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Elizabeth is now 32.  I took her to see the show Tina which I would recommend  to everyone.

Since Xmas we have seen Elizabeth decline but then this is a time of year can affect some people badly.  It is not a happy time for everyone, though for others a time of joy and opportunity to get together with family.   With dark evenings and cold climate and the stress of Xmas, this all contributed to her decline.   Elizabeth stayed with her sister over Xmas.

Leading up to Xmas Elizabeth was having trouble sleeping and in need of someone to talk to.  She was re-living her nightmares and has been going into graphic details into everything that has happened even going back to school days.    She needed to talk but there was no-one except me to speak to so I was disturbed several times during the night and I have to get up early too.  When she tried to explain things misinterpretation would lead to her getting really upset.  Absolutely no counselling provided by Enfield who are saving money this way.

It was concluded Elizabeth needed her own space.  Elizabeth would get upset if she could not find things, if people misunderstood her or disagreed with her.

At 32 I would agreed she needs her own space but this is proving impossible under the London Borough of Enfield. Since November 2018 prior to huge misunderstanding where no pin number was granted and a letter came stating she was not entitled to one despite being assessed successfully.   So since November only 1 property has been bid for and Elizabeth was unaware this was for dementia sufferers and chronically ill with a warden and community alarm facility.    Elizabeth placed a bid unaware of  this until I showed her a picture of elderly people walking around with zimmer frames.  Of course this is not the kind of place Elizabeth wanted to live in and was a fair distance away from the family home where she likes to call in to see her cat.

Last week Elizabeth went to Park Avenue Resource Centre and was given a piece of paper and instructions on how to bid but Elizabeth needs help in bidding.   Elizabeth went to look at the property and area which this time was closer but it would seem everyone is on holiday at the same time so who can help Elizabeth to bid if there is noone there or they are all busy out at meetings.

Elizabeth has said she would like to move and I will feel so happy when that day comes.   The current accommodation is very much temporary and there is not a proper kitchen.  The kitchen extends into the staff’s bedroom as does the fridge.  There is no lounge to sit down and watch TV and Elizabeth is stuck in an attic room at the top of the house.   Today I contacted the Manager of the team concerned ECRT  and I mentioned about a conference that Elizabeth wanted to go to coming up soon at Kingsley Hall on 1st April  I mentioned how this wonderful conference could be of huge benefit to the team at Enfield MH.   As I have not seen any care provided I contacted the manager in the hope that the team could provide some of Elizabeth’s personal budget on this wonderful conference that has brilliant speakers.  Of course the answer was “no” and that £400 per week of the personal budget was being spent. I assume that this £400 pw is going on the scheme that provides temporary accommodation but what about the care.  Elizabeth actually refused a care package as what she really needs is help in the community but this is not given under these supportive living schemes because staff are not allowed to leave the premises.   I was astonished that this department who have spent –  I dread to think how much could turn around and say no!  How much money has been spent on court action against me –  Ct of Protection – this wonderful court ruled in our favour but this action could not have been cheap then the most recent court case at the RcJ -how much did that cost and I represented myself until I got threatened with massive costs and bullied out of the proceedings.  I had to amend the consent order manually and send it back “The Respondent shall pay the Applicant’s costs”   –  I then presented huge evidence which the judge commented upon.  I discovered lies in the court papers which I drew to the Judge’s attention.  It also turned out that Elizabeth’s solicitors advised her to go with her sister to displace me as the NR.   So both girls were advised I would get enormous costs.   I was forced to delegate my role for one term but it is incredible how dishonest things can get within teams desperate to get rid of a very good Nearest Relative such as myself or for instance to keep someone on a CTO then what they do is to make that person out to be bad.  I am very pleased that Elizabeth has shared everything with me as the Nearest Relative and I feel like sharing everything right here on Twitter.   I had such brilliant support from some of my readers who asked if we would like to be live streamed.  Elizabeth and I jumped at the chance but unfortunately my solicitor told me that this was not possible because it was too late.   I am keen to see openness and transparency within court proceedings and this time both Elizabeth and I swore affidavits.

