Another Move for Elizabeth from Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital

Since Sectioned on S2 on 5 June this is what Elizabeth has experienced under “care” of BEHMHTNHS.

Failed attempt at placing her on mixed ward at Chase Farm Hospital led to several days of seclusion without phone and family contact.

Then onto St Pancreas Hospital Ruby Ward where, guided by Chase Farm RC, forcibly injected with Paliperidone (Risperidone depot).

After several weeks, transferred back to Suffolk Ward traumatised and placed in seclusion c4 days, injected, then sent onto Cygnet Godden Green, Sevenoaks, where forcibly injected with Paliperidone. Elizabeth, who is terrified of needles, advised that she was so ill she lay in bed not able to move and felt very ill afterwards.

Family visit arranged but suddenly cancelled by Cygnet then allowed week after.

Visited ward, took phone as phone not charging to be repaired

Following 5 weeks at Cygnet Sevenoaks, Elizabeth back on Suffolk Ward. Nothing in place in the community and left on the acute ward Elizabeth reacted to situations resulting in further seclusion of several days and deprival of contact with family as punishment.

Visited ward to take her out for a few hours fresh air as 3 hrs leave allocated- did not know she was back in seclusion. All over weekend beautiful weather but kept in a seclusion room as punishment because of no decent facilities such as a sensory room. No staff would give any information and some refused to give their names.

Suggested taking her tol an outdoor adventure style holiday for a few days – no answer from RC no risk whatsoever as Elizabeth could barely walk day before and could not keep food down and kept crying so a little break in the fresh air might have been good for her. However never got any agreement from the RC and next thing, having turned up at the ward yesterday with some things for Elizabeth, was told she had been sent away again – this time to yet another PICU ward at Elysium, Thatcham, Reading.

This shows that care on offer for mental health patients and autism/LD who are all held together on same ward is totally inadequate and untherapeutic when it comes to dealing with someone so very traumatised.

Another former patient suggested a Sensory Room and I think it is about time more money was spent locally to avoid someone like Elizabeth being sent away time and time again from home.

My other suggestion is care farms – care farms are far more therapeutic than acute wards and Elizabeth likes animals – why is there no facility like this in Enfield or the surrounding area?

When you think how much money is wasted on private/public PICU settings that are wrong environment this is bad. Elizabeth came back even more traumatised and put back on the acute ward that is volatile and noisy it is apalling that there is no other option in Enfield.

Reading back on the files from the very beginning the child-like behaviour of my daughter was apparent dating back to 2008 and absolutely nothing after all this length of time has been done to tackle this apart from give drugs.

The Paliperidone depot is clearly not working as it is not stopping Elizabeth’s reactionary behaviour and in fact she has deteriorated. Why give a drug when it is of no benefit whatsoever and particularly when the RC herself has put a line through it previously to acknowledge she was allergic to it. It is contraindicated and against manufacturer’s instructions to prescribe it when it is contra-indicated.

Today I spoke to someone in the Pals Department and I recognised him from way back when Elizabeth went missing from the Day Hospital with an in patient who was on a criminal charge who should have been escorted everywhere.

So much has happened to my daughter under the care of BEHMHTNHS yet they refused to acknowledge the full report by Dr Bob Johnson of complex PTSD and fail to provide any effective treatment to help her. Having provided private care for four months I know it is possible and she was actually getting better but coming back home to this area of Enfield was the worse thing that could have happened and was not planned either.

The other thing I would point out is that the way you are spoken to by some members of staff is condescending and patronising. I’ll give you some examples of things said to me:

I am a mother I know how you feel

“Are you a professional?” – when it comes to the drugs. “no I am a mother” in other words nothing in their eyes however “I as a mother have turned to experts on the drugs and in research” In other words I can prove what i say.

I do not like the way staff wear name badges back to front and when you ask their names they become defensive.

I do not like the way staff lie when things go wrong or when there is noone who wants to speak to you on the phone.

Elsyium just like Cygnet have been given details of Elizabeth’s sister being NR.

It must have been planned this transfer as when I turned up she had gone.

Once again I am having to travel to visit an area I have never been to before, drive, book accommodation etc. Visiting times are not long and there is always the risk they will refuse at the last minute like they did at Cambian having driven several hours in the car and told to come back the next day.

In desperation I contacted Mencap because Elizabeth is being deprived a proper assessment and not treated fairly under Enfield despite a whole team at Huntercombe said “Aspergers – high spectrum” – this team say low intelligence and emotionally unstable personality disorder and schizophrenia which we totally disagree with. Many other doctors disagree also in the files and this is why a proper assessment needs to be done by a completely independent organisation such as Mencap – it is not independent to get another hospital paid for locally to back them with their diagnosis. An independent assessment should be completely independent.

  1. Gillian Speke said:

    Is against the law to punish MH inpatients. “The mentally ill have rights.” Huh. Who enforces? Naive. Not true.. No Rights apparent. Seems her “treatment” is much more likely to cause Elizabeth significant harm than help her. Heartbreaking and a all a waste of precious public money. Seems the system still thinks Hitler is in charge šŸ˜žšŸ˜­

  2. Yes, Gillian, as i see it seclusion for days on end over a sweltering hot weekend – no fresh air or contact with family is the ultimate punishment. The paliperidone depot is clearly not working and elizabeth is more traumatised than ever. Now sent away from home to Reading. All because local area @behmhtnhs fails to provide correct facility and care and then care in the community non existent. Diagnosis and treatment completely wrong. I wanted to takecher away but this was not allowed.

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