I previously wrote about my recent declined visit by the RC of Castle Ward that Elizabeth was too ill to see anyone the day after I spoke to her when she was clearly looking forward to my visit and asked me to bring her things.

I am pleased to inform everyone that Cygnet did eventually facilitate my visit. I drove to Sevenoaks and decided to stay over just in case there was sudden change in plan.

Only I was allowed in to see her as I was lucky and so fortunate to have some witnesses on hand.

I was taken to the visitor’s room and at first surrounded by staff and had to wear a face mask though not all staff wore facemasks and I was told I must wear it at all times.

I saw a psychiatrist and Responsible Clinician as there is always more than one involved but the overall responsibility for care lies solely with the Responsible Clinician who is in charge of everything.

Elizabeth was not allowed out and it was a lovely sunny day but when I explained I was staying a bit longer the RC granted three hours leave which was nice.

The visit to Elizabeth was not unpleasant. Staff were nice to me. I had come to check out Elizabeth’s phone as none of us could contact her and it turned out it was broken but Cygnet to be fair took liability and I took her out to the town buying her lunch and trying to get some more clothes as the clothes she was wearing were too small. She had ballooned in weight.

I wanted to take Elizabeth to see the deer in beautiful grounds nearby but just the lunch and trip into town took too much time and I thought I would then go on to visit the beautiful house and grounds of nearby Chartwell Winston Churchill’s former family home.

Chartwell – Wikipedia

I wanted to take Elizabeth back there the following week thinking she would be at Cygnet for up to 3 months.

With three hours leave a day I was happy as I had not seen Elizabeth for weeks on end. Also trouble getting through on the phone was upsetting but now I was there and able to sort out the phone which had been broken I felt happier.

There is so much to see and do in the surrounding beautiful area of Sevenoaks I now had something to look forward to and proposed to visit the following week with Elizabeth’s sister.

Meeting the team was good as communicating over the phone is not always the best thing but there was one person who stood out, that being Tom Higa who communicated well with me and took on board my comments and actually listened to what I had to say which is very rare.

The visit the following week did not take place because Elizabeth was brought back to Suffolk Ward once again very late at night. It is from Suffolk ward that Elizabeth has been transferred all over the place, most recently to St Pancreas Hospital Ruby Ward, Camden and then Cygnet Sevenoaks and Elizabeth being autistic but deprived of a formal assessment to have such changes in a short space of time is most traumatic for her.

I had hoped that Cygnet would do a proper assessment on Aspergers and take a look at her complex PTSD, already diagnosed in an expert witness report but dismissed by all at BEHMHTNHS except for their clinical psychologist Kajori Mukherjee. I doubt an assessment was carried out.

Back on Suffolk Ward I thought at least she would be nearer home but felt very uneasy because of past treatment my daughter has received on this ward under the Responsible Clinician still in charge and it seemed like instead of tackling her trauma they used punishment on the wards ie lengthy seclusions of nearly a week, following which transfer onto PICU settings, identified as being entirely unsuitable by the RC’s of the respective wards where she had been sent because when you look at environment, how can this be good for a trauma victim when noisy and volatile. Elizabeth was on 15 minutes watch and 1-1 which was very restrictive at Cygnet. Now back on Suffolk Ward she is held in seclusion.

The RC is still the same one who goes back years and who sticks firmly with her belief of “paranoid schizophrenia” and “emotional unstable personality disorder” – the latter I see as most stimatizing and unscientific, considering the extent of all the terrible abuse Elizabeth has suffered whilst under care in the community etc. Most accurately, yet dismissed, Elizabeth has a full report from Dr Bob Johnson, a very experienced Psychiatrist, who states she has “complex PTSD going back to 2010” to which we as a family all agree. This report has been ignored locally together with his recommendation of “intensive trauma therapy” which is why Elizabeth has deteriorated and not got better. No therapy of such description has ever been given to Elizabeth. As for Schizophrenia this is an unscientific umbrella diagnosis for other causes and in Elizabeth’s case the causes are physical as I have proven but thanks to advice from the wonderful Psychiatrist Dr Joanna Moncrieff, as I follow advice from doctors and Professors who are truthful and honest I took my daughter to see an Endocrinologist which proved my point. Another point to note is that I am not stating I know better than Doctors who come across as arrogant in many cases and treat you like you do not exist and there have been many abusive comments stated in the files behind my back so I am not trying to say I know better than these doctors but would comment that I have gone to the very top – to Professors and pharmacologists for advice on the medication to find out the true facts based on research. There are many doctors who take an easy and cheap option of drugging and of continuing to stick with a diagnosis they see fit, ignoring so many other doctor’s professional opinions for which I have reports and the treatment of prescribing therefore does not work when underlying physical health conditions are ignored for instance. Then when you read about the tragic case of Oliver McGowan it is dreadful to think that no lessons have been learned resulting in further deaths as I see Elizabeth’s case has similarities and see that her life is currently being put at risk because of the Palilperidone Depot Injections being prescribed on Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.

