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Just before Xmas I was admitted to hospital and underwent major surgery with intensive care in January.    I experienced the very best of NHS care and have since then made good recovery.

On my return from an outpatient’s appointment Elizabeth called in distress to say a professional had turned up at her home stating they had a warrant and that she had to go to Chase Farm Hospital for assessment and was subsequently held under S 5.2.  I do not know if relevant paperwork was in fact produced or the full details of what actually happened.   I did witness a prior visit from the community Consultant Psychiatrist and AMHP a week prior to Elizabeth’s flat where they assessed her as going downhill as she emotionally reacted in front of them.    Elizabeth had been calling Police who she trusted but unfortunately they would then call for an ambulance and Elizabeth would end up at the Horizon Suite, North Mid Hospital, where on one occasion they restrained her and forcibly injected her.    We all  dispute the MH diagnosis due to considerable conflict in the files and feel that Elizabeth has been misdiagnosed.  She spends a great deal of her time analysing what she believes to be her condition which is autism/Aspergers.  However, she has a full report by Dr Bob Johnson of accurate content which points to complex PTSD.

Before Xmas Elizabeth requested a  transfer to the Integrated Learning Team, River Front Enfield but the application was declined by a Doctor there without proper assessment/face to face consultation.

With Elizabeth sectioned once again solicitors were appointed for the forthcoming Tribunal which was cancelled twice.   I discovered paperwork was drawn up unlawfully which meant Elizabeth spent c7 days on the ward before correct paperwork was produced.    Elizabeth had won the grand sum of £1 in compensation for a previous illegal detention of 16 hours but now the same thing has occurred again but for a longer period this time.    I as  Nearest Relative looked into the unlawful paperwork thoroughly and Elizabeth shared with me section papers and reports for court purposes which I had a mammoth task in correcting.  I feared the hospital RC was deliberately trying to exclude Elizabeth from her own Tribunal so I as Nearest Relative sent all the corrected reports directly for the attention of the Judge, together with the most recent capacity assessment reports and others, which all pointed to the fact that Elizabeth had full capacity.    A different way of communicating confuses professionals to come to the conclusion that a patient does not have capacity when in fact it is the team who do not understand as they have not had the correct training.  This is why I support the campaign below by Paula McGowan for mandatory training for autism care.   Elizabeth’s mental health team were doing exactly the same, prescribing  Risperidone, Elizabeth was previously found allergic to and ignoring the evidence of this in the medical files.   The unscientific label of Schizophrenia is contested throughout her medical files which the team choose to ignore and stick with this label for their own convenience.  I would perceive this diagnosis as to be an umbrella label for underlying physical health problems that comes with it a treatment of harmful anti-psychotic drugs which some psychiatrists wrongly feel should be given for life.  Certainly they ignore the manufacturers instructions of 6 weeks.   It is clearly recorded that none of the drugs work as Elizabeth is “treatment resistant” – poor/non metaboliser.

A mother’s campaign for autism care equality for all – BBC …


22/10/2018 · A mother’s campaign for autism care equality for all Paula McGowan’s son Oliver died aged 18, after hospital staff gave him a drug that he had pleaded not to be prescribed, having previously suffered a bad reaction

Paula told BBC Politics Live she believed the death of Oliver, a high functioning autistic teenager from Bristol, could have been avoided if the nurses and doctors were trained about learning disabilities and autism.

Since his death, she has campaigned tirelessly for mandatory training for NHS staff. Her campaign will be debated in Parliament on Monday afternoon.


Covid 19 – Mental Health Care

The current situation of lockdown this has made things extremely difficult for those with mental health problems as well as many who have never had mental health problems previously because of social distancing.   Elizabeth is stuck under the mental health team and is supposed to get a phone call twice a week from her care coordinator.  Her trust has been understandably damaged in a team who have drawn paperwork up illegally for sectioning and not provided any support and the priority has been to get rid of her mother as the Nearest Relative when in fact her mother has thoroughly looked into everything in the best interest such as Open Dialogue for instance.

Elizabeth has been coping reasonably well at this awful time.  My life as a carer has always been under “lockdown” in terms of having little time to myself, juggling work with caring responsibilies.    As for social distancing as I am a carer I give Elizabeth practical help, such as shopping, cooking etc that enables her to be in the community but even with this support there are times when it is difficult.   It is practical help that is needed and also if Elizabeth could have psychotherapy over the phone.  This is something I have been looking into with the Free Psychotherapy Network as I am sometimes deluged with calls from her. With everything at a standstill all appointments are on hold – the mental health team are keeping their distance which perhaps is a good thing as their visits disturb Elizabeth who thinks they are going to section her.

Physical health is neglected on the acute ward and Elizabeth had been in agony with her feet.   I did manage to get a chiropody appointment and an operation which took place about a week ago.

I can understand social distancing in terms of professionals keeping away but this is a time during which even those who have never had mental health problems can suffer.

Elizabeth is not so anxious about Covid 19 but about getting her diagnosis for autism completed and a Neurology appointment to look at the benign tumour which is disputed most recently in the files.   I feel sure that Elizabeth’s condition is physical.

I feel sorry for those who are trapped right now in mental health institutions not allowed out or to have visitors and also care homes.    Elizabeth would quickly go downhill in such environment and also an institution where psychiatric drugs are given that compromise the immune system and are contra indicated to physical health treatment.

