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Elizabeth is currently on a Section 3 -not because she has hurt anyone or damaged anything.

Elizabeth is on Suffolk Ward Chase Farm Hospital Enfield.  RC is Dr Helen Moorey and the Community RC is Dr Ilyas Mirza.

After all our efforts it’s sad to see Elizabeth back on the ward.  We know and have seen  that with the right care Elizabeth can get well but that depends on the right environment.   She came home unrecognisable from Australia after the wonderful care we provided ourselves for four months.

Anyway, I do not think an acute ward is right for anyone to get well and the longer people are held in such noisy, volatile surroundings they become more and more distressed and go downhill and I have seen this at first hand.

Elizabeth is allowed out three hours a day so there is no concerns that she is a danger to self or others as she is allowed out on her own daily.  However, I was shocked when I saw Elizabeth today as she looked drugged up so the first question was “what have you taken” .  She said “Lorazepam”  –  I thought not again!   this is a highly addictive drug and totally ineffective and she looked dreadful.  She looked dazed.   So I thought that I would come and take Elizabeth back to Suffolk Ward later.    Elizabeth said the food is not nice and my concerns are that she is spending a lot on takeaways –  I was quite alarmed by this and feel that this is another reason why Elizabeth needs to be discharged because it is unhealthy and she is stressed in that environment amongst others who are acutely unwell to the point she has gone back to smoking – albeit  vaping which I do not think is healthy at all.    So the answer is clearly not a ward for anyone long term so what justification is it for Doctors to keep someone on a ward for many months/years at huge cost to the public.

Last Friday, I attended the CPA meeting as Nearest Relative.   I was far from happy on arrival when I heard that Dr Moorey RC was trying to switch medication to a poisonous blue dyed haloperidol and I have read all above this chemical and have posted a You Tube video on this as a warning to others.  Several patients on the ward were very supportive as they had the misfortune to have been prescribed this harmful chemical and they chased after Dr Mirza who had nowhere to escape at the time and argued “dont give her haloperidol”.   The other drug choice was Aripiprazole –  for goodness sake! this drug I have had to report by Yellow Card because of shocking adverse reactions.  I have an email from Dr Moncrieff to say in her experience (and I would thoroughly agree) that this chemical results in increased agitation and aggression so the drugs themselves can affect people in different ways and it so happens that Elizabeth does not benefit from any of these drugs.  There is no excuse now for Suffolk Ward to drug my daughter up to  her neck like previously as there is nothing now to cover up as we all know what happened to Elizabeth under care (Moti Villa) to result in such trauma which has not been dealt with for many years by proper care by way of therapy.  If therapy was provided I would have no objection to treatment as I have seen that therapy was very helpful.

So, at the CPA was a new clinical psychologist who I quite liked –  at least at the moment – I might change my mind if I see incorrect records from him.     Dr Moorey, Dr Mirza and care coordinator Paula were smiling – I do not know why?  perhaps they can enlighten me.   I attended on the ward at 10.00 am and Elizabeth was pleased to see me.  She had asked me to bring some things for her on the ward which I did and she was immediately allowed out.   They didn’t try their normal tactics of calling her in first and saying “you don’t want your mother to see the files do you?”   Well I have so many files now and records and have had to  correct most of them as they are full of errors and some are a mass of black ink particularly the safeguarding minutes when I requested the other two copies.  As you can imagine it took me a long time to go through these and do the corrections.

The meeting itself went considerably well I have to say and I was particularly impressed by the new clinical psychologist who spoke sensibly.   None of them wanted to hear the recorded messages of support from Elizabeth’s new friend but we insisted.    I have always been accused by the team of interfering in the care so I have stood back and not shown concern and made a fuss even when Elizabeth went missing for 5 days before even being notified.   I could see that Elizabeth was on holiday so I thought that is nice for a start and she had only gone away for a few days.  The reason Elizabeth is back on the ward is simply because she tried to stop taking Risperidone too steeply and I want everyone to know that this drug along with every other drug has no effect on Elizabeth and I do not agree with steep withdrawals but I would remind Suffolk Ward that they themselves allowed Elizabeth to come off 2.5mg Aripiprazole before Dr Moorey took over as RC and so did Trent Ward Edgware so there was sufficient doubt about her diagnosis to allow this to happen on NHS wards but it was too steep a withdrawal and in the wrong environment.  Had the environment been a peaceful location – no pressure – no noise – psychotherapy provided and relaxation, fresh air and most important diet.   So this is the right environment to get well and when someone is “treatment resistant” then Doctors should not ignore the fact that people like Elizabeth cannot metabolise the drugs and I have had to turn to professors who are pharmacologists for proper advice.   I see  care on such wards to be practically all about drugs and if a patient does not take the drugs they force injections upon that person and this is not done in a reasonable manner – in other words the care is brutal whether it be private unaccountable prisons or NHS public wards –  it is nearly all about drugs and not a place to get well.

