    

Presently,  all of a sudden so it would seem a disturbing trend has emerged.   I cannot visit often as Elizabeth has been sent out of area by Enfield but we are having trouble getting through on the phone.  Tonight it has been a nightmare.  The phone always appears to be charging in the office and then you have to phone the ward and wait to be put through.   When I visited Elysium last it was very hot and sunny, unbearably hot in fact and Elizabeth was not allowed out in the sunshine because no leave was granted, apart from visits which took place in the Boardroom.  I felt this was by far the most restrictive facility I have ever come across compared with all other  institutions she has been sent to so far.

You expect on the first occasion in these private institutions that someone would not be allowed out and your visit be closely monitored but I have never seen anything like this before.   During my time of visiting, one member of staff just came into the room, sat down opposite until I commented to the effect would she mind to sit outside.  Surely a patient is entitled to some privacy during a visit.  So the member of staff obliged and sat outside the room listening and writing notes all the time, then another member of staff took over, then a further member of staff so three members of staff all writing notes and recording every single word were involved.

When you arrive at Elysium first of all you have to report to reception then you have to deposit anything that appears on their restrictive list and place the items in a locker.  You are not allowed to bring in mobile phones etc.

The visiting room at Elysium is a Board Room not right on the actual ward itself so you cannot come onto the ward like you could do in Huntercombe Roehampton and Cygnet Stevenage, just the building.   

Because of distance I decided to stay overnight in the area and they did allow more than one visit but every one was very restricted and it was uncomfortable not to have privacy and decent time to spend with Elizabeth.   On the last day I proposed to visit  there was a mix-up and I never got to meet the RC, Dr DM, who was supposed to be back from holiday, as  advised. There was a right muddle on the last day and it was touch and go I was even allowed to visit at all that was how bad it was.  The message was not passed on to the Doctor that I wanted to see him or else he did not wish to see me perhaps and had suddenly left when I arrived.  Again this meeting was held in the Board Room.

I have since visited, this time with Elizabeth’s sister and was promised garden leave but when we got there,  nothing was mentioned in their records and I had brought a takeaway and we did not wish to sit in the board room.  The member of staff had to go out of their way to ask permission but we were still not allowed in the garden.   All we could do was sit outside and there was only two chairs so I told Elizabeth’s sister to take one and Elizabeth the other whilst I stood.  To be fair staff did put themselves out to bring a chair for me to sit down but it was still upsetting to be treated this way when we had travelled a fair distance to visit and were looking forward to the garden leave.  I have since discussed this with the Responsible Clinician and told him that I considered Elysium to have the most restrictive care I have ever come across.    Dr DM then said to let him know when I wanted to visit next so that he would put something in place.  However, I wrote to him to say that leave should be put on their records anyway, bearing in mind the length of time she had spent there and not just on the spur of the moment, and I questioned that surely leave should be increased by now.

I also told Dr DM of our problems getting through to Elizabeth on the phone and that the reception for mobile phones on the ward is not good.  We were concerned to note that during our visit, her finger nails were yellow, she was not getting exercise and she had piled on a lot of weight but apparently they had a gym she had never been taken to and I was told this would be considered.  

My biggest concern is that I am aware  no proper assessment has been completed for autism yet they say  Elizabeth was at fault here but if such an assessment was done in one go, no wonder why, as this would be too much for her.

Cygnet Godden Green’s conflicting reports did mention Autism but the reports were flawed with many errors and highly inaccurate and they contradicted themselves.  It was astonishing that a private hospital could produce such flawed paperwork where they could not even agree on  diagnosis, not even date of birth was correct.

Dr DM has also mentioned Autism and was questioned as to whether a certain procedure in assessment had been carried out which it hadn’t so the assessment is inconclusive and the label of  “paranoid Schizophrenia” we all disagree with has stuck because the Autism assessment had been abandoned. so it would seem.  To stick with Paranoid Schizophrenia is for convenience sake more than anything else as they are prescribing Paliperidone depot, a drug  licensed for schizophrenia that Elizabeth was previously found to be allergic to.

Elysium’s facility is surrounded by high fences and looks like a prison.  It is a secure facility and patients are not allowed out unescorted and I witnessed two members of staff escorting one patient for a short walk.  It would seem that Elizabeth does not go out at all but has now has been granted garden leave.    Perks like this are given as reward for good behaviour like in prison.  If you behave you will have leave.  If you do not behave you will be forcibly injected and thrown into the seclusion room.  

At Cygnet Godden Green Elizabeth was followed everywhere by staff and was put on 1-1 and 15 minute watch.  She could not even make a phone call in peace at least on HER phone which was only used about once and I visited out of concern as I am paying for a contract only to learn that the phone had been broken so no wonder why we hardly had contact from Elizabeth.   Cygnet did reimburse the cost of a replacement.

Just lately we have had difficulty in getting through to Elizabeth on her phone at Elysium so tonight I phoned the ward 3 times.  The first time I was told the phone was charging in the office.   The second time a female nurse put the phone down on me prompting me to ring again.  Staff offered to bring their phone but I said in each case I wanted to speak to Elizabeth on her phone.  Three phone calls later and all I got to speak to Elizabeth was on their phone.

It is a pity in the UK we do not have the kind of care in Norway – the law is completely wrong in the UK and it is abusive to forcibly drug a patient, pinning them down and some are not even resisting.   The law in the UK does not protect patients and the system needs complete review.

Forced Drugging with Antipsychotics is Against the Law: Decision in Norway

According to Norwegian law, forced drugging can only be used when, with “high probability, it can lead to recovery or significant improvement in the patient’s condition, or if the patient avoids a significant worsening of the disease.”


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