Moving on from all this going back to November last year Elizabeth was assessed for a 1 bed council flat. I can remember feeling so happy as we have all her furniture and possessions in the living room and all over the house.    After all that has happened in the past I felt that being allocated a home of her own was a huge step forward.   The accommodation provided in the past has been a disaster –  every single place has had problems but the previous scheme had a problem with bed bugs and I was pleased Elizabeth spoke up for herself at the recent Manager’s Hearing when being accused of bringing them in when another resident admitted this.

Elizabeth was not sleeping around Xmas wanting counselling for her trauma and she is revealing new things all the time such as being restrained face down at the Bethlem which would explain massive bruising all over her face which the team deny.

She has also revealed a serious incident on Suffolk Ward where she was attacked by another patient and that it took five members of staff to pull the other patient off her.

So after all this time there is nothing positive –  she can now start bidding as she was unsuccessful last time.   I hope this situation is not going to drag on forever as someone needs to sit down with Elizabeth and help her to bid for more properties and please no more elderly persons schemes  or for the chronically ill.  Elizabeth needs proper integration into society as well as direct payments which is something ECRT does not wish to give as this department is all about restrictive practices and control from what I can see.   I am also far from happy that nothing has been altered within the files and defamatory comments remain.   I am going down to St Ann’s Hospital where I want to go through everything with their legal team to make sure everything is corrected.  I want to do the same with Huntercombe as I am concerned they  have been looking at the wrong files – there are literally so many mistakes not even date of birth correct.  I think this will take me about two days to correct in person at their wards and offices.

So tomorrow I have advised Elizabeth to go down to Park Avenue to start bidding.  I was disappointed that they refused to contribute towards the wonderful conference coming up at Kingsley Hall on 1st April through Compassionate MH   – this could benefit the entire team!

I was told £400 pw was being spent on Elizabeth so I asked for a breakdown of this and exactly what this is for as nothing is being provided for her to do.   There are huge funds as I see it as when it comes to taking people to court like myself there is a bottomless pit of money being misspent.  What better Nearest Relative could there be than someone who thoroughly investigates everything and wishes to correct records as how on earth can the correct care be provided with so many errors.

The situation seems to be never-ending and all I can do is hope that something will eventually come up for Elizabeth.

Under S117 after care is supposed to be given but Enfield Community Team seems to retain this for themselves.  How many others are treated this way?

Elizabeth’s story – My Wonderful Care is on Rightful Lives Exhibition –  this relates to the wonderful care we provided.   In file records social workers try to say she was “forced” to go and stay with private MH professionals Working to Recovery and I would right here this is a pack of lies.

I feel the least Enfield can do is to provide what is promised in terms of housing to Elizabeth rather than leave her in a situation which is causing her distress.

So tomorrow I have told Elizabeth to go and place a bid and I will keep you all informed if she is told there is no one to help because they are all on holiday.

I can see no other way round it – if nothing is done about the bidding the second week running I will take a day off and go down to their offices myself and then I will go to St Anne’s to ensure their records are amended correctly.

As I have mentioned before the very best way forward is Open Dialogue – openness and transparency.  I would have nothing to complain about if this was on offer in my local area of Enfield but unfortunately there is nothing good like this.

I also suggested that the team themselves attend :

As this is the way forward to improvement in my opinion.

It is awful to get calls at work from Elizabeth in distress.  She is phoning all my friends and some are kind enough to give her counselling when nothing is provided locally.  Elizabeth has been trying out some meditation called Sha-Om.  This seems to be getting to the root of the problems which Enfield MH have tried to block through plying massive dosage of mind altering chemicals.

I will end by saying Meditation not Medication.   This beyond doubt is the answer.












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