Elizabeth was discharged from hospital prior to the Covid crisis, but had no support in the community. She is now back on Section 3 which in the UK is for treatment of antipsychotic drugs, when she needed support in the community. So many others are in a similar situation because of lack of community care.

Treatment in the past has been Prozac, Risperidone (found to be allergic to), Aripiprazole, Olanzapine at max dosage, Quetiapine plus Haloperidal, Zopical, Lorazepam, Clonazepam, Promazine. When the drugs failed to work Doctors optimized the dosage. That didn’t work either. I then had the P450 liver enzyme which proved she was a poor/non metaboliser. Diagnosis states Aspergers/developmental and Learning disability and complex PTSD but Doctors under Enfield stick with paranoid schizophrenia which we dispute.

Doctors now wish to start depot injections and I am concerned because the drug they wish to inject Elizabeth has previously been found to be allergic to. I feel they should make referrals to experts in the field of Endocrinology and Neurology for necessary scans before treatment goes ahead. For the past month or so Elizabeth has been in seclusion for several days due to shortage of beds then sent to St Pancreas Hospital Ruby Ward where she was forcibly injected with Paliperidol twice. Bearing in mind during titration of Clozapine in 2012 she scored a Mews Score of 3 (critical) and developed tachycardia I feel that what they are about to do is very wrong. Under mental health law of the UK vulnerable people, (inc. LD, autistic) regardless of race can be treated brutally treated, pinned down with face down restraints like George Floyd and injected/restrained by as many as 6 members of staff and no one cares if they die. It is covered up and there is a wall of silence. Families have to fight for justice. These vulnerable people can be locked away, fed through hatches and denied contact with their families. Coercion and gaslighting is rife. Bullying can also be extended to the family if they dare to challenge. Then reports are written behind the vulnerable person’s back making them and their families look bad. At the Royal Bethlem Hospital that is supposed to be world-wide renowned, not one ECG machine was working and Elizabeth was critically ill. I sent an email yesterday along the following lines:

“I am not against treatment but feel that when there are risks of death, in light of evidence attached within the files, Elizabeth needs to be thoroughly assessed first by referrals to specialists such as Neurologists for MRI scans and ultrasound/ Endocrinologist to check on organic pathology.   In Dr A-B’s report it says “kindly exclude any organic pathology” but this should now be included and thoroughly looked into due to past allergies. After all, adverse reaction could lead to death. 

I therefore wondered if you could consider a safer alternative that the whole family would support in terms of treatment in her case where the Bethlem identified her as being “treatment resistant”.    It is Professor Phillip McGuire who is the top person for research on cannabis oil and psychosis based at King’s College London  “CBD could be “new class of treatment” for psychosis.  King’s College London researchers found that CBD could hold promise as a treatment for psychosis, according to reasonable benefits seen in a clinical trial. 

Please can Elizabeth be referred to Professor Philip McGuire (Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience).  Please can Elizabeth be involved in the research.”



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