Yesterday, I called into the EE store in Oxford Circus where I had taken out my contract.   I had, prior to this, called into my bank and told them all about my dispute with EE.  They suggested that I call into an EE store and cancel my contract.  I thought I was within the time limit of a month in order to do this.   I found out my mobile phone bill had increased from c£130 to £186 pm.    The Bank felt that since this was under investigation due to EE insisting I request an iPad and now they are saying in addition, an iPhone X.  Since I do not like being called a liar I have decided to make the whole complaint public.  This also serves as a warning to others seeing as EE have tried to put several investigators onto the case all agreeing with one another and all hiding behind GDPR when I have agreed for my Bank and Police to Liaise with EE and vice versa when EE said they couldn’t.

I came into the Oxford Circus to cancel my contract and severing all ties with this mobile phone provider.   I took the iPhone 8 and said they could have it back but this was refused.  The Manager not only refused to take the phone back but to cancel my contract like I requested.

So I made enquiries of other providers and had outstanding service inside the O2  store when I made enquiries.

I also requested all bills and contracts be sent to me.

I received an email from Josie Edmead today.  Her title is Executive Customer Resolutions Team.   03.05.19

“Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email.   This is acknowledgement we have received your email dated 1 May.

As discussed on the phone with my colleague yesterday we were unable to come to an agreement to get your complaint to a close.  Therefore I have issued you with an ADR letter that you are able to take to the Ombudsman Service.  This will be delivered to you by post within the next couple of working days.  Please note, we are due a Bank Holiday this Monday and because of this there may be a delay in receiving the letter.  I am sorry that on this occasion we were unable to come to a resolution.         JOSIE EDMEAD  EXECUTIVE CUSTOMER RESOLUTIONS TEAM.”





Re: GDPR Rules I have given Police and my Bank HSBC permission to liaise with yourselves and likewise vice versa so no Company Policy has been broken seeing as I give consent on all sides to liaise with one another.

No worries about the letter.

When I came into your Oxford Circus Branch I thought I had been contacted because my contract was coming to an end and that you were offering a good deal and I saw this as an opportunity to discuss my extortionate bill.  I asked the branch or rather joked “why is my bill so high” – higher than that of any people I know  (FROM C £130 PM TO £186PM).  I was worried my daughter was running up this high bill – she has MH problems and was living in the community. I requested Oxford Circus Branch to look into this and make sure premium rate numbers were barred – something I did myself a while back.  I then joked “I’m not paying for a tablet I cancelled still am I?  I was assured Is not so I took out another contract which would get me an iPhone 8 and increased the data for Elizabeth’s phone (she has a Samsung Galaxy J2 she bought herself.   I thought Elizabeth had been running up my high bill.  All along I had been using my old iPhone 5S which Oxford Circus Branch would have seen.  I wanted a new phone as gave the last one in 2017 to my daughter, a Samsung Galaxy A3.

If I had received an iPhone X and iPad I would have queried this straight away.  I did not know the details.  I did not know the number but obtained these details through Enfield Branch.  They told me I was paying for a tablet going back to 2017 not 2018.  I did not want a tablet and cancelled it as never used it.

I was falsely led to believe I was getting a good deal and would save money on my bills but instead the bill was high which prompted my visit to Enfield Branch who told me I had a tablet on contract – no way did I order it or the iPhone X.  My daughter is currently using a Samsung  Galaxy J2.

My bill has gone from £130- – £186 therefore wish to cancel this contract as no way would I have renewed my contract if i’d known about the tablet and now all of a sudden the iPhone  I neither ordered or received.  No way would I have ordered this if I knew this could lead to an extortionate bill of £186 pm.

When I tell people about the amount you seek to charge, they burst out laughing and tell me about their mobile phone providers and advise me that I am being ripped off. 

Anyway, as much as I rely on my phone service, I feel I cannot possibly carry on as I was led to believe my bills would be cheaper not hugely more expensive.  Like I say, I therefore cancel my contract forthwith.

My daughter Elizabeth is ill in hospital and I note with interest on your site you feature MH and I attach something that might be of interest with some interesting links. You are only featuring men’s MH but I feature more broadly based on advice by leading professors that I have obtained.  

Being incarcerated in a mental health acute ward right now means Elizabeth is not using her phone much at all but even if she was, how can you justify this huge hike in extortionate costs and then more recently my data was cut.  What a joke and I could only use the service via wireless.

Yours sincerely


So the matter will now be going to the Ombudsman.



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