My most recent email to Marc Allera CEO of EE copying in the employees including Arib Ahmed of Oxford Circus highlighted the fact I had not as yet received the deadlock letter I was promised on 3rd May.   My email also highlights that there is no way I would have requested a tablet and that I did not receive either the tablet or iPhone X the above state was delivered to my home address on 26 February 2018.   In my email I stated that I had requested to see the delivery note several times with signature but no record of this had been kept with EE and they reckon the courier firm also would not have kept a record.

The alleged delivery date of 26 February 2018 would have been mid-week and I would not have been at home to sign for this.  I knew nothing about tablet or IPhone X and always go to a branch to do business.   All this time up until 3rd April 2019 (when I visited Oxford Circus branch attracted by the offer of an iPhone 8 for renewing the contract early for my daughter) I have been using an old iPhone 5S.   I was misled at Oxford Circus Branch as I made a point of asking if there was a tablet on my contract that pushed up the price astronomically.  I was told no by them but it was Enfield Branch that told me otherwise and I was therefore thinking that the huge bill was as a result of Elizabeth who had very little data on her phone contract.

I reiterated the fact that the last phone I had that was new was a Samsung Galaxy A3 which I gave to my daughter.

I have asked for all paperwork especially with regard to this contract as even if I had taken out a contract verbally there should be paperwork on this with my signature on. I most certainly have not spoken to customer services based in Dundee like alleged.

On the advice of my bank I tried to cancel my most recent contract and return the iPhone 8 but this was refused.  The direct debit is now cancelled on their advice whilst their Fraud Dept investigate.   I have given EE consent to deal with my Bank and to deal with Police.

If I end my contract officially Ive been told I will have to pay £529.34 for my contract and £880.90 for my daughter’s.

I have since purchased two Vodafone chips for myself daughter and Elizabeth is no longer using the EE chip.   I have had to set up a new phone and transfer all my contacts over without using the PAC code to my Vodafone chip.  The contract duration for this is just 12 months.   I get 100GB of data   Certainly a better deal than with EE.

DEADLOCK LETTER ARRIVED 18th MAY 2019 dated 3rd May 2019.

This letter is from Josie Edmead – Exec Cust Resolution Team.  The address on the letterhead is Sunderland Type and Wear.

She lists lots of dates when I first contacted customer care stating there was a tablet on my account I had no knowledge of and that perhaps this was fraud as I did not request a tablet.  EE sent the information to their Fraud team and on 25 April their investigation came to an end, the Fraud Team deemed this as non-fraudulent by stating the Ipad was accepted on the same date as delivery of an iPhone X which I also knew nothing about for my mobile phone network and that they were delivered to my home address.   These would have been delivered whilst I was out work on the date that EE state so no I did not receive the iPad or iPhone X and no one in the household signed for it either.  I knew nothing about its delivery and most certainly would not have requested an iPad as I once had an EE tablet which I did not even use.  So I maintain that as I have not received these devices or requested them there could be a possibility of fraudulent activity.   EE’s response was to deny this and accuse me of receiving these devices and ordering them.  I don’t know what on earth Josie Edmead means when she says “You were advised via email on 27 April 2019 this was not fraudulent activity on the account as it was delivered to your home address on the same day as an iPhone X which had not been disputed”  What on earth is Josie Edmead talking about “which had not been disputed” .  Only an iPad was mentioned in the first place and suddenly I am told about the iPhone X that I would have received both at the same time.   So in order words I am being accused of theft of two expensive devices I have not received which would account for my bill being around £130 which I thought was extremely high for two phone contracts.  I should have queried it sooner rather than trusting EE and thinking that my daughter was running up an enormous bill on her phone which had very little data on it.   Then EE tried to bribe me with the following:

“You were offered an immediate disconnection for the table and 2 months line rental back amounting to £90 inc VAT.”     

I have refused the above offer as I have been overcharged for a service for quite some months I have not received which would amount to far more than their paltry bribery offer.

Josie Edmead then goes on to say I contacted the customer care team on 27th April 2019 to dispute the response I received and expressing my concern and disappointment /data usage and tablet on my account.   She goes on to say that the customer care advisor stated they could not contact Police on my behalf regarding this and I have therefore logged the matter with police.  Josie Edmead then goes on to say that an Executive Advisor responded to my email received on 24 April reiterating the findings from the fraud team that on 26 Feb 2018 I upgraded my service and on 1st May 2019 another executive advisor agreed with the findings.  In other words the Executive Advisors all accuse me of upgrading my service and receiving an iPhone X and iPad when I was at work.   In other words thief and liar springs to mind but whilst they are accusing me of this they are not saying this in so many words.   They are all desperately sticking together because they cannot provide any paperwork to prove I or anyone else at my address signed for these devices.  However by giving an offer of a paltry £90 and free disconnection for a full and final settlement looks very suspicious.  Why offer anything whatsoever for a settlement when there is a dispute of someone being accused of stealing because that is what is amounts to when you are called a liar.  I have not accepted their offer of £90 as my bills have been very high all along and I believe I should be compensated as I can honestly say that I’ve been using an old iPhone 5S up until recently and I most certainly would not have gone back to EE to take out another contract if they had honestly told me that there was a tablet.  No way did I request such a tablet and when I have requested paperwork to back this upgrade they seem unable to provide it.

So the letter states “This is our final position on the matter.  If you feel the matter is not resolved we will have reached a position of deadlock.  This means you may now refer your complaint to Ombudsman Services free of charge.   Ombudsman Service is there to help resolve disputes between EE and our customers.  The service is completely independent.”   They are based in Warrington and I have already written to them prior to the deadlock letter being received as I was promised this by EE quite some time ago and have only just received it.    “It is important to note there are some exceptions to the scheme which means that some complaints may not be eligible for independent arbitration and in order for your complaint to be considered you must make contact with Ombudsman Services within 12 months of the date of this letter”       which is what I’ve done.

Your sincerely

Josie Edmead  (Executive Customer Resolution Team)

Registered Office based in Hatfield and the address is in Tyne and Wear

So I’ll be sending this letter on to the Ombudsman Services and will keep you informed but I want everyone to know that I have been a customer of EE since 2013.  Today I have asked for absolutely everything they have under GDPR rules.  I want voice mail messages, emails and text messages and signed contracts and delivery notes but on every occasion I have called at the branches to collect the devices.

We once tried to change all the services ie Broadband, TV, home phone to EE but they could not the service up and running and this was all cancelled.

I would say I am extremely disappointed at the way EE has dealt with me after all these years.   I had no intention of going elsewhere and wanted to remain loyal but now I could not recommend this company to anyone when they treat you like dirt, gang up backing one another accusing you of receiving something you did not and arguing about this.  I will never forget receiving a call on my way to work on a crowded train with EE arguing with me that I had received the devices whereas I can swear on the Bible and on my life that neither the iPad or iPhone X was received.



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