SECTION 17 Leave


Under Mental Health patients are treated like criminals (see full document of S17 leave) so are their families if they dare to challenge and you should have seen how many people turned up on the Horizon Ward of North Mid Hospital A&E to escort me off the premises like a criminal tonight because I had come to collect Elizabeth (who is viewed as a commodity rather than a person) in their eyes.  Staff on Horizon Suite flatly refused to let go on the orders of SAMUEL ASAMOAH AND A MYSTERY CONSULTANT WHO STAFF NURSE KATIE YAWE REFUSED TO DISCLOSE AND HERE THEY ALL ARE LISTED BELOW FOR YOUR INFORMATION ON DUTY TONIGHT. 

Dr Jebrell – St Anne’s

Dr Tobiansky – Barnet

Dr Cushion – Enfield

We all dispute Elizabeth has “paranoid schizophrenia” as Elizabeth has been multiply abused under care for which I can prove but there is arrogance in the profession with some Psychiatrists who flatly refuse to accept the findings of other Doctors and just stick to their own beliefs, despite the fact they are supposed to do no harm.  This is far from true.   They refuse to acknowledge they are doing “more harm than good” as they are blinded by ideology and their belief’s (just like a religion) they wrongly believe they are actually helping a patient but this is far from true.  All they are doing is suppressing the real truth and in Elizabeth’s case the real truth is she has been abused by lots of men under the care of a former scheme called MOTI VILLA situated in the Ridgeway Enfield that finally, the team (ENFIELD COMM REHAB) are having to acknowledge because Elizabeth can speak again as she is not drugged to the hilt like before so as to disguise and cover up the real truth which now so many people are witness to.

My Visit to Horizon Suite, North Mid Hospital, Edmonton N18

I had a call from Elizabeth in distress, witnessed by several friends late last night but  Elizabeth’s distress was because she was suffering from physical chronic pain and so she had called an ambulance.   She was taken to North Middx Hospital (featured in a very informative article recently by award-winning journalist Martyn Halle who I am in touch with).  So Elizabeth was there all day long and in distress because of physical pain.    She was kept alone and only given 1 sandwich in the course of the day.   I spoke briefly to a member of staff but no one bothered to call me back despite my request.
Anyway I told Elizabeth that I as Nearest Relative, Next of Kin, Mother and McKenzie Friend would be coming to collect her and take her back to her scheme and I had planned to take her out for a meal so I immediately drove to North Mid Hospital accompanied by a close family friend as witness.  I couldn’t believe what happened next.

I have to praise security staff. I myself used to have security licences for everything at one time -I tried to change my career to obtain more flexible working hours  then I applied to the Police and I have nothing but praise for Police in our case.  I cannot say that in respect of other services under  mental health..

On arrival, I  was politely shown through the locked doors of the A&E ward and directed to Horizon Suite where Elizabeth was held and on the desk were staff – the only courteous member of staff was Katie Yawe Staff,  MH Nurse but the other person on the desk seemed to be having  a joke and kept smiling, not in a nice way, so perhaps we can   feature here on Twitter this joke – perhaps Eric Ansah can tell us all what he found so very funny!  Because the latter refused initially to give me his name which every MH professional should be obliged to give I took a photo but unfortunately my photography isn’t very good and my photo didn’t come out properly.  I have seen many times before mental health staff smugly smiling in the same way this professional did and I am just curious to know what was so funny that’s all.

I came at the end of the day at Elizabeth’s request without having had anything to eat or drink but imagine what it must be like to be a patient under their care and all she had was a sandwich all day long and no solicitor’s were called.  Elizabeth, who an entire team of Huntercombe diagnosed as autistic, must have been extremely frightened by this experience.   However, I have been researching more and more the real truth about Elizabeth’s diagnosis that is because she has been in fact injured by enormous drug treatment that has exceeded BNF levels and I have the most extensive records in this respect to be able to state this.   I have no end of witnesses to state that  Elizabeth really has CBI -CHRONIC BRAIN IMPAIRMENT.    No-one will wish to admit under the NHS that they have caused harm/injury but this is fact and I can prove it.


The staff on the reception desk namely Katie Yawe Staff Nurse MH and Eric Ansah refused to divulge the name of the Consultant who stated that on no account was Elizabeth to leave Horizon Suite and she was to be transported to a MH ward when in actual fact she had called an ambulance in good faith because she is suffering from chronic pain as a result of past treatment of vast quantities of concomitantly prescribed mind altering psychiatric drugs against BNF guidelines.

When I insisted on taking Elizabeth out to get her something to eat, to transport her safely to her scheme what happened next was a disgrace in the name of “CARE”.  I’m more sure this was legal.

I was threatened that if I took Elizabeth off the ward Police would be called.  Oh my God! – I have every respect for Police but I could not believe the way they were roped into this sordid treatment of my vulnerable daughter who has been damaged by NHS care provided.

I informed I would be taking her off the ward and back to her scheme because she was quite stable, she was willing to come with myself and a close family friend.  She commented that she wanted to come away as she had been held a prisoner on Horizon Suite all day long.  I was told by Katie Yawe Staff Nurse that I could not take Elizabeth off their ward.  North Mid is a General Hospital by the way and they had done nothing to help her physical health whatsoever.

