Thornford Park provides medium and low secure care to men who are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983. The service specialises in personalised assessment and recovery-based treatment pathways for men with complex care needs, histories of offending and for those who may have failed in previous placements.

Thornford Park Hospital – Elysium Healthcare…

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So despite the treatment of Paliperidone by the local Chase Farm Hospital RC there was felt need to send Elizabeth once again to a PICU unit away from home which is completely the wrong environment to recover and that is because there is nothing decent provided locally at Chase Farm Hospital.

From what I can see the owners are BC Partners and that they used to provide PICU care for men but now there is a women’s PICU unit where Elizabeth has been sent called Corridge Ward.

Elizabeth was transported by caged van for an approx 2 hr journey to Thatcham around about rush hr time. It is terrible the way vulnerable people with autism/LD are treated in this country and I believe that an ambulance would have been more humane – they clearly do not have a clue in the UK.

Ambulances, in place of ‘caged police car,’ to carry ……/2016/05/ambulances_in_place_of_caged_p.html

Ambulances, in place of ‘caged police car,’ to carry people in mental health crisis Updated Jan 09, 2019; Posted May 28, 2016 By Maxine Bernstein | The Oregonian/OregonLive.

The failure once again of Chase Farm Hospital to provide proper assessment has once again resulted in transfer of Elizabeth some distance away. I called into Chase Farm today to speak to Sean about this as I wanted to know who exactly is responsible for providing yet another PICU ward.

Different hospitals, different PICUs, different policies but all the wrong environment and very restrictive just like prison. At least she is allowed her phone in this one.

You have to arrange an appointment in advance and despite Covid there is an external visitors room or Board Room off the ward itself and you have to put possessions in lockers. You have to call at reception first and fill out a form on Covid before entry and wear a mask which is fair enough.

Once in the visitors room you wait until Elizabeth is brought out. I took the opportunity of staying a few days in the area as I have never been there before. I was hoping she would be allowed out but she wasnt as the RC (Responsible Clinician) Dr David Morton was away. I was told he would be back Tuesday but Tuesday was the day I was planning to go home so I extended my stay.

I can ‘t say much about Elysium at the moment apart from the appearance which looks just like prison from the outside.

No leave was granted apart from supervised visit and what was so awful and practically all these hospitals the same was that a member of staff sat there listening to every single word and I requested that the member of staff sat outside as it was so intrusive. They did this at Cygnet Beckton and Cambian and also Cygnet Sevenoaks. Then another member of staff would change over and then another member of staff, all writing notes in their book.

So I managed to visit several times but in this glorious weather patients are not allowed out which is a great pity

What could I do but visit, ask what she wanted and buy it. I went home on the 11th August. I missed the rush hr traffic so the journey back home was not bad.

My criticism is not towards Elysium who on the whole have dealt with me politely/professionally on the phone apart from a slight mix-up when there was contradiction as to whether I could visit on the last day and it was not possible to see any Dr as hoped.

My main criticism goes to my local area of Enfield (Barnet, Enfield and Haringey mental health Trust). From what I can see there are mainly male wards and one mixed and only 1 female.

Today Elizabeth saw a psychologist and I have written to the Consultant Psychiatrist (RC) Dr David Morton. Tribunal is planned shortly.

Where things are failing so badly is at local level. Whilst vast sums of public money spent on these kind of facilities which are wrong, the local area is lacking in facilities and care – Drs denying proper assessment and it is no wonder someone like Elizabeth does not get any better.

Elysium is supposed to be a facility that deal with cases where everything locally has failed – let’s hope they do what Enfield has failed. My only concern is that if discharged back to the local area of Enfield and on their acute ward because Enfield still have not got their act together for community care she could be held for weeks on end on Suffolk Ward and once again deteriorate. The treatment is not working effectively. Elizabeth has neither got correct treatment let alone diagnosis.

Ive no idea how long Elizabeth will be held here for but I am sure such facilities cost a lot of money per week up to £13K.


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