Right now Elizabeth is in A&E  accompanying her friend who is unwell.  Not many people see the caring side of Elizabeth because of communication difficulty.   This is due to CBI, the result of extensive drugging over many years and chronic pain which is dismissed by Doctors under the mental health system who do not wish to admit the truth.

Tomorrow afternoon Elizabeth advised that she has been requested to attend a meeting at Chase Farm Hospital by Dr Helen Moorey.  Such meetings always seem to be sprung at short notice and this is too short notice to abide by the Trust’s Code of Conduct so I have had to write to remind the Trust that not long ago both Council and Trust had to apologise to me because they were in breach of their own Code of Conduct.

I thought it best to advise the solicitors also.

t would be much easier in terms of communication if all correspondence could be  by email -this is where communication is lacking and I had to write to Dr Moorey this evening copying in the team.   I know that this meeting is for the purpose of putting Elizabeth back on a CTO (Community Treatment Order) which we disagree with.

Why I am opposed to CTOs:

  • They are expensive to operate and funding goes to the community team who fail to provide any care for instance “NO TO SECTION 117”
  • CTOs are not only expensive but a complete waste of public money.  They are used to threaten and bully a vulnerable person.
  • Pack of lies are written against S126 MHA perversion of the course of justice so as to retain on CTO indefinitely.   For example wrong Nearest Relative was put on the CTO papers but luckily I spotted this and I then had to amend the entire report before presenting this to the MHA Office at Chase Farm Hospital where I was threatened with arrest if I did not go downstairs.     I had taken the time and trouble to correct the many errors in the report and suspected all along I was the NR who was not allowed in the Tribunal so I took a photo of the sign on the door and I could not believe the reaction – next thing I am escorted downstairs like a criminal and it is referred in the report about “my behaviour”  –  I like the way that it is never anyone else’s bad behaviour other than someone who has dared to correct and alter a report that contained an AMHP as NR falsely.
  • I am against CTOs – Tribunal is expensive and can go on for hours and even days like at Cambian.    Present are professionals who would be better off attending to their duties than wasting a day in some cases at a Tribunal when either patient/their solicitor or Nearest Relative challenges the CTO.  Present is a Judge, a lay person and the psychiatrist, an independent psychiatrist, community psychiatrist and care coordinator and representative from hospital. Sometimes two sets of solicitors are present representing both patient and nearest relative.  They must cost thousands and solicitors reap the benefit.   I believe that CTOs should be banned.
  • CTOs are used to bully and threaten vulnerable people – the CTO reports are full of threats of recall and they try to make the person out to be really bad yet a CTO does not provide better care in the community – far from it. A CTO provide nothing.  It is all about abusive control ie “if you do not see the Dr you will be recalled.  If you do not take your medication you will be recalled.  You have to live at your designated premises and do as you are dictated.   This describes what a CTO is about – control!

Elizabeth recently went missing from her scheme about 4 days before I was told whilst on CTO.  Elizabeth was recalled to hospital and right now she is on S17 leave.

SECTION 17 Leave

It is a like treating someone as a criminal.

Elizabeth was discharged back to her temporary scheme but there is one good piece of news.  It looks as though Elizabeth has done well with her bidding for the one bedroom flat.   I have no idea on what is the next procedure if a bid is won.

So tonight I as NR/Next of Kin have written to Dr Helen Moorey.  I asked for the discharge meeting to be postponed.  Solicitors should be invited and so should I as the Nearest Relative, Next of Kin and McKenzie Friend.   It is surely in breach of the Trusts Code of Conduct if this meeting went ahead without any kind of advocate present and luckily I found out all about this.

So I understand the team want to put Elizabeth on a CTO  but I do not agree, neither does Elizabeth, as absolutely no care has been provided in the community, so why waste public money on extra funding when nothing is provided of benefit.  The only thing they do is push mind altering drugs instead of offer therapy.

Because Elizabeth is suffering from chronic pain and in particular, pain to her big toe which I am aware is nerve damage and many other side effects, some of which could be relating to the forced injections given whilst on Chase Farm’s Suffolk Ward not to mention the symptoms of chronic pain such as joint pains which are being completely ignored.  I would conclude that Elizabeth’s condition is physical unfortunately physical health conditions are ignored under the mental health and that is why I would like Elizabeth transferred to a team where they do not over look things “lets rule out anything organic”.   Well how can you achieve an accurate diagnosis unless you thoroughly look into underlying causes which could be of a physical nature.

Elizabeth’s physical health has been neglected since being in temporary accommodation some distance from home and her GP but it looks like Elizabeth may be moving hopefully.

I will be so happy if Elizabeth gets this flat back in the local area of which she is familiar and closer by.

In case my email and letter does not reach everyone (especially Dr Moorey) as I do not have Dr Moorey’s email address – THE MEETING TOMORROW AFTERNOON IS CANCELLED.  The meeting will need to be re-arranged to a time when solicitors and the Nearest Relative and McKenzie friends can attend in accordance with the Trust’s Code of Conduct.

And please –  no more coercion in tricking Elizabeth into signing renewal papers for the CTO.   Such papers will need to be sent to the solicitors and McKenzie Friends for their records.

So, when can this meeting be re-arranged and can everyone be copied in via email? and can it be live streamed also.

The best outcome is to discharge Elizabeth from CTO and from Chase Farm Hospital as Elizabeth will hopefully be moving soon and the ward does not offer the right care either –  Elizabeth should not be with a mental health team as she has CBI and not paranoid schizophrenia.





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  1. Alicia Pointon said:

    hi susan hope you and your daughter are well. I was wondering if it would be possible to chat briefly via email or phone as I would like your advice on current situation. thanks alicia

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