So already one security guy was present who was sticking up for them of course but acting very professionally I have to say.  Then they called the Police to have me escorted like a criminal off the ward with the threat that I was trespassing and of course would likewise face arrest.   What was astonishing was how many police were present to present a significant threat towards me that if I did not comply with their request they would physically take me off the ward.   I wish now that I could have experienced how the police would handle me in those circumstances and how this compared with the training I myself had when I decided to apply to the police and was at Hendon.   I decided not to argue but when I turned back it was heartbreaking Elizabeth was crying witnessed by my friend.

Here are the Police Officers concerned and they behaved in a professional manner:

PC Reilly  3662NA

PC Brown 2690NA

PC Carter 1653NA

PC Sandercombe 2393NA

I personally have nothing but respect for Police as I have not had a bad experience other than back in 2010 they did not investigate Elizabeth’s abuse properly.   Where was the CCTV – just because Elizabeth was a vulnerable adult who had been multiply abused under Moti Villa did not mean they should ignore matters and not bother to question anyone.   Fortunately I did as a trainee police officer questioned them all.  I want to know why Police could not find the CCTV – there was one as documented in the files.  So what happened to the CCTV camera and why was there a 14 year old drug dealer on the premises?   I am waiting to hear ENFIELD.  instead an AHMP tried to switch blame on home and family especially me, the mother who wants to see justice and honesty, openness and transparency.  I presented all the evidence to the Judge at the RcJ when I represented myself in court recently.       All I want is honesty – is that too much to ask?  Why is there so much unaccountability under MH – the reason is because people are either too ill to challenge or unable to.   Well I am happy to challenge a system rotten to the core that allows abuse that does not receive enough public attention.    In the UK we should be ashamed at the abuse of the most vulnerable people in society and I think this should be exposed thoroughly.   I as a mother wish to see change and there will not be such change unless people are challenging such a rotten system.  It is also shameful how the power goes to professional’s heads so they think it is funny and smile sarcastically.

I can see how people incarcerated on wards where brutal treatment is carried out and most importantly forcible drugged can turn aggressive.  When such prescribed drugs are dished out like sweets providing profit and disablement to vulnerable people like my daughter they are done so without due regard to consequences and without due regard to BNF guidelines it is no wonder people like my daughter become victims of the pharmaceutical industry and discarded by society like RUBBISH.

People only want to see what they want to see but the one thing I learned on the Police training course was never to judge a book by its cover.  I look at the all round picture and have spent hours researching my daughter’s true condition which is Chronic Brain Impairment.  In the Uk Parliament has allowed the drugs companies to draft medical laws – no wonder why there is so much injustice in the UK.

X v Finland ECHR 2012 – a very interesting case.  

In 2012 Elizabeth was at Royal Bethlem Hospital whose one goal was to introduce Clozapine with contra indicated Metformine, Bisoprolol, Senna and you name it – one drug to counteract another before discarding Elizabeth to Cambian Wales where the current local team of ENFIELD COMMUNITY REHAB sought to displace me as the NEAREST RELATIVE.

I won the Court of Protection Case in 2014 to keep my daughter Elizabeth at home in accordance with her wishes  and Enfield were slated in court.  It soon became evident that Elizabeth was suffering from  Chronic Pain and Chronic Brain Impairment.

Taking her off the Clozapine myself revealed the whole truth and everything that happened to her going way back to school days was revealed that had been suppressed for so many years by these useless drugs that caused tachycardia at the Bethlem.  This makes nonsense of all fictitious labels given when this is only for social control that’s all and making huge sums of money out of misery.

My daughter Elizabeth has been suffering as a result of two enforced brutally inflicted injections of Lorazepam on Suffolk Ward.   Elizabeth told me she had made complaints about this and so have I.

After the visit on Horizon Ward Nrth Midd Hosp by so many Police there to arrest me if I did oblige and depart peacefully off this ward I had challenged as to whether it was in fact  LEGAL what they are doing.  However KATIE YAWE and ERIC ANSAH refused to divulge the name of which Consultant demanded Elizabeth must be detained Under S3 thereby revoking S17 leave when no paperwork was signed – no solicitors contacted for Elizabeth –  IS THIS LEGAL?  WHAT IS THIS TREATMENT IN THE NAME OF CARE.   SHAME ON THE UK.

I have no idea where Elizabeth is right now.   I have no idea if she has been offered anything else to eat -just 1 sandwich is all you get and treated like a prisoner under NORTH MID HOSPITAL A&E HORIZON SUITE. I have no idea whether she has been allocated a ward but no one will tell you as you are treated like dirt as a mother/relative also.

Staff Nurse Katie Yawe read some of what Elizabeth was alleged to have said that has been recorded in yet more inaccurate file notes,  which did not tie in with what myself and friends have heard today so I would conclude fictitious and I would appreciate a response to my FOI request to the most shocking comments in the care plan written by JANE HOBDEN.  Who on earth is JANE HOBDEN – if anyone knows of her at St Anne’s where the others are based please do inform what she means about abuse to a child when this a PACK OF ABSOLUTE RUBBISH AND LIES but I suppose they have to do this in order to keep someone as a CUSTOMER and continue with their abuse of ignoring the physical health problems and mask over them by the prescribing of mind altering psychiatric drugs which do not work and which have caused more harm than good and Elizabeth cannot metabolise them and has suffered injury as a result of rotten treatment which is negligent on their part when in fact the NHS on two wards (‘Trent and Suffolk) allowed Elizabeth to come off the 2.5mg aripiprazole in one go.








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