I took a day’s holiday to attend Park Avenue Resource Centre, Enfield, on Thursday with Elizabeth and new friend.  Things have been dragging on for so long now as regards a move and Elizabeth is still stuck in temporary accommodation she has been in since December.  There seems to be no support in this area for people who are autistic I’m sad to say.

I highlighted that I took Elizabeth away from a scheme called Reservoir House where there was 5 fumigations and still a problem of bed bugs and Elizabeth was accused of bringing these bed bugs into the scheme by someone on the panel at the Manager’s Hearing.   I’m glad to say Elizabeth spoke up for herself and said no way did she bring these in but someone else – a former resident had admitted that she did.

Anyway I tried once again to have Elizabeth home.   We had no support once again and we are a working family.  At first things were OK but then Elizabeth, who was on a CTO started to show signs of distress and needed counselling.    She was turning to churches, she was phoning helplines.  She was disturbing my sleep wanting to talk in the early hours of the morning as she desperately needed counselling and Elizabeth would get angry if you misunderstood her.   I remember back when she was at Reservoir House coming up to Xmas Elizabeth was stressed out and this was displayed in her behaviour.   Same at home, Xmas 2018, as at Xmas Elizabeth was going to stay with other family members. Anything new/changes can affect her.  Just before Xmas, something happened at home that resulted in Elizabeth being given a temporary scheme in the community which is some distance away from the family home.  Elizabeth struggled to settle in at first and then seemed to get used to it there and find her way around.  She was meant to go and engage with her psychiatrist and team as she was on a CTO but Elizabeth did not wish to stick to appointments and visit the Park Avenue Centre but on one occasion she did attend and was short listed for a one bed flat in a block housing chronically ill and when I looked it up there was a picture of elderly people walking around with zimmer frames.  It was also a place where there was community alarm.   She did not get the property in the end and I did not think this was suitable in any case.  Whilst at the Park Avenue Resource Centre Elizabeth made a new friend who is also vulnerable and in need of support and care in the community but Elizabeth helped her on a few occasions but at the same time Elizabeth’s way of communicating and understanding situations is different to everyone else’s and this needs some guidance.   Basically,  Elizabeth is currently in an attic at the top of the house, there is no proper kitchen, lounge/TV room the current environment is not good for Elizabeth to remain so I took time off work to learn the bidding process and to see what was on offer but sadly nothing suitable on this occasion as a high rise block is not suitable for Elizabeth.

Once again Elizabeth has been discharged from Chase Farm Hospital without anything up and running in the community to support her and it would seem that the team she is currently under is not the right team as they are not offering the specialist help that she needs.   If Elizabeth is to remain in the community which I hope she will, Elizabeth will need to access therapy and I had written in desperation copying lots of people as I do not think that Enfield is providing the specialist support in the community for Elizabeth.  I wrote to Jinger Kandola (CEO) and Cllr Nesil Kaliskan along with other councillors and I copied in Enfield Community Rehab Team and Bindi Nagra Director of Soc. Services even Simon Wesselley and the Health and Social Care Commission.   That’s how desperate I am to try and get the right support for Elizabeth which includes a speech and language therapist.  There is no way that Elizabeth should remain within mental health services.   She needs something more specialised and there is no way she should be put back on Section or CTO which was being used to threaten and bully her into engaging with the team.   In Australia there were no such threats and Elizabeth could just do things at her own pace.

There needs to be proper communication and liaison between social services teams of both friends.  I am in despair as Police took Elizabeth home after a situation this evening where there was misunderstanding/anxiety which both suffer, which is why it is important a speech and language therapist and possibly psychotherapist  Elizabeth has a report stating she has complex PTSD  PTSD is injury and can be reactionary so this is why it is crucial for Elizabeth to have the right kind of care, after all she suffered terrible abuse under a local scheme

Enfield is an area that have money to burn when it comes to court /legal action I am wondering what can be done to help Elizabeth.   She gets angry if no one understands her and needs talking therapy.

I feel that no one is listening.  There is no acknowledgement to my emails and I now feel I wish to publicise this in order to try and obtain what is needed and I can only hope that this can be put in place.

It is negligent to discharge Elizabeth into the community with nothing in place and also negligent to ignore the fact that if Elizabeth is to remain in the community which is better than any hospital then she needs therapy – therapy should take priority before any drugs.  She was after all abused so badly under care provided by Enfield Council that they should thorough ensure everything that is on offer should be provided so as to tackle underlying trauma that is reactionary to certain situations and needs addressing urgently.


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