Right now, my daughter is being held in seclusion on this beautiful sunny day as a punishment by Doctors and the Doctor in charge goes way back to 2014 Ct of Protection case where professionals from her team allowed infiltration by the COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH TEAM PARK AVENUE so that could report nastily for court purposes behind my back but thanks to the COURT OF PROTECTION they saw through this despite me not having any representation in court. I will be forever grateful to this Court who treated us fairly as otherwise Elizabeth would have been forced back to Phoenix House Stepping Stones Northampton where she had no food at the weekend. Previously the current RC did not answer my request for leave for a holiday and money was wasted as I was told otherwise. The holiday was with Working to Recovery Summer Camp that would have benefitted Elizabeth. It is definitely punishment not care and this today has been confirmed in no uncertain terms in my conversation just now with a nurse called Ada. The conversation is typical of the way many professionals respond defensively and came across as patronising.

I phoned to find out if Elizabeth was still held in seclusion and it was kind of like -you know the answer to that rather than a straight yes or no. So on this wonderful sunny day my daughter is being punished by Doctors and others who are knowingly given depot injections of Paliperidone she is allergic to. Instead of acknowledging this fact Ada commented on “bad behaviour” by Elizabeth. These accusations are commonplace and biased as bad behaviour is only ever mentioned in terms of the patient or their families – never themselves. So if you misbehave or in other words suddenly become distressed and act out your emotions of fear, you are thrown into a seclusion ward at Chase Farm Hospital Suffolk Ward and kept there for days on end before being transfer an expensive PICU ward far away from home, instead of someone trying to communicate kindly with the traumatised patient IT IS PUNISHMENT NOT CARE and the professionals justify this by stating “if your daughter behaved herself ………” or words to that effect. I could hardly get a word in – I wanted to know if she was still locked away like a prisoner for the third time, deprived of contact with family, phone taken away so that Police cannot be called for instance. This is why they do it. It is worse than prison for someone so badly abused like my daughter under the “care” of BARNET ENFIELD AND HARINGEY MENTAL HEALTH TRUST who have yet to respond to my complaint and who have tried to label me as Vexatious Complainant to which I responded with everyone’s comments showing how everyone has tried to cover up substantial failings and let one person in particular take the blame ie the Director of MH when in actual fact my complaint was addressed to absolutely everyone. I feel like featuring that, their responses and all the safeguarding minutes as an example of how professionals all stick together and bully you when things go wrong and no-one raises their hands to take any kind of responsibility because they are all too busy protecting their jobs/salaries and in a doctors case their licence is more important. That says it all doesn’t it. It is not about care but protecting themselves and their own backs.

Yesterday I requested a copy of the Code of Conduct for Seclusion ie I was curious to know how long it is acceptable to keep someone locked away ie punished for their so called behaviour for which I’m still waiting to hear. Could not even get through to Pals so I phoned Tracy, PA of CEO Jinjer Kandola who then said she would contact Pals herself.

So in Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust it would appear to be “Policy” that there is no length of time for seclusions or is there simply no policy or code of conduct. The first time in seclusion was several days before transfer to St Pancreas Hospital as they tried against my advice to put my terrified daughter on a mixed ward. After that seclusion again whilst I get a text message asking me to call the Police on behalf of her and other patients who had barricaded themselves in a room. That led to an injection of course and more punishment of seclusion for about 4 or 5 days – the excuse as always is that someone’s behaviour is bad and that it is justifiable to punish in this way depriving phone contact which affects all the family before transfer to another PICU costing circa £13000 pw and the Doctors there just like Huntercombe state wrong environment. So who is responsible for providing such care and the beds that go with it? Why isn’t decent care/facilities provided in Enfield? Why are the voluntary organisations deprived of cash to help people in the local area of Enfield when there is money to burn by sending someone like my daughter far away from home and family? Again it comes back to why isn’t there better facilities in the local area and perhaps Jinjer Kandola CEO can explain to everyone why???