The whole system is hopelessly inadequate.  CTOs are being used as a means of punishment, to bully and control vulnerable people’s lives.  In the CTO papers they are full of threats of recall.  I hoped so much that Elizabeth would not end up on Suffolk Ward or any other ward but the care in the community lets people down badly.

Elizabeth was not happy at home with family members out at work all day and at the time lack of friends –  she needs her own space at 32 now but Elizabeth had found a new friend at the drop in centre and seems very happy lately.  I am due to meet this new friend at the weekend.   So basically a CTO does not work at all for someone like Elizabeth who countless other Drs say has high spectrum Aspergers.  Given the right help and support Elizabeth could do well but there simply is not the right kind of help and support in the community because too much money is being wasted in the wrong direction and Elizabeth says no one understands her.

At home,  Elizabeth was getting distressed if I misinterpreted or anyone else what she was trying to say and at other times she could be clearly understood.  She would also get distressed if people did not have time to sit down and listen so I agree it would be nice to see Elizabeth settled in a place of her very own and one of the things I was pleased about was that leave was given immediately and three hours a day isn’t too bad.  At weekends there is absolutely nothing to do on the ward so Elizabeth came home.

The other thing I was pleased about was the fact that Dr Moorey said she would let Elizabeth go hopefully in ten days but I’m hoping for miracles now in terms of her own accommodation as assessed for.  We have all her furniture, her possessions absolutely everywhere in the house and it has been like this for so long now.  I would be so happy if Elizabeth had somewhere in the local area to be nearer to us and close to her new friend. I feel that with a place of her very own she could settle down and particularly the fact that she has made a friend.

The one thing that worries me is the drugging that goes on within acute wards and that the drug Risperidon will be increased and another introduced – this is not the answer.  They want her to take 1.5 mg of Risperidone now which is what Dr Mirza prescribed in the community but the reason I would like Elizabeth to be on 1mg is that sometimes chemists cannot provide the entire prescription and it means having to go back and pick up part of it and also I am not having anything with coloured dyes or aluminium lake in.

The white tablets are not good but better than those with coloured dyes as I have extensively researched this and the ingredients.

So I gave Elizabeth a lift back to the ward – this was just after 8.00 pm as I wanted to check what chemicals were being given and have told Elizabeth to thoroughly check every occasion.     NO LORAZEPAM IS NEEDED AND NO COLOURED DYE HALOPERIDAL AND NO ARIPIPIPRAZOLE SHOULD BE GIVEN.  As Dr Ann Blake Tracy told me – any changes in medication can affect anyone.  It is no wonder that at the National Psychosis Unit that Elizabeth went downhill.  I have found all their files of truly shocking content and of public interest.   Anyway I shall write about that another time.

Tonight I saw about 8 Police Officers and a van arrive at the Section Suite and I was interested to see what was going on before I took Elizabeth on the ward.   I wanted to check how Police – so many of them – dealt with the person in this caged van.  They were  obliging towards me.  I didn’t see anything bad to report on this occasion but I know of cases where there are some police officers who give everyone a bad name.

Anyway after this I went with Elizabeth on the ward and the nurse refused to budge on the 1.5 mg Risperidone.    I pointed out that there was a landmark case X v Finland 2012 ECHR so therefore Elizabeth was not obliged to take any of these chemicals however I thought that 1mg was better than 1.5 simply because of our difficulty in getting this quantity and the inconvenience of this.   She wouldn’t budge so I will have to phone the ward tomorrow.

The new Clinical Psychologist mentioned about another meeting this coming week.  I think now’s the time to see how Elizabeth gets on with 1mg white tablet only.  So I shall phone Dr Moorey tomorrow.

Elizabeth seemed OK when I dropped her off to the ward today but I will keep you all closely informed.



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