—— Original Message ———- From: Nnennaya Aitalegbe DEPUTY WARD MANAGER<>
To: Susan Bevis <
Date: 04 July 2020 at 14:26
Subject: RE: Visit – Tuesday 7 June 2020

Good evening Mrs Bevis

Thank you for your email.

Following our conversation, I have spoken with the responsible clinician she has confirmed that attending ward round at this present moment will not be ideal  as LB is currently very unwell. ******** currently reports that everything seems too much for her and she is worried about your  proposed visit. She is being supported on the ward and encouraged to remain focused.

Best wishes


I spoke to my daughter yesterday who sounded a bit happier on the phone yesterday. Not once has she phoned on HER phone. She told me she had made a couple of friends but they were all starving and could I bring some food with me so she could share with her friends. I asked if she wanted me to visit and she said “yes” – I asked her more than once and I mentioned that I had requested to come to the ward round and asked whether Nnenna had spoken to her about it and she said “no”. The letter above is in stark contrast to what I was told. Nnennaya Aitalegbe is the Deputy Ward Manager of Cygnet Godden Green Sevenoaks who is saying that Elizabeth does not want me to visit and THAT IS NOT TRUE AND I HAVE WITNESSES.

I told Nena that I would be coming anyway as I had promised to as I had agreed to bring her food. Never before has a Cygnet Hospital treated me this way or my daughter and this needs looking at. There seems to be different rules here at Cygnet Godden Green, Sevenoaks to other Cygnet hospitals. I am most concerned by the way Nnennaya is trying to deprive access to seeing my daughter just like Cambian did with RC Allyson Witts stating she was not well enough to come for Xmas yet she was brought down flanked by two nurses who were ordered to stay all the time with her.


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