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Inside a COVID-19 ward for mental health patients



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As a carer have to help Elizabeth in her home to cook, clean, look after the flat.  She can do some things for herself but suffers from anxiety and needs reassurance and so the phone is ringing frequently.  I would rather Elizabeth be in the community than on a mental health ward right now during lockdown.  The setting of an acute ward is totally wrong for someone like Elizabeth and right now she would go downhill on such a ward because of increased security and control and she would not be allowed out or have visitors right now.  However when you point this out she has been so damaged by her treatment that it is hard for her to appreciate as she is locked in her mind due to  injury caused by wrong treatment of psychiatric drugs at huge levels over so many years.

Doctors do not read past medical files and they try to justify such treatment as being best interest when the case of Oliver McGowan speaks for itself.

The main treatment is anti-psychotic drugs on the ward, not therapy.  Physical health is overlooked.   I was lucky to get an appointment for chiropodist as Elizabeth complained of having trouble to walk as she was in so much pain.  They even carried out an operation which I was able to take her too and bring her home.

Elizabeth is distressed right now that things are at a standstill not because of Covid 19.  Only half an assessment has been undertaken on autism and she would like this completed.  She also requires an an MRI scan.

Whilst Elizabeth has been fine,  yesterday evening she was not happy.  I had been preparing meals for her to take over to her flat and arrived later than usual.  She was disturbed by noise as the flat overlooks a car park.   She is hypersensitive to noise.  I did not stay long, just long enough to prepare her meal then I left to go home as she was not so happy and given space I hoped Elizabeth would settle down.

Today an ambulance was called but not by Elizabeth.  The ambulance crew were marvellous despite all the pressures they are under, visited Elizabeth who had been phoning me all morning and I had promised to go and see her in the afternoon.

For so long now I have been saying that Elizabeth’s condition is physical and I have pointed this out on many occasions.  Luckily the ambulance did not take her to hospital as that is the last place she needs to end up or referral to an acute MH ward right now.

I heard later that Elizabeth had a phone call from an AMHP from the mental health team  who we as a family know well who goes back to Cambian where attempts were made to displace me as NR and the care home Phoenix House where she had no food at the weekend where CoP allowed Elizabeth to come home thankfully.

Following the ambulance visit she had calmed right down but what should be provided to those like Elizabeth in the community I believe should be an on line counsellor but instead it has been me who has taken the brunt of phone calls today since 5.00 am.

Lockdown for me means less stress and more time to spend with Elizabeth.  Lockdown for Elizabeth is both good and bad.  Good in terms of the streets being virtually empty –  bad in terms of the cafes and shops not being open and not being able to see friends or move forward with appointments.

The appointments needed are an MRI Scan to check on the benign tumour that the Bethlem tried to dismiss – again conflict in the file as this was discovered back in 2009 where a report stated “Anterior Region Medial Temporal Compromise”.   I see this as a brain injury not a mental health condition and I am not even a Doctor or a Nurse to conclude this.

I do not trust Royal Bethnal Hospital and their dismissal of the tumour and want this to be clarified and so does Elizabeth.  The reason I do not trust them is that back in 2012 Elizabeth was given Clozapine against her wishes and Advanced Declaration.  She was seriously ill during the titration with a mews score of 3 but no ECG machines were in working order in that specialist hospital.  They were not working due to not being  charged and there was no paper.    So with reports of chest pain, high pulse, dizziness she could not be monitored due to the machinery being out of order.   How then can I trust their report of no tumour when there is reports of this nature recorded in the files.

When Dr Moncrieff suggested Endocrinology tests I had them done privately which proved a faulty endocrine system, insulin resistant –  if a faulty endocrine system then the entire pituitary glands can be affected.  None of this was done at the Bethlem from what I can see yet Metformine was prescribed off label and Bisoprolol given to counteract tachcycardia contracted during titration of clozapine.

The above is why I cannot accept Elizabeth’s mental health condition because I have had extensive tests done which point to a physical health condition and full hormone tests were recommended to be done at a previous Tribunal.    This takes more than a blood test.   This needs referral to an expert on hormones

Real menopause experts would recognize menopause as a disease

Not one of these doctors showed an understanding of basic human physiology. Menopause happens because of organ failure not because the human body ever loses its need for its hormones. A person’s body works the same way at the age of 105 as it does at the age of 25. Our DNA and what fuels it (hormones, vitamins, and minerals) never changes. This means your body needs the same thing at 105 as it does at 25 to stay healthy. This means treatment should be lifelong.

What such treatment entails would need careful consideration but I have just now contacted a private clinic who are more than happy to help with any tests that the NHS may have omitted and I need to find out about these blood tests and what have been done so far.    I am awaiting a call from the GP at Carlton House Surgery in this respect.

There is no way I can accept a mental health diagnosis when it is clear the condition is  physical and I have taken top advice on this.   How many more people under the NHS are stuck under secondary care with a mental health label and told to take psychiatric drugs for the rest of their life when in fact they have an underlying physical condition and I have proven it.  Now I want the right treatment for Elizabeth in the circumstances especially when a previous tribunal panel recommended this some time ago and nothing has been done.

In light of Covid 19 it is all the more important to review and assess properly psychiatric patients for any underlying physical health conditions urgently.













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