Last night I participated in an interesting Zoom discussion organised by

I, along with other parents with relatives locked away under the UK’s cruel, abusive system took part and had the opportunity to voice our opinions and discuss openly, all of which will be put forward to NHS England.

“Bringing Us Together is an independent and proactive voice for families. We are quick to listen and respond to the needs of our family members through our forums, web chats, resources, news and blog items on topics that we know are important. Our projects aim to move things on and change attitudes by highlighting concerns, show what good looks like, and raise awareness of important topics. We work together with family members, professionals and other parent led organisations to drive up quality and standards by addressing the real issues and barriers impacting our families. We are passionate about making the world a place where our young people are loved, respected, have an equal voice, rights, and opportunities. We want all our young people to grow up feeling strong, happy with their relationships with family and friends, positive about themselves and part of their communities. We actively encourage everyone to become a member so they can share details of events, consultations, surveys, news and resources in our forums. Only registered members can see all of these forums.”

It awaits to be seen if NHS England will take note and most importantly act upon this discussion.

Ray James: My priorities as NHS learning disabilities director › Ray-James-My-priorities-as-NHS-learning…

17/04/2018 · Ray James: My priorities as NHS learning disabilities director By Ray James | 17 April 2018 We all share a desire to help people with learning disabilities or autism to live the lives of their choosing in their local community and, at the same time, to reduce the use of in-patient settings.

I remember Mr James whilst at Enfield when Elizabeth had been dreadfully abused under her scheme. I had tried to get her referred to Integrated Learning instead of mental health who had tried to cover up extensive abuse suffered under Moti Villa, The Ridgeway, Enfield.

No-one took a blind bit of notice. An AMHP later appointed as “nominal NR” stated Elizabeth’s constant hospital admissions were “because of her mother” – however her mother did a thorough investigation to reveal the extent of abuse, joined the police and revealed what was really going on under that scheme, situated in one of the best areas of Enfield. Then you turn to those at the top, such as Mr James whose PA dismissed everything like rubbish in a desperate attempt to cover things up. File notes confirm conditions in Elizabeth’s flat were sub-standard, in breach of health and safety, yet social services will never confirm this to your face. Mouldy food, bins overflowing and I took photos to prove it. How can anyone function on this c800 mg Quetiapine, an enormous quantity of drugs in the community?

The reality was she was trying to avoid drug dealing on the premises – A 14 year old child drug dealer and crack cocaine was being supplied. Elizabeth was afraid of the drug dealers, as demonstrated by her behaviour so was constantly admitted to Chase Farm Hospital where she felt safe. However this was no safe place as Psychiatrists raised Quetiapine to 800mg together with other drugs. All the time Elizabeth was suffering from PTSD due to multiple abuse – CCTV went missing and so did all her possessions. MOTI VILLA – was that scheme.

Anyway, last night’s discussion was very good and great to get things brought out in the open. Sadly I am far from alone as a parent who is extremely concerned by the “treatment” given to their relative in the name of “care” leading to decline and injury. I was not the only one to mention over-prescribing but who listens to a parent? However I have sought advice on the drugs from leading professors backed by research and even then Doctors do not listen. If Doctors are continually allowed to prescribe away without due recognition of prescribing guidelines and contraindications to vulnerable patients then they should be held accountable but instead parents are having to fight for justice at inquests. This is pure evil what is allowed to go on in the UK to so many. This matter concerns me more than Covid 19.

Some parents who took part yesterday commented they were afraid to speak out for fear of what might happen to their sons/daughters under care if they did. However I take a very different view because when a doctor knowingly prescribes a drug previously found to be allergic to and one that is contraindicated, especially in light of Paula McGowan’s son Oliver, then this needs to be brought to everyone’s attention and openness and honesty is the way forward. I spoke about open dialogue last night and also my concerns on prescribing and in general how it feels to have someone locked away, not allowed to see that person or have any contact and no-one communicates effectively then you find out about incidents, some serious and that patients are not allowed fresh air for several days and things have gone missing so no-one bothers to ring, you are treated like nothing as a parent/carer – it is as though you do not exist.

I remember once a church service I attended at Mary Mother of God”, Ponders End where the Priest would talk of every day life situations in relation to God’s words. I will never forget his mention of speaking out openly and honestly against evil and not remaining silent or going along with things that are wrong and against God but this is happening all the time under mental health care of the UK, where staff are ordered by the RC and allowed by UK law to forcibly restrain and drug vulnerable people, such as Elizabeth who have been badly abused under the care of the local area which in this case is ENFIELD. There is plenty abuse going on in the UK which is against God under a mental health system not fit for purposes and in care homes, hospital settings and supported living. This abuse and cruelty goes on behind closed doors by unaccountable professionals and under lockdown even more control and deprival of liberty by a Government who have no idea and compassion.