So whilst on the phone to Ada I asked for the name of the Ward Manager – His is name is Gyada Antwi – I think I’ve met him yesterday as I became entrapped in the double doors asking to speak to the ward manager because I wanted a copy of their Code of Conduct and in particular on seclusion. I was then confronted by three men, I think he was amongst them telling me to leave the premises then barely audible, the threat of “IF YOU DONT LEAVE I’LL CALL SECURITY” – what kind of communication is that! All I wanted was the Code of Conduct – if there is any such thing under Barnet Enfield and Haringey MH Trust and I felt both intimidated and threatened – once again faced with zero communication skills – if this is I was communicated with then this is how the patients are treated – like a piece of rubbish.

Ada was telling me that another Doctor – Dr Varsha was due to see Elizabeth today. I really don’t need any explanation and excuses for decisions made when there is only ONE RESPONSIBLE CLINICIAN IN CHARGE who I have clashed with in asking for extended leave so I can take Elizabeth on a short break – the excuse was “what about the risks” – Absolutely no risks now they have drugged her up like a zombie to the point she has to hold onto my arm, she could not keep food down, she kept crying all the time. I AM SO BITTER TOWARDS BARNET ENFIELD AND HARINGEY MENTAL HEALTH TRUST WHO HAVE DESTROYED MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE AND MINE. There might be some kind people working within the Trust however the majority stick together like glue from what I can see defending one another including a Responsible Clinician they go along with for sake of their jobs but they all know from the notes that they could be killing my daughter which is why I want this all made public and transparent as I see similarities here to the case of Oliver McGowan ie Doctors who care more about their Licence than whether a patient has a bad reaction they put down to bad behaviour they can punish – they look at that person and patronisingly point the finger accusing that person of bad behaviour knowing full well they are causing that person to behave that way by THEIR TREATMENT and choosing to ignore other Doctor’s professional diagnoses but even drugs charts they themselves put a line through re allergy.

I always look further and question why someone might behave differently or show aggression or lash out in fear. This person needs to be in the right environment and not any NHS ACUTE MENTAL HEALTH OR PRIVATE SECTOR PICU WARD. When you look at the remarkable campaign on Twitter by Jeremy, Bethany’s Dad (she was fed through a hatch) unfortunately many others are treated in the most apalling manner and completely misunderstood by so called professionals who stick together and defend one another and will never admit blame – this is why it is so important to be transparent open and honest.

It is like calling someone a liar when a professional spins lies by trying to convince the patient that they have a certain diagnosis that this professional believes in and overrules other professional opinions. What needs to be done is in such instances in cases where there is massive dispute like in Elizabeth’s case are for external assessments to be undertaken and the one thing I would praise Huntercombe for is that they differed from the opinion of the local area.

If a diagnosis is wrong then so is the treatment and the vulnerable person suffers by punishment after punishment after punishment and becomes a revolving door case.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear my daughter talk since coming home and ending up the dreadful local area and now I fear for her life because of their treatment. I’m too upset to type her comments but when I sent her to stay with kind humane professionals in 2016 for the first time she came back well and even wanted a job.

It is also upsetting to read all the lies – it is stated “clozapine was helpful” when it caused injury and tachycardia and Mews Score 3.

It is upsetting to read that she was “forced” to go and stay on the Isle of Lewis with the wonderful professionals Working to Recovery- these comments remain in the care plan along with the most disturbing comments of “alleged sexual abuse to a child” WHERE IS THE EXPLANATION TO THIS I AM FED UP WITH WAITING BEHMHTNHS. IVE DONE A PUBLIC DECLARATION REQUEST AND I WANT TO HEAR YOUR RESPONSE RIGHT HERE ON TWITTER AFTER ALL THE ABUSE MY DAUGHTER HAS RECEIVED. So many harmful lies to discredit both vulnerable person and their families and I am only too happy to reveal this dishonesty and pack of lies right here for everyone to see as I am not alone.


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