I greatly sympathise with the mass protests in respect of George Floyd who suffered brutal treatment in the US. However it is not just the Police who give such treatment. In Elizabeth’s case it has not been the Police of the UK at all but professionals under mental health care who forcibly drug and restrain a patient face down – they are just doing their job and obeying orders from the RC but what they are doing is against God. There is also racism so I’ve noticed judging by the ranks of those employed from cleaners to the very top with two white psychiatrists/RCs presiding over them giving the orders that everyone has to obey or else lose their jobs or be threatened with bullying but what they are doing is wrong. Then you look to the very top o with the likes of Boris Johnson who I have previously written to about MH care and this shows how little they care. They allow abusive practices to go on under the law. Nothing has been done to enforce NICE Guidelines, with drugs prescribed at dangerously high levels leading to death and injury, with patients being used as human guinea pigs and experimented on. In Elizabeth’s case the Doctor knew full well that the drug Risperidone was previously recorded as being allergic to and has even signed a drugs chart to this effect.

I would also describe my daughter’s treatment at North Mid Hospital as degrading but the shocking thing is that had she died as a result, there would be no crowds, no demonstrations – nothing. Imagine being held down face down by several so called professionals who possess no communication qualities for a quick solution and use this abusive tactic allowed under UK law. Employees of all races/ethnic cultures are just doing their job but if someone dies then no-one wishes to be accountable and they cover everything up. In the next room Elizabeth could hear staff talking about resuscitation – face down restraint can be life threatening and the treatment brutal – these people are carrying out their orders from those at the top. When you look further you can see who is responsible and that is a Government whose leader Boris Johnson, Health Secretary Matt Johnson and others who sit back and allow for such abuse. The Government go on and on about Covid 19. Abuse under MH and LD being covered up because people have their eyes shut due to Covid 19 and abusive cruel treatment of those with LD, MH and autism if rife and something needs to be done about this urgently.

I have not seen Elizabeth for weeks on end and I am not alone. Many parents spoke of their distress regarding this.

Yesterday I phoned Suffolk Ward, so did other family members but none of us could not get through. Apparently Elizabeth was held in seclusion and her phone taken away. Noone was keen to speak no doubt fearful for their jobs and claimed to be bank staff with noone present on the ward other than bank staff last night.

I’m going up to Chase Farm today as I have given information to the RC on Professor Philip McGuire’s research at Kings College London on Medical Cannabis as well as research papers regarding the links below. No comment regarding this. I would not be sitting here writing this if I as a mother had at least been listened to and communicated with effectively. It is all to easy to push someone aside because it is too much effort to communicate with that person who might have a very valid concern. The way they speak to you over the phone is not good. You are spoken down to and dealt with in an evasive manner, staff keen not to disclose any information to you.

Here is some information and this shows that some Doctors show consideration to their patients – there has been promising results with the research of Professor Philip McGuire and this should not be dismissed by NICE.

  1. Access Medical Cannabis in the UK | Cannabis Access Clinics Clinic Cannabis Access Clinics provides UK patients with access to specialist doctors with experience prescribing cannabis based products (also known as medical marijuana). Cannabis Access Clinics are focussed on helping doctors and patients navigate the regulatory pathway for prescribing medicinal cannabis products in the U.K.

Finally, I’ve just received a standard letter from Dept of Health all about Covid 19 and shielding which I have not been doing from the very beginning. Elizabeth was dumped into the community by Suffolk Ward without any care provided whatsoever so I was helping her from the start. Besides I am not afraid of Covid 19 neither do I trust mainstream news.

As for risk! I am more likely to suffer a heart attack because of the lack of decent humane care being given to my daughter and the reality of how past “care” and “treatment” has damaged her beyond recognition. So it says from 1 June shielding guidance slightly relaxed and they suggest you may wish to spend some time outdoors away from your home once a day. Here is what I think RUBBISH! some of us have been unable to do what the Government orders because of caring responsibility and lack of any provision. Now suddenly the Government are relaxing their decisions. Mention was of food boxes but whilst I was thrilled to received a call about this as I have never been offered any support under Enfield before so I offered my services to deliver the food parcels but never heard anything more as how could I shield when I had Elizabeth in need to help not provided. I see that the food parcels and medicine deliveries will be continued until end of July but because I have been going out shopping etc for Elizabeth this is something I have not received. During the time of shielding I had taken Elizabeth to the Chiropodist for an emergency appointment as she was in a lot of pain and I was helping her in general but no support of the kind needed to those who are carers.

The last paragraph of the standard letter states “it is normal during these uncertain and unusual times to feel anxious and low. Well that does not apply to me as I am far more concerned about the prescribing and injury caused to vulnerable people under MH/LD. The people shielding does affect are vulnerable people like Elizabeth who wanted an MRI scan and was upset when this could not be done and I was looking to pay for it privately then she got admitted and had again turned to phoning Police desperate for conselling and support not given by Enfield Community Treatment Team.


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